Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Tennis Dress Named Sandy

I have always loved comfortable Tennis Dresses....actually I refer to them as Shirt Dresses :) As far as I can remember, had them in all colors and wear them off till they look like rags to me. Imagine, how they look to others. Then, I go in a rampage buying again of the same style in "all colors please".

Since size (age doesn't matter) made shopping so hard and depressing....I just make long strides when I will be in the area of my favorite suppliers of the comfortable dresses.

Last Sunday at AANI Quezon Memorial Circle was just an ordinary weekend for me. Even if there was an Earth Day show, the list of vendors are the same..nothing new.

Oh but one catches my eye instantly...and the personality and product knowledge of the people (surely only the owners have that passion) made me ask if they will do my size. They may have pretended to have my size, but then, I wanted it to be really fitted for me. YES they will! And in 5days...hmmmmm I like the way they do business.

The other day, they emailed that they will name it SANDY weheehhehehe....first time they accepted a "made to order". They were not contented with their original sample and made another one. I ended up getting both as it was soooooo comfy. Very fairly priced and great find. I emailed her today just that, "glad I found you".

For one, this is real 100% cotton. They have the Pineapple fibers too....but I am an all cotton one.

Visit Nooks at their website....I am also now going to redo our uniforms, for a different look. Our existing ones have served us well..the clean lines, creasefree and comfort of knits are very tempting.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Flock Report

I posted this in sunshinechicken e-group, but thought that everyone needs this, even lurkers.

This is daily. Have a table for:

DATE - daily report

AGE OF CHICKS - daily, it may seem obvious, but easier to look at that, than

# OF CHICKS - # of chicks in your flock daily

FEED CONSUMPTION - this will show you if you are feeding enough and properly

# OF MORTALITY - daily, I hope none :)

REASON FOR MORTALITY - so we know how to correct situations. Are there
predators? Were they on top of one another? Color of manure? etc

ACTION TAKEN - what did we do to remedy the problem?

MEDICATION/VACCINE GIVEN - what did we give the chicks?

WEEKLY WEIGHT - weigh every 7days, so we can monitor and anticipate problems

HARVEST DATE - record when you took some for dressing

# HARVESTED - record number, if not all harvested

WEIGHT AT HARVEST - how much did they weigh

Home Along The Range

The moment Doc Rey saw this housing, he immediately asked me to take a picture. Firstly because he liked the ingenuity, of using obviously scrap materials.

He had several comments for the owner, regarding brooding and ranging area..but of course I will discuss that first with him....then maybe interact with the others over the e-group.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We May Do A Seminar There

Do you want a seminar in your area?

Maybe you can coordinate a group or your LGU to contact us to do one, there.

If you don't have access to a group or LGU, let us know, so we may schedule one in your location, depending on requests we receive.

Blog Or Egroup?

I am so torn between making posts in the blog or the e-group. I can't have a lot of topics in my mind all the time :(

Deliberated...but making the blog exciting, will keep the lurkers and readers around. The e-group is where we interact and exchange ideas.... hmmmm you guys are quiet in the blog, we could have interacted there.

BUT no doubt, the e-group is a healthier ground for interactivity :)

So I may blog about growers and post pictures...then we may give our reactions within the e-group. Fair huh.

Friday, April 24, 2009


WHAT: Raising Sunshine Chicken
WHEN: May 04, Monday, 9-11am
WHERE: The Bazaar Cafe, 2nd fl New Market Arcade, Oton Iloilo
WHO: Doc Rey

Venue was given for free, thank you to Erik. In reciprocating generosity, may we request all attendees to buy at least PHP100 worth of food or drinks? Thank you very much.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


WHAT: Raising Sunshine Chicken
WHEN: May 05, Tueday, 2-5pm
WHERE: Villamonte Barangay Hall; Ylac St, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City
WHO: Doc Rey

FREE SEMINAR, venue complements of the Barangay Villamonte

If you have to commute, tricycle drivers may take you there.

