Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your Time Is Important

And energies too :)

We had been getting texts and email if the seminars for September and again this October, will be pushing through.

Just for the record, so far, since we started our 4th Sunday seminars, we NEVER canceled. We went on. On bad weather days, I remember having one or two arrive. We go on at 2pm as much as we can, sharply at 2pm :) For prepaid bookings, surely, it will be honored on next month's seminar...there was a valid reason for not showing up.

We value your time and energy. In the same manner, if you scheduled us to do a seminar in your area....PLEASE PLEASE also start on agreed time. I can go on vacation everyday and spend time at the salon half of my days, but when we have an agreed work to do...let's respect each others' time and efforts.

Oh hahahahahahah...I just recalled a seminar scheduled in Citem's FAME for one of the Health and Wellness topics. It was scheduled for 12noon. As I was going out for lunch at 1pm, I bump into the supposed speaker at 12nn! Meaning super late by 1hour! I'm sure he was expecting a roomful waiting??? Even though how interested your crowd is....I think respect is on order for all :)

Another question we get monthly is...."is the seminar on XXXX?" or "is the XXX the 4th Sunday?" Well, please use your calendars. It doesn't require an Einstein to determine the 4th Sunday :) Again, I am happy to reply to texts and emails, but I will gladly respond to legitimate inquiries.

Take time to read...so we both get to have a more meaningful exchange when we email or talk.

See you on the 4th Sunday.

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