Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

We have so much to thank for in 2009 :) A lot of work and new ideas kept us busy. Not that we want 2009 to end, but more of lets go ahead with 2010!

Promising days ahead for all of us.

What Are You Doing Today?

Last day for 2009. By midnight this morning, we were still at the hatchery. There was no vacation from orders, besides, what we load now are for January orders already.

Friends sent me inputs about names for my sausages.

Was at the embroiderer this morning, to check if uniforms can be done. Mass and dinner later.


I just asked about today...

Let tomorrow be tomorrow. Take a break :)

A supplier asked me the other day when my next order is...I replied "take a sandy break".

Monday, December 28, 2009

So Sage, Sausage

So sensible, so wise.

It was a perfect time to bring out the sausage platters that we had developed from the Sunshine Chickens.

Why so? We were in the company of family and friends.

1st stop: In Santiago City, Isabela. Family on Doc Rey's side had the usual Christmas party. Served on the drinking table for pulutan. I didn't think it will be rated well and delicious as we centered on taste buds of the Metro folks. The men liked it.

Next stop: Last night's Cheese and Wine with my forever friends from Maryknoll high school yet. For a cross section, we invited my mother's best friend in her 70s, and Mr. Zac Sarian of Agriculture Magazine. It rated very well with Tita Pilar and Zac. I gifted Father Mon, our parish priest, some sauasages and fresh eggs last week, and Tita Pilar said that Father Mon raved about it infront of other parishioners.

My 20yr old son, Rocky, also joined the group. He is a health buff and watches his diet so well. His likes was taken into consideration when we developed this.

My friends...oh they will always be critical to a fault...but its always for the good of everyone :) They all said it was great, but lacking in blah blah black sheep hahahhahha. But, no negative reactions...,.,which means it was so good already, knowing them!

I was prepared with my camera, but as always in good times, I forget to take photos!

Discussion centered on the reasons for developing the product. It started with planning for value added products aside from the dressed chickens. Brainstorming about other business ideas, beyond the raising...where else and who else can earn from the endeavors? The clamor for healthy products. The segment of the ready to cook food had to be looked into.

Repeat. We had APDC of BAI develop these so sage sausages for us. We were both equally ecstatic about reinventing meat processing without preservatives.

I texted Salve of APDC first thing this morning to congratulate her as it met the taste buds of the cross section of our target market. It faired well with all ages and cultural slices.

So has a nice ring! I should use it as branding! ...what do you think?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ready For 2010

Fully booked for the past months, so steps had been made and we are now ready to serve the additional demand on our dayold chicks and dressed chickens for 2010.

For January, we are hatching 2x a week.

Thank you for believing.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Noisy Morning

Am not complaining about the was fun yesterday. So good to have down to earth laughter, no politicizing, no put on smiles :)

This morning I was on the phone with a friend and I asked her how her 25th was...she replied "silent night". Let's look at it as no fights, no frills...but quiet and peace for them.

So today, first hour at work....we get orders already for roasted chickens for the next days. Advance orders as they didn't want to take the risk of not getting any. The ones who grew for their own tables came back today for dayold chicks as the proof was served for Noche Buena.

If you raised today, you will have good clean Sunshines for Valentines, graduations, Easter....

You should plan ahead.

Friday, December 25, 2009


This season was a barometer....and it showed good signs.

Sunshine had been around for 2 1/2yrs now. Initially, it was all educating the tastebuds, and the psyche of farmers and consumers. Others are just copying, following and reaping from our work, but that's ok. We strive and reinvent ourselves...they have lots to ape :)

By September, October this year, the sales of dayold chicks have been record breakers. We were happy for the growers and excitedly waited for the outcome of the December harvest from the backyard farmers. The ones who will serve the chickens on their tables...and the ones who's neighbors and family will await it as gifts.

Very good reviews. It snowballed to dressed chicken sales. Our rotisserie chicken earned new customers and orders from the regular ones ballooned, crediting to their family gatherings. Our Sunny staff was so busy that we decided to close the rostisserie outlet today.

Orders for dayold chicks and dressed have poured in, after the harvests and the gifts of Sunshines on the table.

We are now ready to introduce our sausages with no chemicals nor preservatives. First, we serve it today with relatives. Next week, we serve it to my critic friends with cheese and wine. My best gauge after all are my friends...they tell it as it is :)

We roll it in the market very soon.

Planting Trees

Five (5) yrs ago, we developed an area of 1hectare. First we did was dig half of the property to elevate the other half. It used to be a ricefield and the area was soggy. So to get dry land fast, we made the property higher. The soil we got from the dug up area went to the half that we planted with trees. We were prepared to be patient as the the soil was wasted and overused. We agreed to let the land rejuvenate on its own.

The holes were made into fishponds. We also plan to build poultry buildings on top so we can have more sustainability. Waste from the poultry can feed the fishes.

Now at 5yrs old, we have productive fruit trees. We harvest vegetables. Fish is fresh. Our table is almost filled by our farm.

No spraying of chemicals here. Our mango trees have started to flower...and we will keep it that way til fruiting....naturally. Grow your own food!

How to Monitor

I have written several topics on the monitor ( you may want to use the "search" button). Remember how I wrote also about eventually graduating to sturdier housing. Sure, let's start small and cheap and grow with the business. We also did. So now we are building notch higher.

Because of the demand for the dressed Sunshines, we have to grow some to make sure the supply and quality is met. Everything fell into place as we are now developing another 3hectares in the farm and have more room to play and rotate ranging areas.

I took these pictures yesterday and when reviewing today for filing, Doc Rey got a bright idea on including building expenses in his seminars. Since he has just received receipts and paid labor, he has a good grasp of expenses.

He now thinks like me....a lay, dummy, non-technical mind. We have developed the seminars from my point of view....I hope it had helped you too :)

The foundations are now cemented, strong and posts are weather proof. See the wood to be used? We saved them from an old beach house in Cavite that we demolished. The beachline was eating it up and we thought that instead of losing it to the sea, we can make good use of the wood. This is great material as time and salt had aged it well. As always and in all cases, foundation is most important.

It gets the morning sun. You know how we expose babies to the morning sun for the vitamins we get and the health benefits? Of course it is good for all too! It also dries up the pens, the natural way :) The wind directions in your property is also taken into consideration. We oriented the side that the wind won't run into the roofs. The resistance with the wind can let the roofs fly away.

Notice also that the buildings are not too high to fight the wind, but not too low that it is difficult for the caretaker to clean. Keep in mind that we need to make it easy for the caretaker to feed and clean around. If it is convenient and easy, plus the fact that he should love what he is doing...then it won''t be work.

Don't worry about predators...yes, it still needs to have steel matting all around. Maybe we won't have that budget for now, then we can have poultry wire or green plastic screen as walls.

See the dog? He is there now to get used to the new area to guard.

Your range fences, are ideally nets.

Breakast At The Farm

Yesterday, we had to pick up our eggs for the week's delivery to Manila. The demand had doubled, maybe it went as gifts. This batch was the last delivery for the week.

As I went egg hunting, we dunked some in boiling water and came up with one of the best breakfasts one can need for salt. The freshness was all it took.

That's a good new idea. Business of cooked eggs....soft boiled, hard boiled, poached, sandwich filling etc.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I had written back that a supermarket chain contacted us to sell dressed Sunshines. Felt elated that we didn't offer to them, but they seeked for us.

