Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pacifica Agrivet Supplies, Nationwide

We are happy to announce that we have been accepted to supply nationwide, the largest chain of agrivet stores, Pacifica Agrivet.

If they have no stocks, please book your orders at the nearest branch near you. Just make sure you ask and get Sunshine Chicks.

Please check who has fresh stocks.

Agri Kapihan Mar2008

Agri Kapihans at DWWW774 are scheduled every 4th Sunday of the month. This month was moved to the last Sunday because last week fell on Easter Sunday.

We look forward to these events as its bonding time for the radio progam's hosts, listeners and friends.

Today's special guest was a speaker from BFAR Tanay who presented about Pangasius. People were interested as some stood up to approach his as soon as it was obvious he was preparing to leave :)

Touching was when a photocopy of Zac Sarian's article about a Sunshine grower was reproduced and given to the all the guests there. Mr. Rico wanted to make sure everyone read what TJ had done and he shared that article by distributing it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zion Agri Center In San Carlos, Pangasinan

Another of those dealers we have an easy relationship with over a period of years now.

Zion is has two strategic locations in San Carlos. One in the new market, and another one in a great corner near Jollibee.

See if they have stocks.

DCS Trading, Rosales Pangasinan

This photo is the laugh of my day!

DCS Trading in Rosales, Pangasinan is a long standing dealer of ours.

On our way to Calasiao last Wednesday, I decided to take a photo of the store so I can post it here. Not a great one as the store was still closed before 7am, and I realized that the banner is too small when the dealer displays it up front. So I had no intentions of posting this photo until Danny calls me tonight.

He said "great cover for the Agricuture"...then he goes there is a story I have to know that will make me laugh. I butted in by saying I took a photo of the store...

That was the root of it all :)

I knew he has security cameras, but no big deal to me and I didn't think about it when taking pics. I saw several of his men go in and out as I was parked, but I just took pictures from the rolled down passenger window.

wehehehhehe They called LTO to verify. Of course my name came out as registered owner, but there was a typo so the name didn't register to him, plus of course he calls me by my nickname. They called NBI to tag the car and the name. Wow, good thing I used another car today lol.

Anyway, as he was reading the article in the Agriculture Magazine, our names were there and it dawned on him that it was me taking pictures, my car, no DCS stalker! Aside from the fact that he now saw the typo of the texted name to him, he realized that the plate was sort of personalized and he was able to equate datas.

That is the beauty of long relationships, there are many things you laugh about.

Joey Rigor who does the Sunshine Capons
gets his stocks from DCS Trading. We should have Danny around when we visit the farm of Joey in Victoria, Tarlac to feature the capons.

See if DCS has fresh stocks.

Phoneless Day

I can't remember a day I was cellphoneless. No signal yes, low batt for a while.....but there are car chargers and I even have an ac/dc converter so I can still use my wall charger that stays in my backpack. Thing is....I switched cars at the last minute :)

No car charger, no converter. After about 4hrs on the road, I got some sandwhich, juice and parked. Took out my laptop and plugged my USB modem. hooked to my most important messages by chikka or YM.

wehehhhe, now its my laptop's battery I have to conserve for the just in case...

Just half of the day had passed but a lot of legwork had been done.

Thank you for work!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Agriculture Magazine, April 2008

We are happy to be on the cover of the latest issue of Agriculture Magazine.

Two of the growers (Maawi Farms and Krukukuk Farm) visited are featured with us in the April 2008 issue.

My Father's Roots

After Calasiao, we headed towards Brgy Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan.

Alaminos City is where the mother of my father came from. My own father grew up in the town plaza. I remember spending fiestas and summer vacations there as a kid. We went there for a meeting with some city officials.

I forgot to take pics as the fresh seafoods for dinner excited us. Nevermind, we expect to be in Alaminos City more often now.

Thursday morning, before the Alaminos meeting in the afternoon, we decided to go to Bolinao. My grandfather was from here. I hardly remember Bolinao, except for the parola and the dark nights as no electricity then.

Going now to the Lighthouse is a breeze, good roads made it near.

I am thankful I can go back to the places I took for granted as a child.

