Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ilocos Super Chicken

I was burried in paperwork when I decided to text Rene, one of our growers in Gen San. Then his text drifted to his watching Gov Savellano's project Ilocos Super Chicken on TV. "Hey, that's my chicks"..he said he knew, of course.

Ran to the TV and of course I saw the interview. Good one. Thank you to Ilocos Sur for promoting SASSO. No one else can claim now, that they are selling F1 from Certified Parent Stocks imported from SASSO of France. We can.

Again, SASSO is not a breed. It is a company in France that maintains and develops different strains of colored chickens, meant for free ranging.

We, Solraya Enterprises, import from SASSO of France. We branded our F1 production as Sunshine Chicken :)

Meat And Eggs

Someone was inquiring today about getting all females for table egg production.

We may but we hardly do it. Takes effort, time and hard to say for sure. Best efforts are sometimes acceptable on day1, but as the booboo gets obvious, the customer forgets the agreement on best efforts :)

If you want 200 layers, I suggest get 400 day old chicks, which we box at random, straight run.

Today is perfect time. Why? You get to harvest the males in time for the graduations and fiestas. Then by September, you start having your eggs.

Think about the timing.

Where Are The Naked Necks?

One of our regular customers, who buys bulk, but for dispersals for livelihood, asked if our SASSO breeders of Naked Necks are producing already.

Yes, we already have the Naked Necks. We have it in limited numbers and we really imported these line for our growers. Some growers have tried it already and we expect ranging Naked Necks in March :)

As for now, logistics dictate that we just have the Naked Necks for retail, available in our Fairview, Santiago City and Vigan City outlets.

Sturdier, yes.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sonshine Radio

Nice coincidence huh?

Last week, Liezl of Sonshine Radio in Manila contacted us for an interview. A phone patch she said was ok for them. Asked if they wanted technical info or marketing, so we know who was to be interviewed. They said both. That means both Doc Rey and I will be interviewed.

That being the case....a live interview will do justice to the good rapport off and on the air :)

Today at 10am, we were live at Sonshine Radio, DZAR 1026 khz, with Tony and Bing as anchors. We went from livelihood, technical aspects, marketing, health benefits.

It opened inquiry if we may guest also in their other programs. Definitely YES. I like the chirp of Sunshine Chicks over Sonshine Radio.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alaminos City

An invitation got to us today to exhibit and do a seminar for the Alaminos City agri trade show in March 17-22.

Calendar checked and made this enormous reason to pay realty taxes on time, w/c of course falls within March.

So far its a YES....will keep you posted for seminar schedules.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comfort Food

While sitting at a restaurant in Vigan yesterday, next to us was a group of all balikbayans. Looks like maybe classmates from the US who attended a school reunion and made a sidetrip to Ilocos region. Talk about my own scriptwriting and storytelling here wehehehehe

Anyway, they all ordered Max' Fried Chicken. Yes you may ask....why were we at Max' hahhahah. We needed to have a quick meal. That was next door to our hotel, and Leona's does have good food, BUT you will have to be patient when it comes to service.

Back to comfort food. That is a good business idea. Cook your Sunshines into different viands. For adobo, you may even research on the regional varieties. The taste of native chicken that Sunshine Chicken has, will give the your viands the basic home cooked, comfort food that the relatives from afar always whine about.

The balikbayans not just eat here the food they miss. They buy tons to take home to stock in their huge freezers and they love to give them to friends and relatives as pasalubong.

Pack them well, spill proof and smell proof. Last time Doc Rey's siblings from the US were here, they appreciated the vacuum packed goodies they brought home with them.

I hope to bring you more business ideas. Read and select the ones that may apply to you. Remember, you have to love what you are doing. It is the passion that will sustain you through the rough times.

No Minimim

Often asked if we have a minimum order for purchases of our day old chicks.

"No Minimum. As long as you pick up from our outlets."
Our price of PHP35 per chick is for pick up from our Fairview and two (2) Agri-Aqua Network International (AANI) outlets. You may purchase as few as you want, and yes, you may order by the thousands :)

Our poultry supply store dealers, will also allow you to purchase a few heads, as they all have brooders that are really meant to keep and display day old chicks for resale. The prices of dealers vary, from PHP38 to PHP40 in Luzon. For Vizayas and Mindanao, the going price is at PHP45.

