Sunday, May 31, 2009

FREE To Harbest Sunshines

There are some people who are easy to work with and whom we look forward to of which is Toto of Harbest Seed Company.

Harbest is hosting us and has scheduled FREE seminars for Raising Sunshine Chicken:

WHERE: Harbest Demo Farm - Carmen, Rosales (200m from SM Rosales)
WHEN: 4th Saturday of June, June 27, 8am
WHO: Doc Rey

WHERE: Trece Martirez Provincial Capitol Compound, Farmers Hall
Office of the Provincial Agriculturist
WHEN: 1st Friday of August, August 07, 8am
WHO: Doc Rey

Thank you to Toto :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Common Sense

Yesterday, during opening of 2nd Pinoy Organic Festival, one of the speakers was Jacqueline Alleje.

I was manning my booth, but it was just about 3 booths away from the seminar area, so my selective attention gets caught by Jacqui.

She is one person that can make you look up from what you are doing. Fresh, crisp, perky, dressed well....much like a good salad. She is Swiss by nationality, but embraced being a Filipino. Don't attempt to talk behind her back wehehehehhe...she may have baluktot Pilipino...but understands everything :)

On talking about organic farming, she went something like..."the farmer has doable scenarios and projects...and consumers have acceptable standards. When those two meet, then there is a deal".

Much later after the talk, I congratulated her for liking her speech. She asked in awe "Did you listen"? I have ears...didnt need to be seated there. She was amazed that I quoted her verbatim....led to her joining us for an enjoyable brunch.

Her muffins, my batchoy, and Doc Rey's fried fish. True to persona...she was eating healthy.

Yes, you can still seat together even if eat different things. Its the character that is the bottomline in groups.

Friday, May 29, 2009

DTI International

I can't pass this day without making mention of Department of Trade International (DTI International).

During IFEX that just passed, a DTI representative had approached us several times for the Japanese market. Next day, she brought the Japanese party to us, complete with an interpreter. Short, noisy meeting it was. The questions were not really about our company nor how our growers raise the chicken.....looking back, maybe more like "go see" the prospect :)

Several days ago, I got a call again from the same DTI representative, requesting for a meeting with the Japanese group, with DTI personnel.

DTI office for me always had that image where you apply for permits.....I told you before, my mind is micro mini :)

I was instructed to go to DTI International at 1:30pm today. Going there, the DTI rep was instructing me how to find the building. Where do I park? Oh...she already had reserved parking for me.

Got there exactly at 1:30pm as I got lost....good I had allowance for Makati one ways. She was there to greet me at the door. I got there exactly the same time as a the Japanese party...good I was on time!

We were led to a conference room, with other Food rep. Snacks were served. I tell you, the Department of Trade does take care of supplier and clients. The venue and snacks, most specially their presence, in my opinion, is a great confidence and take away doubts for both sides.

You think it started at IFEX? Nope, it all started at DTI office in Tokyo. The IFEX was just great timing.

Government does work....we just have to work out our parts too :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Philippine Free Range Chicken

Been very busy that we didn't notice our 2nd year passed by :)

Some people have commented that in such a short time, we had made a name for Sunshine Chicken in the Philippine free range chicken industry. Competitors have even been telling some of our friends that they have no need to pay for advertising....they just ride on our work! How they ride on us, is pretty obvious :)

Advertising, marketing all stems from hard work. And that is really where we credit the branding that Sunshine Chicken is now.

What may point to hard work?

1) You have to change automobile tires every year
2) There is a vehicle in maintenance check up mode in car dealers' service centers all the time
3) There is a need for a 3rd vehicle for your use as one is always on maintenance or coding...and vehicles have to rest too
4) You forget what day of the week it is
5) Need like 24 you don't get home to wash clothes
6) Two sets of luggage as one is unpacked and the other is on standby
7) Faces and names get harder and harder to match together
8) Plane tickets are like booklet passes
9) Phone bills that run to +++
10) When you phone a hotel, the frontdesk knows what room to give you :)

I can go on and on...but what's best after all that?

1) Everyone knows you can be fun as you instantly are not alone in a room full of people
2) Plane, bus and car rides are best times to catch on sleep
3) Camaraderie formed with others on the road are nice to look forward to. Friends have been made because of Sunshine!
4) Work on consumer awareness to eating healthy food has gained a lot of mileage since we started
5) We get average of 600+ pages read on this blog DAILY....visitors are about 150 average DAILY
6) Marketing is my main work....and it allows me to be on the internet :)

Because we enjoy what we are doing, I will not really call it hard work...but more like focused and honest deeds.