Yup....I didn't forget to haul back the favorite longganisa

Calasiao Seminar

Wednesday, March26, saw us doing a seminar for a group of women in Brg. Quesban, Calasiao, Pangasinan.

We were quite early, so we did a drive thru in the Putong Calasiao stalls. It was day2 of diet, so 1/2kilo of Puto for two people was enough.

The women's group listens to Ann Bernardino's Agree sa Agri, religiously everyday, Mondays to Fridays. They called on their Kagawad Josie to make representations to contact Doc Rey to do a seminar in their place.

Pleasant group. They borrowed the backyard of a church. We did the seminar in SM.....Sa ilalim ng Mangga :) No way we can use the projector.. the ladies were gathered close together so they can view the presentation from the laptop.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Have You Got A Copy Yet?

They say its out. Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin for April.

Have you seen it?

I haven't.....hard to be so many hours away from Manila and the newstands get stocks late.

Why do I want to grab a copy now?

"Very Simply But Profound At The Same Time"

For the past days, as I was given a topic to write on, I had been focusing on what makes us happy. I know what I want to say but can't equate in a few words that will have an impact.

This morning, while chatting about restos, delis and his uncle who thought our grower's Sunshines were expensive....

Paolo: ha ha ha ha ha check this qoute out, i sent it to my team this morning . . . A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.. . . by henry ford
solraya: great
solraya: i always wanted that thought, but it was best put as simply as that
Paolo: very simply but profound at the same time.
solraya: yes perfect

Monday, March 24, 2008

Caponozing, Caponizing Sets, Sunshine Capons

Since the article about the capons came out, we had been getting calls about capon seminars, caponizing sets and the infamous Sunshine Capons of Joey Rigor.

Just for info:

1) We will be having a capon demonstration for AANI and some press people.
2) Soon after, capon demos will be offered at AANI. We will see how we can do the demos in other areas. Please coordinate with AANI.
3) The caponizing sets are arriving mid April, if schedule from supplier is met.
4) Sunshine Capons of Joey Rigor will be available in our booth at the Bonsai Show, Araneta Coliseum Parking Area, May3-11, and at IFEX Philippines, May16-19, SMX

I tell you this capon reached a level :)

What started as trial and error with Joey and Mitzi...small talks with Joey over the phone about what he had been out of the blue question of Zac Sarian about capon over national radio a day or two after I was talking to Joey...there I was, proudly stating that I do have a grower who does capons....and led to sure we won't hear the end of this yet.

Joey is so excited to show off his capons in May. Dapat daw mag ihaw ihaw...he says it emits a wonderful aroma.

Can't wait!

hmmmmmm there should be an info ad about this topic

March Seminar

Yesterday was the Easter Sunday. Our scheduled seminars are every 4th Sunday of the month, and fell on Easter this year.

We were expecting two or three to attend....we got 9. A 10th found the venue way too late to join.

The best part about getting a small group at a time when you are supposed to be on vacation? You get an interested, serious and varied personas.

I myself was attentive during the seminar and forgot to take photos!

Days just flies by, like by units of breathes, when you are busy. Am now in Isabela, but will be there, there and further there in the next few days....whew...not yet counting the blocked off dates for the coming up trade shows.

We are excited about the Bonsai Show (we don't know exact name yet), May3-11, Araneta Coliseum parking area. This will incoporate agriculural, tourism, cultural themes and events. Of course, we are preparing for IFEX Philippines, May16-20, SMX beside Mall of Asia.

Exciting to work with dynamic teams.

My Sunshines

Today was the first time I was able to visit our small bukid for a very long time.

Good timing as I witnessed transfer to a fresh range! The old range where they came from is now bald and an egg drop they got last week prompted them to make a new range for the future grass fed layers.

When friends ask me now, I may be able to show off eggs from my very own Sunshines.

He Found A Niche Market For Chicken Sans Antibiotics

Have you read Panorama of March 23, yesterday? Normally Manila Bulletin posts in their online issue. I guess due to the Holidays, their online site isn't updated.

Remember when Zac Sarian visited Farmer TJ's Krukukuk Farm?

This was the result of that meeting.

Watch out for Agriculture Magazine's April issue, to come within the week :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Info-Ads 10-12

Many thanks to Kathy....We are excitedly coming out with our new set of informative ads, 10-12.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey Gay, I Got Proof

Remember my post on Edsa Garden House Cooking Demo?