When we have to deliver, we charge at PHP3800 per box of 100. We suggest minimum of 1box (100 heads) when you ask us to send to you by land or air. Why? Only because you will spend needlessly if you purchase less than 1bx.

We have a cost to carry using our own printed chickboxes to transport your Sunshines. The expense of delivering your order to the airport, freight and shipping permits is the same whether it was 50 heads or 100.

Prices subject to change :)

Don't Leave Her Alone

Do the chicks still need light in the evenings? My chicks are ready to range at 21days now and the ranging area where they are to be transferred tomorrow have no electricity. I tried them without lights last night and they were noisy.
They don't need the light anymore, if you are asking if they still need the heat. They have complete feathers by now and will be able to regulate themselves under normal conditions. About the crying when there was no light...did you turn off the light after you had it on last night? The sudden change would have scared them. Same with humans. Or were they able to go from dusk to night time? They have to get used to it and they will. If we had a brownout, we panic. If we went from late afternoon till night without light, we would be ok :)

For the ranging area without light, make sure that they are grouped to go back to their shelter the first days. Educate where they are. I suggest when you transfer them, unload their box/cage inside their shelter, so they know where they belong and will want to make that their base.

In the evenings, make sure they go back together there. A Sunshine left out on her own will cry and be sad...they are very sociable and will want to be with their group.


We had been looking for a good supplier of naturally grown pigs. Almost gave up on it as it was hard to get one that jived with our drivers' schedules, supply was inconsistent, or maybe they just didn't want to deal with me :)

Enter the Davao trip. Proper timing and delays work for the best. We had no intention to market Andry and Jojie's pigs in Manila as it will be costly, time consuming plus a lot of effort on our part.

1) seeing the contented pigs in the farm
2) observing how the feeds were made
3) drinking the fermented juice the pigs are having
4) smelling, seeing and almost tasting the feeds before being fed to the pigs
5) meeting Andry and Jojie, seeing that they practice what they preach
6) eating great sinugba

I knew I wanted to eat and consume this for ourselves and what comes next...we sell it at Organika. That is our focus anyway, to sell only what we ourselves use and consume.

What should be a most fitting brand? HERBaboy....why do you think we decided to call it such?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Salad Dressings

Now thinking about the healthy food bar that EDSA Garden House is opening, the everything PHP35...I remember the salad bowl she had. Fresh, healthy veggies and we were discussing different salad dressings. I gave her an input for fruit based ones.

Today I thought about making Chicken Sandwich and hey, why not make mayo from scratch, using eggs from our grass fed hens?????

That will be a great sandwhich and salad base. Use our Sunshine eggs to make healthy and delicious dressings.

North Route

Sunday after delivering the dressed Sunshines for Adela Ang's use in her new healthy food bar at EDSA Garden House, we jumped in our mobile house (that is what we now term the truck or the SUV as we literally get to sleep in them) and headed for Vigan.

If you follow the agriculture news these days, you know how Ilocos Sur uses Sunshine Chicks for their dispersal and called them Ilocos Super Chicken....:) parang Superchick!

Feeling under the sheets, but thanks to laptops and business centers, am able to do my paperwork while in the comforts of Vigan Plaza Hotel.....I tried to step out hot huh...I used the alibi of Asthma to stay indoors.

Anyway, enroute to La Union to check on a grower's new brooding area. Initial loading is not a laughing matter and since the grower has a market already, we want to make sure his learning curve will be minimal.

Up to Baguio, as I enjoyed the Ube Jam I got there the last time. I will stock on them and sell them at Organika. We've tried a lot of Ube Jams, this one is chewy, rightly sweet, I like it.

Go for a peep at our Santiago City outlet for a day, via Ambucalao Dam from Baguio. You have to do this route, very scenic and its a safer roller coaster ride.

By friday morning, we have to be back inManila as we have to do a live guesting for a radio program. That will be a separate post. The title should be cute.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Everything PHP35

I think that was how I understood Adela Ang of EDSA Garden House in her newest venture, back to her first love, food preparation.

Saw her over breakfast during yesterdays Agri Kapihan, after Kaularan sa Agrikulutura. She asked about dressed Sunshines and she was going to get a rotisserie. "I have a brandnew one, never been used....go use it". So last night, we delivered the dressed Sunshines she will marinade.