Let us help you, so we can all grow together.

Joining Agrilink 2009

Don't miss this year's Agrilink, slated for October 8-10 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Agrilink is touted as the biggest agriculture show ( I will say "yes" in terms of number of visitors). As usual, we will be exhibiting indoors and outdoors.

This early, in cooperation with Agri Aqua Network International (AANI) we are planning on how to give you a better showing of our products.

As usual, our Sunshine growers are most welcome to join us in marketing their products in all the trade shows that we join.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Casual Uniforms

With all the travelling that we do, the barong polo jacks we use for uniforms look very good, crisp and clean.

BUT hard to be carrying around garment bags when we fly.

Good I found this company that does 100% cotton knits. Cool as it absorbs moisture, and you can't be so crumpled you have to "gusot" it, to actually give back its body, after you sort of get it deformed.

Doc Rey has polo jacks, and regular polo shirts. I have my so comfy tennis dresses (read a previous post) and polo jacks too.

Now you can call us for airplane trips in a minute's notice. I have prepared and packed carry ons....with our NEW uniforms, they are possible :)

Thank you to Emy of Nook Ltd's patience with me....see them at the 2nd Organic Pinoy Festival at AANI FTI Weekend Market, May 29-31.

Current Blood Testing

Mondays are the ERRANDS DAY....

By 6am, we were at BAI to get the crew that will do the blood testing on our current flock, for accreditation for local shipping permits.

Got back early at 2pm and decided we can do something that requires change tires on a 1year old truck. We do a lot of travelling and yes we bald tires in a year's time.

Thinking of doing Visayas/Mindanao on a roro.....time constraints, but the trip sounds inviting.

Talent Ventilation

It is very rare that we get to chitchat at the breeder farm, because we do a lot of farm visits and we won't jeopardize our own operation.

Doc Rey was advised that the current poultry laying building was tunnel ventilated during the grow out period of that batch before it was transferred. He wasn't asking too many questions then, because maybe he didn't want the conversation to go to capital expenditure.

He was surprised how well it turned out to be and felt safe that come sweltering heat or high winds, the Sunshine layers will be fine.

He called it TALENT VENTILATION...for obvious reasons and PHP6M cheaper :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Simply Good

That was early lunch today, just before the monthly seminar, today being the 4th Sunday.

There was nothing special to celebrate :) Doc Rey wanted to get dressed weight and cooking shrinkage...weehehehhe, that's the reason why we did this great roast.

Don't ask me now the results of that assignment was to instruct to season with salt and pepper and ask that lemongrass (tanglad) be placed in the cavity, before charbroiling.

We asked that this be cooked in a lechonmanokan near us. That I took 30mins to cook this 1k Sunshine. We had two (2) whole chickens cooked and left one for them to try.

They are used to selling white chickens and were excited to taste the Sunshines....which they described as having an "international taste"!

I will take that the adjective meant it tasted GREAT and different from what they are used to. Besides, there was no mind boggling marinades used nor perfunctory sawsawans...not even pickles. Surely, their manoks were fat and plump....but these lean Sunshines were taste packed.

Timing that a supplier we work a lot with, showed us his fruit stand in a good traffic area. He wants to do take out inasal. He is a true blood Visayan, and knows his bisaya manok inasal.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Days After

The morning after IFEX 2009 saw us on the road. 1st stop was TJ in Bulacan for his daughter's bday. We were too early and looks like TJ had a sizeable group in the rare fruits we decided to socialize with him another time.

I developed a bad case of flu and was feeling better to get comfortable inside the car :)

2nd stop was Nueva Ecija to visit the brooder for this weekend's loading. Another grower to be visited was busy ranging a batch so he missed the call as we were passing by his town...well next time then.

Proceeded to Baguio for the night. Burnham Suites is worth your money and offers comfortable rooms.

Next morning was Baguio growers. I love this the entrepreneurs are vibrant and well motivated! On the way to Ilocos Sur, we visit another grower in La Union.

Vigan is where we are based in Ilocos Sur as we have a Solraya branch. Got our usual room at our Vigan Plaza hotel...

Went to Abra the next day to visit our growers and picked up Jojie Lim who went to her friend in Abra too. Schedules are matched when you guys want to meet, even when all calendars go wayward at times.

Plans made, talks agreed on...let's see where they take us the next days ahead....

IFEX 2009

Hurdles, when looked from afar, turn out to be great stepping stones.