Gay Carillo was teasing me that I should have proof. Well, if you are the photog, the planner, the director and the only take photos of yourself when trying out the camera :)

Yesterday afternoon, while I was backing up my data for the day, while waiting for the blink blink of my flash drive to subside....I played and searched my name on the internet.

wehhehheheh, guess what...I found proof of that cooking demo.

See Abby Lim's post on Cooking Free Range Chicken

GAY...calling GAY!!!! Aside from the pic...Abby said it was delicious.

Thank you Abby....Looking back to that afternoon, vibes leads me to think that you were the one seated at the back, quietly, alone?

Your post made my day....tsup tsup tsup.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Realty Taxes In Alaminos City

I had to do some errands to pay real estate taxes, first thing in the morning Monday.

One thing lead to the thing we knew we were meeting with the City Administrator, City Agriculturist and City Veterinarian.

Premature to talk about the meeting now, but the brewed coffee and galapong na bibingka were so good. Hmmmm....seconds weren't offered :(

Hope to see some i-NANI sa ALAMINOS soon.

Restful Days Ahead

We were so busy and forgot to adjust hatching date for this week. Remember that we hatch on Fridays, so this week will fall on a Good Friday.

It may have been good that we forgot to do so....Sunshines are like pasalubongs. They are taken from our outlets, to be brought as gifts to family in the provinces. Even our dealers have actually booked earlier than normal for the weekend delivery. People take note of where the dealers are and walk into their stores when they get to the provinces.

Another is the seminar scheduled every 4th Sunday of the month. For March, it fell on Easter Sunday.

I hope all of you get the peace you need....from your meditations, recreations or wherever you get that tranquility you need to discern what is right for you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maawi Organic Farms Meets Zac Sarian

After Zac Sarian's interest in our Sunshines, capons and Zacsess stories :), we had been visiting our regular growers.

Farm visit #2 is Maawi Organic Farms in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Very close to my heart, as Alaminos is where my roots started.

After the radio program and breakfast, Zac entered the vehicle, he asked in jest to make sure that there was an AM radio working. Why? Boxing! We didn't stop for meals, got to Lucap when the bout was on it's last two rounds, so we stayed inside the car :)

Good thing we knew who won....then we had lunch of assorted inihaw of seafoods and of course Alaminos longganisa. There was no arorosep. It would have been perfect.

Headed to Maawi Farms of Jocelyn and David. As usual, I documented the farm visit...taking photos of the picture takings and interviews.

The vegetables and fruits are grown organically, so are the Tilapias. We spent a lot of time under the shade of the trees and taking in fresh air.

Next stop was where the Sunshines are...before the sun sets :)

First batch of Maawi was in April2007, loading 1000 regularly. Since they were neophytes and not based in the Philippines when they started, they didn't have any market for their dressed chickens at that time.

I encouraged them to dress the males and keep the females. For one, the males were heavier and commanded a higher price. But the best reason was #2.....they will be the only ones who will have eggs from ranging Sunshines come October2007, perfect time for the Agrilink2007.

As we were talking last weekend, she saw the light to that difficult first steps in marketing and that yes, she is the only one now with eggs from ranging Sunshines, on commercial quantity. They are now thankful that her 2nd batch of layers have started to drop.

Now supplying several hotels, delis and restaurants with her organic fruits, vegetables, dressed chickens and of course eggs.

Watch out for farm visit #3

Capon Capon Capon

If you follow Zac Sarian's columns in Manila Bulletin, Agriculture Magazine, Panorama and radio program Kaunlaran Sa will by now believe that he is excited about the capons.

We were together for the weekend and I made a comment that it was like the Pacquiao bout, he can talk about it endlessly....described it as:
The Kobe beef of poultry
I was on the phone w/ Joey Rigor tonight and he will have his Sunshine Capons available at our booth for IFEX2008.

Liveweight in about 90days is about 5kilos, dressed at about 3.5kilos. He is thinking about growing it to the standards of 7kilos.

We didn't get any of the 1st batch as it was reserved even before it was dressed.

Have you seen a caponed chicken? Small head, very huge round body, small wattle.

