Monday, December 31, 2007

How Do You Disinfect Feeders & Waterers?

Biosecurity is important. Just like in our lives, we have to focus on what we want around us and nurture what is of importance.

31 December, gave us time to inspect our surroundings and relate it to our lives in retrospect.

We are brooding a batch for a client and moved them outdoors. Time also to upgrade to auto feeders for them. What is shown is an automatic feeder. You fill that with feeds and they are dispensed to the basin at the bottom. We hang them and adjust according to height of chicks, so they can't scratch them.

This is how we disinfect feeders, waterers, shoes, boots, brooders, screens, walls, driveways etc. We find the power washer effective as it gets to the nooks and cranny.... simple terms, mga sulok sulok :)

I find it easy also that you have a big drum or pail, with water and chlorox, much like how you keep a pail to catch the dirty diapers of a baby. Dump everything there until you find the time to wash them. Then dry them under the sun.

Periodic disinfection need not be expensive. We use chlorox and let it sit under the sun. Best and free disinfectant is solar power!

YM This Morning

My YM this morning. He bought Sunshines from St. Mary's Farm in Cebu.

Bernard Neil Tanchan: ive tasted sunshine chickens already...cooked 2 ways... both very delicious
solraya: did you cook it?
solraya: how did it compare to bisaya manok?
Bernard Neil Tanchan: same with bisaya manok but meatier and the meat is tender
Bernard Neil Tanchan: one is estopadong manok...have you heard of that?"
Bernard Neil Tanchan: and the other one is tinola
solraya: yes, pero i feel sayang the taste for estopado as the soy can masque the taste
solraya: sarap tinola
solraya: so slow cooking low fire?
Bernard Neil Tanchan: but it was very delicious...yes slow cooking
solraya: do u turbo chicken? rub with rosemary herbs...and turbo
Bernard Neil Tanchan: sometimes we do
solraya: i'm glad visayans know what it is to eat good chicken..luzon people only know whites
solraya: can i post this conversation? it will show your name ha
Bernard Neil Tanchan: maybe coz we are still provincianos hehe
Bernard Neil Tanchan: old people now that native is better than white chickens
solraya: yes but you are young...most people your age here think manok is jollibee
Bernard Neil Tanchan: maybe because my father let us eat bisaya manok every sunday...

Last Agree Sa Agri For Year 2007

We are privileged to be on today's Agree sa Agri. Last for the year 2007, it was a 2hr radio spot today, as Anne Bernardino will not be on board tomorrow at 4am.

Time constraints, a phone patch was done to have Doc Rey be her guest this morning. He talked about the importance of vaccinating your Sunshines and other animals as preventive measures.

Aside from schedules, he taught How To vaccinate your chicks.

Text in queries poured. That is what we want. No doubts should be left in your mind, so we can all help one another. There will be no guarantees to fail proof raising of animals....but trying to eliminate the steps that have proven wrong before, will be a big help to lessen the tuition we have to charge to experience.

Doc Rey will become more involved with Agree as Agri, not only for the Sunshines, but for your animal know how in general.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Last Friday, we went to Tagaytay as a client was loading January 02, 2008.

We were busy that day, but spur of the moment, we decided to make a quick trip.

Lunch time saw us at Cafe Lupe. Sarapppppppppppp ng Crispy Binagoongan. That made me buy the next day at AANI FTI, ingredients that inspired me to make a similar dish. But a pronto one. Like instead of the lechon kawali, I bought Lapid's Chicharon with laman and just balat :) For toppings, I got green mangoes, wansoy, lasona (the small red onions), tomatoes, red eggs and ginisang bagoong.

That lunch detoured me from my topic....burp.

I took pictures of the forestlike setting. Perfect to do it as I won't be with the delivery on January 02, plus it won't photograph well as it will be evening.

When I was reviewing pictures, they were overexposed! Can that happen to a digicam? Photos taken indoors and night time were ok. It is when taking pics outdoors that the camera decides to sit down and pout.

I got myself a camera that clicks that night :)

So....I think I make that trip to Tagaytay and since I am with a car color coding on Wednesdays, I spend the time there until I reach the 10am start of the window to enter Metro Manila. Great time to try another restaurant and take my pictures too :)

That is January 01 late evening delivery actually....see....We can't wait for 2008 to start as we can't let go of 2007 yet.

