Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sandy's Roasted Sunshine Chicken ( Idea from Gigi Gonzales)

This is my favorite. You set it to cook while you relax with a book, cup of tea, disuss the day...while the aroma of herbs and chicken invite you to good dinner...I thank Gigi for this recipe. Aside from designing my house and making this roast, she also taught me a super sarap Halayang Ube

• 1 whole SUNSHINE chicken
• 1 head garlic, crushed herbs
• 1/8 C olive oil, more if you please
• 1T rock salt, depending on your taste
• Freshly ground black peppercorns
• Fresh herbs, to your liking. I prefer Rosemary, Basil, Tarragon, whatever tickles your nose and taste buds at the moment
Mix the marinade in a bowl and rub this all over the chicken. Marinate the chicken for a minimum of 2 hours, best if longer. Rub and turn chicken from time to time. When you are ready to roast it, stuff the marinade under the chicken's skin and inside the cavity.

I want to cook this slow. Set the whole chicken in the turbo broiler at 300degrees, upside down. After 45mins, invert the chicken, to make it sit. Roast for another 45mins. Increase to 350 degrees for the last 10mins to make it golden brown. Total cooking time will depend on weight of Sunshine Chicken, 1 hour per kilo. While cooking, the roast will emit a wonderful aroma. Serve immediately. I want to stay away from the fat, but you may want to use the drippings as sauce. Best with fresh green salad or buttered vegetables.


  1. We raise native chickens at home. WOuld like to have some of the Sunshine chickens later on. Am still trying to convince my dad that we raise them.

    Anyway, I have some recipes for these native chicken in my blog:

  2. I like your style of blogging...foodie, entertaining, simply put :)