Thursday, October 30, 2008


Holiday schedule for Market At The Hills' night weekend market...I can't just be there and sell dressed Sunshines!

Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery, gave us Liver Pate that she made from my chickens' livers. It was heaven. Pure liver, no additives, no other meat ingredients. We finished our bread and 2 packs of pate, between three ladies..,and taste tests to Mary Ann and Candy. We can't get over how delicious it was, simply liver pate.

Pricing was discussed. It will be pricey compared to others. We walked over to the deli and bought a jar of what was labeled as liver pate. Just reading the label we knew already why it may be priced as such, being not pure liver. Opening it, they took a sniff and knew... we had a good product coming up from Elena. We still did a taste test among the 5 of us, and voted that we should pack some of our own :) I should tag it.. Pina-MANNA!

I want to come out too with viands from our naturally grown chicken and pork. Vacuum packed, ready to be stored, easy to pack in luggages for pasalubongs, ready to be heated and eaten!

In all the frenzy of my activities: seminars, opening Organikasyon, Christmas like a merry go round! Hmmm which brings me...I want a rotisserie!

Getting several for the stores now. Excited to have a Merry Chicken wehehhehe.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Are at PHP30 Pick Up. But...

We encourage you to pick up at day old.

We want to simplify our flow of work, both paperwork and manual labor for our staff at our own outlets

How do we do it?

1) Make the pick up price of PHP30 only on Mondays and Fridays. Since we hatch Thursdays and Sundays, getting it from us at day old will be beneficial for you and us. You, for biosecurity reasons. For us, so we don't ask our staff to do additional work.

2) For that price, we will do it for the pre-ordered and pre-paid (may be done through bank) transactions. That way, we are able to fix our schedules and bookings before the busy delivery days. Paperwork is done in advance.

3) All other walk-in and telephone transactions, will be at php35. This will cover for the work our staff has to do in brooding etc

4) Delivered prices will depend on location.

5) Selling prices of our dealers are different. Most of our bigger dealers have very fair prices. Cheaper to get from them than to transact with us if you are outside Metro Manila anyway.

Actually we don't want to increase. We just want to make it easy for all. Pre-book, pre-pay and pick up to get PHP30.

Thank you :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Easy To Thaw

A restaurant ordered ten chickens from us this morning, for the first time. We delivered at 9am, frozen Sunshines.

2pm today, she was on the phone and said she was very happy with the lasang native chickens and can kiss her problems with the native chicken supply goodbye.

Asked how she was able to thaw and cook fast?

She said the vacuum packaging was perfect. They submerge it in water, without affecting the quality of meat. When thawed, that it the only time they take it out of the vacuum pack.

Tonight, we will have Sinampalukang Manok for dinner. We will try out her cooking.

Think Simple

The most asked when we displayed these Sunshine Chicks during Agrilink 2008, "What are those things for their water, mineral blocks?"

No sir/mam, they are stones, nothing more. Plays an important role though. In that picture, they actually need more stones for their waterer.

When day old chicks get to you, they are thirsty. They will rush to get their drink. In the process they get too excited and almost bury their heads in the water. We don't want that to happen, as they will get wet and will feel cold. When they chill, they will bunch up amongst one another to get the heat they need. They will end up pushing against one another and trampling on some chicks :(

Just this morning, on the way to work, I was telling Doc Rey about the question if the stones were mineral blocks or vitamins :) He shouldn't take it for granted that small matters need not be explained. What is natural for a veterinarian/farmer will be greek to a budding farmer.

Think simple, think practical. That was all our forefathers needed to do to survive and eat.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Every Sunday, over Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura, 4:30-7:30am, DWWW 774 khz, we run a contest for consumer awareness and education. Prize is 10 chicks, claimed every last Sunday of the month during the monthly Agri Kapihan forums.

Last Sunday, I like our question, didn't need poultry was sentido komon, common sense. Can't remeber exactly how I phrased it, but it somehow went like:

Bakit wala dapat mag claim na nauna sa pagintroduce ng free range na manok dito, at bakit hindi kailangan ng specialista sa pag aalaga ng Sunshines? (Why shouldn't anyone claim to be the first in introducing the free range chicken in the Philippines, and why you don't need a specialist to raise these Sunshines?