Christmas rush made us forget that...or maybe...we didn't want to do the December rush for that as we had been on the planning for 2nd Q of 2010 already.

Today we get a call that they had been waiting for a delivery and we can start whenever and what branches we wanted. 2010, we will be available in SM Supermarket :)

We will select the branches first where we can do personal retailing.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy Chicks

We are looking forward to having Jojie and Andry Lim (natural farming in the Philippines fame) in Santiago City, Isabela end of January.

Perfect that we are fixing a new location of 3hectares. Good time for them to comment as it won't be just Sunshines there. We will integrate farming to feed ourselves in the coming days, from rice to fruits.

Andry will do seminars and I will post details here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had been hearing a lot of this "protocol" term from natural farmer, Jojie. Whatever usage the word has, it still connotes ways and means, propriety and decorum.

Yesterday, there was an impromptu meeting of three (3) childhood friends. I haven't seen them in like more than 30yrs! Childhood ways never leave you and just get louder when thrown in that company. We picked up and its as if we have always seen one another. I brought another friend with me, and she fitted right away :)

One of us got a text from another childhood neighbor too, that the father of another neighbor passed away. We decided to go.

We got there to an empty room. Just Boying, our friend, who also just got there. He was so surprised to see us, out of the basketball courts and not eating BBQ from the grocery. His sister was there. We felt we were all in Philam and hanging around in our corner Kalachuchi tree!

I remember their father working with UN or something foreign post. At that age, we were more interested in the food stuff the homecomings were sending to our corner in the banketa. Now we were served korpek from Brunei, Chocolate Cake that the Sultan of Brunei loves....the stories were not interesting, it was the eating and cheap thrills of being together.

As we were making kwento amidts the giggling, she came home from her tour or Brunei and was now protocol officer. At that point still small talk for me...the kropek was good.

A lady in a cane, who just sprained her ankle, walked in. She was introduced as Ambassador XXX of XXX. Ok, a new face. Good looking gentleman walks in. Introduced as Ambassador YYY of YYY, whom she replaced as protocol officer. Ok, so they were very friendly and nice. Geez....I am no smiling and chika chika person. Next ones to walk in were all introduced as Ambassador so and so....At first you think it was a joke. It didn't dawn on us that YES they were really our Ambassadors. And YES, they are so amiable and nice. Greeting us. Us, the noisy kids. But she was so personal and enjoyed introducing her childood neighbors.

This isn't a norm at wakes. I didn't even get introduced to all my sister's friends during our mom's wake. Neither did I do that to her.

But then...of course they are protocol officers. It is a way of life for them. It was so nice to see them in a big bunch in the element of being friends also. They were not there for work. They were like us, just a step higher as they were prim and proper in their laughter ahahahhha.

Signing out....we thought HOW? Do we go around everyone again and say proper goodbyes?

Well....we remained ourselves and just said goodbyes and waved...much like after a game at the court.

Protocol is proper. It is designed and set in place for a reason. It is tried and tested over time. Let's learn from experienced ones. I have to reread Jojie's protocol for Sunshines. It is changing and being improved always. But that is dictates that there are basic things we do.

Juggle Bells

The time juggling is not about shopping. Seeing friends yes, that makes up for not getting material wants :)

What we are balancing now are schedules of hatching, importation, deliveries and seminars....yes, at this season and days when most suppliers are texting about their Christmas Season break and vacations....we are endlessly on the phone and emails.

For seminars, we took into account that some people are only able to attend during breaks.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Its now what you thought... "holding hands while walking"!

My work in marketing takes me to working with so many people from different agencies and offices. Met a lot of great minds that inspire you. We always shun from walking into government agencies...but hey....there a lot of them who really do work hard and beyond the call of duty.

One such agency is the Animal Products Development Center under Bureau of Animal Industry.

Because of distance and schedules, I am late in the pick up for sensory analysis (taste test in simpler terms) of my requested products to be developed. We had scheduled already a date for processing but they want to us to do several taste tests before going final on volume quantities. Again, I had to beg off till Monday the 14th.

Today I get a text that since we have a schedule for production and they want to make sure also that the products pass the sensory analysis for both parties, I can pick up the products tomorrow. I had to reread the text message and confirm that "tomorrow" is a Saturday.

"Yes" was the reply. Thank you. Open your heart to good service of civil servants. They are there to assist.... "helping hands while working".

Natural Gifts

I am no gift giver during events. Treats I give go when least expected, but surely those will be items I will want to keep or use for myself.

Christmas is no hurried time for me because the traffic and shopping frenzy doesn't engulf me :) This week is different! Nope, didn't catch the traffic stress.

From a riceland that didn't use chemicals nor pesticides, just organic fertilizers, there was a good harvest. That was sometime ago. There will be new sprouts and fruits from that field. See how some people go through harvested fields? Its like picking up the leftover.

What we got are not leftovers from the previous harvest. These are the ones that grew after! This crop didn't even get any fertilizing. Just the rain, the sun and fresh air. From there we got about three (3) sacks. One for my sister, one for my mother's bestfriend and one for me. The thought of giving came because I had a good product to give. It just dawned on me later that it was timely for Christmas.

For neighbors, think I will give fresh eggs from our grass fed Sunshines. Now. Why now and not on Christmas? So they have time to use it for their special flans.

What else? Fruits from our farm, we really give that to Manila friends....on regular days, when no ribbons go around beating red lights.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


We had commissioned a group to develop chemical free ham for our Sunshines. Let me share with you our initial recipe. They are working on several sausages and patties, aside from the HAManok :) Great gift and business idea. No curing period needed :)

Again....the income is not just in the raising....look beyond the cages.


I. Meat Material

Chicken , whole, dressed 1 pc

II. Brine Solution for 10 kg meat)

Water 1250.00 g

Refined salt 180.00 g

Refined sugar 2.50 g

Smoke flavor 3.00 g

Oil of Anise (1 drop) .06 g

Oil of Cloves (1 drop) .08 g

Maplein (2 drops) .12 g

III. Dry cure mixture

Refined sugar 35.00 g

Refined salt 18.00 g


Brown sugar 150.00 g

Pineapple juice 125.00 g

Anisado wine 60.00 g

Bay leaf (as desired) at least 2 pc

Cloves (as desired) at least 2 pc

Oregano leaves few strands

Water just enough to cover the meat


CLEAN whole chicken

REMOVE oil gland and neck

WEIGH Cleaned chicken

PREPARE brine by mixing cold water with other ingredients
BRINE mix cold water with other ingredients

INJECT 20% (or 1/2 cup brine) per kg of meat using a brine pump
APPLY dry cure mixture inside and outside the carcass. Let stand for

overnight in the refrigerator.

WASH Chicken with tap water, drain and tie with abaca twine or

cotton thread to maintain the shape.

COOK meat with cooking ingredients until tender

CARAMELIZE by applying brown sugar applied on the surface by using blow

torch or in oven

PACK in paperlyne (plastic wrap) and store in freezer

Proud Hen

Cheap thrills for me.

The calls I got today that made me happy.... several calls from different Chefs. Chefs/foodies/baking school owners who are product endorsers for big food companies. They can't openly use Sunshines as they are endorsing big companies.

Why did they order today? They each got about 5-10 pieces, for their family's consumption and for giving away as a roast or ham that they will prepare themselves.

That is really a nice touch. Prepare your own gifts.

To Each Its Own Housing

The designs of housing/pens can be adapted from big ones to small ones. You may have it in concrete or in wood. Fixed and posted firm, or movable structures.

