Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Permit to Import

We have now received our permit to import parent stocks of colored chickens.

Expecting our first batch to arrive not later than end of March :)

WHY did we decide to import?

We used to be distributing for an importer (AP Inocencio/Teresa Farms), but we weren't happy with the standards. Day old chicks being produced were way below par, not meeting growth expectations and mortality rates were high. Chicks were not being classified properly. After countless discussions, the importer didn't offer concrete changes. On the contrary, everything turned from bad to worse.

Decided then that we will not attach our name to a product we can't be proud of. It was a hard decision to stop distributing the colored chicks. I earnestly believe in the concept of free ranging and drug-free meat.

Importing from Grimaud of France became an option. Since initial talks w/ Grimaud, we decided to sacrifice time and severe ties w/ the previous product we were carrying (SASSO). Eventually, it was learned that AP Inocencio hasn't been importing parent stocks to replace his flock. No wonder the product was getting worse from bad. Good we didn't wait for the worst to come before deciding to cut connections.

Whew...Until we finally built the housing for the parent stocks, and getting accreditation to import...it was hard to keep the excitement!

All we had to reply to emails and calls was "We are importing breeders and expect island borns to be available in September. Till then, we won't carry a product that we can't back up"

So now, we are in the stage wherein we are finally making the transaction to import :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Have you ever had real chicken? The way it was before the dawn of the quick growing white chickens?

If you did answer "YES", am sure you know what it means to eat good chicken meat.