We got good, simple and true answers :)

1) Ganun naman talaga ang mga manok natin bago pa dumating ang commercial poultry.
2) Pagala sila at malakas sa mga sakit, at likas sa kanila ang paghanap ng sariling pagkain.
3) Pagala lang sila at simple ang pagaalaga
4) Talaga namang naka free range ang mga manok nung sinauna.

We always say, let us go back to basics and unlearn the misconceptions about poultry management. Go back to what is simple and common sense. In these cases, easier to teach the unlearned rather than specialists.

As I always say, if we have to credit anyone for opening the eyes of people to the free range chicken industry again, it is Bobby Inocencio. I'm glad we are very much in touch with him to this day.

Sundays Are Busiest For Us

Sundays are the regular radio programs, seminar schedules, weekend markets, 2nd hatch day for the week (other is Thursday), invoices preparations, and scheduling deliveries.

Yesterday was no other Sunday, plus plus.

At about 12midnight, we get a call, the 10 wheeler truck gets two (2) blown tires on NLEX. Good, no accident. Other drivers were off already, so who was left to service the truck to bring two tires? You guessed right Doc Rey hhahahhaha. By 4:30am he was back in Fairview.

We didn't get to the 4:30am radio program, but we were ready for the 9am appointment with a Governor for one of the Luzon provinces (just watch out for future posts). Got to Dulcinea 5mins before our appointed time. He was in another table with another group for his 8am meeting.

This post is for two points:

1) Action person: I have never met any government official of this rank to meet with us upfront for the initial talks. Most of them will send the assistant to meet with us for the first time then we get to meet them succeeding talks. This Governor had no assistant nor secretary around. He took down his own notes, thought out his own questions, created theories on the spot and scheduled us to go for a seminar for his key people next week. Yes, 7days after. If it weren't for the holidays, he might have asked for an earlier date. As soon as date was set, he was on the phone giving instructions to gather the key people of the province for a seminar, and going several steps ahead by what has to be done in the lower levels to prepare for the arrival of the chicks soon after.

2) Best referrals are from friends you knew as kids: Always thought that real friendships are the ones formed in school. You know one another, not because of business etc. You want their company, period. You don't need any favors to want to see the person. So most times, you trust referrals by your old friends.

I asked the Gov where we were seen. A magazine where Zac Sarian featured us for the Agrilink 2008, together with Joey Rigor, the Sunshine Capon producer. Turns out Joey was his classmate from high school and college. So he touched based again with Joey and that led to us.

Anyway....means....we do a seminar on Monday 9am, in a farm, by the beach...

I texted Zac Sarian after that meeting....asked if he wanted to go visit this Gov's projects...and YES he will join. See, work is never work for us :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I never even entered kitchens, much more my own. Well things changed and in 2000 I started to read and cooked :)

When I got active in marketing the business, my cooking had to rest (am sure Doc Rey made sure I was more than busy to cook!).

Now, seeing, meeting and talking with chefs....makes me think what the hell did I feed at the table before ahahhahha.

The point of this topic really is....the chefs, I just got side tracked. Dealing with them is fun, interesting and you get to exchange energies from both sides' passion. The owner/chefs are the best. Profit is to be considered of course. BUT creativity and gameness is infecting. The profit issue is later when pencils are pushed...but that is after the fact that you have talked about the quality, taste, supply and they have liked having Sunshines.

I meet the chefs during trade shows...soon after you get initially think you got memory lapse as they sound like long lost friends. They are generally a happy lot.

I have changed my impression about persons who want to take up culinary arts. As parents you first think maybe they don't know what to do. Yes, I am from the 60s and now part of the old generation. The young will always think parents think arghhh. Not anymore....the people who take up culinary arts know what they want and are happy about themselves :)

What led me to this post now? I was just texting with the owner/chef of a much blogged resto in QC. He is excited over his finds today, as I delivered to him this morning. Next order didn't have to wait....