For questions, you may reach me at (0917) 847-2639

I have to thank "Fely" for being the liason officer :)

We have opened a yahoo group for our growers and dealers.

This will be a perfect venue to learn from one another and exchange notes. Reading others' experiences and comments will broaden how we look at things.

This will be better than emailing us.....this way, we get to interact.

See you there...BUT, I will give you reason to check back this blog often. I am torn between posting there or here. I decided to have interaction there and for you who want to just read, then this blog will offer you visuals :) Curiosity will make you want to join ahahhahaha.

Sunshine At AANI QC

AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center was relocated to the PHILCOA entrance of Quezon Memorial Circle.

Better location, parking is good and the area is now airy and more visible.

Our dayold chicks' sales are handled by AANI office. Our booth will carry our dressed chickens, naturally farmed produce and other Organika products.

Instead of painting our booth...we decided on murals.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As Native

Some growers have found a niche in selling to the local market. "HOORAY" for them!

It may sound surprising to the marketing man how a perceived expensive and high end commodity now has penetrated the local in the markets in the locality of the grower.

Years of work and patience for consumer awareness to eating tasteful and healthy....and more so, bringing back to your area the income by giving work to the farmhelp (if not self employment), to the ladies instead of giving the dressing machine a spin and business to yourselves :) Educating the housewife about deciding on what is rightful spending....getting value for your money!

Think about health benefits, work for the locals, TASTE oh yes the taste....and as a cook, notice that our Sunshines don't shrink when cooked because no chemicals to make them bloat. That in itself is a lot of savings that translates to maybe equal almost in pricing to the industrial chickens.

They say that they have a quick turnaround amongst the local market because it is PARANG NATIVE. I quickly caution them, to tell the truth and be proud about their product being LASANG NATIVE.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


LGU of Silay is hosting a seminar for Raising Sunshine Chickens on May 06 at 2pm-5pm.

Venue will be at the Rizal Cultural and Civic Center, fronting Silay City Hall, just 6mins away from the airport.

Everyone who is interested is invited to come and join...FREE SEMINAR. No need to preregister. Just go there early :)

You may reach me at (0917) 847-2639

Lasang Native

I had been getting email and calls..."Is your Sunshines native chickens"?

That is the reason we used the tagline "LASANG NATIVE"...

Although the Sunshines taste like our native chickens, manok tagalog, bisaya manok, or whatever regional term we have for the Filipino native chickens....we don't, won't, nor claim that the Sunshines are OUR native chickens.

Why? Because, much as they really do taste like the natives, our Certified F1 Sunshine Chicks are from the Certified Parent Stocks that we import are from SASSO of France. We will not claim to the fame of OUR native chickens, nor will we disclaim the research and development of SASSO of France. SASSO is known in the free range chicken industry as the leader, and develops and maintains the strains of pure colored chicken farm breeds. They go through a natural selection for taste and preferences of the different regions in France and clients' requirements. We are proud to be carrying SASSO.

We studied and continue to study our Philippine conditions and market preferences and decided on which strains to bring in to comeup with what we offer to you as Sunshine Chicken. First we brought in the a heavy pure farm breed, that gives us the colorful Sunshines. We next reintroduced the Naked Necks that are sturdier under tropical conditions and have a thinner skin that gourmets prefer. We are now thinking of a new strain to add to our existing line :) All those, to satisfy the different growers' and farmers' needs and wants.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


When Zac Sarian, Doc Rey and I made the Feb trip to Davao for the PVMA, it was primarily for Doc Rey and his seminar. Zac and I knew we were going to enjoy Durian and whatever comes our way after. I asked Tere of Earthkeepers to set us up with the infamous Andry and Jojie Lim, and of course a farm visit with her co-author Dante Delima.

That trip was enjoyable and educational. Doc Rey was only with the group for the lastday, so what we saw was just heresay for him :) When he saw Andry's and Jojie's naturally farmed pigs....he had a lot of questions. Very normal for a veterinarian. We would take that he didn't know his craft, if he accepted the natural farming practice without resistance. That is granting that he is a veterinarian of the 80s.