Doc Rey Agrees Sa Agri

Tomorrow, at 4am, Doc Rey will be the guest of Anne Bernardino, anchor of Agree sa Agri.

Tune in if you can :)


We get requests to visit our breeder farm. Sorry, but for biosecurity reason, we do now allow visitors. It will be to your utmost interest, our clients, that we are able to maintain our breeders in top health. Even amongst us partners, we refrain from doing so, as we have one assigned to breeding anyway, while others are assigned to finance and marketing.

That is the main reason why we maintain our booths at AANI FTI, AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center and our demo on urban farming at the rooftop of our Fairview outlet.

You will see us there and able to get one on one pointers in raising our Sunshine Chickens.

Periodically, we have our free seminars. If you want seminars in your area, coordinate with your local DA, Municipal officers etc and advise them that we may be contacted for FREE SEMINARS in your area.

Recent dispersals have been in CAR, Bicol and Batangas.

Let's work hand in hand with government to give us all, Sunshines on our tables and to help us in livelihood.

We didn't decide to call it Sunshine for nothing. Sunshine gives us freshness and doesn't cost a lot to raise Sunshines... let's not forget the health benefits and of course the taste. Lasang native!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tiny Tugagao's Prized Sunshines

Tiny was the 1st winner
in the text contests over Agree sa Agri, aired over DZEC.

Doc Rey,
I'm sending to you video and pics of my sunshine chicks, taken on their 22nd days.
They are being ranged here in Marilao, Bulacan.
Thank you very much.
Happy Holidays!!

Tiny Tugagao

Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Is Going Fast! May We Pause?

Most people I speak with always say that they want the year to end pronto, to be able to have a fresh start already.

I think to myself....
So many things to do yet...can we lengthen 2007?

The jumpiness of 2007 was a welcome surprise. We were and are so busy that we wish 2007 won't end yet. But, deadlines don't have to be met all the time. You win some, lose some...there will always be a next day to do things :)

Work and play was a hairline difference. Just yesterday, on the trip to Manila, there was an unexpected and unplanned purchase of a toy......well we'll see how my feng shui goes....btw 2008 is my year :)

As they say....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solraya & SASSO Team Wishes All: Merry Christmas

2007 went fast because we were very busy. Thank you to all our commercial growers, government accounts, backyard raisers, weekend farmers and mostly to the end users of Sunshine Chickens, who patronized both the commercial and backyard growers.

2008 starts us off with the scheduled arrival of our Parent Stocks from SASSO, the established genetic company in the free range colored chicken industry. We have increased our number of Parent Stocks to cope up with the demand. Strategic planning by our able team is never ending. We don't sit on where we are now, thanks to you..but we will always look for ways how to offer you better service. The product is there already. What we work on improving is for all of us to grow together.

Merry Christmas...enjoy your Sunshines for the Noche Buena.

SASSolraya tayo!

You grow, we grow....Let's GROW:
Solraya and SASSO team

Thursday, December 20, 2007

PAWS 12 Days Of Christmas Wish List

Although my passion is our Sunshine Chickens, Solraya is composed of other branches in the business. One of which is our team of veterinarians who offer technical support and animal health services.

For those who have small animals and would like to share the blessings of your furry family members with their sheltered relatives..pls read their wishes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pamora Farm Gets Sunshine In Abra

I got a text early in the morning to get a copy of Manila Bulletin today. Not having a hardcopy of the newspaper, I called Tina immediately for some small talk (as if we don't do it all the time) about A French Farm in Abra.

Pamora Farm is the longest in the dressed free range chicken and value added products. They have done that, tried that and what we all teach others now, are part of all we learned together over our years together.

Their list of clients now includes Sofitel Hotel, Terry Selections, Santi's Deli and the weekend organic farms.

Solraya is happy to have been supplying the day old chicks requirements of Pamora Farm.

Monday, December 17, 2007

How To Butcher A Chicken

I found this blog. It didn't interest me for the sake of learning to dress a chicken. The blog got me for the reasons Herrick Kimball was writing it for. Documenting why and hopefully others will realize it too.

