Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Proof Is Around

Past days saw us working on moving plans and seeing friends and relatives. Now back at the office table and getting calls left and right, I remember that we have worked for years...and yes, hard work does work all the more when you think you are not :)

We got calls about them seeing a farm of someone in faraway....calls and emails from people who have tasted when some relative brought for potluck....texts about seeing our delivery vans and wants to get dressed Sunshines too.

Yesterday I get a text from someone who we haven't heard from for about a year. He asked if our business was ok? I thought to myself...where was he sleeping all these times? hahahhahah

Some friends comment that I work a lot....its not work, I love what we do. The people we meet, the places we get to visit, the things learned..and the food we get to eat....most of all, the friends, the real people you get to keep.

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