Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wild Ampalaya

Doc Rey had been motivated by his test results as his sugar, cholesterol, uric acid etc had been going down.  Thanks to 3C , OHN (with video in our links) and Fermented Ampalaya, that he now takes religiously.  People who are privy to our refrigerators know that we are always fully stacked with those natural concoctions.

In our discussion on FB with some of our natural farming advocates, the existence and or the absence now of Wild Ampalaya came up.  I was asking our farm's caretaker to watch out for it as we need it to make our herbal concoctions.  She said she has seen those in the garage.  The drivers had been picking their Ampalaya supply from there as it was so good.  

Hearing that, Doc Rey who now vouches for the concoctions, was excited as he hasn't seen them for a long time now.  He drove by the garage and came back with these  Wild Ampalaya:  The orange ones are not flowers.  They are ripened Ampalayas that pop and show their seeds.  Nature knows how to take care of oneself.  The wild and plants of yore, ripen, pop and replant themselves.

Fermented Ampalaya to lower your blood sugar :)  Be guided by this proportion:

3kgs Ampalaya (wild ones are better because they are more bitter, if none, settle for pesticide free ones)

1kg Coco Sugar or Honey

Slice the Ampalaya and layer the vegetable and sugar/honey in a container.  Layering makes sure that you are able to coat the vegetables well, ending with sugar/honey.  Cover and keep in a cool, dark place to ferment for 7days.

You can take about 30ml 2x a day.

Doc Rey takes all three:  3C, OHN and Fermented Ampalaya...mixes all up in one glass :)

Stay healthy!


  1. I'm interested with this wild plant. I'm planning to use this for my natural products research. May I know its scientific name? Thanks