Sunday, December 28, 2008


Nope. It doesn't mean we got Grand Parent Stocks!

GPS means global positioning system :)

That is my new found toy since yesterday. I had been going around, stopping, parking and SAVING my locations.

It tells you where you are. You indicate intersections and addresses, and it tells you how to get there. They talk to you, sways with the road and keeps you company. Not boring company as it nags you literally to turn left, go right, stay on the left etc. Of course it hasn't met BF's u turn slots, so it asks you to make a turn and it quite shouts at you that you missed your turn. She knows who the boss is and sighs, then recalculates and asks you to please make a u turn in the next intersection. BF of MMDA of course didn't have the GPS maps in mind, or intentioanally teased the mappers..... Of course you make a U Turn and the GPS gets frantic and recalculates again.

Great stuff.... it thinks differently if you are behind the wheel or on foot. Amazing gadget. It is worth it, specially for someone like me who always gets lost and laughs it off.

Road maps are now a thing of the past.

Naked Necks

This batch of Certified Parent Stocks are now mature and will be ready to give us back the naked necks. Our new addition to our Sunshine Chicks will be ready February.

After consultations with our growers and SASSO of France, we added the naked necks to our existing line. This is sturdier for the Philippine conditions. The gourmets say that this is better tasting as the skin is very thin.

This is part of our commitment to give you better products and marketing tools.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The 26th

Five more days and its 2009.

I took it upon myself to make those three chicken roasts. Better to not volunteer it, lest the expected happens and it turns out the usual bad :) Rush rush, that I had to prepare and take a shower during the last 30mins of cooking the 3rd (I only used a turbo and an oven). The two I used a turbo on, was preferential for my eyes. The 3rd one cooked on the oven, inside a dutch, was screaming to peel itself from the bones. It was so tender and juicy!

Anyway, I promised myself to take pictures as the aroma and slow browning was pushing the juices from the chicken and my senses. Came the bell to alert me that the roasts were done....rush to pack...

20mins later, as the spread was prepared...the buffet looked gorgeous for let's say 5mins? The pinches on my chickens drew reactions that made me feel I was made up by my favorite make up artist. The words of appreciation from the male out-laws, were IT! I know I had a winner.

At this point, even if I remembered to take photos...I'd be embarassed to click on my chickens. Nevermind, the words and the mere fact that it made to the pulutan table, was enough for me.

Pate...yes the pate I asked Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery to make for me was such a hit too!

Did I say 5days to go to 2009? Most households recreate the chaos of December 20 too :)

We head back to Manila....I love doing my booths at the weekend markets. See you at Sidcor Market at the Green Street tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Loco Over Coco

Whenever we are in our home base Santiago, we have pure buko juice as our water. So when the sourcing of products for Organika brought my attention to non dairy coco milk and ice cream, i lost no time in trying it out.

For several days I conjured the taste and texture of the coco milk in my senses. Initially, I thought coco milk...gata. It was explained that the coco milk derived is the one where the virgin coconut oil is removed, so you don't have that VCO taste. It is chemical free and healthy for us.

Yesterday, I had their ice cream as dessert and brought home coco milk. This morning, after my wheatgrass juice, I had to have the first taste of my non dairy, low fat coco milk.

HEAVEN for me. The sweet buko juice is there, creaminess with a hint, or ok...a slight taste of gata. It is coco milk, it should taste like coconut :) Refreshing, creamy....sarap. You don't have that aftertaste associated with the VCO.

I will definitely have this in my Organika roster.

Start With Your Circle

Often been asked where is the market if he was to raise the Sunshines.

Yes we do advertise and market, but we do the bigger picture. Ours is marketing on the consumer awareness level.

I will always say start with the people around you, friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors....that is the best initial market. They will be the ball of the word of mouth and your circle builds its outer size little by little.

