Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do You Feel Sick?

Had been feeling sniffy since yesterday morning, but I refuse to take medications until really needed. This morning was a signal I should take at least Tuseran as we are driving back to Manila for a series of shows and seminars again.

By the time I saw my tabs, Doc Rey was getting ready to go to the farm....I want to go! I just hauled myself to the green truck and took my laptop. It was enough for me not to go walk around, but was parked in such a way that I was being able to observe two (2) ranging areas, the holding area of the daily harvest for the rotisserie, and some fruit trees :)

When I was time to go to office, I opted to be brought back to home. Feeling under again.....or not just wanting to be at the office :) Then I get a call from Sonshine Radio about an interview they want to do. It perked me up once more!

When you love what you are doing...do you thing you will get to feel sick? Scary is when you develop such a high tolerance for tiredness as you enjoy life....you might not be listening to yourself anymore....relax...take time.

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