Next batch is available in mid May...perfect timing to show it during IFEX Philippines.

1st WOW Organic Festival

April 16-20, 2008

Join us at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center for the 1st WOW Organic Festival.

Our stall will be having cooked Sunshines, dressed and since we have a permanent booth there, live chicks and ready to slaughter sizes will be available.

We are collaborating with Daily Dose Farm for Raymond's herbs and veggies that will go perfect with great tasting and healthy Sunshines.

Get Sunshine In Cantina Bolandos

Cantina Bolandos, located in Miranda St., Angeles City in Pampanga, beside BPI Family Bank. Owned by Manel Reyes, they get their supply of grass fed pastured chickens from Bryan's Free Range Farm. This farm in Bamban, Tarlac, loads Sunshine dayold chicks every 3weeks.

Cantina Bolandos may be reached thru (0917) 977-4043. Try them for your orders of their recipes for Sunshines.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sneakers Chuchi

That is how she appears in my CP's phonebook.

I don't remember when, but am sure it can't be that long ago that I first called her to make me two pairs of shoes. I sort of ask her to to do several pairs every time I pick up previous orders.

It as so pleasant to get to meet Chuchi during 2nd INAHGEN. She was walking and when she went by the booth, it struck her that it was mine :)

Chuchi can be reached for handpainted work, (02) 867-4449

Friday, March 14, 2008

Corn & Soya

Amy & Allan...just like Corn & Soya....they simply go together :)

Amy & Allan wanted this first batch of Sunshines as an experiment, just walked in with excitement that started in another continent, from just reading about sustainable farming. No expectations...just to see how they will do w/ no commercial feeds at all.

Instead of commercial chick boosters for the 1st 3weeks, the Sunshines were just fed corn and soya. 21st day onwards, they were just given corn grits as supplement for am and pm. They were just let free to forage during the day.

Amy & Allan are not in for the weights contest, but they are just so happy that they are raising healthy and happy Sunshines w/o any commercial feeds nor growth promotants.

But of course, what the soil and the denizens there, offer natural growth promotants :)

At the end of a long fruitful day, I surf to my favorite sites....this was my treat for today.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Did You Read Manila Bulletin Today?

In the Agriculture section, there was mention of a future story to be done on a free range chicken grower.

I think I know who he is :)

Read the online issue here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunshine Breeders Welcomed Zac Sarian

In my excitement about planning the farm visits to the different Sunshine growers, as Zac Sarian wanted to interview and write about them, I forgot to post about his visit to our breeder farm!

Of course, how can he have the interest on the entrepreneurship side of the growers if he wasn't introduced to the breeders.

We first met Zac at the the opening day of Agrilink 2007. After the ribbon was cut and the public was allowed in, a man approached me and said I should take a look at the photo in that day's Manila Bulletin, the page announcing the start of Agrilink 2007. He handed me a copy of the paper, introduced himself and said he will contact us for an interview.

In last Sunday's Kaunlaran Sa Agrikultura, DWWW 774, and after the regular breakfast to have small talk with the KSA family, we went to where the Sunshine breeders were.

He visited our two batches of breeders and hatchery. The 1st batch is the one producing the Sunshine F1s now and the 2nd batch of breeders that replaces 1st batch. The 3rd batch is already on the planning stage.

It was over lunch of super tasting Sinampalukang Manok, Adobong Manok, Inihaw na Tilapia and Bangus and Ensalada, that it was brought up that he wanted to visit the growers too, not just limited to Luzon but also in Vismin.

On the drive back to Manila, that was when I thought about farm visit number #1.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Calasiao Pangasinan Seminar

Listeners of Anne Bernardino's daily radio program, Agree sa Agri of DZEC 1062 had been asking their kagawad about Sunshines.

In turn, Kagawad Josie called us to request for a seminar to explain the product to her area.

It was agreed that on Mar26, 9am, we hold a FREE seminar in the Calasiao area.

Opportunity to have fresh putong Calasiao for breakfast :)

Weekend Seminars In Batangas

We had a post recently on our visit to Talon Family Farm School in Talon, Tuy, Batangas.

That trip was exploratory, alliance, brainstorming and recreational all at the same time.