In August, to make sure we had dressed Sunshines available for Agrilink, I asked one of my staff to take care of 100 heads. Another 200 was commissioned to a relative and I bought back close to 100 from Daily Dose Farm. So our Agrilink safely had close to 400 sold. Had to make sure, as hard to get from growers as they have their own markets developed and I understand when I can't be served. I like that problem for them :)

Right after that October, my staff decided to grow another 100. Now on their own, unlike the 1st batch that I financed and paid them a grower's fee. Today I asked her how she is doing, because it was targetted for harvest this season.

1.9k in 60days. Who was she selling it to? I wondered as our live chicken sales was not being affected. Loyalty prevails :)..... Her husband drives a tricylce during the hours he has after feeding his chickens and pigs. His ready market? Tricycle drivers too!

Don't even think about how many each tricylce driver purchases. I saw the larger many men with their jackets worn the other way and caps facing you do you see on the road? Ok, let's even just talk about the terminal where he parks.

His 2nd batch of 100 sold today.

Don't look too far beyond. I guess that is why people stumble, they don't watch their steps :)

How Do I Cook It?

I took out three (3) capons to season and roast for tonight. Three...yes you read right! When there are ten (10) children in the family, spouses and grown up children, three capons might not even be enough :)

Salt, fresh black pepper from the mill, just pinched Rosemarie from my pots. That's it for my capons tonight. Will let them sit on marbled potatoes, and let their juice season the marbles as they bake with the Sunshines.

I can't stress enough: low fire, slow cooking :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

SIDCOR Market at the Green Street

Yes, we will be there starting next Saturday. For the whole of December, it was open Saturdays and Sundays. Starting January, it will be Saturdays at 7am-8pm.

You know the Capitol Hills Golf Clubhouse? Ayala Heights, Celebrity Sports Plaza area? The Green Street is how that area is now called . You walk down to the putting green...that is where you find the SIDCOR weekend market.

I used to play golf at Capitol at least once a week, so this venue is close to my heart.

Go and visit. Safe parking, open air, nice view, several options for eating places...a weekend market in a literally, green setting.

Step Back, Sit Down And Relax

We need those.

So does almost everything.

Trivia questions are thrown weekly to listeners of Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura over DWWW 774, for a prize of 10 Sunshine Chicks.

Today's question was : Bakit kailangan na nakakapahinga ang pag gamit sa brooders? (Why is there a need to rest the use of brooders?)

The winning answer was from Marie Almodavar of Binan, Laguna: Para ma break ang cycle ng life cycle ng bacteria and virus still present in the poultry house. After cleaning and disinfecting them, allow about 2weeks. ( So that you are able to break the life cycle of the bacteria)

True, the brooders have to to rest, sit back and relax. Let them sun bathe also :) Sunshine is great for them too.

I was texting with a client who had tried two batches of growing already in Gen San. He wants to start to raise 100 chicks a week. I suggested to have six brooders ready, so he has resting ones.

Actually, I think I will talk him into 200 every two weeks, or 300 every three weeks. Less personnel, less biosecurity risk...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Capons

In the rush of things and time, I forgot that I had to prepare my own treats for special people. Good I still remembered to make a call to Joey for his special Sunshine Capons. What was left for me to take were 20 unreserved ones.

Before it goes fast today....let me take a final picture.

My recipients are all so excited to cook their capons.

Long Round Trip

After Tuguegarao, we took the northern tip to make a U Turn to get to Ilocos Norte then to Ilocos Sur.

We do weekly trips to the project of Gov DV. Christmas season is no excuse.

You better watch out for the Developed Vigorous and Bountiful ilocos Sur chicken!

We Can't Complain

For the past week, almost everyday was a scheduled product presentation for the different provinces where a partner cooperative/foundation, is actively doing work. Yes, in just one week, we covered Aurora, Tarlac, Bulacan, Pangasinan, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela, Cagayan and Nueva Ecija.