She was busy in the kitchen making iced coolers. She made me taste the banana con lanka con macapuno..sweeted with sugar cane juice...SARAP! There was another variant using Ube instead of Bananas. That treat will be priced at PHP35. She brought in fresh greens with salad dressing, PHP35 too. Our Sunshines will be roasted and cut, served with veggies for PHP35. Adela said all PHP35...but then she mentioned juices at PHP10 : She should have served it in a large tumbler and priced it at PHP35.

If I understood her will be like the fair chits style. You prepay chits that will be used to pay for food you purchase, w/c is almost all priced at PHP35. That way, she eliminates a lot of personnel.

She toured me to her see the little girl grinning with glee in her new playhouse.

You should support her new vision: giving you simple, healthy, well priced food. Plus, her best reward is, she gets to do what she loves

She will start operation on February 26.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


That reads like a tagline you see all over Davao City. Except for Durian, we didn't really do the usual tourist areas, but we still see the trip as WOW.

When we learned about the Philippine Veterinary Medicine Association Convention in Davao City, I excitedly used the opportunity to schedule a Durian galore/farm visits. Doc Rey may go to his PVMA thing, while Zac and I will enjoy our own schedules. And, a seminar for Raising Sunshine Chicken was also set. This was our kick off for the seminars in key cities.

We've heard a lot about Andry and Joji's naturally grown pigs fro, Tere and Armand of Earthkeepers. Zac Sarian met them in Gen San, but it was in passing and there was no chance to really discuss about the Korean method they had been applying and advocating. So I texted Tere. She contacted her friends and then texted me a schedule that started at like 7am, 1hr after we flew into the city. We not only got Andry and Joji's farm, we also got to meet and visit Dante and Tigbaw. Yup, he is named Tigbaw :)

Andry, Joji and Dante got us at the hotel. I cautioned them that there were three huge US. They said its ok, Dante and Tigbaw were midgets wehehehhe...just Andry who was big but he gets his own seat as the driver. We arrived at Dante's house for breakfast. Parking was at the highway as you have to walk to his house, balancing through feet roads. On the way, he talks about sustainable farming. While walking, we were met at what seems to be "one way" road, by his wife and daughter who were going to her school. Such a happy mother and daughter pair, who was glad to see father's visitors. What greeted us as we walked into Dante's property was exactly what he was talking about. A farmer may grow his own consumption. He had a little of everything! Even had rabbits. I thought the breeders rabbits were producing rabbits for commercial meat. Nope, petshops bought them. There were even bird's nests in not too tall trees just beside the house. And this was very near the main highway.

Breakfast from rice to hot chocolate and fruits came from their labor. That was the start of our all eating out vacation.

We walk back to the highway and cross the street to Redzki restaurant in Los Amigos. This is co-owned by Dante and Tigbaw. The large integrated farm surrounding is also a corporation/team up with Tigbaw and Dante, with Tigbaw's siblings. Before we started to walk, Joji made me drink her FFJ of 3Cs: Carrots, Cucumbers and Celery Stalks. I like the champoy juicelike taste. She said it is an energy tonic when taken during the day and makes you sleep like a log after taking it in the evening. After my golfing days like maybe 15yrs ago, I hardly walk. And walk walk walk we did, under the hot sun, balancing ride paddies and streams. You see fish rice paddies, well thought of backyard fish hatcheries, vegetables, ornamental fish farming farm inputs. Dante and Tigbaw were such passionate farmer guides.

Lunch was sinugba pork from Andry's farm ( teaser 0f what we are to see), broiled hito from the paddies we just walked through, vegetables fron Joji's plots and her great salad dressing. Doc Rey joined us when there was hardly any left at the plates. He opted to meet his friends earlier and had lunch with us inbetween meeting up with vets. Veterinarians, not veterans :)

Headed to Helen's Farm of Andry and Joji. You are first greeted by workers working in the fermented plant and fruit juices. Another group, blending the rice bran and corn with the fermented juices. Another team working on the Cacao harvest. The number of workers are least, you won't believe it, in the piggery houses! Just before you walk in, Andry makes you eat the blue flowers that bloom from the vine as you enter the piggery. So you enter walking and talking about the taste of the flowers, laughing and loud. Then you see the somewhat make a double look as you can't be around all these pigs...NO SMELL. NO NOISE... sleeping, not wanting to budge at your intruding! Even communal nurseries...Doc Rey has to go back there.