Depends on what is convenient and easy for you to handle. Your needs should be met so that it will be a doable project.

For me I like brooders that are in cages. It seems easier for me to clean and pullout trays that catch their waste. Brooding bulbs are for me so I don't need the heat from the beddings. Doc Rey wants litter type. He sees it more convenient to scrape the beddings in one big load. Also, he likes preaching about the heat and moisture sponge from the beddings used. For smaller scale, the most practical will be Jojie's Crib (search on that topic in this blog).

Housing on the range, I like portable pens, or semi movable ones. It gives me the flexibility to be fickle minded and ever changing and change locations....much like moving a loveseat and a candlestick around the house. I don't think its expensive to be constantly changing, as you learn and amend designs, materials and locations with time. You need to change anyway as it wears :)

Location: Brooders have to be near water and electricity source. Water is most important. I like it near the caretaker as he has to give 25hrs attention, 8days a least for 22days :) Ranging: Anywhere fresh, a lot of grasses, clean air....

When ready to slaughter, we move it near the road/driveway - transport logistics.

This Is The Monitor

There are some people that you like working with or socially. I am one person that the liking for work and socially has to go together. I can't just like you for work. If I was to work with you, I have to like you socially first. A pair we like is Andry and Jojie Lim.

Remember the monitor that I described as a lopsided "T"? As I was going through my Facebook, I saw this in Jojie's photos posted recently.

Maybe the frames that Andry used were ready made and didn't touch it as it may be intended for use again for other applications. If I was to build this now, I will not make it that tall, as Sunshines nor caretakers aren't that tall :) The free flowing air had been answered by the screened walls and monitor.

You need all the fresh air and sunshine to dry and disinfect naturally. Much like you ferment good fruits and veggies to fertilize your fruits trees and veggie need to give sunshine to your Sunshines!

I remember hearing Doc Rey discussing about what side faces the afternoon sun and he was considering the wind direction. I am not into that data...but will inquire about those again and post it as another topic.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Where To Build?

Woke up real early as ground breaking for new pens....opportunity to walk at sunrise, taking in fresh air and donning my boots :)

Do we build pens at the end of the property? Midway near the caretaker's house? Or front near the road?

Good I decided to go as Doc Rey marked the ground for foundations already and it was at the end of the property.

I thought this way: brooders will be midway, close to the caretaker's house and near to the sources of water. Ranging pens will be set up at the front near the road. For one, the areas there are virgin...we have never used that area before. For two, easier to harvest and have holding areas near the road, where it is close to parking and the hauling vehicles can drive through.

We have to keep it simple and easy for work to be sustainable for manpower.

Next to plan: farm tools and implements to make work like play :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Windbreakers And Shades

Have trees all around your ranging areas.

They act as shade and at the same time sways with the wind to give fresh air. Also acts as wind breaker :)

The curtain used acts as primary wind breakers for the building. It is not wrapped around the walls as that will prevent good air circulation. Wind breakers should be installed in such a distance that it catches the strong cold wind, but allows free flowing air.


Quick trip to Isabela farm to check on new shelters being built. The trip is to monitor the construction and for a monitor constructed :)

Summer is approaching so the planning has to take into consideration that monitors are in order.

For the lay and the non-technical person like me, the first time I heard that a grower installed a monitor in his Sunshines' shelter...I was like "wow"...I thought it was CCTV and cameras. He must love the Sunshines that much.

A monitor in poultry buildings means air outlet/ventilation :)

Last night I was listening to Doc Rey as he was giving instructions and drawing his several buildings. Don't let the term "several buildings" impress you. Shelters that are built with cement foundation, wood from a demolished old house, slightly elevated to plan against wet ground etc, nothing fancy, but fully utilitarian.

There was something about it that didn't seem fit for me. There will be two roofs side by side, the tip won't meet up there!? Like an lopsided "T". I had to butt in and ask to be briefed on the design. He looked quizzically at me as if I had to know that it was a monitor and it was for ventilation :)

Having been briefed and reminded about fresh air entering and allowing hot air to escape, now I know and understand the simple design of the open roof top and lopsided "T" design. Hey, how come the monitors I see on the large commercial buildings look like lofts? He said the lopsided "T" is the old and simple design in poultry management. The new loft designs (no relation to the furniture retailer) is a product already of intelligent architecture :)

Great that mind is activated by forced creativity when budget is constrained. We are all learning here. We need to find ways to make it easy for us and for them.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Why The Tests?

Blood tests are done to monitor the health and condition of the Certified Parent Stocks. Aside from us owners wanting to make sure they are healthy, the government, namely the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Department of Agriculture monitors to make sure they know the history of the flocks that are given local shipping permits.

They do testings at about 2months old and at 6months old when the local shipping permits will be applicable to that particular batch. When there is a problem on poultry in a particular area, records will show what were shipped to that area on a particular time. Records are very important. They can refer to the history of the breeders that shipped on the particular date of chick-ins.

Say hello to our September2009 batch. They eagerly awaited BAI's arrival.

There were looking as Doc Arlene and Hermie were preparing.

They patiently waited for their turn.

Be Nosey

For biosecurity reasons, we rarely go to the site of the breeders. The capitalization is no cough, so we try to keep the place clean to the best of our abilities.

Aside from marketing, documentations are part of my job, so government testing trips is one of my rare visits to the breeders.

It was a nippy comfortably cool morning. I thought morning still as we started real early from Manila. Looking at my watch it was towards noon already. Still cool. Sure, it is December. But aside from that, our buildings are surrounded by trees.

In today's blood testing by BAI's team of Doc Arlene and Hermie, they commented that our farm is one of the rare ones that has no odor at It actually smells fresh. No flies too!

If only you can smell through photos....

And if you can see the multi colored butterflies....

You will know the place is clean :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Industry Wide

Grateful that most of the regular growers started loading for the Christmas season as early as August and September. I remember posting about loading in August for the really matured taste of a slowly developed chicken :)

What came to us in September in terms of typhoons is known to all. Now, most breeder farms had been affected in terms of stress that translates to lower production, add to that the normal anticipated increase in demands for dayold the perceived shortage.

Several times I had been asked of the demand for Sunshine Chicks are that much? Thank you, it brought a smile to me. But, the shortage and increase in demand is industry wide....the colored, the whites....united colors of chicken!

The government, the respected agencies involved, and am sure all the bigger breeder farms are doing what they can to correct the situation.

We are one in doing steps to ease up the shortage/demand. It is not good for everyone if this continues. SASSO of France is one with us in making sure the demand is met.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Walking Around

I didn't want to discuss this beforehand, but someone said that it was written about in the newspaper about us developing products for the free range better you hear it from me.

Immerse, be one, learn, walk around.

Product development is the same. You have to use your senses in all manners. We are so excited to be in the middle of developing products: Our hamanok, patties, bbq and sausages that comes - sweet skinless, Vigan style (garlicky), Italian (spicy, herbs) and Polish (herbs).

We have remained focused to our niche market. That is the group of consumers we are targeting here. The ones who want food seasoned with natural ingredients, no preservatives. Taste wise? I was my gauge :)

It took me several days also to search for the ingredients to be used. Walking around, asking, talking and tasting. We didn't scrimp. Its the quality that we are after, since we have to rely on the natural flavors to bring out the best.

We had to debone...and do we just sell the wings as is? Nope, now we have tried on a recipe for wings too :) I didn't want to get into the special cuts anyway. Too tedious.

