Monday, July 30, 2007

FREE Sunshine Seminar - at AGRI-KAPIHAN AUG 5, Sunday, 9am

We will have a talk about Sunshine Chicken during the Agri-Kapihan on August 05, 2007 at 8am, AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center.

To tackle the FAQs, our speakers will be first time growers, who have not had real experience in the poultry business nor of growing. That way, they will be able to speak from a point of view that will be similar to most of the attendees. They themselves were just introduced to Sunshine Chicken thru the PCARRD forum.

We will also have a sheduled seminar during the AGRILINK Oct4-6, World Trade Center.

No fees for both seminars.

See you :)

Sunshine in Camp Farm, Palayan, Nueva Ecija

Yesterday we had a quick visit to our booth at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center and were set to visit the breeders and a client's farm, on the way back to Isabela.

The visit to Camp Farm turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Client described their farm as small and a weekend activity for them when I started communicating with her over the phone and when we met the couple when they picked up their Sunshine Chicks. I know they were supplying the S&R chain, but the visit didn't prepare us for what we were to see :)

A dirt road guides you through fields where you see goats, sheeps, cows etc. You see an arc that says "CAMP FARM"....soon after you see a man who steps out of his shed and asks who you are and your purpose. While he radios and several different voices reply, he gets a knapsack and sprays your tires with disinfectant.

As you are asked to park along side other parked vehicles, near a cozy looking structure that turns out as the dining area, you notice that the farm employees all sport colorful yellow uniforms. Soon after, the farm manager and the poultry caretaker run to you from different directions (I guess everyone heard the guard's radio inquiries). They took us to one of the Suzuki Minicabs parked, to be shuttled to where the owners of the farm was.

More dirt roads, and climbing mountains. I even said I didn't know the Suzuki was capable of climbing. We ended up beside parked vehicles again and walked to see people taking pictures and discussing about a future house.

That was the start of a warm afternoon with the family....after you get a cold feeling from the security at the gate :)

This was like a Safari! You forget that we are problematic with a drought, as you see happy and healthy animals. The ostrich pens showed majestic looking big birds. Peacocks were free to to roam around. You can tour on horse back. And your guide was a pleasant family. Take note, as a group, they were all nice. No wonder everyone looks forward to doing family weekends together in the farm.

It was capped w/ merienda. We hated to leave, but we had to make a long trip yet and so did they, as we all had to head back home.

I almost forgot...their Sunshines are doing great :) And will go the route of unmedicated feeds too to supplement foraging. This time, they will be able to offer healthier eggs to S&R clients.

Sunshine Breeders

Stages of our Sunshine breeders :)

We are now building our own hatchery for biosecurity reasons. Planning for the next batch of importation of Parent Stocks have been discussed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Refreshing Forest Hill in Cagayan de Oro

Mike shared these photos of his trial flock, hatched June 21 :)

I remember when I first got his call inquiring to get 50 chicks. We ended up shipping 1box of 100 Sunshines.

He is doing well...his apprehensions about being a neophyte seems to have vanished as he is now experimenting with his feed mixes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Is it tough? How long does it take to cook? Is the taste OK?"

I like slow cooking....ever since I read that the smell of your "ginisa" equates to how much you love your mother-in-law....I do it with a lot of patience and love :)

I don't heat my pan. I put my minced garlic in some olive oil in a pan and then set it on low fire. Just when you remember you have a pan on the range, you start to get a tan color on the garlic. Why will you want to burn them when they look and smell gorgeous when tan.

I add my onions, again not increasing heat...still that barely there fire. When wilted and you sense that the oils have married....add your tomatoes.

The colors will merge, flavors will fully develop, I guess this is what home cooked food means. No need for seasonings as they have a distinct flavor. Now I understood why patience, merging and nurturing shows love :) Now, you can add your fresh vegetables for a quick stir-fry.

You asked about Sunshine Chicken's taste etc...why did I talk about my slow cooking?

Same concept. I do slow cooking on the tasty chickens. Why? So their flavors have time to develop naturally.

When I boil, I just add my onions and crushed peppercorns to a pot of water with the chicken. Then I turn on the low fire. Let it sit till tender, then season to taste :) It may sound forever, but actually doesn't take much time and you end up with tender and tasty chicken meat.

One of the most used in my kitchen is my crockpot. I throw in some lemongrass stalks, onions, whatever else you want, use minimal liquid as the chicken will be juicy anyway....turn it to low just before you leave for the day and you get home to a wonderful dinner :)

For turbo broilers, I set it 30mins on each side, for a total of 1hr per kilo at 300degrees. To have a golden color, add 10mins at 350degrees.

