Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eye Openers

Been busy for about a month because of Agrilink and Citem's FAME. Since a little before Ondoy, I had been in Manila and away from the countryside, farm and home in Isabela.

Friends have proven best allies in big shows. Agrilink have strengthened ties. During Citem's FAME, talks with others have also showed that relationships formed on agendas and business do bog down and don't last. Well, you need the black to balance the white. So, be thankful for bad vibes as it makes you treasure simple good.

The daytrip to Isabela yesterday made me see the wrath of the floodwaters and landslides :(. The cloudy skies and rains on the way that are setting the welcome stage for Ramil, has started to pile up soil again on the street from the mountain soilfalls.

During the 8hr trip, I get a call from my Benguet grower, and ordering a substantial loading. Weren't they still under the relief stage? I have to give my hat off! Moving on real fast. Of course to be ahead, one has to move forward...at least move and jiggle a bit.

A scene on TV I saw recently is a continuation of how we should be pliable, in my mind. The Benguet relief and operation showed a school housing the homeless folks. They were seen sweeping, cleaning, brushing their teeths, fixing things around, making makeshift furnitures, plumbing etc etc and ETC. You'd think that: that is the way they really are and MORE. You get to see the real person in times of hardship and problems, when your back is on the wall.

Do you remember the scenes in other centers in Manila? Play the news in your mind. Listen to feedback on radio now....you know the difference I am referring to.

On the way to work today...geeezzzz...I have been away indeed for over a month. Saw new businesses up. Several new structures are in finishing touches. AND.... we crossed Calao Bridge this morning in Santiago. The water is high, dark brown and NOT...correct, NOT moving. Bad!

I asked my staff as I got to work, if she noticed the river. She did too. Yesterday the water wasn't high and it was flowing freely.

Yikes, this is still the effects of Pepeng? I pray that Ramil will not affect us as much as Pepeng. If no landslides and no closed traffics, we won't feel it as we are scheduled to go back to Manila Thursday, when Ramil is supposed to be felt.

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