Fruitful Drive Around Town

Started the day by doing a delivery of our dressed Sunshines. Next was BAI for the required local shipping permits. Went to printer for my building wrap designs for the meat shop (she is in the hospital to give birth...looks like we are having two new babies). Louis of SASSO calls from China, a little chit chat :) Drove to check out other stainless kitchen equipments. Picked up a heavy duty vault. Had lunch by my happy self...."Grilled Unagi please and I'd like to start with my Salmon Sashimi". A large company had been calling about seeing us, so I decided to visit them. YES! Closed the deal and of course turned over sales to the growers who are capable of immediate supplies. Went to get additional freezers...geez....I thought before, one was enough. Now, I am on my 5th in one week's time! Rushed back when I realized the chickvan can't leave since I haven't printed invoices for deliveries and shipping permits with moi.

One paragraph, each sentence was not related to the other. Fruit salad style. They still blended well.

Tomorrow....I meet my best buddies. Margie set her bday lunch one week after. I called her two days ago to check where...she forgot about it. She calls today that we meet at 11am at Mitos' office. I asked if she was cooking. Replied "I am busy looking for the ingredients to give me good feng shui"! OH WOW....lunch tomorrow might me more interesting than my activities today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Transformation: Emergency's 13th Anniversary

As I was driving home tonight from Guimba, Nueva Ecija - I was detailing the day, my thoughts, emotions...clearly, there was a transformation. I immediately sat down and downloaded the photos taken and searched for the GMA website. Surprise! TRANSFORMATION was also their tagline for Emergency's 13th Anniversary (read here). Their transformation is about aesthetics for the obvious meaning. But being with the crew when awaiting Anabel to come home and when she know how important it is to her and you will feel blessed and transformed, even for that instant.

I got a call about 3days ago or so from our GMA kapuso (we have worked with her in some projects in the past) and she talked about Emergency's anniversary and that they want to give a patient, livelihood related to poultry. I don't really watch Emergency as I am not to keen about their format before of accidents, rescues etc. Sure I enjoyed "911" of before, but I guess I am over that format now.

Joy talked about prosthetics, 2yrs in UST Hospital, poultry etc. So I thought, OK so the patient got in into an accident and needed a leg or two, and now wants to go back into the mainstream. Wednesday, today, being the shoot day.... in Guimba (half way between Manila and Isabela), scheduled the same time as the seminar with Cong Gigi Aggabao....I wanted and was really tempted to ask one of my vets to attend this. The same way I asked another vet attend to Joy's other GMA event before.

I left Manila at 7am, half hearted, as I didn't have Sunshines to give as the previous hatches were sold out, plus the fact that the mid day travel will be terrible stress as they will take seat in the camper shell. Thought balloon led me to ask some from the farm and get the few that was set aside for Christmas :)

Actually, I looked more forward to stopping by a stainless kitchen supplies store, that was on the way and will be open as we normally go by the store midnight. Yes, saw the things I needed for my store.

Got to Guimba at about 1pm. From the provincial road, you see a welcome sign, meant for Anabel. I was in the right track. Got to the site, met by Joy, who I meet personally for the first time :) Met the relatives of Anabel, brought down the Sunshines.

My attention started getting tickled, when I see these group of ladies...obviously not from the neighborhood, peeling and slicing veggies for the pansit. Joy of Emergency says they were from bobongpinoy organization, who took care of Anabel in UST Hospital for 2yrs. They were her family no doubt. You can feel that from the way they talk about her. Hey, this was more her can sense how they love her.

That was when got interested in Anabel's case. No accident victim as I presumed, prosthetics wasn't for limbs. She has skin cancer. Felt shy and unloved before by family and friends. Felt that she can't face (no pun intended) the people around her. She opted to be alone in Metro Manila. It was the bobongpinoy group that filled her need for attention and love.

I was so scared that how she looked will draw "OHSSSS" from the people awaiting her return. I feared she will sense that from their voices even if they try to masque their reactions. She couldn't see anymore....but remember the telephone ettiquete lesson? "Smile as you speak, as it is felt by the part on the other end of the line". Why am I nervous? Because I myself kept asking, did she look like a doll? Will it make her perspire a lot? How is she?

They said the prosthetics technicians did their best. That wasn't a reassuring reply. But yes...Anabel is strong, very strong!

She has arrived! Wow, there was no need for the fixed smile and bright eyes of the know that there was a strong woman! No tears, no quivering voice when she arrived and felt her family after 2 years.

