Friday, December 04, 2009

Be Nosey

For biosecurity reasons, we rarely go to the site of the breeders. The capitalization is no cough, so we try to keep the place clean to the best of our abilities.

Aside from marketing, documentations are part of my job, so government testing trips is one of my rare visits to the breeders.

It was a nippy comfortably cool morning. I thought morning still as we started real early from Manila. Looking at my watch it was towards noon already. Still cool. Sure, it is December. But aside from that, our buildings are surrounded by trees.

In today's blood testing by BAI's team of Doc Arlene and Hermie, they commented that our farm is one of the rare ones that has no odor at It actually smells fresh. No flies too!

If only you can smell through photos....

And if you can see the multi colored butterflies....

You will know the place is clean :)

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