Saturday, November 29, 2008

Solraya's ORGANIKA

Yes, we got the name :)

Short, easy to recall..Like it?

Aircon had been installed, freezers stocked, we are in business...though waiting for the signs as we can't act without our DTI approval.

Solraya's ORGANIKA, Regaldo cor Quirino Hway, right across the Regalado entrance of SM Fairview.

Open 8am-6pm, daily. We are ready to serve the wholesale customers anytime of the day, for their convenience.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Surprise....led me to to the Philstar website and saw THIS! Maricel didn't tell me when it will be published so I was just reading my online newspapers.

Of course we know Maricel is married to one of the boys in the Pangilinan clan. I don't know the boys there, but the girls, or rather ladies, all came from the then Maryknoll College. Beauty, brains and such well rounded achievers...from sports to academics! I guess I don't have to tell you where the men are also today.

Their genes are super strong. You know a Pangilinan when you see one wehehhehe.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thesis It

We are very supportive of students who have elected to use Sunshine Chickens for their studies.

Proud that Benguet State University have chosen us, when they encouraged some Vet Med students to make a study on experimental feedings for the manners that most farmers in highland conditions will apply.

This is how they look now on the range. Nice small cages...look like watch posts for chicken coops :)

Commercial feeds have been totally withdrawn after 21days, when they were started to be ranged.

They have become some sort of attraction as awareness for healthy eating is increasing in the region. BSU also decided to range them in the organic garden area :)

Look Around

The other day, I was having a conversation with some people about having a flea market/swap meet.

I really love going to real good swap meets. You see real fresh farmers' produce. Families selling their used tools or other white elephants.

Surely, every one has something stashed that they don't know what to do with it, but will be a treasure find for another one. One vendor at MATH was lugging an old Kitchen Aide mixer, bought from another vendor (who wasn't really into baking).

As I was reading yesteday's Panorama online version, today...I got a text from Gov DV, ordering the 2nd batch of another 5000 Sunshine Chicks.

Doc Rey makes a trip to Ilocos Sur and Baguio this week to check on growers in the area. Of course with Ilocos Sur's 1st batch for ranging and 2nd batch to brood, he wants to check on the site at BARang-gay Demo Farm located at San Juan, Ilocos Sur.

That property was dormant for so long. Past leaders of Ilocos Sur had an elephant hidden. Great that Gov DV saw the tusk :)


Solraya's ORGANIKA, Regalado cor Quirino Hway, right across the Regalado entrance of SM Fairview. Daily 9am-6pm.

As mentioned, we will only sell products that we ourselves use.

To date, 08 December 2009, this is what we have:

1) Of course our banner product, Sunshine Chicken
a. dressed PHP200/kg
b. adobo - home cooked, comfort food PHP150/pack
c. roasted, great for your soup stocks &/or pulled meat for salads and sandwhich fillings PHP150/pack
d. eggs from grass fed Sunshines PHP300/30s tray

2) Pork from pigs that are naturally grown - We are calling it HERBaboy. Brought to you from an alliance of two women, Jojie and Sandy. Jojie Lim from Davao, practices what Andry and she preaches in seminars, in their own farm. Since the pigs are fed fruits based juices and given plants for snacks, the name HERBaboy fits us :) PHP300/kg

3) Coconut products
a. sugar - may be used by diabetics. Has this very pleasing caramel flavor, not bitter. PHP100
b. vinegar - comes in plain and spiced variants PHP60

We will be adding selected products for you.

WE DELIVER to key Metro Manila areas.

Name That Store

I have already approved store signages, freezers delivered, stainless counters there, vacuum packer transferred to its new nook....

As I was filling out DTI etc....I sort of had a sudden change of heart in store names. I will try to switch it to a shorter and non tongue twister.

It took a long time before people can recall and even pronouce "Solraya"...I can't think why! This time, I will play it short name game....won't say it yet, as am not sure to get approval. I won't count the chicks till they are hatched :)

Today, my 3tonner gets delivered and if the universe loves me big, it gets intalled today. But I will understand if I get timed for tomorrow. Can't be too pushy, it was just ordered late Saturday.

Madre de Agua

Have you tried feeding your Sunshines with Trichantera Gigantica...commonly called Madre de Agua.

Ruminants love them too and is easy propagate as you only need cuttings.

Gerry of AANI excitedly told us yesterday that he and Arsie had been experimenting on his Sunshines and have fed them with Madre de Agua.

1kilo in 30days... supplemented with feeds.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AANI Christmas Bazaar

December 11-14, to be held at the AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center, East Ave Gate, Quezon Memorial Circle.

Various agricultural products will be made available as this will be in partnership with Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

This may be the last grand activity for the year in this location, as come January 2009, we move to the other side. I actually like the new site better. Coming from Commonwealth Ave, you enter the Commonwealth entrance of Quezon Memorial Circle. You will see the AANI to your right, with perfect parking. If you are driving around the Elliptical Circle, you will find it at the tip of Commonwealth Ave, across Philippine Coconut Authority.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Morning

Does the title sound like I am here to write a novel? One Morning. Its actually the title of the morning TV show simulcast over Channels 4, 9, 13 and Radyo ng Bayan on radio. The hosts are Niki Jimenez, Bobby Yan, Clauding Trillo and JM Rodriguez.