After you grow your Sunshines with your may wish to learn with them how to butcher a chicken.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Agri Kapihan 2007

Nina Manzanares-Agu gave birth and left all details planned and mapped out. Thank God she did! Zac Sarian was in Taiwan for a previously set engagement. Except for the two important people, everyone was there plus more.

There were gifts for almost everyone. A seminar for Sunshine Chicken was done by Doc Rey. Cooking demonstration by Chef Bert Clemenia of De La Salle Culinary Arts in Lipa, Batangas. Very engaging trainor!

Seasoning the Sunshine Adobo with Herbs

Why Rosemarie is Good

Secret is Low Fire, Slow Cooking

Want to see Chef Bert and Sunshine more often? AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center will feature us together once a month :)

I first heard about him when Engr. Pol Rubia mentioned about some culinary students staying at AANI Herbal Garden and doing an OJT planting and learning about herbs.

Only way to learn! you know why, when and what you will be doing.

I am thankful to be working with a great personality.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rellenong Manok For Noche Buena

One of the food blogs I visit is that of Connie Veneracion's Pinoy Cook, w/c led me to a blog she created for the season, The Noche Buena Blog.

Staying at AANI FTI Weekend Market, I get to meet the cooks at home. We have been getting orders for the large sized chickens 2.5-3kilos to be used for Gallantina, Relleno and Roasts.

This recipe for Rellenong Manok by Connie Veneracion makes me appreciate why a cook will want a big chicken.

Another comfort food came to mind....not a noche buena fare....but a hole in the wall comfort food. Have you tried having Pospas? Can't recall where I have it in Laguna. What's that place that Laguna is known for puto? Its like lugaw or arroz caldo, but richer and tastier. I guess it is because it is left to simmer for hours.

I am supposed to do a trackback to me try how to do this one:​rellenong-manok-stuffed-deboned-whole-chicken/​trackback/ ....hope I got it.

F1 Free Range Chickens

That is what we are.

F1 means first generation, bred from selected Parent Stocks (PS). The Parent Stocks we imported from France are selected for taste, growth rate and adaptability to the tropical weather.

Free Range Chickens - They were designed and developed to free range. The Sunshines are meant to graze and forage. They are most happy unconfined in open areas with living grass. You may do a "cut and carry" to bring them their grass, if necessary...but compare how energetic and lively they are when they hunt for their own treasures from the soil.

We breed properly, hatchery in farm, transport in brand new (not receycled) properly designed chick boxes and we are available for free technical assistance. Parent Stocks are imported and replenished periodically to give you quality F1 free range chickens.

We call them
Solraya's Sunshine Chickens
or simply

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dispersal at 1am

Sounds like a news item :)

Just got to Manila after an 8hr drive. Had to be around for the loading of a dispersal for 3000 Sunshines at 6am, South of Metro Manila.

Looks like the longest day of 2007 for me. Started with this dispersal, 3 meetings today, hatch this afternoon, preparing deliveries for tonight...not counting the surprise events....exciting huh?! I love Fridays.

Do you believe that it is a "small world"? The other day made me think not just about a small world but more like
If you go to where you want to be, do the things that you like to do and seek what makes you will eventually get back that circle of friends, places, events and things back. As they are the same to people who likes the same things as you do.

I got a call at 7am, apparently overseas. I was feeling under the weather that day and decided to go to work an hour later. Inquiry was about Sunshines...from Toronto. That call led our talk to like 30yrs ago, when we both got to Toronto....same bowling places, common gossip people, my eventual co-workers were his neighbors. We worked in immigration on other sides of the fence. Because we were discussing about poultry, he eventually mentioned a nephew, based in SFO, who was into gamefowls...I thought about "someone". Next day I asked what the name of that nephew was....yan ang telepathy was the person I thought of :)

This is what you do at past 1am, waiting for loading of blab, blog or whatever you call it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Raising and Cooking Sunshines

During the Christmas Agri Kapihan Forum on December 16, 2007, two (2) seminars have been lined up:

1) How To Raise Your Sunshines From Day1 To Harvest - by Doc Rey

2) Cooking Demonstrations by Chef Bert Clemenia of De La Salle Culinary Arts

See you there!

FREE, no fees collected.