I suggest don't use over powering spices nor sauces, it unnecessarily masques the taste. Salt, pepper and fresh herbs are perfect.

This was a post from Tj :

Ntry ko na ang s.shine chiken meat....
And it was great...ako kasi medyo sawang sawa na sa manok, halos daily ata ang chiken meat ang intake ko.. so sensitive na ako sa manok taste, nalalasahan ko na ang parang malansa na aftertaste ng white chiken.. pero when i tasted the rangechiken ang laki ng difference, may ibang linamnam talga siya, ang meat hindi mahibla.. walang aftertaste. lean ang meat.. it was A1 quality.. Tinola nga pala ang luto..

Monday, July 23, 2007

Heat was pleasanty on my shoulders :)

Am sure everyone goes through mountains of trials.

We get short on manpower, when you have to sacrifice closing a branch some days instead of allowing it to be manned by someone not equipped to be helpful to clients. It can't be enough just to be able to punch cash register. Losses from operating costs have to be smiled off :)

Then you have to catch the plane that has your imports....nap before meetings....then rush to the hatchery to check on day's hatch. Pack, count, print invoices while answering phone calls and texting, that is also while you have a client in front of you.

Quick nap again before you send off deliveries, then go straight to AANI for two more meetings.

The break and relaxation came when you were set for the 8hr trip back to base in Isabela.

I loved the weekend that just passed :) Truth is....the sunshine brings me joy. Can't call it work.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

See you on Saturday

It's hatching day on Saturday, 21 July. Pick-ups will be made in Fairview, deliveries are scheduled, air cargoes have been booked, AANI on Sunday...will be glad to see old faces who reordered and new ones who finally will make the step :)

Rooms that house the brooders have been disinfected, brooders have been out in the sun ;), feeds and probiotics ready....

Let's wait for the next batch of photos!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Solraya's Sunshine Chicken AGRILINK 2007 BOOTH - Venue for growers

We have booked two (2) booths for Agrilink 2007, October 4-6, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. We will be located indoors at the French Pavilion and outdoors where livestocks will be showcased. You can't miss us. We will have tarpaulins for "Sunshine Chicken".

Sunshine growers are most welcome on those days, to meet and interact with one another. That way, we all learn from others' experiences.

That will be a good venue for you to market your products and meet prospective customers. Use our booths.

Our veterinarians will be around to answer inquiries.

Sunshine Chicks will be available during Agrilink.

October 05 2007, Friday, 2:30-4:00pm, Seminar Room #1
October 06 2007, Saturday, 10:30am-12:00noon, check list at Agrilink for venue

See complete Agrilink 2007 program

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunshine on Farmer TJ's Rangers

There is no need for expensive buildings to partake of tasty and healthy Sunshine Chickens on your table. It requires a lot of love though :)

His' Sunshine's weight will prove it all.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pamora Farm

We had a very pleasant visit to Km396....Pidigan, Abra...home of Pamora Farm.

The pictures will speak for itself, as we took a peak at the poultry building which carries the loading of chicks dated June24.

There are several buildings and ranging areas, as they rotate usage to sustain the foraging needs for year round grow out.

Visit them online :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Northern Luzon route

We are starting a trip tomorrow to introduce our chicks to Northern Luzon :)

Starting from our base of Santiago Isabela, we go up North then making aUturn to go south for Ilocos Region, Pangasinan then Manila.

We will do Pampanga and Tarlac on a separate trip.

Visayas and Mindanao is also scheduled.

I won't miss the net...made sure internet was available in the places I got accomodations :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

From Maawi Organic Farm in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Jocelyn sent new pictures showing the Sunshines ranging :)

She first called to inquire about free range chicks at a time we decided to put on hold our distribution until we got the quality we wanted.

I am sure that since April 2007, when we now have Sunshine Day Old Chicks, she was glad we didn't sell her substandards before.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Feels Great

Heart warming when growers touch base with you always and reorders are signs that they are happy w/ the Sunshine chicks.

I got this picture from Jocelyn by email :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

11 August 2007

We are now accepting orders for the 11 August hatch of our Sunshine chicks.

For the ones requiring air transport, please book early so we can schedule the flights for the 12th.

Thank you for the repeat orders. Very encouraging that people have learned to eat colored chickens :)

Spot the Sunshines at one week

It was a joy seeing them play around what seems tall trees to them.