Really excited about this. Now how to cook...broil, grill, turbo etc....healthy ways to do it.

Thank you to Animal Products Development Center (APDC) of BAI for being all agog with us.

How Did You Start Today?

We had a hospital bed that we decided to donate. My sister found the organization to give it to. They were supposed to pick it up last week....but surely its not lack of interest, but more likely short on was taking them quite a while.

I offered to have the big truck deliver it. After Doc Rey made some estimates on the load, he said "let's do it".

I was glad we did. The moment he said so, we changed from night shirts to walking shirts :) and drove down E. Rodriguez.

Hate going to hospitals, but this was a different feeling delivering to one of the hospitals that Kythe Foundation works with.

Talking with the guard, while waiting for the coordinator, I learned about the foundation's work with children. You may want to know more too about Kythe Foundation.

They were so happy with our hospital bed and suction pump. You might have some materials you may donate :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zacess Story

Mr. Zac Sarian, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, multi awarded journalist, Editor for Agriculture of Manila Bulletin... We enjoy the pleasure of being able to join him in farm visits and interviews with successful farmers.

In Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura every Sunday over DWWW, he has a segment called Zacess Stories. There, he talks about success stories...its not the magnitude, it is in the manner of how people have uplifted themselves. I like listening to him tell those stories.

The program isn't scripted so no one knows what comes up in one's segment. Not too long ago, we were all surprised when it was Toto Barcelona of Harbest Seed Company, who was the Zacess Story. He is a regular at the radio program so we were all pleased :) His age was mentioned and I said to Toto, " I hope in 8yrs, when I get to your age, I will be featured too".

Today was not the usual Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura day for me. I never stand from my seat from start to finish. I am an obedient member. I keep quiet and still until 7:30am. This morning at 6:30am I left the booth and stayed out and mingled with the visitors for Agrikapihan forum.

Listening to Zacess Stories had been a habit so when Zac's segment came up, I and Doc Rey kept quiet. It started with something vaguely about Sunshine maybe he started the segment in jest, looking for us inside the booth?

Hmmmmm...oh no....we were his Zacess Story! Am so excited, pleased and awed...I run inside the office, right outside the technician's booth so I can listen. There is a PA outside, but there were people outside to entertain and you can't concentrate.

I joked Zac after that, he made no mention about profits gained, unlike his other Zacess Stories. Wahahahahhahha....Yes of course, the success story being portrayed is the hard work and perseverance in simple, earnest duties.

I thought I was the only one who wanted to shut off and listen....just found out now that Doc Rey himself went inside the car to listen to the radio :)

Living Windows

Been quiet, but not idle. We were moving our Manila living quarters from Fairview, to a halfway house until we are able to develop and move to our centralized operations in Araneta Center.

Dust is really a killer for my asthma. What most people conceive as just my imagination and arte are really real breathe stopping particles! Drapes are not part of my everyday living, unless there is someone who will clean clean and vacuum.

I am faced with huge glass windows. Frosted glass, but a little more privacy is in order. Spending a lot on renovating a halfway dwelling isn't very intelligent....

Air plants and garden shows....remember I am obsessed with vertical gardens, succulents etc... THAT'S IT!!! I will hang plants in the grills outside that guard the glass windows. Great, green shade. Literally and figuratively.

Side By SIde

Some Saturdays, see us with the group of Pol Rubia at Ofel and Panday's radio show over nationwide Radyo Natin. Pol mentioned that a grower of Sunshine had asked to market her ready to slaughter Sunshines at AANI FTI Weekend Market. Since she is a regular, Pol allowed her to set up right next to our booth.

When I passed by her Sunshines at about 10am, she said she has just sold one (1). "We haven't had ready to slaughter for sometime, so people are not expecting to find some here today..." I told her.

This morning, after our DWWW's Kaunlaran as Agrikultura, Pol Rubia says that she was so happy because she sold all that she brought. Of course, there is a market for the ready to slaughter....more so in a wet market.

Start somewhere....we always assist you in marketing...but, you have to move and initiate. We give you the road, but you have to make some padyak yourself...and the sipag and tiyaga has to come from you :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why Moving?

Closed the Quirino Hway store and moved the inquiries to our Regalado Ave side (fronting the Regalado gate of SM Fairview)...why?

We were occupying about 1000sqm of that property. We just closed a deal with Jollibee for about 500sqm and other fastfood chains are negotiating for the remaining 1500sqm.

Understandable why we opted for that business decision?

Often asked why we are closed....not closed but moved for now to the meatshop. We didn't say why before, until the deal was closed. As we said before, due to good vibes and we started in this address, we are maintaining the spot of our Organika store.

By February, we would have centralized operations in Araneta Center, 8th Ave. (near Western Marketing)....stone's throw away from Araneta Coliseum. Present tenant vacates end Jan...we hope!

No worries....we are not getting lost. Not downsizing, not getting out. On the contrary, we are growing and moving forward and upward :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzles

Loved them!

It takes a lot of spare time...and it was sweet if he saw pieces that fit while the puzzle is left on its own table for weeks as it develops into a globe, forrest, milkshake, sky etc.....kilig that he took time out to see what kept you busy, while he waits for you, to take time to make him wait at the door :)

Let the bubbles burst! There is no spare time now for those 1000+ pcs jigsaw puzzles...

Centralizing operation in one location...and moving to Araneta Center....

I have to plan new structures. In one of our Batangas trips to a farm, I met one of the Vazquez owners and passing through NLEX often made me remember the prefab materials.

I am so excited to build my puzzles again with Vazbuilt. You may want to do so too.

Garden type and green architecture may be incorporated with prefab :) Make do and get the best from the old and the new!

Do You Feel Sick?

Had been feeling sniffy since yesterday morning, but I refuse to take medications until really needed. This morning was a signal I should take at least Tuseran as we are driving back to Manila for a series of shows and seminars again.

By the time I saw my tabs, Doc Rey was getting ready to go to the farm....I want to go! I just hauled myself to the green truck and took my laptop. It was enough for me not to go walk around, but was parked in such a way that I was being able to observe two (2) ranging areas, the holding area of the daily harvest for the rotisserie, and some fruit trees :)

When I was time to go to office, I opted to be brought back to home. Feeling under again.....or not just wanting to be at the office :) Then I get a call from Sonshine Radio about an interview they want to do. It perked me up once more!

When you love what you are you thing you will get to feel sick? Scary is when you develop such a high tolerance for tiredness as you enjoy might not be listening to yourself anymore....relax...take time.


Made a quick trip to Isabela to assess movements of ranging areas in farm.

Our present location of 1 hectare for chickens is now old and has to be left for a while to rest....we mean really rest. Not just rest for 2months but like deep massage and laser treatments :) With all the fertilizers that the Sunshines have scattered there for about 2yrs now, our caretaker is raking and allowing the land to aerate and breathe.... uuhhmmmmmmm....

We are acquiring a similar area right beside us. Since we have shades and trees in our present location, we can build houses and ranges asap, like a back to back to our present set up.

Today, another 3 hectares have been acquired about two (2) stones throw away. Near but far, perfect. This will take time and planning as we want to build canals around and make small fishponds and default barriers amongst ranges. Planting live fence all around for wind breakers. Installing the combat wire we have taken down from Fairview. When the combat wires are laid on the perimeter, soon after grass will grow around it, and not even cattle can push it down.