The producer approached me about turning over the Sunshines to the couple. I said if it can be done off-cam? After all that emotion, I felt that going on cam was defeating the purpose. Besides, in all my taray glory, I was teary eyed and might breakdown on-cam. Producer understood, but since I was the only guest there, she explained I had to do it.

See and feel for yourself.

She sang a song...I didn't post it to save it for Friday when you watch Emergency, after Saksi.

Beauty is defenitely deeper than skin. But looking good makes you feel better. Seeing that also, make you rethink about what matters.

As I was typing this post, the Emergency teaser came out 2x already. The more I feel for her, and I was the most detached in that group today. I can just imagine how her Manila kids (bobongpinoy group) and Emergency crew felt. One cameraman even showed me how she looked without prosthetics. You can really see how strong she is.

Coincidentally, number 13 is my favorite :)

FREE Seminars At MATH

Reminder: Market At The Hills, starting Nov 08, will have extended hours, to night market. Saturdays, 9am-9pm. Sundays, 9am-6pm.

Activities have been lined up to make it interesting for the customers and booth owners.

Free seminars have been lined up. To kick off the start of the night market:

Nov 08, 2-5pm, Starting An Organic Garden by Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm

Nov 09, 2-5pm, Raising Grass Fed Sunshine Chicken by Rey B. Itchon, DVM

See you at Market at the Hills, Corinthian Hills Clubhouse, Temple Drive

Monday, October 20, 2008

Santiago City Seminar

We didn't go through with our scheduled 3rd Sunday seminars in Santiago City Isabela, because a group close to Cong. Gigi Aggabao wanted one scheduled for Wednesday, when the Cong is around.

For those inquiries for yesterday's seminar, please feel free to join Doc Rey and the group on Wednesday, Oct22 at 2pm, at Cong. Gigi Aggabao's residence. No fee, it is for FREE.

Everyone is invited, even if you are not the Cong's constituent.

Topic: Raising Sunshine Chicken for Commercial and Backyard Farmers

Designing And Fixing

New ventures always excite me. Designing, fixing, merchandising, opening new branches.

My new baby, Organikasyon is specially a cooing call, because it is not a new branch. Organikasyon is a new business, a spinoff. More than a spinoff, it is more like a bigger stem to our previous marketing efforts.

Early morning we peeped into the stall. Seeing what are the immediate repairs and planning layout for store. By noon, I was looking at freezers and airconditioning. Afternoon, Pol Rubia came to feel the outlet. Surely, AANI will be around. Evening saw us shopping around for stainless counters and sinks.

Good vibes actually! Bus/jeepney stop. Good parking. Across SM Fairview. Before I sleep, I will visualize the signboards. Great corner location, thinking about a building wrap :) Those signboard stickers that wrap around the walls!

We hope to open up soon. Will keep you posted.

ORGANIKASYON: Purveyors Of What Is Good For You... Focused on what I want and will use myself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lipa With Great Company

When Zac Sarian (Manila Bulletin) mentioned that Chit Pedrosa (yes, the well known writer, Philippine Star) called him about chickens, I was thrilled to meet the writer of the "Conjugal Dictatorship". Have you read that book? I did as a child, barely teen. I vaguely remember then that is was supposed to be banned and wasn't supposed to be circulated.

So last week when Zac said Chit wanted us to go visit their farm in was a no thinking YES.

Baby showed us her Traveler's Palm. We never saw one with flowers and she says it is lucky. We were regaled with the siblings' life stories, and I will say luck was with them, aside from great genes!

Pleasant company. Chit Pedrosa, her daughter (photographer), her sister Baby, her friend Evelyn of Vazbuilt, Evelyn's daughters, Zac, Doc Rey (photographer) and moi :) We were admiring the thatched roof house that now has ferns. Zac explaining how it developed over the years.

Lunch was a great table spread of fresh and simple food. Yes it was delicious, but the company made it great. We ate so much...but the laughter that accompanied the meal may be an alibi that we burned the calories.

As I am typing this now, I searched on "Conjugal Dictatorship". Hmmmmmm, it was Primitivo Mijares who wrote it.

Wrong infos doesn't change the privilege that our job interesting personas. Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star is another conjugal relationship among writers.