Things happen and get delayed for reasons....

1) We are working on a book for "Raising Sunshines". Busy schedules have sidelined it, but it is all ready to be edited, illustrated and printed.

2) While brainstorming for Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura over DWWW, an idea flashed for a nice segment. We will keep quiet on this first :)

3) Jojie got different batches of free range chicks and was able to compare growth. She wanting to be more conclusive, she got a 2nd batch.

4) Our seminar in Davao coincided with a time that Andry and Jojie were also in Davao and had the time to go visit farms and showed us their Sunshine chicks.

5) Those visits were eye openers to both parties. Doc Rey was now asking Andry and Jojie a lot of questions. We now had all the time, no rush, to rationalize and put perspective to why science and natural farming should work together and learn from one another. The Lims also saw the logic to what a veterinarian's experience, knowledge and steadfast science has to offer in terms of team play.

They were discussing beddings, feeds, length of intestines, fermented juices etc....

Doc Rey was so awed and renewed after seeing how Tibaw is able to sustain his farm. Seeing the fishes happy and swimming in the dikes...from where he was eating freshly caught fish and really good vegetables in his tinolang manok.

You can see the excitement in his voice, questions and voice! No doubt, everyone's never ending thirst for knowledge will work in sharing. One must study new things, to take care of what's old.

6) Lightbulb!!!! My initial concept for the radio segment may now be translated "in writing", in series and will be for distribution nationwide. Verbal agreements made and final discussion over cafe latte, decaf, green tea and frapuccino....four (4) people, four (4) different drinks. Diverse personalities that blend and meet. Four of us, Andry, Jojie, Doc Rey and I. There is incidentally a 5th person involved for a cameo role.

See for yourself the baby steps....things happened so fast that I missed the most symbolic...when Andry, from below, was throwing the sacks of rice straws to Doc Rey at street level. Doc Rey catching it and Jojie was lugging it to the trunk. As usual, I was comfortably seated under a shade....taking pictures as a disguise for being so tamad.

Symbolic also is how you see Andry and Doc Rey in pictures? Jojie is behind, below or simply taking pictures. Same with me.

Teasers? Let's hope the ones in the background work we have the "TO DO" assignments.

Easers to be ease the mind of farmers :) Options will be offered to choose what is a workable blend for you. Team play dictates no right nor wrong. Let us come up with our own "3in1" for you.

If we didn't tickle your mind to what we are up to....then we have to reinvent ourselves.

Jojie's Crib

When natural farmers engage in a project, cost cutting and practicality also are in play.

See Andry here, beside the Sunshine Crib of Jojie Lim. Jojie says the cost is about PHP200. The metal sheet makes sure no rats may get to your bebes. The mosquito net, protects it from predators and mosquitoes. The bell attached to the mosquito net, should alarm the caretaker if there is an intruder :)

This size of crib takes care of about 30 Sunshines til 21days....the size and price, is perfect for a household "grow your own chickens" project. Incidentally, Doc Rey commented to Jojie that brooders don't need that height, plus it doesn't have proper ventilation. They agreed that the cost may be cut into half because the sheet may make two brooders.

Jojie has so many ideas....let's wait for her protocol...coming up.

Sunshines In Eden

Years ago, I got a call to call a "room 911"..I thought it was a joke! Same thing now, I wasn't sure about going to Eden :) The trip was fun filled because of the company we had and going through the winding road of the mountains seeing Mt Apo was a clue to what we will see. I was enjoying eating my whole Marang, drumstick style....just gorging on the fruit while holding on to the stem. Wasn't sure if I wanted to put down my Marang, but equally excited to see the chirping chicks.

The farm is perfectly nestled on the slopes of a very cool and quiet Eden. The Sunshines have a perfect view of the city.

No wonder they were weighing in perfectly when we saw them at 21days. The ranging area as being prepared. As of today, they were happily sipping their water, viewing the fantastic view

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bacolod/Iloilo Loop UPDATES

We are just finalizing schedules. Updated April23, 2:51pm.