Meantime, planning and developing takes time....just like why we like our chickens...slow developed and full bodied taste. Planting materials to be gathered for live fence, and fruit trees that will keep us busy as we get older. Of course, vegetable plots for the food we grow ourselves.

Monday, November 16, 2009


It is in the taste..that Sunshine is bought :)

When we started started our Sunny Rotisserie, we were doing the mid-sized chickens. Not ready for the response and the snowballing of the sales, by end October we ran out of that size. The next batch was ranging and will take two (2) more weeks.

Because we were growing for the dressed Sunshine market for Metro Manila for marketing purposes, we had available the large sized chickens. Wary how the market will take it as they were used to the mid-sized one already. So relieved and surprised that the sales didn't skip a beat, nor a note :) Prices had to be increased because of the size difference. It was OK for the market!

Last night saw Sunny roasting again the mid-sized ones. Clients didn't complain as the price of course was commensurate.

Proof of the reason for their coming...the taste!

The more we are excited to open in Metro Manila, after trying the Santiago City Isabela market.

Monday, November 09, 2009


You have given them the proper spacing, temperature, feeding and brooding care. At 21days, they are set to the range and just have shelter for them to run to when raining. They are allotted the suggested 1 sq meter per bird for ranging area.

You forgot to count the days for harvest time....Now you walk through the ranging area and you notice that the area is almost bald. Take some to get average weights. You'll be surprised that they will now be close to your 1.5k...must be about 50days now?

Be observant...senses will still be your best guides.

Lipa Trip

Abs-Cbn's DZMM's, Sa Kabukiran has scheduled us for a seminar in Lipa, Batangas. IF I am not mistaken, November 21.

Will post details when I get them.


Is that what we need to do? Import meat?

I had been meaning to touch this topic since last week when talks were all over again on the airwaves that the government plans to import pork and chicken for Christmas.

Sure, we and so do the other dayold chick producers, import the Parent Stocks. But that is to make sure we get the commercial quantity, as we can't get that from inbreeding and cross breeding. But, the rearing of the Parent Stocks, the production of dayold chicks and the eventual grow out of the chickens are done in the Philippines and that gives us jobs.

Every Christmas season, the agriculture industry finds ourselves importing when they "see" a shortage. Flooding the market, then because there is an oversupply because of the panic importation, that will bury the farm gate prices of our locally produced pork and chickens.

That is one of the reasons the entrepreneurs don't get their GO GO GO blood. They are always preempted by importations.

Thing is...SO WHAT if we have a shortage? Can't we live with what we have? We should be disciplined to make do with what we have. IF we want more, THEN we should grow it or plan for it.

Try planning ourselves. We can't rely on others to always think for us. We have to think for ourselves so we can help the bigger us. By then, you don't assist others by doleouts but by example.

Idealistic it may seem...but, it has to start somewhere. Am just like "huh" if the news can make people really believe that the shortage is because of xxxx, then we should do yyyyy.

Make do with what you have.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Little Of Everything

is all we need. Our vegetable patch. I hope you learn to grow your own food too.

If we get cutoff from other areas, I know we will be able to eat and survive. I wish others can say the same thing. can't have an over supply. You may sell to others.

Look Ma, No Housing

The housing for these layers that bring your fresh golden eggs on the table, had been blown away. We had moved other grow out batches in new ranges, to let areas rest and revive itself. These layers were left as they are a playful lot and harder to transfer as it will stress them.

But then, what you procrastinate on, God makes sure is done. Washed away and now letting the Sun do its disinfecting and revival on the ground.

There is a more interesting video taken (taking time to upload). That of the sounds that layers make. You know you got egg laying hens when you hear that. It is music to my ears....putak putaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk putaaakkkk :)

Clean Water

Cleaning and moving ranging areas after the storm....the Sunshines will fend for themselves in terms of foraging for food. Sure, same with thirst. They will find a way to quench it and find their water. But it is most helpful that you have a dispenser for them.

We did this for the ranges during Summer. One, to make sure that they have water at will. Two, to have clean water. Three, so we can mix probiotics in their drink. Four, to ease up work for caretaker and not have to change and clean waterers all the time.

So now, the care taker just cleans and drains the drums. He mixes the probiotics in the fresh clean water daily. No more individual waterers to take care of.

So simple. Take a drum with drain for easy cleaning. Set it at a height that is convenient. Make sure of clean source of water is available, for cleaning and drinking. Install your nipple drinkers to a PVC pipe. Attach the PVC pipe from the drum to a length that won't sag.

Voila! They nudge the nipples :) The Sunshines go to them to drink and play :)

Even after the wrath of the typhoon....they can get mud all over, but they are assured of clean drinking water.

You do away with dirt in their water...they have to be acrobats to step on and poo on their nipples.

Think Tanks

I can spot them easy. They are quietly busy working...or rather, noisily being quiet in their endeavors. There is a certain buzz as he passes by you. Normally they work individually and they don't bump into each other as they are good by themselves and are confident. No need to talangka one another.

Yesterday, I was going to meet a staff of Senator X, who met me in a trade show and asked staff to contact us. We had been speaking on the phone and texting but will meet at Shangrila for some details. 1st call he made to me the other day was just to make sure he got the right number to call as referred to him. A few minutes later, it was to set up the meeting two days later. Next time we were texting as he was informing me he was in traffic and will just be a little late. Next, he informed that he was entering Shang parking and how will he recognize us. As we were entering the restaurant, there was a young man, gliding and galloping at the same time. Ruggedly casual but very proper. He approached a table immediately surely to ask if that was Doc Rey :) I then walked up to him as we entered and the meeting went on.

Storytelling got to me again.....

Point is: The think tank staff of people are very important. We get to meet a lot of them and you can literally judge a man by his staff. The more experienced and intelligent men have far better people working for them. Well I guess, it will be hard to put one over an experienced man :) You see through put ons and know passion is real. There are no pretensions about knowing everything. On the contrary, the intelligent person is hungry for information and listens with wide eyes.

We see it all the time. We get to plan and interact with great minds. No underlying tones of corruption...just honest to goodness developments.

Where are the loopholes for the grand blueprints? Implementation!!!!! This is where the corruption lies. Middle men, traders, accounting, the supposed checkers, the caretakers....all can kill the best projects.

The think tanks dream big but start small and progessive. The alipurongs want to start big for one shot deals.

The standards for hiring has to be set, even at the ground level.

Mike test...1.2.3


Neverending. Continuing. Forever.

Our ball has not stopped rolling. We have to always be changing for the better and development and marketing never ceases. You can't market stale ideas and products so new ideas have to always be cooking.

The past days, the word "Cooking" was the key word for me. Yesterday we visited Animal Products Development Center of the Bureau of Animal Industry. Most helpful team! Does the DA pride and Joy :)

We toured around the slaughtering facilities, waste disposal systems the meat processing section and their training areas. They met with us regarding the products we want to be developed. They had a more than tight schedule, what with the Christmas season etc etc. But, they gave in to our request to squeeze us into their development and processing schedule. Ahhh, you know me by now? Why wait for a schedule to process after development when I trust that they will come up with good products. So, why wait for 2010? I asked them already for processing sched to meet Christmas offerings.

They knew exactly what I wanted as we started describing our grass fed line of Sunshines. They are equally excited to develop recipes that are chemical free.

Niche marketing...

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Started the day to go to the farm. After a storm, you go out to assess situation. The morning got me several photos to post and discuss for other topics.

Great exercise and brought home some goodies of Dayap and other fruits.