Go back to the picture above. Guess who is the 70 yr old lady there? I will say I look the oldest!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Small Pesterings May Lead To Eliminating Pests

About 2 weeks ago, I had been emailing or texting with someone in Qatar who'd like Sunshines for his family in Palawan. Exchange of email etc.

During Agrilink 2008, I get a call from him. Well, I was in the middle of the booth, talking to several people simultaneously, different topics...during trade shows, it might pay off for others to just listen first as 95% of discussions are FAQs :) Anyway, I may have snapped at him and directed him to my dealer in Puerto Princesa, w/c had been discussed in our emails already. Guys, most times, it is cheaper to get from our dealers :)

Yesterday, he directed me to using a map so he can spot where we are. Wehehehhe, I clicked on something wrong and looked like we own SM Fairview....I should blame myself. I jump on things, not taking time to read first. Complain before looking for EDIT buttons. Finally when I found how, it takes 3days to edit. Thankful for all those quirks....It lead to a very pleasant chat actually. He was happy he got from the Palawan dealer but can't find probiotics. I said he can just make it, but I had to go "BRB".

Next thing, he sent me this link on How To Make Your Own Probiotics.

We both would like to share this with you too :)

See, small pesterings do good. Just like GOOD BACTERIA!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hill He'll Tear Down

The caretaker said he gave this flock a surprise meal for the day. We were wondering why he moved to another ranging area, when the other area was fresh. We can't doubt his move as the Sunshines were very enthusiastic at their meal.

When they got tired and moved away....see what they left of a mound of...........
nuno sa punso? :)

There was a group with Doc Rey that was on a field trip. They were amazed too at how the hill was devoured.

Eggs From Grass Fed Sunshine Chickens

I haven't been to our farm for a long time now...when I say farm, this is our small farm in Santiago, where we live and our main store is based.

We have some Sunshines here for our own consumption of eggs and meat. The demand and request for eggs from real grass fed chickens have gone up and we started sharing our small harvests for the week.

I get to sell our produce at Market At The Hills, and it excited me to see the producers again. They are just a few, but seeing them graze, makes me proud of the eggs I sell.

I remember one known seller before who is supposed to be selling free-ranged eggs. Inquired from us about the reject eggs from our hatchery. Oh sure we do have them, but they are not sold by us, as they are not eggs from grass fed, free ranging chickens. Surely she knows that, and feigned memory lapse :) Well, I added that memory to my character gauging bank.

Few minutes later, guess what Doc Rey found amongst the bushes.

I had the freshest, warm, healthy, just out of the cloaca, egg...I eat our eggs raw. Threw back the empty shell to them. I should have taken a picture of the raw egg and how they fought for the egg shell. The calcium is good for them.

Keep In Touch

They started with 10 Sunshines to try. Then loaded 300 towards the end of September.

During Agrilink 2008, we had the pleasure of meeting them and discussing about marketing.

Nice to market new growers. You learn from one another and then they step on their own little by little. Never ending as new groups come into the picture and you guide them again :)

They took this video of their brooding house. That always happens, the Sunshines are camera shy first an run around when you take their video from inside the brooder!

Very important to keep in touch. Videos are helpful. Seems the walling is high if done on all four (4) sides. They might not be getting enough fresh air? If you will notice, the flooring are bamboo slats, so fresh air comes from below.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Opening Up A Store

First came the name: About 4weeks ago or so, the name ORGANIKASYON was toying up in my mind. From way back, I had a bond with PURVEYOR, so I used the tagline PURVEYORS OF WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

At that point, I just had labels printed, but nothing concrete yet. Except that products I opt to sell and carry will have my labels. Things and food I will want to use myself. That is my focus!

Two weeks back, I jumped on the opportunity of this corner space with parking, right across SM Fairview. Been very busy with shows, but now after AGRILINK 2008 over, I can sit and visualize my store.

Finally, my store. I can direct wholesale/retail clients to a store. We can serve them 24/7 for pick ups by the wholesalers. I can sell what I want to consume for myself. I can stay put and focus on my niche market :)

Am so excited to spruce up the place with my kind of interior designing. Shop for freezers. Best thing is plan ORGANIKASYON's merchandising.

Will keep you posted when we are ready to open our doors!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Take Care Of Your Sunshine Chicks

During last week's Agrilink 2008, I was able to sit down a while with Louis Perrault of SASSO and assessed the new improved lines' acceptability.

