Friday, December 11, 2009

Natural Gifts

I am no gift giver during events. Treats I give go when least expected, but surely those will be items I will want to keep or use for myself.

Christmas is no hurried time for me because the traffic and shopping frenzy doesn't engulf me :) This week is different! Nope, didn't catch the traffic stress.

From a riceland that didn't use chemicals nor pesticides, just organic fertilizers, there was a good harvest. That was sometime ago. There will be new sprouts and fruits from that field. See how some people go through harvested fields? Its like picking up the leftover.

What we got are not leftovers from the previous harvest. These are the ones that grew after! This crop didn't even get any fertilizing. Just the rain, the sun and fresh air. From there we got about three (3) sacks. One for my sister, one for my mother's bestfriend and one for me. The thought of giving came because I had a good product to give. It just dawned on me later that it was timely for Christmas.

For neighbors, think I will give fresh eggs from our grass fed Sunshines. Now. Why now and not on Christmas? So they have time to use it for their special flans.

What else? Fruits from our farm, we really give that to Manila friends....on regular days, when no ribbons go around beating red lights.

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