Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chef Bert, The Boy Scout

I arrived at the Bonsai Show at about 1pm, took my time to walk around the mall.... a rare thing for me. Realizing that it was past 3pm, I went back to my post as Chef Bert should be there soon. Sure he arrives on time, a little past 3pm as the cooking demo was for 4pm.

Where are the Sunshines? um er hm ah (I forgot to thaw them, geez). That's why I love working with these men....all cool and composed under bad times :)

They figured out how to thaw it .... weheheh and was just to use the breasts in thin slices. Seasoned with Salt and Black Pepper. The Sunshine's breast fillets were wrapped in Prosciutto Ham, and held together by a toothpick with Sage as corsage :)

While Chef Bert was wrapping all those, he remembered he forgot to bring Olive Oil.....someone ran to get some. In time for the frying! The put together pieces were fried and set aside. Now came another test...he forgot to bring a spatula or whatever, to turn his fillets while not ruining his pan.

Came another to the rescue, getting some stalks from plants (we were in the parking lot), and stripping the ends...voila...naturally fresh chop sticks!

Instead of washing off the used pan, Chef Bert put some Capers, Garlic, Sage, Salt and Pepper, and Bignay Wine. I notice that Chef Bert uses this particular wine a lot. He said it leaves a sweetish taste to sauces, and the wine tastes good when drank.

Slices were passed around. It was really good and you know it was a success as people's conversations drifted to the different ingredients used. When asked what he cooked... Chef Bert replied "Sunshine Chicken With Sage".

Pol Rubia remembers that only the breasts were used, so he asked one of his guys to season the remaining Sunshines and barbeque them over charcoal.

The conversation back at the AANI booth and our charbroiled Sunshines were perfect caps for the afternoon.

Let's see how Market At The Hills go...and watch out for new signs at Hobbies Of Asia....coming soon :)


  1. Where can we taste pospas here in Metro Manila. I used to see Aling Ines in San Mateo, but it seems, the store's not there anymore. Anywhere else they serve this comfort food?

  2. Ma. Margarita, I myself go to Binan Laguna for good pospas. It is sold on a wooden cart, and you seat on benches facing the wall :)

    The only place I see pospas in Metro Manila is Goto King....and you wouldn't want even your enemy to have some :(

    I tried searching a recipe for you, but I ended up with what tastes in my mind like lugaw....far from the dreamy taste of my Los Banos pospas!