We went around the veggy plots. No farm inputs, no green houses, just yellow plastic bags, split and painted with used cooking oil to attract the insects. Toured the area where chickens may have a new place.

Next stop, we went to Malagos Resort. Mrs. Puentespina was so happy that Zac Sarian was around and going to stop by her farm. We toured through Cacao trees, solar driers, fermenting tanks, as they are in production for export to a US chocolate company. We were treated to taste the production of good tasting 70% Cacao, that had a sugar cane after taste. Packaged in old look vintage design, you will be glad you were able to partake of it as it gives you pride that it is sold as a premium chocolate elsewhere. Goats were happy, and the cages were clean. They also followed Andry and Joji's recommendations on natural farming. We were treated to a hot chocolate drink and goat cheese.

A friend of Zac invited us for dinner. Thank you that Andry and Joji came as it was a noisy chinese may have been uncomfortable for me if they weren't around. Time to stand...good! On the way back to the hotel...Joji may have read our minds and asked if we wanted Durian. YES! Timing that Doc Rey was just around the corner from Magsaysay Park and was really headed back to Grand Regal. So, we all met for Durian.

Next morning I was good and worked for the seminar. Stayed in the hotel and liasoned for the presentation. Zac was off to a breakfast meeting and Doc Rey had his own too. Seminar that day went fine, well attended...we even had to open up the next room so we will have proper spacing like when brooding chicks :) We have to thank Dante Delima for coming to attend the seminar as their group is planning on raising Sunshines. He ended up giving a talk on natural farming after Doc Rey, w/c the participants were most thankful for. A golden bonus.

Larry, who we meet a lot during AANI activities and is very involved for the Mindanao Fruits, invited us for dinner and durian buffet in his restaurant, D' Farmers Market, known where corporate accounts take their visitors for Durian. The gift Andry and Joji again. They came by and joined us. It was agreed that we all go to Larry's farm early next day with a trip to the pig farm again as this time Doc Rey will join us.

I have to remember to mention that we had been sleeping well inspite of being overly loaded with food. We have to credit Joji's FFJ 3Cs.

The 20th, our last day...I request for a late checkout and thankfully was granted as we wanted to be able to take a shower after the farm visits. Doc Rey was so awed at Andry's farm. Asking the typical vet questions :) Then off running to Larry's farm for the Durian buffet of really fresh off the trees, just harvested that morning, fruits!

By 2:30pm, we were at Waterfront to meet up with some vets, and to see the convention as it was our main alibi for flying to Davao.

Thank you for this trip, there were gift of friends, knowledge and Durian and FFJ. Walk with us..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fresh Cacao

It was just about 2weeks ago that I saw a fresh Cacao fruit (if that is what you call it) in a trade show in Vigan City. I was blaming myself for not buying one out of curiosity.

Today, in Davao, we had hot chocolate drinks, ate tableas and processed dark chocolates. I satisfied my eyes seeing these Cacao trees, fruits in trees, bagged for protections against fruit borers, and saw them being harvested, and pried open for processing. The fresh cacao seeds are fermented to get that Choco flavor. True! As is fresh, you won't say they will have that addicting and heavenly Chocolate flavor. I got to taste it fresh.....Jasmine like Atis flavor. Refreshing...but please ferment and process mine. I will wait for my hot thick bitter chocolate drink please. I can wait in line for it :)

The picture above is from Helen's Farm of Andry and Joji Lim. Organically grown and healthy to eat....except when you use a lot of milk and sugar :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Capon Breeder Search

The statistics of the visitors in one's website tells you the profile of your readers. What they are searching for, what led them to you, the pages that get a lot of interest etc.

I make it a point to read my site stats. Today something caught my attention. Someone typed the keywords capon breeders in their search bar. It led them to this blog.

Capons are not bred. They are not a product of breeding. There are no parent stocks that gives us capons.

Capons are castrated male chickens. So, any male chicken may be a capon. They give you meat that is fat, tender and very flavorful.

This is an old art that is most sought after by people who know their chickens. Continue on searching and reading about this old practice.