Great time to meet the Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura and AANI family, led by Zac Sarian, Tony Rola, Nina Manzanares-Agu and Eng. Pol Rubia.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Quarter After 5pm

I just realized that a "bad thing" this morning didn't wreak my day because maybe of the Cebu and Alaminos photos and trip.

We had a break-in at our Santiago City store. Cashier didn't follow protocol for this one instance....and bad or good timing we can say!

Anyway....we are thankful that we are kept busy, instead of having to resort to under the table maneuvers to live :)

No connection...but in line with the expensive buildings just posted...

Just a thought:
The taste of the Sunshines have nothing to do with the cost of the buildings

Pictures are just to look at and not to be used as a gauge of standards.

Maawi Organic Vegetable & Chicken Farm

When the idea of going to Alaminos, Pangasinan was brought up at 6am...I said "YES"!

This is where half of my roots are from.

We left AANI QC Circle at 9am. Got to Sausalito for lunch a little after 1pm. Those two pictures were taken from the food place.

Jocelyn and David did well with the farms. The chicken farm is separate from the organic vegetables, so biosecurity is better.

There are five poultry houses. Good we went there as from initial photos sent, I thought the buildings were elevated. Nope, they were built on the ground, so no expense for flooring. The side doors open straight to range areas and kept open for the chickens to go in and out during the day.

There was a time they decided to experiment and got some chickens from another supplier. Mortality was high and they were not as resistant to diseases as the Sunshines.

We were brought to the vegetable farm also. I took so many photos, but I don't know how my digital could have gotten them over exposed. Good the video came out well.

No pesticides used here.

They have always aimed to create a niche in the 2.5kilos and over, chickens. Keeping standards to harvesting at 85-90days minimum. Slowly they are getting their footprints in the market.

The eggs from her uncaged Sunshines are being taken by a French patisserie with several branches in Manila. A couple of hotels have called them back after they submitted samples, a large chain is making an initial order.

Jocelyn and David are enjoying doing the rounds selling their chickens and vegetables that they are proud of.

Cebu Dealer In Study

St. Mary's Farm, situated in the mountains north of Cebu City, has practiced with two grows.

First batch had been sampled for taste tests and offered to some establishments in the area.

They are going for the niche of the larger sized chickens as requested by the market they surveyed.

Initial talks for possible dealership for Cebu.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Steamed Chicken Of Marusil

Marusil is Bobby Inocencio's better half. Since Bobby is the Godfather of Free Range Chicken in the Philippines, Marusil cooked a lot of the ranging chicken to be served to guests.

This recipe was featured in a brochure that they used to give around.

Marusil is Ilongga. I am not sure if this is a regional recipe.

Marusil's Steamed Chicken
• 1 whole SUNSHINE chicken
• 1 teaspoon rock salt
• 1 chunk ginger, grated
• 1 head garlic, crushed
• 2-3 stalks lemongrass
• dripping from steamed chicken
• 2 T all purpose flour
• spring onions and grated ginger
• salt and pepper
• 2 T peanut oil
Rub chicken with salt. Rub juice of grated ginger on the skin and inside of the chicken. Stuff chicken with grated ginger, crushed garlic and lemongrass. Steam for 30-40 mins or until tender. Set aside.

For the gravy, sauté the onions and grated ginger. Stir in the dripping. Dissolve flour in water and stir into the dripping mixture when boiling. Add salt and pepper. Top with spring onions and grated ginger. Serve with chicken.

Traffic Of December

My first stop today was to visit the dealer in Alabang. Pleasant chitchat because we haven't seen each other in a long time.

Destined to exit Bicutan, I missed it and ended up in the Skyway! That brought me to Magallanes. I ended up using SLEX because of the traffic and excited Bicutan again from Southbound this time :)

Did some chatting at AANI FTI with women who bought ready to slaughter Sunshines, exchanging recipes and cooking times. I could have stayed the whole day.

Had to run to Cainta as we ran out of some injectables for our stores.

Traffic was terrible!!! From Cainta, I opted to go to Antipolo and pass thru Marcos Hway, rather than go back the route of Ortigas.