Rare that we get to eat a a big breakfast, but today will be different. We bought hot pandesal. Opened a can of corned beef, and Doc Rey made an omelet.

While all that was in the stove top...I cracked my appetizer. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww I miss my homemade leche flans! They always thought I add some color to my flans to get that deep deep orange color. Fresh photographs best.

"Oh, Yes....I take it raw"

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

In Pairs

I don't know why, but my mother's instruction to me in planting in pairs stuck to me. Wonder if she took the "two's company, three's a crowd"!

As a young girl, I remember asking her why that was so...and hopefully I recall right, she answered:

1) It balances landscape outcome. Maybe that is why 2s, pairs are synonymous to Even balances. Left and right. Back and front.

2) We were such fruit lovers, that produce from one (1) tree will not be enough ahahhahah

3) If one (1) tree doesn't fruit well, you still have another

4) If one (1) is damaged by a storm, you still have another

I may be blabbing here now if I go on. I think the only real logical answers were the ones stated. But that 2s carried on to me..really! I buy trees in 2s and in several varieties. Actually, in almost everything, I panic buy and get all colors when I like something.

When I get the chance to do tree shopping, I cart a loot. I got these from Teresa Orchard of Zac Sarian.

That must have been about two (2) months from now. They are all settled now, in Isabela soil.

Do...if you can..plant everyday. Before you know it, you are reaping the sweetest and the freshest of them all! chemicals please.

Does It Pester?

We grow our own food. Much like the majority, we don't have greenhouses to protect them from insects. Chemicals are a we get great vegetables. It takes care to produce anything worth your while.

Complete with some dimples, incidental insects and pests....they are washables and ready to eat raw.

The ones you don't care to wash nor partake of....your Sunshines will be hovering around you to give to them!

Be wary of perfect looking ones...they may have been dipped in pesticides even as buds :( Try playing with worms around the veggies. Instinct tells the worms to run the other way, to save themselves from the chemicals.

Know What You Are Eating

Dinner last night was so good...why?

1) Sweetest and juiciest Atis. Those large, eyes.

2) The Guayabano was firm when sliced. Picked with a fork to eat and they gush out with the perfect sweet sour blend. They come up with the fork, with no resistance, yet firm and not smudgy.

3) How can you not know that you will get your needed fill of fiber in this Pechay? This is just a one bunch, or do I say a plant or a whole Pechay? You hold it in your hand like a bouquet..its that pretty because fresh and succulent wehehehehh. I just wishy washied it under tap water, more like a shower for dust in my hands. Tenderly tore it into like 5 pcs from stalk to tip of leaf. You can hear it crunchilyy tear...that fresh. Used my microwaveable dish and set it on high for 2mins. Voila, perfectly steamed Pechay! I had to steam another whole plant as the moment the 1st one peeped out of the door, you knew it was a goner.

So why is it the best? We grew it. In our own farm. No pesticides, no chemicals. You can't compare. Picked off the tree, plants or get the sweetness of freshness...and the juice...ohhhhhhhh

I hope to get another harvest for tonight.

They Have To Know

You can't sell what they don't know.

Educate the consumer. Explain and teach. Make it available....but of course, let them know first that you have it!

We prepared for the packed comfort food Adobo. Packed rotisserie cooked Sunshines also were prepared for soup stocks and salads. Now the freezers are stocked.

Done with the consumer awareness least with the existing clients :) Now, we had to inform them that we have the comfort foods available. Why is is convenient and how to use it. Also, that is perfectly packaged for their dear relatives in faraway lands. They can send them the taste that they grew up with and more!

Effective....we had been delivering, and the orders have started to come.

"Announce and it shall be ordered"

Proof Is Around

Past days saw us working on moving plans and seeing friends and relatives. Now back at the office table and getting calls left and right, I remember that we have worked for years...and yes, hard work does work all the more when you think you are not :)

We got calls about them seeing a farm of someone in faraway....calls and emails from people who have tasted when some relative brought for potluck....texts about seeing our delivery vans and wants to get dressed Sunshines too.

Yesterday I get a text from someone who we haven't heard from for about a year. He asked if our business was ok? I thought to myself...where was he sleeping all these times? hahahhahah

Some friends comment that I work a lot....its not work, I love what we do. The people we meet, the places we get to visit, the things learned..and the food we get to eat....most of all, the friends, the real people you get to keep.

1st Step

We are vacating our Quirino Hway address in Fairview, as business decisions led us to have that side leased out.

As the colored chicks have been a landmark in the area for so many years, we are not letting go of that address, just switching a bit to Regalado Ave cor Quirino Hway, fronting Regalado gate of SM Fairview, signage is Sunshine Chicken. That is actually the address of Organika. Meantime, while we are making the move to centralize to Araneta Center, our booking for dayold chicks and pick up for dressed Sunshines will be in that address.

Even if we will be centralized in Cubao, we won't let go of our Fairview address...for prosperity. can find us just on the other side. This time, we are infront of SM Fairview and not beside :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flor's Garden

Those are not Halloween BOO away the birds in farms :) Very apt for the season. BOOWahahahhahaha

You have to meet Flor Tarriela in her animated conversation will excite you to go into natural farming.

We got to Flor's Garden after lunch and caught them in the middle of Andry Lim's seminar on Natural Farming. Sorry that we can't disturb him for our chitchats...well, we can have our time in Davao when its just the girls and the boys.

We visited first the new baby Sunshines in the circular Jojie's Crib. They were comfortable under the charcoal fed tin can, over their red heads.

You can't miss the collection of culinary and medical herbs here. Notice the "Weedicinal" term. I myself have transformed my garden at home from ornamentals to herbals. Why? Because aside from the fact that it has that wild look I life, it smells sooooo good and it does have practical usage. More of culinary for me...but when I get the cough, we get out our stone and pound on Oregano leaves. One jigger and off goes the cough.

Flor and Jojie Lim took us around Flor's Garden.... walking around the "no smell" pens of Sunshines and pigs. I nibble on some flowers that have been introduced to me in the past.

One thing I picked up here...her use of empty coconut husks as you would use cobbled stones as steps in pathways. They look like river stones. But...when you step on them, you get an air like cushiony feeling. Thinking of employing this in my new outdoor bathroom.

Travelling and farm visits do teach you a lot. I didn't even know that Antipolo had a great landscape on this side. I didn't even know Antipolo existed on this side from Cogeo!

Real Is Sustainable

Seminars are a joy to give...When they are not forced to. When they go there on their own. No frills no treats, pure wanting to listen and learn:
Because of the mileage we do and the cross industries we move around in, we get to meet philanthropists who really move and act on their own.

One such lady has been distributing chicks to resettlement areas, including 10kgs of feeds (half of what the recipient will be needing). At the end of 60days, the recipient returns two (2) adults of about 2 to 2.5kgs live weight. In addition to that, the donor lady's foundation, buys back an additional three (3) adults at PHP150/kg live weight. The rest of the Sunshines, five (5) left to the recipient, may be eaten or sold.

I have computed to her costings, and made her realize that she is not earning at all. She smiles back and reminds me that there was a "cause" in the first place. True, teach the recipients the value of paying back and not simply receiving dole outs.

Doc Rey and I walks around these resettlement areas. You will see that there is hope to the so called squatters in Metro Manila. Given assistance AND they should be reoriented to what is proper business ways.

The lady starts them off with ten (10) Sunshines. The recipients are allowed to repeat AS LONG as they are meeting requirements of MOA. Once you don't do as agreed, you and your immediate family members are banned (I like that...very me)!

