Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flor's Garden

Those are not Halloween BOO away the birds in farms :) Very apt for the season. BOOWahahahhahaha

You have to meet Flor Tarriela in her animated conversation will excite you to go into natural farming.

We got to Flor's Garden after lunch and caught them in the middle of Andry Lim's seminar on Natural Farming. Sorry that we can't disturb him for our chitchats...well, we can have our time in Davao when its just the girls and the boys.

We visited first the new baby Sunshines in the circular Jojie's Crib. They were comfortable under the charcoal fed tin can, over their red heads.

You can't miss the collection of culinary and medical herbs here. Notice the "Weedicinal" term. I myself have transformed my garden at home from ornamentals to herbals. Why? Because aside from the fact that it has that wild look I life, it smells sooooo good and it does have practical usage. More of culinary for me...but when I get the cough, we get out our stone and pound on Oregano leaves. One jigger and off goes the cough.

Flor and Jojie Lim took us around Flor's Garden.... walking around the "no smell" pens of Sunshines and pigs. I nibble on some flowers that have been introduced to me in the past.

One thing I picked up here...her use of empty coconut husks as you would use cobbled stones as steps in pathways. They look like river stones. But...when you step on them, you get an air like cushiony feeling. Thinking of employing this in my new outdoor bathroom.

Travelling and farm visits do teach you a lot. I didn't even know that Antipolo had a great landscape on this side. I didn't even know Antipolo existed on this side from Cogeo!


  1. Wow. This is just the site I need. Thanks! Is this Solraya's official site?

  2. Great! Digging around the posts! You could give your blog a face lift though, free. Anyway, this is not really my field of expertise but me an 'epiphany.'

  3. @Earl, I'd love too! Nahihilo din ako sa look ng blog. Thing is I am not techie :( And the type as you think is the easiest for me. Unless I get a template that just makes me type away :) Thank you Earl.

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  5. @Earl,there had always been a site. We had an old one before that looked great, but required a webmaster to edit :( You have two years to read through....and I hope you see that we got happier in our jobs as time went along.

  6. I see. You could make this blog as your temporary site. A lot of good blogs are now web/blog sites. I'm no webmaster but I can customize a blog. I can customize this site, free. I just need to put one 125x125 pixel size ad for my blog.

    I see that. Good for you. Will definitely start something like this in the near future. I'm still at 2008.