Working on May 04 for Iloilo, a 2-5pm schedule. Getting a Cafe venue, 15mins away from the city, as FREE venue. That way we are able to offer a FREE SEMINAR, as long as you order snacks and drinks. Very fair!

May 05, Bacolod. 2-5pm, Villamonte Barangay Hall. That is along Ylac St, Brg Villamonte. They say tricycle drivers would be able to take you there if you have to commute. This is in the City proper, and about 15-20mins from the ferry area. Complements of the Barangay...we are able to give this FREE SEMINAR in Bacolod. Just do good to another person :)

If you are interested, you may contact (0917) 847-2639. There will be a PHP300 fee for the seminar, depending if we get a host venue or not.

We will be doing farm visits. This will be an exciting trip as Mr. Zac Sarian will be in our company.

If you miss the seminars but wish to speak with us, call me on the CP.

See you :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

TJ's Agri Gimik

On May18, TJ is hosting an affair that coincides with Mika's bday. He will include seminars for his rare fruit member friends for high value crops, vermiculture, goat raising, and free range chicken.

Am not sure if this will be open to all to attend, but he said he has posted this event in I am presuming free.

WHERE? Baliuag Bulacan

Happy Easter

What did you do today?

We got in at dawn, missed the alarm to go to radio Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura, and we were waken up by the ringing of the cellphone. Guess who? Waaaaaaaaasssss Jackie from Doc Rey did his Vet ng Bayan segment by phone patch.

Since there was no radio to go to anymore, slept a bit more. By about 6am, we got a text from Siniloan Laguna, if we may check his poultry building.

So we went the Manila East Road route, visited friends in Teresa, the new poultry building in Siniloan wanting to be seen, another grower in Barras and ate in Morong. It was a most enjoyable late lunch of fresh Kanduli in Miso, halabos na suaje (you know its fresh when the balat is crisp and easily peels off) and the unforgettable ampalaya/radish salad. Perfect with just plain rice.

We thought today would have been a DWWW, and AANI regular Sunday. But then, today is Easter, it isn't regular. And again...we are always unpredictable :)

Tomorrow we fly to Davao...schedules have to be met and be on time.

What I didn't notice today....or was I driving fast? There were no signs of commercialism in the Easter celebration. Something good for me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ready To Range

Brooding is the most important phase in the success of raising chickens. No amount of good genetics, premium brand of feeds etc can spell the need proper brooding:

1) space requirements
2) proper heat
3) fresh air, right ventilation
4) adlibitum feeding
5) fresh water
6) clean beddings
7) all of the above...all the time...always. We can never stress this enough.

Hard to do huh?

Well, there are farmers/growers who have been selling the "Ready To Range Sunshines".

One grower in Sinait, Ilocos Sur had been featured many times by Manila Bulletin, Bannawag and Agriculture Magazines.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Carbonized Rice Hull

Some people really make CRH for use in organic fertilizers. In Isabela where we are based, we have the luxury of CRH from the many rice mills around. The coveted CRH is a byproduct and can be taken with a telephone call :)

How do you, as a raiser of free range chickens, acquire for yourself? You may use some charcoal and rice hull as alternative source of heat. Put holes around tin pails/drums. Have rice hull and some charcoal and ignite. The burning rice hull will give off heat. You may also burn coconut husks or shells :)

Instead of throwing away the resulting material inside your drums, mix them with sand and make them as beddings in your brooders and pens. Very good for diarrhea prevention...remember your own medication?

I like Black..looks clean to me. I also like the caring detail the grower here has given to his babies. He built them a perch stand! Thoughtful that it is natural for chickens to want to perch and that also helps them safe from predators.

Incidentally, you may even sell your organic fertlizers to your neighbors, from your Sunshine's waste :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

In the F&B World, Jan-Feb 2009 issue, Sunshine Chicken was featured.