We do repetitive seminars for the group that have repeated several times.... by then, you know who are the ones who want to pursue.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pics From You

I love getting photos from the growers from afar, as it is not normal for us to do farm visits to them.

Bert of Zamboanga is one who loads regularly, in small batches. These are the doable projects. He first took a seminar when he was planning on what to do for retirement. Worked on plans, slowly but surely...... only do it small, slow and right...for sustainability.

Whenever I get an email from him, I open it first as I know it will have nice photos.

I got a batch of pics from Bert the other day...looks like I can use this photo for an AD :)

Radio Programs

Because the radio reaches a broad audience and cross segments, we are excited when we get invited for radio interviews. Guesting invitations had been accepted for various shows.

DWWW's Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura (774, Sun 4:30-7:30am) has Doc Rey regularly as Vet ng Bayan. ABS-CBN's DZMM's Kabukiran (630, Sat and Sun 4:40-6am) guests Doc Rey often and he is invited in their out of town seminars. Both agriculture programming.

Last week an FM station in Southern Tagalog, based in Batangas has met us during Agrilink and wants to feature Sunshine Chicken in their negosyo program. We go there after All Saint's Day as they want a live interview.

Another exciting invitation is by DZRH through Eng. Pol Rubia of AANI. Sunshine Chicken will be on their agriculture show aired Saturdays 7:30-9am, fed nationwide except Metro Manila...:) which is really the market that should be reached.

See you on the air!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grin When Green

Today must be the day that answers my question about doing green architecture.

I grew up with moss covered fences, lagoons, well landscaped gardens, a lot full of orchids, dayonets, backyards that had been transformed into a huge green house...all these when green houses were not yet heard the 60s :)

Making a move this quarter, had me I had me toying about green architecture. Actually what I have in mind is the homey, Hansel and Gretel type...the one that evokes walk through the forest type. I was asking my archi friend Gigi to help...but both of us got busy with Citem's FAME. I hope and pray she reads this to get her dreaming with me asap.

My searches led me to sites that were like Flash Gordon types...sci-fiction looks...not me. More like I didn't know the proper search words.

This morning, we get to join the garden show of the Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines. My attention was choosing the booth location and marketing Sunshine.

In the afternoon we did our monthly seminar. It is rare that I get to chitchat with the attendees after the seminar. Today was different! I can't pinpoint why, but I stayed behind in Organika while the orders were being processed. That gave me opportunity to do some chitchat which started with politics. My worst topic!!!! Am so apolitical :)

At a drifted into plants and in a second, this man was describing how he did his wall and chicken coop...with plants! WAIT...all of a sudden I knew what he was talking about.

We could have gone on...but no one was left and he had to travel back to Bulacan.

Thank you for leading me to search through vertical gardens, green roofs etc.

I now look forward to that garden show.,...Why? look at this!

See how the goats live on the roofs? My chickens will love this...surely!

The look I want now will be mine, and not to recreate what Mommy had made me live through as a child. Not that I didn't want it..,.its just that I want to inject my own now.

Garden To Benefit

I was glad that I paid attention to Zac Sarian's announcement today over the radio. During breakfast before Agri Kapihan, he talked about stalls open and if I wanted to get one....we can duplicate the alliance of Agrilink and we can go side by side :)

YES...sure! This will be an exciting garden show for us to explore and learn from the free seminars. Get schedule here.. "Gardening for a Better Environment"

While Zac and I were selecting our spots, some of our friends at Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura also got booths. We all laughed at us having a Friends' Pavilion :)

November 20-30, Quezon Memorial Circle, East Ave Gate. Near the restaurants and parking lot. I noted ingress at November 14...maybe that gives us more time there.

We will have the day old chicks, ready to slaughter, dressed Sunshines and our ready to eat products.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunshine, Action...

Where's my camera? It is still asleep in my huge bag in the bedroom!

When in Isabela, we make it a point to go to the farm early when we can to witness the gathering of Sunshines for dressing that day. Today was one of those days we had been rejuvenated already and raring to go to the farm.

I was so eager because yesterday, Doc Rey came home with a small bag of goodies. Freshest veggies. All I had to do was wash them, I can even do a wishy washy because we are sure no chemicals there. I didn't spin them nor wipe them dry. Immediately, I transfer them to a glass microwaveable dish and set it on 2mins. Them came out freshly perspiring and steaming...still green and crunchy...perfectly done. A platter of buro was placed with it on the side. Doc Rey it was the best recipe...weheheh recipe ka dyan!

Today, I was going to do my own picking of veggies...

What greeted me on the gate was a nice sight. Our men had the harvest of Sunshines, tied up and hanging from the mens' necks. You don't get that sight in Metro Manila...but yes, that is how they ready to be slaughtered are carried and placed in the crates, to be transported to the slaughter house.

If you watch Survivor Philippines...its a grander version of the immunity necklace :)

Sad I wasn't able to click that sight. I should always be ready with my camera.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do Re Me

Do Re Me...

Do Reinvent Meself :)

The past shows made me see a large section of the market, in a short period of time. New ideas of course are created as you listen to others.

We didn't bring Sunny Rotisserie to the shows, but for some reason, that was what I wanted to act on fast. We introduced a new flavor :) Used a new base for marinade. Of course, as usual, no preservatives nor synthetic ingredients.

The original rub recipe went well, but we wanted to offer something different.

Just like having a classic black dress or shirt....accessorize!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your Time Is Important

And energies too :)

We had been getting texts and email if the seminars for September and again this October, will be pushing through.

Just for the record, so far, since we started our 4th Sunday seminars, we NEVER canceled. We went on. On bad weather days, I remember having one or two arrive. We go on at 2pm as much as we can, sharply at 2pm :) For prepaid bookings, surely, it will be honored on next month's seminar...there was a valid reason for not showing up.

We value your time and energy. In the same manner, if you scheduled us to do a seminar in your area....PLEASE PLEASE also start on agreed time. I can go on vacation everyday and spend time at the salon half of my days, but when we have an agreed work to do...let's respect each others' time and efforts.

Oh hahahahahahah...I just recalled a seminar scheduled in Citem's FAME for one of the Health and Wellness topics. It was scheduled for 12noon. As I was going out for lunch at 1pm, I bump into the supposed speaker at 12nn! Meaning super late by 1hour! I'm sure he was expecting a roomful waiting??? Even though how interested your crowd is....I think respect is on order for all :)

Another question we get monthly is...."is the seminar on XXXX?" or "is the XXX the 4th Sunday?" Well, please use your calendars. It doesn't require an Einstein to determine the 4th Sunday :) Again, I am happy to reply to texts and emails, but I will gladly respond to legitimate inquiries.

Take time to we both get to have a more meaningful exchange when we email or talk.

See you on the 4th Sunday.

Nice, Comfortable & Pleasant Smelling going home and finding your slippers behind the door....describes our mobile office, which we took out of town yesterday for the 1st time. Manila-Santiago, Isabela was the route, with continuing service to some LGUs in Isabela before heading back to Manila on Thursday.

That was how we also kept our operations for Sunshine Chicken. Our group is small, no agendas, no power plays. We have remained focused. Thankful that the chicken on our personal dinner plates don't have to be subsidized by the company :)

Today, as we do exit interviews in our minds, after the two trade shows we did....we know we go back to an operation that is relaxing to be part of, rather to be an outsider ogling us :)

Proof of it? We saw how during Agrilink. Other companies ride on our and our supplier's name and popularity. Many people walk up and say other companies say they are just the same as us. Or that they use the brand we breed.

