Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzles

Loved them!

It takes a lot of spare time...and it was sweet if he saw pieces that fit while the puzzle is left on its own table for weeks as it develops into a globe, forrest, milkshake, sky etc.....kilig that he took time out to see what kept you busy, while he waits for you, to take time to make him wait at the door :)

Let the bubbles burst! There is no spare time now for those 1000+ pcs jigsaw puzzles...

Centralizing operation in one location...and moving to Araneta Center....

I have to plan new structures. In one of our Batangas trips to a farm, I met one of the Vazquez owners and passing through NLEX often made me remember the prefab materials.

I am so excited to build my puzzles again with Vazbuilt. You may want to do so too.

Garden type and green architecture may be incorporated with prefab :) Make do and get the best from the old and the new!

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