Monday, November 16, 2009


It is in the taste..that Sunshine is bought :)

When we started started our Sunny Rotisserie, we were doing the mid-sized chickens. Not ready for the response and the snowballing of the sales, by end October we ran out of that size. The next batch was ranging and will take two (2) more weeks.

Because we were growing for the dressed Sunshine market for Metro Manila for marketing purposes, we had available the large sized chickens. Wary how the market will take it as they were used to the mid-sized one already. So relieved and surprised that the sales didn't skip a beat, nor a note :) Prices had to be increased because of the size difference. It was OK for the market!

Last night saw Sunny roasting again the mid-sized ones. Clients didn't complain as the price of course was commensurate.

Proof of the reason for their coming...the taste!

The more we are excited to open in Metro Manila, after trying the Santiago City Isabela market.

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