If you recognize the people in the photos, aside from the group behind the Talon Family Farm School, the others were from DA, Harbest, AANI and Solraya.

Weeklong and weekend seminars, stay-in, hands-on are being formulated now. The group wants to see to it that it is not just a learning experience. The participant goes home having a doable and workable entrepreneur project.

During last Sunday's Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura over DWWW774, this project had been discussed already.

Open to all. Great summer activity for families and students too.

Weekend modules are at PHP3500 per person. Includes board and lodging.

We will post full details as we go along.

Balintawak P/S Carries Sunshine

Along A. Bonifacio, at the foot of the EDSA-Balintawak Cloverleaf - the location of Balintawak P/S is perfect for the Sunshine seekers headed North on NLEX, or for the surrounding areas.

Vegetables and fruits from the market for feeding your voracious eaters, will not be a problem to find in this location.

Check for stocks.

Times P/S, Sunshines, and Monumento

Doc Rey can't forget Times P/S in Bonifacio Circle, Monumento.

This is a pioneer poultry supply store in the area. This is the place were he would purchase his chicks for his Poultry Management course as a veterinary medicine student.

Times P/S was very glad that the product was brought to them. She recognizes the Sunshines from radio and magazines.

Please check here for availability.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Zac Sarian Meets Farmer TJ

Zac Sarian, Editor for Agriculture section of Manila Bulletin, wanted to meet a cross section of Sunshine growers.

First stop of a series of farm visits: Farmer TJ of Krukukuk Farm, Baliuag Bulacan. They now load 700 heads every 3weeks. Going up to 1000 level after TJ is able to plan his ranging and palay production schedules.

Tj was sick, but shaked off feeling under the weather after Zac engaged him in Sunshine talk. Basing from the number of pics taken, they spent a great deal talking...lead to rare fruit trees, making CRH, vermicomposting, niche they had developed, his plans to expand etc etc etc

After we left the walang katapusan kwentuhan....we had to grab Razon's halo halo near by :)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Remember The Sunshine Capons?

Just before the 2nd INAHGEN, Zac Sarian asked us during the regular KSA radio program over DWWW 774khz, if we had a grower who did capons.

We did, and we blogged about him days before that.

Zac Sarian asked me again when he visited INHAGEN. Good timing, Joey Rigor was on his way to the event as we were talking.

Have you read Manila Bulletin yesterday?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Inihaw Na Sunshine At AANI Herbal Garden And Livelihood Center

Remember the empty space beside the AANI office?

See how it looked today.

I got there this morning....I knew Gerry had done something good, basing from how my nose lead me to that spot (of course I knew what he was starting today, but I meant that "ang sarap ng amoy"). From where I was inside the AANI office, the folks seated at Cafe Amadeo were very visible. You can see happy faces. Looking at the plates infront of them, you could guess they had Inihaw na Sunshine!

Gerry offered me a piece of Inihaw. Declined...its business :) Bought three (3) pieces and I shared it with the AANI office staff and Raymond of Daily Dose Farm who was having a seminar on Vermicomposting in the next few minutes. Well, Raymond broke a piece into two. Held one on each hand, and alternately took a bite off the pieces. Parang ayaw ipahingi diba?

Observe how con gusto his seminar was, after the Inihaw...

Glad to see Bing (Bingbong of PCARRD forums)....she was there with her three (3) boys and dad. Lucky, still had some chicken for them.

To start off, I heard it will be a weekend and festival thing. Then add FTI, and hopefully move on.

The marinade, whatever it was, am sure was good. But also, the Sunshine itself was tasty.

Paul Sees Sunshines For The First Time

Dear Miss Sandy,

What a delightful day we had with the Sunshines! We go them around 8:30 am and
proceeded to take them to their new home. After they were introduced to their
living habitat, my wife and I shopped for good feeds, vitamins and other things like
waterers and feeders. We have decided to acquire at least 10 feeders and several
waterers so that we can alternate them thereby minimizing bacteria growth.