Three weeks before IFEX 2009, CITEM wrote to us to request that we move booths, as an association wanted our spot. Nope, chose that location early and paid for. I got to ingress early, and the association's people were there seating in my booth. I talked to CITEM and yes they said I will be allowed to ingress in my booth. I didn't want to be at odds with my neighboring booths as they will occupy my I took a walk and looked at the location from afar. Talked to CITEM and CENTREX for a solution. Will they allow a booth by the post? Right smack in the middle? Oh they said YES!

See how well it worked for us.

This year's IFEX met our needs. Much like last year's event, we were seen by good media mileage and food industry people. Nana Ozaeta and her staff from F&B World was there to visit us. We gamely took pictures of the framed article of Sunshine featured in their magazine in Jan 2009, that we display prominently. Growers and prospective farmers saw us there too. Restaurants talked to us. Government agencies matched us with inquiries.

The food trade shows are meant to really market our growers who raises the our Sunshine Chickens. We are there to turnover inquiries and sales.

What was the highlight of the show for me? The one that made me proud?

A lady walked up to me and said she wanted to try the chicken for her restaurant. I asked her location and immediately got a brochure and wrote down the name of my grower in that area. As I handed it to her....she smiled right away and said that the grower was her cousin!

They hooked up right away for initial meetings and talks between me and grower.

Why am I happy? Because there was no questions asked, they were hooked up right away. I am sure, it proved my point about the referrals and marketing we really do for our growers. It was very obvious and my grower must have felt it too.

Felt like IFEX already served my purpose, if only that one transaction is closed....btw, its not a small one :)

Aside from our Sunshine growers, I also keep our booths open to friends whose products I believe in carrying side by side with mine. Kablon Farm and Alaminos Goat Farm was with us this show. I also invited our e-group members of natural farming in the Philippines....but maybe they will not be shy next shows :) It is an earnest and serious invitation with no strings attached, to market with us.

Sad Andry Lim wasn't around....we were able to take a picture of three (3) cover stars of recent Agriculture Magazine editions. Jojie represented Andry Lim, Rene Almeda of Alaminos Goat Farm and of course, Doc Rey of Sunshine Chicken.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2nd Organic Pinoy Festival

May 29,30,31 sees the 2nd Organic Pinoy Festival.

Venue will be at the AANI FTI Weekend Market grounds.

Although Sunshine has a permanent booth there, we will still set up and be part of the occassion.

As usual, we will encourage our growers to be part and market their products there.

FREE SEMINAR on Raising Sunshine Chicken at 1pm Sunday, May 31.

AANI FTI Seminar for May2009

Talked to Pol Rubia this morning and Doc Rey is scheduled to give a seminar on Raising Sunshines on May 23 at 9am.

See you there! AANI FTI Weekend Market...behind Sunshine Mall, as you enter FTI compound in Bicutan.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


When we got a call to guest at She-Ka, I liked the prospect right away!

It was a show by women, about women and for women.

As always I get to call times was comforting to know that the crew were made up of familiar faces from One Morning and other on site coverages.

The relaxed set, crew and hosts made the interview very enjoyable. Incidentally, that was arranged by CITEM to promote IFEX 2009.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


We got requests to do go back to that part of Visayas again soon to do seminars again.

Will keep this blog posted for the JULY schedule.

Booking airlines and jive with our schedules.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Indulge In Sunballs

Excited over the great yema balls I had the other day at Manna Specialty Bakery, I asked Elena's baker to make me those rich balls using my Sunshine eggs from grass fed hens.

Can't wait till 8pm when I am supposed to get them, together with the liver pate....I peeped and tasted a couple.

See how they are...

Biting into one.....ohhhhhhh....


Try making some. Research on old recipes for Yemas..just like the way you remembered them.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Choice Cuts

Always been asked about the availability of choice cuts and boneless chicken.

I was in a japanese grocery the other day...that's one of my comfort trips when alone. Bought some packs of pickled eggplants and cucumber and had ramen by myself.

Walking through the chiller section, I saw smoked boneless chicken, vacuum packed. Hey, I liked the smoked chicken.

Boneless....there really is a market for this. Think about the cut ups and the boneless niche. Surely will command a premium price for your produce.

Healthy Patty

Chatting with my healthy farming buddy and he gave an idea to make chicken patties. Of course, much like my processed longanizas, these patties should have no preservatives and will just be seasoned using herbs.

Instead of ground, it may be better to have it finely chopped, to get more bite and flavor.

Rolled into balls or formed as patties...healthy and tasty alternative.