Several factors make us smile:

1) The market loves the new colors: We are using a pure heavy farmbreed. Our Sunshines are now in dark brown-red with stripes, brown, greyish and black. Our favorite is the dark brown-red with stripes. This favorite grows to have black feathers with brown-red burgandy tips. The eyes....they have burgandy eye liners....yes, like Cleopatra!

2) Slow developing chicken: That is what the market likes. No rush, no pressures....and leads to a....

3) Great tasting grass fed chickens: Well SASSO isn't the industry leader for nothing.


The following is our new guide for Philippine conditions, based from the average growths from raisers. Some growers have done better than this table.

Poultry raised on open grass are high in beneficial fats and other factors that lower cholesterol and greatly reduce degenerative disease in the consumer! Eating large proportions of living green plants, while foraging for insects and seeds and myriad other natural commodities that science hasn't identified yet, and with minimal need for medication, grass-fed animals create more vibrant health than other poultry. Moreover, the meat and eggs are incredibly tasty compared to general market chicken.

1. Better Food. Substantial increases in nutritional value of pasture poultry, particularly in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin A, and a significant decrease in total fat.

2. More Satisfying Flavor. Poultry raised on pasture, in fresh air and sunshine, taste superior to confinement raised poultry. Naturally raised poultry has a firmer texture and more satisfying "gamey taste".

3. Lower cost entry. Small-scale and limited resource farmers can start a profitable farm enterprise for a fraction of the cost of conventional, integrator-controlled poultry housing.

4. Fertility and Pasture management. Moving poultry across the pasture is a way to spread manure and fertility without using excessive equipment or labor.

5. Multi-Cropping. Poultry can be used to scavenge crop residue, and hog down weeds and grasses in multi-crop fields being used for horticulture and floriculture.

Getting started with your Sunshine Chicks (first 21days)


Housing of Birds: Secure from predators, i.e., rats, cats, and dogs. Fencing wire may be buried below the surface to prevent any of predators from getting to the birds. You need light, heat, and water. As for temperature, birds (four weeks of age or older) are best suited for 70oF. Important to have shaded areas. Location should be well drained. Lay rice hull or wood shavings for absorbent flooring. Good choice for bedding materials during the wet season is sand, because it allows for excellent drainage.

Brooding the Birds: By practice, use one (1) watt per bird for heating bulbs. It is better to use several bulbs in smaller wattages (ten 10w bulbs, four 25w bulbs), rather than using a 100watt bulb when you brood 100 chicks. Temperature should be 70 to 75oF with the temperature at chicks’ level to be 95oF during the first week. The area assigned to these chicks should have some flexibility such that they can move through a range of temperatures (95 to 75oF). Monitor the birds for signs of stress; for instance, if the chicks are scattered around the area and chirping loudly, chances are they are hot; conversely, if you notice the chicks all huddled together in one area, they are likely cold . They should be comfortably scattered, moving around. That is your basis that temperature is right. The temperatures given are just guides. USE YOUR EYES to monitor them. At the end of Week 1, begin dropping the temperature by 5oF per week until you reach 70oF, and then try to maintain that temperature.

Water and Feed: The most neglected and overlooked nutrient is water. What appears to be a bowl of “clean water;” may contain millions of bacteria. The bacteria will stress the digestive system of the bird, such that it will not grow at the rate believed to be their potential. The waterers and feeders should be cleaned routinely daily. Leave under the sun to disinfect. Best to have two or three sets of equipments so you can disinfect/clean properly. Fresh water needs to be supplied everyday to insure healthy birds. During the periods of extreme heat, there is an increased risk of microbial growth.

We suggest using probiotics/vitamins in their drinking water, and adlibitum feeding of chick booster for the 1st 21days, prior to ranging. Make sure feeding trays are NEVER EMPTY. Medicate only when necessary.

Vaccinations: Day 7 - B1 B1; Day 14 - B1 La Sota

Ranging, Day21 onwards, till slaughter: Segregate by net, compartments for ranging area around their pen. That way, you are able to rotate ranging areas. When you rotate, the manure fertilizes the land and you move to another ranging area so as not to deplete a small section. You may also want to use movable pens, so they have fresh grass everyday and litter will not be a problem.