From the pictures, you will see the progression of the habitat. As soon as they
were taken out of the box, the little sunshines leaped happily and ran as if it was
their first time to do so. They looked sturdy and strong and judging from the
quality of their little feathers, you know they are healthy (nutrition starts in the
skin, right?) We noticed that they are usually loud when they are in need of
something like food or water. Basing on the feeds given today, they have quite
voracious appetites and have been seen drinking a lot of water. Since, we do not
have tubig poso, we opted for purified drinking water instead, mingled with a little
powdered Moringa which we are hoping would eliminated any toxins in the water.

Their water was given multivitamins and their feeds was also given vitamins so as to
balance the stress that they had due to long travel. We could not stop staring at
them and since the trip from the agrivet store where they had in cages those F1s for
sale, we have concluded that the Sunshines are way up the scale in terms of health
and beauty (naks..)

We have provided windbreakers to their cages and enough lighting. It was funny to
see that before the bulb was there, some of the chicks slept inside the feeders!
They are still under monitor for the temperature changes to occur tonight and at

Here are the pictures. I've CCd this email to my father in law, who used to be a
poultry grower, he will find this very interesting..


Susme parang aatakehin ako kay Paul. Am sure we can all learn from this:

1) Feeds weren't ready

2) 5 feeders aren't enough if you will rotate 2 sets of 5 each

3) Surely you get hungry and dehydrated after travelling :), we advise give water first before feeds

4) chicks found in stores can't compare to chicks taken cared of
by a grower. we are no exception...its like a petshop :(

5) I noticed there was a concrete wall...good thing it was the wall behind the broode and not part of the brooder. Hard to clean.

6) Tarps as flooring? The material won't absorb moisture and sure will be an easy breeding ground for bacteria :(

7) Chicks love to sleep in feeders? Nope. They felt cold and wanted the body heat of one another, plus the feeds felt warm and cozy compared to the stark white tarp.

8) position the feeders and waterers in the middle. Having it on the sides wastes that space that is usable as you only have accessible the ones reachable to the Sunshines.

9) Brooder seems very small. Good for a few days, but as they get bigger, they will want more space. If they are crowded, they won't eat well, be irritable, peck, etc

Paul is a first timer :)

A medrep, he already advised me on hypertension drugs as we discussed his small mistakes.

Friday, March 07, 2008

HBO And Car Dealers

Two days in a row I had the Customer Lounges of car dealers as my office :)

Haven't watched HBO for a long time, and just realized that, yes, what they show in the morning today, is what you see tomorrow afteroon. So i am now in a room with attentive people, while I know what happens next.

Thank you to cellphones, laptops and wireless internet....I was able to do to my tasks...think even better. Seems more were accomplished as I was in a relaxed setting, not expecting to clinch projects :)

Let's see what tomorrow brings... ta ta ta

Sweet Tuba

Been wanting to blog about Sweet Tuba before. When I was dying to have one, I called Coconut Authority to find a source. The person who answered me didn't know what it was ... "was it for export?" she asked me :)

..good MM did (see link below).

Have you had sweet tuba before? You should! Very refreshing, perfect thirst quencher and I will say that it is healthy, basing from the natural high and laxative effect on me :) Like taking Lipovitan and fiber.

Years ago as a child, I remember having this fresh from the coconut trees, when we visit Liliw, Laguna. As a child you normally don't appreciate the simple good things. Some 8yrs ago, I was reintroduced to this in Pangasinan. This time, the sweet tuba tasted differently to me. Was it because the source in Pangasinan are from Anahan looking palm trees?

You buy it early morning, drink it along the roadside. You can't miss the stalls with carton signages for SWEET TUBA. They had family sized soda bottles, so you can see the light rose heavenly liquid. I say this one is far the best tuba.

Very recently, I saw some at OPTA Cooperative in the Katipunan area, sourced from Sorsogon. Then I also asked Pol Rubia of AANI to get me some since he has a farm in Candelaria, Quezon.

The one I get from OPTA is really sweet....too sweet infact for my tuba taste. The one from Pol is more on the sourish state....

Then I came across MM's post...and YIKES, the fresh sour tuba might be from none recently cleaned PVC containers.

I will see that image when I drink...but it won't stop me from having my bottles of tuba.

Will See Sunshine Soon

You know the vacant spot right beside the office at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Formosa Watermelons

Those of you who recognize the people in the agriculture world, will ask... "What are they up to"?