Attention Rene...this should be a product that may come out from Patty's Farm :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunballs: Yema

Pressure to have my stocks of liver pate....I brought some packs of Sunshine liver to Elena. Timing, I haven't had lunch, so it was opportunity to sit down for chitchat. Puttanesca, Chocolate Sin...and I saw yema balls.

Those egg yolks rolled into balls is one of my all time favorites! Haven't had a real good one in a long time. Most I've had tasted pastey....more like mashed potatoes. Elena said, it might be it, as an extender.

I tried her yema balls....3 pls :) She said is can get addicting! YES, I agree!!!!! This will look, taste and be healthier....if Sunshine eggs, from our grass fed hens, were used.

Costing...pencil pushing.... OK, I will try. A new commission for my pina-MANNA line. Heavenly balls..yema...I might just call them Sunballs :)

I am excited to see Lori Baltazar...such a sweet tooth! She might love this too.

Another business idea for you.


What can make me turn around? Yesterday, we were headed to Isabela for a quick trip and touch base, before the IFEX event over the weekend. It was a leisurely trip, with me on the wheel. Lunch, dessert of the biggest Blizzard at DQ etc etc etc. Somewhere about San Rafael, Doc Rey gets a call from CITEM and asking if we can guest that afternoon (uhuh, too late) and the next morning at Mornings@ANC.

He passes the phone to me and YES, I will go back :) I like that show and will want to meet the hosts up close and personal...wehehehe....means, watch from the bleachers!

I needed a cooked dish. No cook, but still asked a store staff to dry rub some chickens and stuff with lemongrass. Sounds easy huh? By 11pm, it was ready for charbroiling. I was excited to taste it. After I asked it to be chopped....I noticed this plant like stuff hiding among the chopped pieces. Hmmmmm...can't be tanglad or lemongrass. Looks more like celery to me...and the chicken was far too peppery...ewwwwwww!

Relax....I remembered I had some tubs of pate left in the freezer :)

By 6:30am, I was at my AANI Circle booth getting some dressed chickens for the table setting. Aside from me, there was a couple at the AANI area reading through the other booths' tarpaulins. The moment I entered my booth, they came in and looks like very happy that there was someone to ask about Sunshines. The chat extended to a pleasant one and may translate to day old chicks flying out of Manila :)

Soon after, I went to ABS-CBN. I am always early for appointments, as #1 I am so poor in parking so I scout the place, #2 I like to be early wehehehehhe. Because of that, I got the parking right under the canopy, by the entrance.

Got off and scouted the was near for me to carry my stuff. Good, because I didn't think about bringing the dependable kareton.

Geez...everyone who was guesting in DZMM, Channel 2, Channel 23, ANC...I saw them all. Who drove them, where they got off, what were they wearing when they arrived and the clothes they were carrying to change to.

8:00am came and I walked into Studio 6. The guests for the IFEX promo fixed their own tables. I was the only one doing it solo...but its ok. Don't touch my chicken...because that's only for the camera. I cautioned everyone that it was peppery. The asst floor director and another PA said that the hosts liked their food hot ahahhahahha. fixed up now.

Soon after, the hosts were digging into the liver pate, even before the show started....the very savior. It was most easiest to munch on, w/o destroying the look, as pates are meant to be dug into. So it still looked good through the camera's eyes. I had to replenish the crackers several times!

Got good reviews about my liver pate. Actually not mine...this is a pina-MANNA. Commissioned Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery to do it for me, together with the Gizzard Adobo.

Pressured to have more....decided to go by Elena's store.

You should make your own and sell them. I suggest, don't cut corners and make a good one. The market who will seek for it, demands a good one.

As the hosts of Mornings@ANC was really awesome. Mind you, those comments were made on and off camera :)

As we were tidying up the set, CITEM promo staff asked us to guest again for a Friday morning show in another channel. But, that is already the start of IFEX! Let's see how we will shuffle ourselves.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Down Feathers

Often asked if Sunshines will survive the rainy season when being free ranged already.


How? Why?

There are 3 types of feathers.

1) Contour - The ones that you first notice. The feathers that show you the colors? See how they sort of have a combed look when it gets wet? The water just seems to slide.

2) Flight - Allows them to fly :) Notice also how they open their wings when they feel allow air to their skin.

3) Down - Those fine, short feathers. If the Sunshines already make the water just slide through their contour feathers, the down feathers make sure they are kept warm.

Have you tried shampooing gamefowls? Even if you submerge them already in a pail of water with, you find that they are still dry inside and you have to really toss and tumble their feathers.