We can't ASKI for more.....thank you for all the support and welcome you have given Sunshine.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Since the 76th PVMA Convention and Technical Conference will be in Davao for 2009, we will schedule a seminar on Feb 19. Contact us for exact details. Most likely, in the vicinity of Waterfront.

We will be in Davao, from Feb18 am until Feb20 pm. Contact us at (0917) 847-2639 if you want to meet up for your questions.

Durian, hope to see you there :) This looks exciting as some friends from the agriculture world may join us to meet up with growers there.

Radio Parties

Sure, today, 14th of December is the last weekend before the Christmas week. It follows that there were a lot of parties the week the passed, if you are a social butterfly....officemates, your partner's officemates, your friends, partner's friends, relatives, their relatives. Next weekend will be for the closer circle of friends and family :) Actually the week starts as the wedding day of a dear person :)

Today, we had two Christmas parties, both for radio programs. First on the agenda was the breakfast party of DWWW's KSA's (Kaularan sa Agrukultura) Agri Kapihan and then lunch at DZMM's TeleRadyo Sa Kabukiran.

Save for a handfull, the two parties had totally different crowds and listeners/audience base.

It is nice to have a face to texts that you receive from readers and listeners alike.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Grass Should We Plant?

We have always been asked this, what one has to plant for the Sunshines to eat.

They eat anything that is soft :) No need to plant, as when you rake an area, new life sprouts. If you have tall and matured grass around....cut them and see the new stems and leaves will attract your Sunshines.

And as for food? Let's work with what is abundant in your area. There will be no clear cut feeding programs nor materials.

I suggest though, that while they are ranging....let them have feeders with their grains, adlibitum. Just like a green buffet, let them walk around, poke and sniff. Give them choices and liberty to eat whatever at will.

By experience, they love the range more than their feeders.


This afternoon, Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery texted me this :)

My sis' comment abt your adobo - Parang adobo version ng chicken soup, soothing
That made me smile and happy. When Elena tasted it, she said "it was not salty. it was neutral". I asked what her neutral meant. I forgot what her reply was verbatim, but it meant that is was not outstanding nor was the taste was home cooked taste.

That moment, whether her opinion was supposed to be a negative remark, it meant I got the taste for the home cooked food I wanted in the first place.

Our adobo has the old taste, dry, minimal soy sauce just for color. Vacuum packed, so people just let it sit on water to thaw, then heat it in the microwave, toaster or fry it a bit :)

Naku...where is that saucer of kamatis, sibuyas, bagoong, and wansoy....give me that chicharon for topping!

My View

We're still fixing around, so for now, this is what you see when you turn from the freezers.

As you are ready to step out Organika, you see SM Fairview.

This is my view from my temporary working area. I haven't taken a picture of my cove, but its pretty cozy :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Think About The Gifts

As I was reading my online newspaper tonight, I came across Dreaming of a Green Christmas.
I always thought that one should give a give that they themselves would want to have :)

For about a week now, I had been emailing with a lady who asked me about the benefits of eating grass fed chickens, pricing, availability etc.

Today, she ordered more than an ordinary household would consume in one week. Why? She may have read my mind and advised me that she was giving some as gifts to her friends. She was actually gifting her friends and me too. For her friends, she wanted to give the gift of healthy and tasty chickens. And why did I say she was also gifting me? Because she said that if her friends liked it, they will contact me for their chickens :)

But she already gave me a good time for her emails are so straight and no corners.....she was so funny in her candidness.


A media partner hooked us up with a foundation that is extensive in Northern Luzon.

December 9 Tuesday, saw us in Baler, next day we were in Tarlac City. Today Doc Rey went alone to Bulacan because I can't pass up on the opening of the AANI Christmas Bazaar. I was asked today by a visitor if I was happy with the turnout of people. My reply was "Am not here for the numbers, but for the friendships" :)

Anyway, back to Kwentong Negosyo matching, on Monday the 15th, we will be in Pangasinan. 16th-18th finds us in Solano, Cauayan and Tuguegarao, all in Cagayan Valley (our home base).