Yesterday, at lunch, I got a call if we may guest on One Morning. When I was talking with Lorna, one of the producers, it wasn't apparent to them what the theme for today will be. I guess when we agreed to guest, that's the time the organic and clean up theme was conceptualized because the other guests said they were called later.

On the way to the NBN studios, as we were tuned in, I heard that the theme was now organic and cleaning up of the Pasig River.

As I was waiting for Doc Rey to park, I thought who the other guests may be. Guess who drives by and gets off? Lina Tan of the OPTA Cooperative. YES! She herself thought the same way and said she was glad she saw me.

As usual, I can't have photos of ourselves being interviewed, but I got pics from behind cameras.

They may do a photo shoot at our AANI Urban Farm site...that will be fun.


After they started work on my soon to open store, Organikasyon, this morning was my first time to peep.

Partitions in place. Walls have been painted, we are still awaiting delivery of our other stainless working tables, glass top freezers and air conditioning units.

You want to peep too?

I am pretty excited!

Last night, I approved store signages etc.....Hope to see you there :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Natural Healing And Alternative Medicine

Last week we were exhibitors at a convention that focused on alternative medicine.

Totally different market than other trade shows we have joined. Consumers that really needed it were there. Doctors who prescribe clean food were there.

The questions were not how to raise Sunshines, but how it was raised :)

I myself tried this herbal tonic called St. Vincent's. Liked what it did to me the first night, so got several more bottles the next day.

The very good feedback we got, reminded me about the spot I had to check at Shangrila Mall.

Shangrila Mall

My quick morning errand to pick up a rotisserie for Santiago was derailed. There was only one staff and no one may carry the unit to my truck. sad that I can't drive back and meant to kill time at Shangrila. Really a bore... isn't a bore to someone who has no time to shop :)

Last week I was at ATC....shucks, I can't remember that last time I was awed wehehehhe. Anyway, as I entered Shangrila, I remembered to check out a space being offered to me to set up a naturally grown/organic store.

Walked around both entrances from 11am when the mall opened. Had lunch nearby...walked around the site again.

At 1pm, got the call to pass by my rotisserie again.

Shangrila is one place I will go to. I like quiet places My favorite before was the old Greenbelt, Alabang Town Center, Rockwell and this mall.

Most people will discourage me about low traffic. But again, I want to get the attention of people like me.

Will see how the universe takes us here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When Eating Is Work

I had been so excited about November 13. Always felt that 13 is my lucky number, this is one instance where it proves it.

About mid October, my good friend Margie said that Nana Ozaeta, Editor in Chief of F & B World magazine, wanted to feature naturally grown products. Margie said we should hook up together. Nana was leaving for the US the next day, but we started exchanging emails. She said she will want to do a story when she gets back in early November.

I didn't want to get my excitement it seemed to me like "we'll call you".

Lo and behold, I did get again an email from Nana for an interview and shoot for the 13th. Just about the time we were setting that date, was when I had taste testing at Zucchini's, and Didi was also supposed to be in touch with Nana. Perfect timing huh????

F & B World crew met up with me to go to AANI Urban Farm in Antipolo. We went around the two ranging areas there, and Nana, Betty, Gold and Christian enjoyed the farm. Chickens, native pigs, and organically grown vegetables. Pol and Tita were gracious hosts and even cooked Sunshine Tinola and Fried Chicken. We had home cooked food and the sweetest, freshly picked salad vegetables. It was good to have our fill as Zucchini's is fine dining and we didn't want to go hungry.

After a hearty lunch, we hopped to Sct Tuazon cor Sct Castor for a shoot of the Grass Fed Chicken Confit. When we got to Zucchini's, I sort of wondered where we were going to be as it seemed there was no table for a big group. We were led to the function room. Gilbert Lee was going out and yikes, he knew Nana again. Did I mention in an earlier post that this guy knew all of my real high school buddies, individually at that! We didn't know we all knew him. He must be taken as consultant by the likes of Facebook.

As we entered, Christian immediately set up for photo shoot. Hey, when he was taking my pictures at the farm, it was kidstuff. Not here...weheheheh he took the liberty of using bottles around to prop his aluminum foils for lighting effects. He dropped a bottle and the waiter instantly gushed "that's the most expensive bottle of wine". Nope, Christian didn't lose his car today, but decided to use steak sauce bottles as props.

Why did i say that eating is work???? We had lunch already, right? And now, from 12pm...until the time we decided to tour the office and kitchen...was 5pm already! What did we have? Almost the whole new menu of Zucchini's. You will not understand when I say that I got tired by all that lifting of forks to eat. Appetizers to deZZerts. AANI to Zucchini's....we ate all, A to Z.