Another good example is when you slaughter and defeather chickens. You have to dip the chcken in boiling water to be able to defeather them. You will find that you really have to mess up the feathers to get the skin wet.

So YES, they will do fine even if they get wet....Just make sure they have a roof over their heads and dry beddings, so they may run for cover when they want to. Also, getting wet is different from soaking wet.


By 6am, I got a text that Sunshines were enroute to Guimaras already.

This couple has the energy, excitement, enthusiasm....but no real experience in brooding :)

What comes to our rescue? MMS....they were sending pictures of the brooding...I was calling to comment. That exchange went for about 3 or 4 photos/calls. By the 4th photo and call, we were over "comfort zone 101".

Well...we said it means this will be a whole semester :)

Keeping in touch is a requisite.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Brooder Hut

By 8am, we were crossing a small brook to get to this piece of property in Laguna.

Doesn't the brooder look inviting? Am sure the Sunshines were excited to be let free in there :) The brooder even had a sort of ante room.

Look at them...excited....they were literally jumping to freedom :)

The only thing that was ready when we got there were the three (3) lights. They laid the newspapers when we got there. We guided them in mixing brown sugar with the first drink. Instructed them on placing stones in the drinkers....It was actually good, as we were able to video the preparation of the drinkers...a new input for our presentations :)

When the Sunshines were set free, they were sort of in an OJT. Observed how they all gathered under the three (3) existing bulbs...they knew that they had to add bulbs to keep them warm.

Old And New

Just back from a whirlwind 3days-2nights trip.

First stop was Iloilo: About 1week ago, I got a call for an order of chicks to be picked up in Iloilo to be grown in Guimaras. I suggested that before we send the Sunshines, they may do the seminar in Iloilo. Yes, they went to the seminar and we even visited their farm. Monday, he starts with a trial batch.

The buiding shown above is an old chapel inside the hacienda....I wonder what Zac Sarian and Doc Rey were discussing as they entered :)

The crowd we had in Oton was very receptive and interaction was good during the seminar. I would say we had a 50/50 mix of expats and locals present.

One of growers in the area was a pleasant surprise when he showed up. I may have misunderstood him when he said that farm was quite a distance, I thought he can't make it. I saw Zac Sarian in an animated conversation with him, and taking notes and a photograph...I hope it makes his pages soon :)

We visited also another farm, Dawn's...she does contract growing of white broilers, but practices natural farming around with veggies to keep the flies away.

Lunch was a hearty spread of seafoods.

I have to thank Erik for setting up the seminar with Joachim's The Bazaar Cafe.

Stayed at Grand Dame Hotel in La Paz. Great hotel! Clean, comfortable...highly recommended.

Next day was Bacolod. First time that we took the fastcraft. One of my real friends, Mabol, was there waiting with her van to drive us around Bacolod.

Happy again with the choice of hotel. Planta Hotel is the newest and also by the same owners of Business Inn, so I knew it will be at par to standards. Can't complain :)

We tried Jo's Inato for lunch. Took eons to get our lunch, but it was worth the wait. Binacol (like tinola, using buko juice as water and buko strips) and the inato tasted different from the usual inasal.

Rushed for time, we were late arriving for the Bacolod seminar. I hate being late, moreso when you are pressured by a slow acting power point to unfurl its contents...then you get a non responsive projector cables....but...patience...all is well. We got a Bounty guest. Thank you to Walter and Fely for arranging the seminar venue.

Dinner was at Aboy' left us space after all that great food! The simplicity of the cooking enhanced the freshness of the ingredients. I reprimanded Mabol for not taking us there in previous tripsto Bacolod.

Next morning, we invited Walter and Fely for breakfast as a "thank you" for the arrangement. We ourselves didn't eat much as we were going for lunch at Mabol's family's house in Sta Clara. We went around the Pacifica Agrivet branches and did our courtesy calls, went to the tissue culture lab of Tita Julie...then went to their house for lunch. She and Zac were old friends from the garden and orchid Mabol and I had time to chitchat.

While we were doing the seminar at Silay (thanks to the LGU), Mabol and Zac Sarian went to visit their farm in La Carlota. Not much space..just 800 hectares...and just 4 hectares as backyard veggie farming :)

We have to go back real soon and take a more leisurely trip....with old and new friends, old and new growers, old and new dealers :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Out Of The Ordinary

The weather is not our usual.

Doc Rey is absent for Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura. Normally, he would be do his Vet ng Bayan segment by phonepatch, but he was in an area that had bad Globe signal.