Let them range freely in open air, eating grass, insects, table scraps, or what is abundant in your area. Feed adlibitum even when they are already on the range. Have feeds in feeders, so they will be able to eat at will. Give probiotics/vitamins everyday in drinking water (optional).

You may get the marketable weight at 49-63days. For best tasting chickens, slaughter at 85-90 days. RAISED FOR MEAT & EGG PRODUCTION, NOT FOR BREEDING

AGE (days) WEIGHT (grams) FCR

























Solraya’s Sunshine Chicken – Grass fed, free ranged, naturally grown, raised w/ a lot of sunshine and fresh air…for a healthy back to basics lifestyle. (0917) 847-2639; Mla (02) 417-1800; Solano (078) 326-7860; Santiago City (078) 682-3758

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Agrilink 2008

I only had time to take pictures when I was fixing up booth early before the opening, so no photos of the real life of the Agrilink 2008. Such a pity to miss documenting it...but it stays in us :)

Remember my post on thought balloons? How I was segregating my thoughts and calendars in my own "thought balloons" to sort of give comic relief and allow myself to see through a child's eyes? I had no idea yet how I was to spruce up the Sunshine booth. Then, it dawned on me...BALLOONS! Why the choice of colors? Those are the colors of our new improved Sunshine lines :)

As soon as the guard allowed me to enter World Trade Center, I prepped the booth. Then two men were walking up, talking, then stopped at their heels. I guess the booth was effective as an eye catcher :) I didn't know the man in barong, but the second man in t-shirt..hmmm...I realized after a couple of seconds was Sec. Arthur Yap. Soon after, Doc Rey arrived and started talking with the two men. was much much later that he realized it was the Secretary of the the Department of Agriculture.

He will remember our unrehearsed booboos as he walked through with Pres GMA and stopped by our booth and explained to her about the Sunshines. They took pictures with the Sunshine chicks display.

I tell you, those scenes made the Secretary rememember Doc Rey, as he greeted Doc Rey as he was having coffee again later, "bata, madami ka na bang benta?". Doc Rey again didn't recognize him as he was now in barong :)

Louis Perrault, GM for SASSO arrived also. Dinner was a good time to unwind and have laughs outside work.

Next day, there was this man talking/laughing with us about our booboos with the Secretary (oh he was the other man in barong). I asked Pol Rubia who he was...Lydon Tan was the name.

Agrilink 2008 was so busy for us. We had an indoor booth under the French Pavilion, and an outdoor booth under the Friends of AANI tents :) Our outdoor staff was so busy with the retail sales of Sunshines and dressed chickens. It was so cute that people would inquire if the vacuum packed chickens were available. I guess that's our trademark now. Good decision to have a big freezer full for Oct 9-11.

Very successful! Not just in terms of sales. I will say far more than just income.

See you in my next thought balloons.

"Sec Yap, see you in Isabela"!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Twist Of Fate

I've been wanting to have a nice outlet for the food items etc.

Proximity to me is important as we can always network to reach the customers. One of the tenants in the building signified that they won't renew. I grabbed it.

Along Regalado, facing SM Fairview, beside the bus/jeepney stop. I hardly have any renovation as it used to be a combination beauty parlor and dental clinic, and it was glass and aluminum partitions.

My new branding must have seen this to really have a reason to have nudged to be conceptualized and egged to start printing labels :)

I may have a meating place soon!

Comfort Blog

What are the first pages you open when you login?

Several pages are instant on my Firefox. My email, entrepinoy, and my site's statistics. Then I open my favorite food blogs: marketmanila, dessert comes first (Lori's not food...its nirvana), Connie Veneracion, table for three. Then I open my blog and bank at the same time, while wondering what to do for the day. Surely I had it sorted the previous night, but most times, emails derail your schedules.

There is one site that isn't on my daily "to visit". But I always remember Gay when I want to eat and read simple. Simple doesn't mean ordinary. She is far from that. Her recipes are doable, reachable, and tastable :)

A Scientist in the Kitchen

Monday, October 06, 2008

Thought Balloons

Here I am, stuck in a car dealer's lounge. Yesterday, was my first time to drive again the truck in maybe 2weeks. I was tired so driving slowly. When Doc Rey took the wheel, there was a marked change in his driving habits, I thought he was still uncomfortable from his operation, so driving slowly. Then I drove again and hmmmm, the engine was choked.