To start with, since our Sunshines have that "native taste" it is a good product for your capons. It will be a good idea to focus on this niche in your area.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fiesta Time

Yes, we do eat everyday. They say that Filipinos are such big chicken eaters.

That means we may be serving chicken everyday. If I were to base from our sales of chicks and dressed chickens, the people around have learned to eat good and healthy chickens...Sunshines in particular!

We have doubled our production...and we expect the number to increase yet in the next few weeks as our Certified Parent Stocks have performed better than expected in terms of production, hatchability and time frames.

Do we have problems with disposing? Nope. Early and sustainable marketing built the consumer consciousness.

There will be seasons and time when the demand will go up further.... You think it was just Christmas time? There are graduations, fiestas etc...and TODAY will be the perfect time to load. In time to harvest in April and May.

Plan your loading so you maximize harvests, time, effort and profit.

Table Eggs In Demand

Table egg production, from grass fed and free ranged Sunshines are in demand. We sell at PHP250/tray of 30s and it is very in demand.

Another business idea one may go into is the table egg production.

You may slaughter the male Sunshines for meat, and maintain the females as layers. On the 5th to 6th month, when they reach sexual maturity, they start to drop and give you brown colored eggs. The egg yolks will be deep orange in color, and have no fishy taste.

Expect to get about 180 eggs per annum from one hen :) They will not be as productive as your hormone laden white chicken layers, in terms of number of eggs, but the health benefits and premium pricing will make it worth it.

Try the will be proud if you produced them.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

AANI Herbal Garden & Livelihood Center

Agri Aqua Network International (AANI) has relocated inside the Quezon Memorial Circle. If you are driving, enter the Commonwealth gate of Quezon Memorial Circle. right across Philippine Coconut Authority bldg (Philcoa). After you pay the parking attendant, you make a right immediately to enter the parking lot. You will instantly see the AANI area. Park right in front of the building.

Aside from the regular stalls that are open daily, there will now be a weekend market that will carry fresh produce, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Of course, we will be there. We enjoy being there with the AANI gang, eating inihaw under the trees...and entertaining the hobbyists and weekend farmers who frequent the place.

The relocation is great! Walk in sales have at least doubled if not tripled for all. See you more often there.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seminars In Key Cities

Now that we are pacing with our schedules and workloads better. Jobs have been delegated and may be supervised through online data transfers and cameras...

We will be scheduling seminars nationwide, starting with the key cities. Minimal fee will have to be charged to cover venues. Don't worry, it will be very fair, granting that we did the travelling for you.

If your company, LGUs, organization, groups etc are interested to set up a livelihood seminar on raising Sunshine Chicken, please feel free to contact us.

Please check schedules we will be posting here.

Maraming salamat :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fridays The 13th

I love the Fridays that fall on the 13th of the month.

Its the non conformist in me, going against the flow, being different, wanting to do what is said to be hard, quaint....

It is no cult belief nor black magic here. I just like it because people dread it and relate it to bad luck.

I always see it from another point of view and it makes it fun :)

Maybe I get a special treat for 2days...the 13th and 14th of February!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joining IFEX 2009

Contract signed and booth chosen for the International Food Exhibition.

This will be on 15-17 May 2009, at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

We will be at booth A9, located at the retail section. Coming from the Exporters' area, we will be the 1st booth to your right, as you enter the retail area.

I am looking forward to this show as it was a success last year. Congratulations to CITEM.

Another NAGA Seminar UPDATED

Due to demand for a more proper seminar, as the March06 dispersal/seminar may not be enough time as there will be other programs.

WHAT: Seminar on Raising Sunshine Chickens
WHERE: Sinulog Tribo Grill (in front of Naga Cathedral)
WHEN: March 5, 2pm
WHO: Rey B. Itchon, DVM

Please register through or text (0917) 847-2639.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lemon Meringue Torte

Last night I remembered that I had to see Heny Sison for product development.

To share and for them to taste, I prepared two sets of Coco Milk and our organic salted duck eggs. One set for my mother and another set for me to share with the cooking group. That is how much I am confident about Organika's products. It is meant for my mother and a discriminate eating group. Anyway, it didn't get to the eating group as my mother liked it so much, she asked that whatever I had in the car be left with her :)

Off to get Mitos, part of my PR team..then we headed to Heny Sison's office. Such a jumpy place for a late morning meeting. Classrooms were full. Her office had several meetings going on, she was also on the phone. By the time she waved us in, she sort of had the cove already, ready for chika chika.

