Sunday, November 29, 2009

Living Windows

Been quiet, but not idle. We were moving our Manila living quarters from Fairview, to a halfway house until we are able to develop and move to our centralized operations in Araneta Center.

Dust is really a killer for my asthma. What most people conceive as just my imagination and arte are really real breathe stopping particles! Drapes are not part of my everyday living, unless there is someone who will clean clean and vacuum.

I am faced with huge glass windows. Frosted glass, but a little more privacy is in order. Spending a lot on renovating a halfway dwelling isn't very intelligent....

Air plants and garden shows....remember I am obsessed with vertical gardens, succulents etc... THAT'S IT!!! I will hang plants in the grills outside that guard the glass windows. Great, green shade. Literally and figuratively.

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