I didn't take chances and brought it to my favorite mechanic. Apparently, the car dealer that had been servicing this for the past 3x, hadn't been doing a good job on the filters. So here I am, decided to do the 35,000km preventive to save time.

Emergency breaktimes make you sit, ponder and wonder. Having a million things to do for the week, I was just happy that I got #1 errand for the day done before heading for the mechanic.

Thought balloons...I called my thoughts in compartments and sort of cartooned easier to see what I have to do.

One is my ingress for Agrilink :) Then a cute idea formed in my thought balloon!

Let's see if my ideas will also look good in actual.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

We Planned To Have Sunshine

Two months prior to Agrilink, that was in early August, I had to make sure that we will have dressed chickens for display ready by mid October.

Due to the demand, I foresaw that the growers can't be relied on to supply our marketing needs. Of course, they have to fulfill their own commitments first, before they will give me. That is understandable. Besides, I was also the one to give them those clients. Surely, they had to be given priority.

How do I make sure I will have my dressed Sunshines? I encouraged one of my store managers to egg her hubby to grow. Also encouraged Raymond Rubia to load at that period to meet the October harvest.

We ended up having a mini competition :) Raymond and I would look forward to Monday mornings when we would compare weights.

Raymond harvested some already. I personally vacuumed them. Just two days ago, I had a big chest freezer filled, thinking it will be good buffer stock. Gone! I anticipated the shortage amongst the growers. But, I didn't forsee that even our stocks will be wiped out by the increase in demand by our own work during trade shows and Market At The Hills.

Good thing, I had a fall back position with my staff that we didn't harvest yet. Not that my staff lost in terms of weight, but we were just timing the dressing of her Sunshines to the schedule of the truck that heads back to Manila to bring me the products.

Two important things were brought by this planning. The stocks on dressed chicken turned out just the bonus...

1) Both Raymond and my staff grew it to almost uniformly, to about 1.4 in 42days, 1.7 in 49days. Shows that proper care and the improved lines of Sunshine did perform :)

2) My staff was able to sell the day old chicks better. The store that she handles, far performs compared to our other branches. Why? She had first hand experience in growing...and raising it carefully as she had profits at stake there. I can hear her explaining well to customers and talking with conviction.

The problem of shortage was answered, plus plus.


I like the ring to that word....

Sure it just means a trader, supplier, furnishes provisions...I still like the old world :)

Years ago, a colleague and I opened a store, half way around the world. It was situated in a very upscale, lake town area in Canada. We had handmade quilts, wicker furniture, 100% cotton lingerie, handmade place mats etc. We used the word "purveyor" in our tagline.

Our real work took both of us, traveling a lot. Opening up that store was our relaxation. We both enjoyed the shopping and selecting. It was our quaint little world. But, having a business 4hrs away from the city from where she was based, w/c makes that 4hrs away from a city halfway around the world for me...and remember, we were both traveling heavily....with a heavy heart we had to give it up :(

That was 20 yrs ago.

Now, as I was thinking of a new branding for a trading outlet....I closed my eyes and searched within my heart. I dug up the things that made me happy...and hey, I saw the word again.

"Purveyors Of What Is Good For You"

That's my tagline for ORGANIKAS....

As of now, I think the venture will focus on items I will use and want for myself. There won't be many options nor choices like in a supermarket . Just the way I am, some variety, but the quality and selection will be in a certain category. Am quite predictable :)

Not quite yet done :) Still a lot to do...

Will show you my initial products soon, together with the complete branding name....soon

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another Hiananese Chicken Day

Just came from Healthworld Expo and the US Embassy Shopper's Day Bazaar.

Saw a lot of of good friends. Met a lot of prospective clients who tried the dressed Sunshines....and got again inquiries about Hiananese Chicken.

I remember reading this post recently and shared it with the people I have met. Read Connie Veneracion's post.

Friday, October 03, 2008


To be launched soon.

We have delivered our products in our new packagings.

The resellers love the simple, clean lines. The consumers have reordered after they have tried the naturally grown meat.