Friday, December 25, 2009

Planting Trees

Five (5) yrs ago, we developed an area of 1hectare. First we did was dig half of the property to elevate the other half. It used to be a ricefield and the area was soggy. So to get dry land fast, we made the property higher. The soil we got from the dug up area went to the half that we planted with trees. We were prepared to be patient as the the soil was wasted and overused. We agreed to let the land rejuvenate on its own.

The holes were made into fishponds. We also plan to build poultry buildings on top so we can have more sustainability. Waste from the poultry can feed the fishes.

Now at 5yrs old, we have productive fruit trees. We harvest vegetables. Fish is fresh. Our table is almost filled by our farm.

No spraying of chemicals here. Our mango trees have started to flower...and we will keep it that way til fruiting....naturally. Grow your own food!

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