Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Made a quick trip to Isabela to assess movements of ranging areas in farm.

Our present location of 1 hectare for chickens is now old and has to be left for a while to rest....we mean really rest. Not just rest for 2months but like deep massage and laser treatments :) With all the fertilizers that the Sunshines have scattered there for about 2yrs now, our caretaker is raking and allowing the land to aerate and breathe.... uuhhmmmmmmm....

We are acquiring a similar area right beside us. Since we have shades and trees in our present location, we can build houses and ranges asap, like a back to back to our present set up.

Today, another 3 hectares have been acquired about two (2) stones throw away. Near but far, perfect. This will take time and planning as we want to build canals around and within...to make small fishponds and default barriers amongst ranges. Planting live fence all around for wind breakers. Installing the combat wire we have taken down from Fairview. When the combat wires are laid on the perimeter, soon after grass will grow around it, and not even cattle can push it down.

Meantime, planning and developing takes time....just like why we like our chickens...slow developed and full bodied taste. Planting materials to be gathered for live fence, and fruit trees that will keep us busy as we get older. Of course, vegetable plots for the food we grow ourselves.

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