Saturday, November 07, 2009

Think Tanks

I can spot them easy. They are quietly busy working...or rather, noisily being quiet in their endeavors. There is a certain buzz as he passes by you. Normally they work individually and they don't bump into each other as they are good by themselves and are confident. No need to talangka one another.

Yesterday, I was going to meet a staff of Senator X, who met me in a trade show and asked staff to contact us. We had been speaking on the phone and texting but will meet at Shangrila for some details. 1st call he made to me the other day was just to make sure he got the right number to call as referred to him. A few minutes later, it was to set up the meeting two days later. Next time we were texting as he was informing me he was in traffic and will just be a little late. Next, he informed that he was entering Shang parking and how will he recognize us. As we were entering the restaurant, there was a young man, gliding and galloping at the same time. Ruggedly casual but very proper. He approached a table immediately surely to ask if that was Doc Rey :) I then walked up to him as we entered and the meeting went on.

Storytelling got to me again.....

Point is: The think tank staff of people are very important. We get to meet a lot of them and you can literally judge a man by his staff. The more experienced and intelligent men have far better people working for them. Well I guess, it will be hard to put one over an experienced man :) You see through put ons and know passion is real. There are no pretensions about knowing everything. On the contrary, the intelligent person is hungry for information and listens with wide eyes.

We see it all the time. We get to plan and interact with great minds. No underlying tones of corruption...just honest to goodness developments.

Where are the loopholes for the grand blueprints? Implementation!!!!! This is where the corruption lies. Middle men, traders, accounting, the supposed checkers, the caretakers....all can kill the best projects.

The think tanks dream big but start small and progessive. The alipurongs want to start big for one shot deals.

The standards for hiring has to be set, even at the ground level.

Mike test...1.2.3

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