No cause of traffic, but it is everywhere.....I guess last days of BER.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Ilocos Norte Goes To Salcedo Market


The Salcedo Community Market and the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte will
host an Ilocos food and crafts fair on December 15, 2007, showcasing the finest
fresh produce, specialty food items and indigenous crafts from the Ilocos region.

Entitled “Panaggapas: The Ilocano Harvest,” the day-long event was organized by
the Ilocos Norte Tourism Office in cooperation with the Museo Ilocos Norte, the
Gameng Foundation.

The festival is the first time the Salcedo Community Market – Manila’s most
popular weekend market – will host a fair of regional Filipino specialty food
items and traditional crafts.

Specialty items on sale will include popular products such as Ilocos garlic,
shallots, cornick, linga (sesame seeds), miki and tupig, sugarcane wine (basi) and
sugarcane vinegar (sukang Iloko) – all of which will be on sale from 7:00 am to
4:00 pm.

Other items on sale will also include Ilocano delicacies such as bagnet, empanada
and longganiza. Among the non-food items are woven textiles and cotton fabric, as
well as dried tobacco leaves – a traditional household insect-repellant and garden

Newly-elected Gov. Michael M. Keon describes the special event as "a showcase of
Ilocano talent, creativity, and industry," while Cong. Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.
(2nd District) invites everyone “who appreciates good, honest food, and hand-made
quality products” to the fair.

“Panaggapas” – or “harvest season,” in the local language – is the traditional
highlight of the year's efforts, when the hardworking farmers give thanks for the
blessings they have received and rest after another year of work.

Salcedo’s “Panaggapas” Festival will also include a cooking demonstration of
traditional Ilocos food by authentic cooks brought in specially for the event, as
well as representatives from the province’s hotels and resorts.

Also on sale at the event are traditional Abel Iloko – or woven cotton fabrics –
as blankets, runners and napkins. Included among the regional crafts are
handcrafted baskets and mats that are renowned for their tight, intricate weaves.

“The Ilocos harvest festival not only showcases the produce of one of the
country’s oldest regions, but also highlights the Salcedo Market’s commitment to
promote the Philippines as a whole,” said Women of Bel-Air Foundation, Inc.
Chairperson Constancia Q. Lichauco.

The Women of Bel-Air Foundation, Inc. will take over the operations of the market
beginning January 2008 and has promised to upgrade services at Manila’s most
popular market for the past three and a half years.

Lifted from a press release circulated by email by Le Club. Have you been to Salcedo Weekend Market? If not, GO! I enjoy this weekend thing. Food is great. You get shopping pushcarts for convenience. Meeting the bakers, cooks and farmers upfront and personal gives a country fair atmosphere.

Early Morning

By 4am we were at the entrance to the compound of DZEC 1062, for the Agree sa Agri radio show of Anne Bernardino.

Doc Rey was there to be the resource speaker, I was there as driver. They said the driver spoke more than the veterinarian. Kasi kung minsan ang bagal...sayang lull sa air diba?

The topic in Raising Sunshine Chickens was barely touched as there were phone in and text questions that came in and you tend to prioritize them.

The winners for the Thursday, Dec 06 text in contest were announced.

Why "winners" when there was just one question? Because the first winner was Crisanto Mahinay of New Cortez, New Corella, Davao del Norte. He was far away from the Davao City Airport so we sort of postponed is prize until he can time his schedule to the City.

Since we didn't have a Tuesday winner due to wrong spellings, we picked out another winner: Jess Balisi of Imus Cavite.

Ano and kinakain ng Solraya's Sunshine Chicken?

Ang pagkain ay mga living green grass, legumes, plants, insects, seeds, myriads, at other natural commodities.

Jess Balisi will just prepare his cage and pick up his prize at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center. We hope to be around then to meet him :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ranger Hood

Study artwork for the wrapping of the Ranger truck.

This photo is supposed to go over the front: hood and fenders.

Picture from Tessie, a grower in Davao.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Infrared Red Brooding Bulbs

When asked what we suggest to use for brooding, we reply that we personally like to use infrared red brooding bulbs.

These bulbs are designed to give out heat. Unlike the incandescent bulbs that were meant to emit light and expire in a few days, these infrared bulbs are built to last and come out to be very fairly priced in the long run.

Comes in clear and red. The red bulbs were designed for poultry use, to limit feather picking.