Well, those small watermelons were sort of the 2nd string in the the harvest but we were treated to really sweet tasting one. They are called Formosa Watermelons from Harbest Seed Company. Farmgate price was at php20/kilo. I bought 20kilos.

Did you think we'd all group together, travel that far for watermelons?

The real reason will be a topic for another posting.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Steve Of Davao Shows His Feb08 Batch

First 21days.

I remember that day it was sent to Davao because there were two clients shipped there that day. Steve and I were in touch. The other one wasn't replying to my calls nor texts. I just knew the other box was received as he said there were two of them claiming for Sunshines :)

Steve hasn't started to range them as he is scared about the cold air in Davao now....Don't you agree that they look healthy and ready to be liberated? The Sunshines seem to be excited to step out.

Nice touch that he used the chick boxes as windbreaker for his brooder.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Maawi Farms Gaining Ground

We are very pleased with the development of Maawi Farms in her Sunshines.

To date, they are delivering dressed Sunshines to Manila Peninsula, Intercon, Manila Pavilion, Bizu and Green Daisy. For the table eggs, they are supplying Santi's, Bizu, Green Daisy, Camp Farm (when they can't meet demand of their client) and the stall at Legaspi Village Weekend Market.

They have several other delis and restaurants lined up to add to their roster of clients.

Marketing never ceases. We, as supplier gives full support to our Sunshine growers.

IFEX 2008, May 16-18, SMX

We have taken a booth to market the dressed Sunshines and eggs of our growers/raisers.

We invite our growers to use this opportunity to use this very good venue for your Sunshines to be seen and made known.

Join us at IFEX, (Internatioanal Food Exhibit Philippines) May16-18, SMX

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Comfort of Lynn's Arroz Caldo

After the rush of the past week and realizing how nippy the weather can start to crave for your comfort foods. One of which for me is a simple Arroz Caldo.

I never knew how to make one before, until Lynn taught me to. Simple, but the love that goes with being patient in bringing out the flavors, is the key to the goodness of it.

Lynn's Arroz Caldo


  • 1 whole SUNSHINE chicken, cut up to small pieces
  • oil
  • garlic
  • onions
  • ginger
  • fish sauce
  • 1 C rice
  • ½ C malagkit
  • 6 C water, you may add more water while simmering, to suit the consistency you want kasubha or saffron, for aroma and color
  • chopped spring onions leaves
  • fried garlic

In the cooking vessel, pour oil and place your garlic. Place atop low fire and let the garlic reach color tan, then add onions until wilted, then ginger. Do all that in low fire, slow cooking to blend all the flavors well. Add the chicken pieces, braise, until slightly brown. Season with fish sauce. Mix well. Put the rice and malagkit, mix well. Add the kasubha or saffron, blend. Increase heat a bit. Add the water and bring to a boil. Lower heat to slow cook. Stir often to make sure the rice does not get overcooked nor stick to the bottom. You will know it is cooked by the consistency. About 5mins before you are done, add the chicken liver (optional). Serve hot, top with chopped onion leaves and fried garlic. You may want some fish sauce and kalamansi on the side.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


After the flurry of the 2nd INAHGEN, by 8pm we felt really drained. You can't speak because mouth is too dry, can't walk because legs hurt from all the standing, can't think because you are too sleepy.

Today, was no appointment day. No radio guesting, just rest. Well, rest meant going to the two locations of AANI at FTI and Circle to touch base with the clients there, lunch at Salcedo Weekend Market and having two cups of dirty ice cream. Incidentally, I had two huge glasses of Fruits in Cream Milkshakes last night...excuse for all the agri show work. Am so guilty after all the calories...but still tasted GOOD!

Tuesday, hopefully, we will be able to visit Sunshine Capon of Joey Rigor in Victoria, Tarlac. This early, his capons are gaining interest in the local market. Even the editor of Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin, Zac Sarian, immediately set an interview with him when he heard about a Sunshine grower doing the capons.

By Wednesday, its off to Batangas to check out a project we have been invited to go look into. Training in agriculture. There will be different modules. End goal is to make it profitable for farmers. We had been asked to give the training on raising our Sunshines :) I guess it won't be different from what we are really doing already.