Friday, December 25, 2009


This season was a barometer....and it showed good signs.

Sunshine had been around for 2 1/2yrs now. Initially, it was all educating the tastebuds, and the psyche of farmers and consumers. Others are just copying, following and reaping from our work, but that's ok. We strive and reinvent ourselves...they have lots to ape :)

By September, October this year, the sales of dayold chicks have been record breakers. We were happy for the growers and excitedly waited for the outcome of the December harvest from the backyard farmers. The ones who will serve the chickens on their tables...and the ones who's neighbors and family will await it as gifts.

Very good reviews. It snowballed to dressed chicken sales. Our rotisserie chicken earned new customers and orders from the regular ones ballooned, crediting to their family gatherings. Our Sunny staff was so busy that we decided to close the rostisserie outlet today.

Orders for dayold chicks and dressed have poured in, after the harvests and the gifts of Sunshines on the table.

We are now ready to introduce our sausages with no chemicals nor preservatives. First, we serve it today with relatives. Next week, we serve it to my critic friends with cheese and wine. My best gauge after all are my friends...they tell it as it is :)

We roll it in the market very soon.

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