Take a peek at the Sunshine hatch of 30 November. We are now brooding 3000 heads for a Southern Luzon client who wanted ready to free range Sunshines. The photos were taken at day1 and day3.

See how they move at day4. For the Ilokanos out might get brooding pointers here.

Agree #1

We run contests for listeners of Agree sa Agri on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The first one was done last Thursday, 29 November.

Ano ang lasa ng Solraya's Sunshine Chicken?

Lasang native na manok.

The winner was Tiny Tugagao who will bring the chicks to his son's place in Bulacan. He expects to dress the Sunshines in March in time for his grandson's birthday. He picked up his ten (10) Sunshine Chicks on 01 December at our booth located at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center.

Photo shows the radio program's host, Anne Bernardino, Doc Rey and Tiny Tugagao.

On Friday, 07 December, Doc Rey will be interviewed by Anne Bernardino for questions about the Sunshines.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Solraya in Fairview, QC

This address is actually our first store. But because we are based in Region2, this outlet was predominantly used as delivery point for the Metro suppliers. Since it was treated as a warehouse, it looked like one.

As I was posting the photos for our main store in Santiago City, there was a veterinarian who applied and we said "WHY NOT" :)

This very minute, aluminum and glass partitions are being installed. The rolldown doors and air conditioning are scheduled in the next days. Painting and signages are being planned. Should be our New Year to Solraya!

Just like our other outlets in Region2, we hope our animal health services may be replicated in Manila.

The address is great: Quirino cor Regalado, bside SM Fairview. For some reason, it is always a big production explaining where we are.

After the renovation and new signages, we hope to correct that.

I found this map interesting :)

Click here to view map
SOLRAYA Fairview

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Day2 Was Play

I have a lot of pictures taken the past days....but as usual, I didn't expect to be staying over in Manila beyond Sunday so my reason again is "no camera dock".

No pictures = blabs :)

I wasn't working booths today so it was "no uniform day" for me. Have forgotten how it was not to sport my linen polo jacks (w/c are so comfortable).

Very early for my 9:30 appointment w/ my Sunshine breeding partners. When they found out I was 1hr early, they had to rush to take showers and run to Seattle's Best. I always had my Globe Visibility on the road and never got to use a Wiz Spot. Good I was alone, got the chance to try it. It was a so easy pala. No more wondering how to connect at a Wiz Spot.

The meeting was light, more like touching base and making sure our breeder, accountant and marketing were all doing assignments. Stamped approval in person, for next importation of Parent Stocks. Really ideal setup we have.

Had a 2pm appointment, so killed time at Market! Market! Got Christmas and Bossanova CDs :)

Can't wait to post my pics: 1) of a batch we are brooding for dispersal in Batangas 2) a raffle winner of a contest we do over Agree sa Agri.

If you wake up early on weekdays, you might want to listen to DZEC 1062khz at 4-5am on Friday, 07Dec. Sunshine Chicken will be featured and Doc Rey will be interviewed.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

1st Day Of The Month

We are more relaxed when we moved hatchings to Fridays. That means, the invoicing and preparation are done late Friday while the Sunshines are being transported from hatchery to our base in Manila. Drivers are off to destinations and airport all at one time and pick up of growers and dealers are set for Friday night.

We get to have a comfortable sleep and wake up well for our separate AANI assignments. Rested again for the Sunday, early Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura of DWWW 774.

Today as usual, saw me at AANI FTI. It could have been a regular day for me, except that I had a very interesting talk with a group of three men who bought 10 chicks, 2weeks ago.

As you will gather eventually after knowing me more, numbers is not an issue to me. I get more passionate on a 10chick sale from an interested group rather than a sale of 3000 from a disinterested party.

They were so eager to learn and discuss "what ifs and what may bes". Our conversation went from politics to religion (AANI FTI is neighbor to the Maharlika Village of the Muslim Community) and led to Halal Chicken.

That scenario about starting with 10chicks, brooding them like babies, practicing before going on a bigger scale made me remember Farmer TJ's beginnings :)

Yes, that is the way to go. Start with a comfortable number and learn from the small mistakes.

Gave me another reason to credit Sunshine talk for the educating morning I had.