I was there for the product development for the marketing of harvest from Ilocos Sur. Initial samples were sent to Gov DV and he texted me this morning saying "masarap". Heny said she had to pinch in the area of the tail, as she can't resist to make a final taste, before it was sent to Gov DV.

Other chicken recipes had been discussed and they will do kitchen testings.

Meantime, thank God, Heny asked that we be served coffee and Lemon Meringue Torte. I spied on that cake as we were going up the stairs, passing by the chillers..seeing what was in the offering wehehhehe

It was a good coincidence that the working team for the coffeetable book on Ilocos Sur was there. Food styling was the initial discussion. Then the month long event at Intercon of Ilocos Sur in May. Chef Nick from Candon was there too.

Tagal ng cake and coffee.....Heny said they had all sorts of coffee available because she had a barista class going we wait more :)

Chika galore, as schedules are forced to be moved as an impromtu trip is being planned. Also a trip to Ilocos Sur with Mitos while Heny and I are there!

Finally the cake and coffee came. This is what I love about meeting with Chefs and foodies. The servings are substantial. You can taste every morsel. The icing and creams are there to compliment flavors and not just to act as washy color. I ate my Lemon Meringue Torte fast and stole some of Mitos', on the pretense that she was just letting it sit. Too late, I gulped it fast...she was saving the best for last, she said.

Hmmmmm, I know Gilbert Lee wanted to discuss somethings w/ Mitos....I hope to get called on to help them taste.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Aesthetically and functionality, I like our simple vacuum packaging.

Another business idea one may do for food retailers is to come up with packaging for chilled/frozen food.

I got several of the thermal bags with fabric outer covers. Nice and simple and can withstand some time out of the freezers and sit in cars when given as gifts. Today, I was with a media friend who was out interviewing an agriculturist from Bicol who was assigned to the technology of making handicrafts from tree barks and corn husks/hair.

She says that they bags we was showing us were easy to make and was of course from materials that are thrown away. No need for molds, special equipments nor a lot of manpower. You need your corn husks/hair, glue, dye and I presumed a flat table surface to straighten it out as you brush glue :)

It was so practical, cheap and your products can need to tear your paper wrapping to peep wehehhehehe.

It withstands moisture and of course reusable bag.

As we use fretting now...move in these trying times.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Going Around

Eating the regional delicacies and learning about the place's articrafts, used to be a sidetrip whenever we go around for seminars or when joing friends in farm visits.

Lately, because of Organika and our other weekend markets, we find ourselves looking forward to going to the local markets and sourcing new ideas and products to sell.

Interesting to buy a few of food items that takes my fancy. Finding out sources, how it is made, ingredients that go into it. Taking small bites, then bigger mouth fulls :) Tasting the difference and relishing the taste. Wanting to distinguish it from all the others of the same name.

I have to blame this sourcing for all the weigh gain. As if I didn't have my saddles even before all these trips!

Benguet State University Seminar

We have to thank the support of Benguet State University to Doc Karen, during our seminar yesterday. It was well advertised and technical support can't be overlooked. The entrance to the main campus, we were greeted by our Sunshine banner. I later found out that our other banner was used during the parade.

We had the auditorium as venue. Aside from Vetmed students and faculty, there were at least 63 listed farmers who came and some of our dealers attended also.

Visited the demo farm, where the barn for the Sunshine Chickens of BSU were. There were co-existing happily with the goats and turkeys :)

Starting today, Benguet State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, will be selling Sunshine Day Old Chicks. They are serving the inquiries brought about by the seminar and the visibility of their demo farm.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

8th Philippine Food Expo

SM Megatrade Halls 1,2 & 3 will be the venue of the 8th Philippine Food Expo (Philfoodex).

It will showcase regional and national food products.

Dressed grass fed Sunshines will be available in the NCR section, booth #236. See you on March 05-08. That is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Joining INAHGEN 2010

When the email for the invitation and layout for INAHGEN 2010 came in, I had to do a doubletake on what I was reading...2010, yes I read correct. Come to think of it, that is just 1year from now and yes time flies and our schedules are its fitting to block-off dates this early.

