Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Real Is Sustainable

Seminars are a joy to give...When they are not forced to. When they go there on their own. No frills no treats, pure wanting to listen and learn:
Because of the mileage we do and the cross industries we move around in, we get to meet philanthropists who really move and act on their own.

One such lady has been distributing chicks to resettlement areas, including 10kgs of feeds (half of what the recipient will be needing). At the end of 60days, the recipient returns two (2) adults of about 2 to 2.5kgs live weight. In addition to that, the donor lady's foundation, buys back an additional three (3) adults at PHP150/kg live weight. The rest of the Sunshines, five (5) left to the recipient, may be eaten or sold.

I have computed to her costings, and made her realize that she is not earning at all. She smiles back and reminds me that there was a "cause" in the first place. True, teach the recipients the value of paying back and not simply receiving dole outs.

Doc Rey and I walks around these resettlement areas. You will see that there is hope to the so called squatters in Metro Manila. Given assistance AND they should be reoriented to what is proper business ways.

The lady starts them off with ten (10) Sunshines. The recipients are allowed to repeat AS LONG as they are meeting requirements of MOA. Once you don't do as agreed, you and your immediate family members are banned (I like that...very me)!

We do repetitive seminars for the group that have repeated several times.... by then, you know who are the ones who want to pursue.

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