When you want to eat good food, well thought and done with care...partake of Chef Richard's creations. I told the F & B World crew they had to see the kitchen. I go through a lot of backdoors in delivering. This is one kitchen that will tell you the washrooms are surely sanitized. The office upstairs show happy employees. What I saw for the first time today was the staff room of the restaurant. Didi knows how to take care of her staff. I sort of saw that when I had part of employees' meal last week. But seeing her staff room with double decks, airconditioning, well stacked kitchen, lockers that look like they were for a coat see how she cares about the personal details. What caught my eye more? A note on the door that sort of went what to watch out for during a storm or a flood.

The good food is just the Cherry on top of the ice was super good company and values seen.

Let me show only these pictures taken. I will not preempt Christian's work for the day. You can see more in their Jan 2009 issue.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Philippine Food Expo

We're now looking at our 1st Quarter 2009 schedules. In terms of our new batch of Certified Parent Stocks due in January, farm visits for Vizmin, trade show schedules etc etc etc.

During exhibitor's meeting today for the Noel Discovery Bazaar, we signed up for the Philippine Food Expo to be held on Mar 06-08, 2009 at SM Megamall.

Food from all regions....see us there!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Exhibit, PCAM Convention

November 14-16, 8am-pm, Aberdeen Court along Quezon Ave.

That is where the Natural Healing convention of The Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine will be held.

There is an exhibit area, and we will be there.

If you are interested in the complementary and alternative medication, listen and learn from them.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Unoy Rice

Upland rice is a premium for us. We like the nutty taste, the health benefits from being pesticide free, aromatic....slow development and patience does things :) They look healthy too..being pinkish, short and plump.

During meetings and trade shows, I get myself some for our use. When I was planning Organikasyon, I knew I wanted to have organic, naturally grown rice. The Kalinga lady is always pictured in my mind.

Last night, over dinner that Sen. Manny Villar hosted, good I saw my Kalinga lady! Of course she was meant to be there, as the Senator wanted inputs about Agriculture.

So tomorrow, at Market At The Hills....I have a new product. My Unoy Rice, harvested last month. We vacuumed packed it to keep freshness, and keep off the bugs.

How to cook: Use 1 cup Unoy with 2-3 cups water.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ilocos Sur Seminar

Remember when I wrote about a public official who acted fast and straight forward? That is Gov DV Savellano of Ilocos Sur.

Sunday, after radio, we motored to Ilocos Sur. Next day, our relaxation is a short walk before breakfast. After that, we went to the seminar venue and was surprised to see the province well represented by the key people . Doc Rey was well accepted as the seminar was done in the dialect.

Gov. DV and his farm manager, Doc Soller, toured us around the demo farm.

Am sure you will want those grass fed pigs too!

Brooding areas are being prepared now for their coming Sunshines.

Incidentally, catch a trade show featuring the products of Ilocos Sur, ongoing at SM Megamall. Gov. DV does know how to market his province.


I first met them at IFEX 2008, they got one dressed Sunshine to have their chef try. They forgot all about it and remembered to try it out after about two (2) months in the freezer. Thank you it was still good and merited their approval.

Then Gilbert Lee, friend of Zucchini's started to drop by Market at the Hills. Talking about his passion about food, our chicken. Soon after...

They planned for menu revisions and ordered for taste testings. Last week, though not yet in their menu, they had been offering it to clients, and it faired well. Today, we got around for lunch to taste test again before it finally gets printed on their menus.

I may not be a good taste tester, but I see what others don't and that gives you a good critic.

I liked what they did to our Sunshines and pork. It may look like your ordinary fried chicken and lechon kawali! After you taste it, you know how much care went into raising them and the several steps Chef Richard did to give you simple great food.

Honestly, by now you will know I am a dessert person. The dessert tasting was WOW for me. There was a sampler of ice creams..I liked the Gorgonzola Cheese and the Basil flavored ones. Among the cakes offered, the apple/ginger/raisin/nuts was very good. You knew Christmas was around, and I will have that anytime over the usual fruitcakes.

The food was very good. But I found the company enjoyable. You know how you go to business meetings half heartedly? This one makes you hope they invite you again. Not for food, but for the company.

You know they really plan to make your meals an enjoyable experience for you. They plan new menus, make sure their staff is educated on the ingredients so they can explain and offer. They take the extra steps, I like that.

Zucchini's is fine dining in Quezon City. That is at Sct Tuazon cor Sct Castor. Across the original Max's Restaurant.

Thank you Didi.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hayop Sa Timing

When we shot for Hayop Mag-Alaga, we knew it will be shown in November.

Last week, they asked for some additional I knew it was coming up near.

Today at about 1:30pmish...I got so many texts inquiring about Sunshine chicks. Hmmmm..I texted staff of Hayop Mag-Alaga and asked if it was shown today. Didn't I get notified? Well, yes and not really :)

Anyway, they split the shots they took into two shows. So next week, I get to watch half. That is at 1:30pm, Channel13, Saturdays. I know they start also on ABS-CBN, for a Saturday morning slot, showing the same.