There was no farm visit and I was with Jojie Lim..I decided to be un-uniformed and donned my cute tennis dress.

Instead of Doc Rey, I did my small talk on the unusual weather and what we have to do to make sure the Sunshines are ok...

1) Beddings - they are meant to keep the ranging Sunshines dry and warm. So keep it clean and make sure they have beddings.

2) Curtains - Don't keep out the cold, as you keep out the fresh air they need. You may have a wind breaker, meaning, have the curtains (with air flow below and outlet above) about atleast 1ft from the housing walls.

3) Make sure they get their dose of herbs for prevention and to give them their armor in this weather. Chop up garlic, chilis, oregano - and put it in their drinking water. Be careful when working on the herbs as they can get potent and have a burning sensation :( The potion will keep the Sunshines warm and healthier.

4) Keep you flock report and advise us weekly, so we may monitor and be alerted for potential problems.

5) Build the housing on an elevated, flood free area.

Logic and common sense plays a lot when you give care and attention to something.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Socializing Is Important

Farm visits by your veterinarian are most important. If not possible, send pictures often. In a previous post, we agreed that photos do talk and tell the story of the rearing of the Sunshines. At the very least, keep in touch at least once a week.

In the photos above, w/c were agreed to be amended already by the owner, several factors have to be changed.

1) Multi batch separated by a net only. Should be at least 15meters apart.

2) The shelter has no beddings. Have some rice hull there to keep the dry, especially in this weather.

3) The land is big. Give the Sunshines the space it needs, for ranging, 1sq meter per bird. Notice how bald the ranging area is? The caretaker said 4days, it went bald already. Its not that they are overly is because they are in small area, so you think they eat fast.

4) Very few feeders

Overall, good....given that biosecurity and space requirements aren't met.

Hopfully when we go vistit again...we are now utilizing and playing with the large property and use the shaded and grassy areas :)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Chickens Feed The Fishes

Two days ago, I get a quite frantic call from a veterinarian who's worried about his present Sunshines on the range.

I thought he got the wrong number, as he knew Doc Rey's contact.

Nope, he clicked on the right contact..he wanted to speak with me as he was embarassed to ask Doc Rey. Thought balloon right away...."he must have done something he knew wasn't right" hahahhha.

Ok, what age? What range did you use (because he just harvested)? I wanted to make sure.

I preempted the answer already in my mind, following my just blown thought balloon...YUP, he used THE SAME ranging area. The very area he just harvested from.

"Don't you remember about how to break cycle of the bacteria? That some need chickens as hosts for them to survive and spread????" You need to let brooders and ranging areas rest. To break that cycle.

No vaccines, no antibiotics are being used.

Now he can sound a little more frantic, as he already let out his can of worms.....calm down...chop up some chilis, ginger, garlic and add them in the drinking water.

That was 2days ago and I asked him to advise me. He didn't, so I called.....The sunshines are happy now, and transferred to another area.

Conversation led to other things. His family was asking why will he want to take care of chickens, well he said initially : nice to look at seeing running all around, food on the farm's tables. Later on, people were buying from them. He takes care of about 1000-1500 a month.

After pencil pushing and co-relating their expenses chicken raising and fishpond expenses...hey the chickens fed the fishes! He was now laughingly telling me that no one now questions the chickens in the farm.

Hope that after we do the Visayas loop, we be able to visit him in Tarlac. Our media friends might find interesting the veterinarian venturing into sustainable farming...going against practices, BUT knowing that there are points in the exact science that can't be thrown away and will always be the foundation of farming.

He is equally excited about the visit and the marketing that it will do to his town.

Where's my natural farming tandem? This might be the best venue to kick off our pages :)

BTW, when I told Doc Rey about his vet friend being shy to call him, he said "tell him just think the Sunshines have colic"...diba kabag yun? lol

Buhay Pa, Timplado Na

That should be in quotation

"Buhay pa, timplado na"
Still alive, when seasoned
Why in quotation marks? It was coined by Jojie Lim and she is scared it might be snatched again from her wehehehhehehe.

What does she refer to?

WRONG, not just the Sunshines.

YES, to the pork and chickens that are raised eating grasses, herbs, veggies in all their fresh glory and having their food mixed with fermented veggie and fruit juices.

Since their subsistence consists of the herbs etc, they are seasoned to taste even prior to slaughtering.

Not just a tagline there...but truth and reality!

So Mam Jojie, this is like a registration to Intellectual Property Rights for you. Nice one!