Sunday, February 06, 2011

Oriental Herbal Nutrients - OHN

Oriental Herbal Nutrients (OHN) is made from plants with fungicidal and pesticidal properties.  Examples are: Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Siling Labuyo etc.  We ferment these plants in order to maintain their properties.

 1) Chop 5kgs of choice of herbs.  We use a combination of the above.  An easier way instead of chopping is pressing, hammering or bayo, them to break the fibers.
2) Place in a plastic container.
3) Add beer to the level of the ingredients.
4) Cover and keep in a dark, cool place.
5) After 12hrs, add 1liter of Molasses and cover with Manila Paper.
6) Keep in a cool, dark place.  Ferment for 7days.
7) Add Gin or Coconut Vinegar, equivalent to 3x the amount of Beer that was used on day1.
8) Cover again and keep in a dark, cool place.
9) After 10days, harvest on top, the same volume of Gin or Coconut Vinegar that was added.

You may repeat from step5 onwards for 3cycles.   The sludge may be fed to your animals.

OHN keeps our pastured chickens healthy.  We use it 2x a week to strengthen their immune system.  When the chickens are sick, they are given OHN for 3days straight.  Use 2 Tablespoons for every liter of fresh water.

Simple version that you may try:

1) Use 1/2kg Ginger and 1/2kg Garlic.
2) Soak in 2lts Gin.
3) Harvest after 3 days

OHN keeps the plants healthy.  Used from the vegetative stage and continues up to fruiting stage, once a week.

Humans will benefit from OHN too :)


  1. ask ko lang po kung yung sa step #6 ba ay complete na yung fermentation (OHN na after 7 days); at yung sa #7 to #9 ay another option lang sa paggawa ng OHN?

  2. Aldo, you need to complete until #9

  3. ask ko lang po if the simplier version ay effective pong insect repellant for swine?

  4. Yes Kert. And spray IMO2 weekly all around the pens and farm.

    1. Hi maa'm solraya ano po ba ang ratio kong gagamitin natin sa insect repellant for swine, ipective ba sya sa mga langaw?

  5. good day mam, is it okay to mix ohn with other organic inputs before feeding it to animals?

  6. Maam is it okay if i mix 2 or more different concoctions in a single jar or container then give it to the plants or animals? Eg. If i put together OHN and LABS in one container. Thanks!

  7. hello po!..ask ko lng po kung puede ito gamitin sa palay? has insect repellant properties and i'm not sure po kung un lang mga bad insects ang itinataboy nya..tnx po

  8. I also used this on my gamefowls and they do look more resistant to illness when i never integrated it on my farming..


  9. hellow maam pwede din ho ba iaply ito as treatment for feeds to pigs??

  10. Hi! In step 7, why put 3x as much coco vinegar as the beer in day 1?
    Can I combine this with FPJ or FFJ in the sprayer?


  11. Hi ma'am solraya! Pwede bang sukang iloco ang gamitin (cane vinegar) sa step 7. Yun kasi available dito samin. Thanks

  12. Hello po. Ask ko lang kung okay pa rin bang lagyan ng Gin after 7 days na nilagyan ng beer kasi nauod po yung ginawa ko? Failed na ba yun o pwede pang ituloy lagyan ng Gin? Combined turmeric at chili yung ginawa ko po.

  13. good day po madam d po kaya maanghang pag mae add tau ng siling labuyo .. iinumin po kya ito ng ating mga alaga salamat po...

  14. can I use OHN for Pigs? I have automatic water system with water tank capacity of 1000L. how much OHN can I add to the water for pigs?