Browsing today, I thought that the foodies in your might find this site interesting:

They have samplers of F&B World click on this to read about Sunshine Chicken, and yes about Chef Sunshine too :)


That best describes our schedules :) Not that I'm complaining.

Yesterday, we were supposed to have driven back to Isabela for a quick trip before we fly to Davao. Holidays gave us the alibi to just work in our computers inroom and was too lazy to pack and go. Also, staff will be on break too so many things to check before they leave.

What wakes us up this morning? A request for a seminar tomorrow morning. Several out of town deliveries ordered today! We also have to make some deliveries as there is only one driver left in Manila. Well, Tuesday is not a regular delivery day for us, so we are not manned for this. But, we are very flexible and always ready .... used to the unexpected, expecting already the unpredicatable and making do with situations :)

A Mandaluyong delivery crops up....hmmmmm I remember wanting to try 1521 Restaurant...hope to experience their cooking.

Impromtu Seminar, April 8

Due to demand we are scheduling one tomorrow.

WHAT: Raising Sunshine Chicken
WHERE: ORGANIKA; Regalado cor Quirino Hway (across Regalado gate of SM Fairview)
WHEN: Wednesdy, 9am, April 8
WHO: Doc Rey

You may register at the door. See you :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Are We Tired?

Surprising how many people do visit our blog. Well, surprising shouldn't be the right term, as we get website statistics and surely we are able to gauge our visitors in terms of their location, what they read, what time of the day etc. You may not believe this, but these days we get over 550 pages read every day, by about 150 visitors daily. The statistics show average. So that is from day1, when there were no readers.

I get comments from people I just met, who upon realizing the product represented (well I am always in uniform), blurt out that "I read you a lot". They are from food industry, farming, hobbyists, entreprenuers and yes, from bored people also, whose source of entertainment is sufing :) Almost 30% of daily visits are from returning readers. Thank you :)

A lot of you comment that we are all around, all the time. How do we do it? It must get tiring!

Well, for some points:

1) The company we keep when doing the trips to farms, is always enjoyable. Its just like dinners and lunches, I don't do business stuff. So, rule #1, make sure it is a pleasurable group...the business aspects should just fall into place, and NOT the core of the company. IF it has to be....ok...we may travel in separate cars :)

2) Always look at it as pasyal. Long drives...time to enjoy the scenery. Have you really taken time to drive down old and coastal roads? Instead of doing all the fast express ways that offer you field fires as views?

3) Opportunity to eat and discover new things. I love going to the markets, or stopping by the roadside stall to buy sea salt or dried seaweeds. Asking vendors how to best enjoy it, how to prepare them.

4) Meet your growers upfront. Does a lot when real rapport is created. Let them know you. At the end, you get other insights and learn a lot....that takes away your aching muscles from the trip.

5) You may travel comfortably. I have mastered packing the things we need, and doing it lightly. On the plane, we take a big suitcase half full and stock the carry on with the projector and laptop inside. When we get to the location, I still have a small case with wheels to lug around my laptop and projector. Going home time, they fit back inside the check in luggage.

6) Lastly....the first step is, know that you WILL LOVE IT!

Hmmmm just thought about a travelogue. Why? I just got an email from a travel agency, if they can post an ad on our website hahahaaha.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Alternative Heat


Or set on hollow blocks

Charcoal may be used to keep your chicks warm. Burning rice hull or ipa, may also be used as alternative source of heat. Compost material is also a good idea for keeping your chicks warm and close to their natural brooding temperature. Just make sure that the chicks can't be burned :)

Doc Rey suggests that if you are using electric bulbs or gas brooders, have on standby, alternative means to brood. The time spent thinking, planning and preparing may mean that they start crowding and piling up one on top of the other. Wanting to get heat and pushing against one another, extols a lot of pressure on them.