The last leg will be in Cabanatuan on the 20th.

When we were invited for product presentations for this foundation, we walked into the agreement blindly and did it for our media partner.

So glad we did it. The members showed interest. The officers and staff were so welcoming and you know you are in good hands.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Ada (my sissy who started as a cyber friend in the early 1990s) led me to Facebook, w/c led me to find some high school friends from Maryknoll.

Logging into Facebook is to kill time for me, in the beginning. For about 2weeks now, I find taking time to see what's happening to them while not really chatting. Karin is still the mother hen. Nenette...oh bless Nenette is still the same! Reactive, cutely naive. And of course ADA! Ada with her baliktad pic and always fidgetty about her court schedules. Yes, she is a liar!

Anyway, today....I decided to edit my status and talk about my drinking wheatgrass juice :)

Soon after, Caress Banson messages me and we chat about the benefits I was getting from wheatgrass. One thing let to the other and she was surprised I was at Market at the Hills, since she lived at Corinthian Gardens. she orders 10 chickens. If her kids ate one chicken each, that will be for just one meal. Yup, she has 10 beautiful children. 10! My kids had a Banson classmate always, since Caress' kids were in all batches wehehehe.

Why did I write about Facebook? Because chatting with Caress led me to a wonderful site.

Mothers/wives and if you want to understand them should read this site from a Waldorf Mom. The real reason for the blog is about conscious parenting...but depending on where you are coming from, it will surely touch you.

Ilocos Sur Visit

Gov DV Savellano is targeting two birds with Sunshine :)

Vaguely over breakfast meeting yesterday, Gov DV mentioned that he saw Sunshines as the continuing program for the two awards Ilocos Sur got. They were merited for poverty/hunger alleviation and another citation was for the livelihood programs they have gone into. By introducing the livelihood of free range chickens, he sees that he will be able to merge the assets of the province into a strong focus.

All 700 barangays will be he said, Ilocos Sur wide.

The provincial government is very supportive. Recipe developments and marketing has started to be planned this early.

Since brooding in late November, Doc Rey is on his 2nd farm visit. I decided to tag along on this 2nd visit, as the option was I drove to Manila alone. So it was Manila for me, via Baguio and Ilocos Sur :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time And Work

This morning, we found ourselves waking up at 8am! We are such morning people and so used to waking up at dawn to attend to various engagements. Are we too tired?

So many things are cropping up: opportunity for Shangri-la Mall booth (who will man it?), series of Northern Luzon seminars (almost daily in key cities), guestings, shows etc etc.

I thank the blessings that problem is scheduling orders, rather than finding buyers. We will be increasing our Parent Stocks for next order.

Thank you that we are seeking how to clone ourselves for time and manpower needs...rather than being idle and getting bored.

For all these, we are maintaining our commitment of giving you only certified F1 Sunshine Chicks to you. Our records of importation, periodically replacing our certified Parent Stocks from France, and visits by BAI to our farm is proof of our goal to give you quality.

Monday, December 01, 2008


The whirlpool of the trade shows, seminars etc has taken its toll on me. Actually, might be the thuds of the base in the sound system? The waves of people at the Noel Bazaar? When I was asked what show I will be on next week...I replied "rest, am tired already".

What is rest in the next few days? Sitting, napping and eating junk food in the car! Will be taking Northern Luzon, east and west, all in a matter of few days. Farm visits, almost daily seminars and the likes.

Longer times spent in the car means time for ourselves and just pouting weheheheheeh.

Although Noel Bazaar spent me, I had fun shopping too. Got hair extensions, that makes me look like Mulawin :) Got these cotton do-a-lot scarf, cap, it in many colors. Drank a lot of fresh wheatgrass juice from the Merit booth across me. Deliberated on this colon cleansing drink which I will try and let you know.