Rare that I find myself in my homebase office desk. Today was busy with faxes and email replies...and yes for shows, seminars and talks. March is almost filled up too!

Leche Flan Please

My favorite food blogs have posted about Leche Flans in the past few days. Maybe coincidence that they have thought about this light and creamy dessert from eggs and fresh milk.

I like using real fresh carabao's milk please for my Leche Flan( you might want to try my recipe). If you used eggs from grass fed Sunshines, you end up with glorious golden Leche Flans that you'd otherwise would have thought to have been artificially colored...just like the street kwekkweks :)

If your clients know that the eggs you used came from grass fed hens, used good fresh milk, and it all adds up to delicious flan, you will have a market for your creamy dessert.

Chicken Stock

After the pulled chicken will be left with chicken bones.

Don't just discard them to the trash bin!

Good chicken stock from scratch and no artificial seasonings may be had from those bones and wish bones :)

Slow boil those bones with onions, vegetables and you will have the tastiest chicken stock from scratch. You may freeze them and sell as chicken stock. Most cooks will prefer buying this, rather than making of from letter A, as it is time consuming. Now you know why most kitchens have the buillion cubes which taste of additives.

For dark stock, use bones from roasted Sunshine Chicken. For clear soup stock, use the bones from Sunshine that had been steamed or boiled.

The Power Of Pen

I am no writer. Wehehheh it should be obvious from my blog.

OMG, I disliked my language, reading, history classes from elementary days onwards. They say the teachers have a lot to do with how a student likes her subjects. I like the teachers...its the subjects I don't :( I buy from National Bookstore the pamphlets/synopsis of books we had to read. Am so lucky always, getting the answers during tests without really dissecting the matter.

Anyway, I think I will attend "The Power of Pen", a food writing workshop scheduled in March. Why am I attending then?

Basing from the blog statistics that we get, Solraya's Sunshine Chicken blog gets a lot of readers, both unique (first timers) and repeat readers. Surely, the attention the blog gets is not from my writing form, but thankfully from our content.

Because of that, I owe it to the readers to have a more entertaining blog....wehehheeh THAT IS, IF a 2day seminar will change it. Remember, I said I hated writing since grade school!

The blog, our weekend markets, our Organika....and most of all, myself, should benefit from hearing others.

Am sure I will have an interesting time. I always make sure to have that :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DAVAO Seminar, Feb19

Definite information and final schedule.

When: Feb 19, 2009
Where: Function Room, Grand Regal Hotel, 3pm
Fee: PHP300
Topic: Raising Sunshine Chicken
Speaker: Doc Rey - Rey B. Itchon, DVM

We normally want our seminars for free. But we are from out of town and needed a venue. The best we could do for accessibility and convenience for all is getting a conference room at Grand Regal. I believe its fair for everyone that the PHP300 fee to be charged per head for the seminar, includes snacks.

Please register thru (0917) 847-2639, and be at the venue at about 2:30pm. You may pay at the door.

Thank you and see you on the 19th.

Pulled Chicken Meat

For people who want to eat healthy food, preparing them may be the factor that inhibits them.

One should be able to enjoy salads with pulled meat from chicken that had been roasted, smoked, barbecued, cooked in turbo, steamed etc. You can cook in bulk and prepare them, packed in small quantities, frozen and ready to use for salads or for chicken sandwich spreads :)

The use of the bones will be another post...


We've met a lot of customers who come to us because they had been advised by their medical doctors and health counsellors about eating antibiotic free food.

They talk about their experiences in looking for healthy alternatives, spending time, money and effort in their sojourns.

They also spend endless times in doctor's clinics in waiting rooms. Active in participation in group help counsellings, they meet a lot of same condition people.

You can help the others cut on their time and effort to search for healthy food. You have the obvious, instant market. If you care to earn additional income, this is one aspect of the Sunshine Chicken industry that you may enter...resell :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

(0917) 8-DOC REY

In our position to make us very accessible, we have made it easier for you to contact our Technical Veterinarian.

Please save (0917) 8-DOC REY, that is (0917) 836-2739. Easy recall, easy to reach.

Note that is not Doc Rey's active number, but we will check that unit several times of the day to get back to your queries.