Naked Necks, TJ Of Baliuag Bulacan

I asked TJ 2weeks ago how his Sunshine naked necks were doing. "Maganda, kasi pangit sila" Brought a smile to my lips. Can't blame the description, because true, the naked necks are not the cutest chickens to see. As bald, day old chicks, maybe....but as adults...well look at it this way , they seem easier to slaughter :)

Louis of SASSO of France says that it is sturdier and will do better under our Philippine conditions. The skin of this strain is thin, and the trained tounges will know that it is better.

We have alloted our Naked Necks to our growers, who have seen the benefits over our regular full feathered ones. Sometimes we have some left and our Solraya stores carry it on retail.

Today, Zac Sarian revisits Baliuag, Bulacan. He had featured TJ several times in the past in the Agriculture Magazine of April2008, Manila Bulletin, Bannawag and Panorama. Time to listen to what TJ has to say. He has good comparisons as before he loaded with the naked necks, he was just through harvesting his full feathered ones. Also, he fostered some 300 chicks for a friend taken from another stock. So he was able to compare three batches.

Look at TJ's Feb22 batch of the new line of Sunshines. They were just supplemented with unmedicated feeds, left free to range on living antibiotics nor hormones. Not even vitamins nor probiotics.

TJ got a lot of interest going for the naked necks. Yes, true, the strain is sturdier...BUT then, TJ has always proven to do well with his wards.

Today at 6weeks...he is thinking about loading the same bald ones soon.

Friday, April 03, 2009


That is the Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Expo 2009.

We joined this trade show last year and found the market to be very receptive.

Got a good location. Corner. Fronting a special landscape setting. Diagonal to the stage area. Sunshine growers are welcome to come and use the venue for marketing their products.

A seminar had been scheduled for us on Saturday, July 18 at 2pm.

See you at the World Trade Center on July 16-19 :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thinking About Cebu

While doing our bookings just crossed my mind to make a sidetrip to Cebu from Davao, before planing back to Manila.

UPDATE: We decided not to fly to Cebu from Davao. Since we will be visiting the Visayas area soon, then we will do a Cebu seminar.

Seminar in Cebu? Text me if you are interested so we may swing a schedule there. (0917) 847-2639

Making Life Easier

Often been asked about choppers/shredders. The ones out in the market before were very expensive stuff but useful to have around as it allows you to concentrate on other issues other than personalities when you have a lot of manpower.

At PHP35,000, this is a good buy. 6.5hp and shreds 500kilos/hour...not bad :)

If you have little space, then cut and carry should be it for your Sunshines. A chopper will be handy for you. Making your fermented fruit and plant juices will be sisiw now wehhhehehe.

Solraya will be carrying this and may accept orders from you.

Take Time

Yesterday was week2 of the 5000 heads in a brooder of an entrepreneur. At week1, Doc Rey already suggested moving some to ease up space. They were using pig pens and Doc Rey was instructing to open up the walls to let fresh air in.

At week2, the farm manager was alarmed that the pens were crowded as the Sunshines were growing fast. He said the ranging pens were ready. Doc Rey said he will check that day.

When we got to the farm, the chicks were ranging, happily! We caught the farm manager nervous as it was starting to rain and the skies were gloomy.

His nervousness was right and with basis!!!! If he took time and waited, he will have had several options:

1) Doc Rey may have suggested to open up the brooding area more
2) Just release in the ranging area the number o Sunshines that will ease up the space in the brooders
3) Have rice hull (ipa) as beddings in the shelters
4) Elevate or install bamboo floorings for the shelters


1) They are just 2weeks old, they would be better off inside brooders for protections from predators.
2) They need the heat from their beddings
3) When ranged, even with adlib feeds, they will still prefer grass. They will prefer to play, instead of ensuring that they be able to get first their nutrition for the 21days
4) Rain water will make the ground wet, so elevation will be a good idea

Everything said and done, the farm helps had to work double time last night. So far, no calls. No news is good news :)

Moral of the lesson....don't be too excited and in a hurry. Assess situations. There are no rules to follow in natural farming...but let common sense guide you. AND, when asked by your veterinarian to wait...surely he knows that it isn't a life or death situation yet.