Merci...we are not the same. We import from SASSO of France. Documents may be checked. Our company is forever reinventing itself. Product development is constant. We study what will be good for you.

Thank you for the complement! We are glad to be simple and keeping decisions neat and serving. Even SASSO of France has seen that.

Eye Openers

Been busy for about a month because of Agrilink and Citem's FAME. Since a little before Ondoy, I had been in Manila and away from the countryside, farm and home in Isabela.

Friends have proven best allies in big shows. Agrilink have strengthened ties. During Citem's FAME, talks with others have also showed that relationships formed on agendas and business do bog down and don't last. Well, you need the black to balance the white. So, be thankful for bad vibes as it makes you treasure simple good.

The daytrip to Isabela yesterday made me see the wrath of the floodwaters and landslides :(. The cloudy skies and rains on the way that are setting the welcome stage for Ramil, has started to pile up soil again on the street from the mountain soilfalls.

During the 8hr trip, I get a call from my Benguet grower, and ordering a substantial loading. Weren't they still under the relief stage? I have to give my hat off! Moving on real fast. Of course to be ahead, one has to move least move and jiggle a bit.

A scene on TV I saw recently is a continuation of how we should be pliable, in my mind. The Benguet relief and operation showed a school housing the homeless folks. They were seen sweeping, cleaning, brushing their teeths, fixing things around, making makeshift furnitures, plumbing etc etc and ETC. You'd think that: that is the way they really are and MORE. You get to see the real person in times of hardship and problems, when your back is on the wall.

Do you remember the scenes in other centers in Manila? Play the news in your mind. Listen to feedback on radio know the difference I am referring to.

On the way to work today...geeezzzz...I have been away indeed for over a month. Saw new businesses up. Several new structures are in finishing touches. AND.... we crossed Calao Bridge this morning in Santiago. The water is high, dark brown and NOT...correct, NOT moving. Bad!

I asked my staff as I got to work, if she noticed the river. She did too. Yesterday the water wasn't high and it was flowing freely.

Yikes, this is still the effects of Pepeng? I pray that Ramil will not affect us as much as Pepeng. If no landslides and no closed traffics, we won't feel it as we are scheduled to go back to Manila Thursday, when Ramil is supposed to be felt.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


What do I look forward to when I do Citem shows?

1) Productive contacts. Less talking here, but a lot of work later. Other shows are non stop talking and detailing, but you end up not really moving forward in terms of marketing.

2) Great shopping. Eewwwww, I had to go back to my seat and surf to stop myself! But I have to go back for at least ONE of Dita Sandico-Ong's Banana Wraps...even just ONE! I normally get what I want in "all colors please". A lot of interesting products. This is FAME, so it was all industries. I am enamored since October 15 by a Cebuano painter, Jun Impas, whose works I have just seen. I have been tempted to get his brook scene....but I have priorities at the moment of my moving business I have convinced myself to first see my landscaping and interiors before I get new furniture stuff.

So I went back to my booth and took...

3) Time to surf....because you are not constantly on your toes talking. I was instantly gifted (for tempering my buying spree)....see what I saw! Doc Rey will be gratified for his hard work and patience to learn his Power Point. Doc Rey's seminar from an attendee's point of view.

I'm glad I was led to Danny's blog. He writes well and entertains me. I remember the waterful day of September 26. He texted me that day1, typhoon came and rats or was it cats played with some of his chicks.

Citem FAME, 50th year

Citem does support the Philippine suppliers and that is the reason we also join in their activities. You have to help others be able to assist you too :)

This is the first year they have added the category of Health and Wellness in their show and am I glad we decided to do the last minute plannings for this event.

Manned the booth myself as focused trade show for buyers are less talk but more you don't end up wrinkled and dry at the end of the day. I have to say we did very good in getting seen and creating new business for the dressed Sunshines.

Still have time to catch up until October 18. Two venues, World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center. The Health and Wellness is at World Trade Center.

Thank you to the Health and Wellness staff of Citem.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Few Steps

We are making a major move of all our operations, centralizing it in the Araneta Center. Offices, dressed Sunshines' meat shop, Organika, pick up of our dayold chicks... we will incorporate with other farm suppliers.

Excited to do this as we will be in the middle of everything and everywhere. Logistics and accessibility to clients who drive or commute. Landscaping is planned. Green architecture is being employed!

We've had the Fairview address from the start and we will not let go of the landmark. Manpower shortage is forcing us to close down the store facing Quirino Highway...BUT, we are moving the inquiries and pick up at Organika, our meat shop facing Regalado Ave (fronting the Regalado gate of SM Fairview). People are used to this place for the dressed Sunshines and this is where we hold our monthly seminars on Raising Sunshine Chicken. Actually it is far more comfortable for the clients making inquiries. It is airconditioned and has parking.

For prosperity, we will not let go of this address :)

There are talks with new lessees for the property. We took the clue and opportunity to make the move to a centralized location. It will all be for the better!

Making the mini few steps move, before we make the major one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Many Golden Stars?

New frequently asked questions...

Where is the origin of Starshines?

We import the PS from SASSO of France.

How many golden eggs can be expected from the Starshines?

About 260 per annum.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I go where the universe takes me. I always say that and when in doubt, when my initial vibes don't work, I throw the decision up and let the universe take it :)

That was how I got to the name Starshine for our layers. No intention whatsoever to name it at this stage. Just before I first blogged about Starshine...Zac Sarian mentioned "moonshine" in relation to something that skips my mind now.

Next thing I knew, I was blogging about our golden egg layers and voila...I typed the name Starshine. Very me...even the spur of the moment name went with the universe :)

So that's it. Our line of grass fed layers...Starshine.

I like the name. Catchy, cousin to Sunshine, nicknamed Star...and it shines!

Worth Our While

Agrilink 2009 was very good for us. Inspite of most exhibitors' laments that attendance was low, sales were was tremendously great for us. Granting that the recent calamities didn't allow the expected number of visitors, we were very busy detailing and entertaining. There are normally six (6) of us at any given time in the booth, and no one ate on time.

Our sales on dayold chicks tripled for retail compared to last year's, and orders for deliveries have been booked keeping us busy for the next weeks to come. Dressed chickens were brought for display purposes but we saw that on day1, people knew about our product and were walking up to us specifically to purchase the dressed Sunshines. By the last day, we were sold out quite early! After a day's rest, we have instructed to personnel to look into an unscheduled dressing, as our freezers are empty....a nice problem huh?

What do we account the interest to?

1) Word of mouth - A lot of clients were repeat customers plus the referrals and new ones who saw us

2) Experience - Same with the dressed Sunshines, they heard us through the chicken vine :)

3) Neighborhood - Someone from the large booth across us asked me if the set up of Teresa Orchard, Sunshine Chicken and AANI were all owned by one person. I asked why? He said because from ingress to 3day sales...everyone in the booths were helping one another. That is from food, supot, tali, answering inquiries, panukli etc etc etc....its not just about business.

4) Passion - We really love what we are doing and earnestly believe in our product.

5) Competition :) - We continue to reinvent ourselves and compete solely with our selves.

6) You - Fast learners. Over the years, you allowed our team to educate you about eating well and healthy. You also learned to grow your own food. You continued to learn with us.

Actually, trade shows are there to benefit you. I hope it was also worth your while.