Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Know What You Are Eating

Dinner last night was so good...why?

1) Sweetest and juiciest Atis. Those large, eyes.

2) The Guayabano was firm when sliced. Picked with a fork to eat and they gush out with the perfect sweet sour blend. They come up with the fork, with no resistance, yet firm and not smudgy.

3) How can you not know that you will get your needed fill of fiber in this Pechay? This is just a one bunch, or do I say a plant or a whole Pechay? You hold it in your hand like a bouquet..its that pretty because fresh and succulent wehehehehh. I just wishy washied it under tap water, more like a shower for dust in my hands. Tenderly tore it into like 5 pcs from stalk to tip of leaf. You can hear it crunchilyy tear...that fresh. Used my microwaveable dish and set it on high for 2mins. Voila, perfectly steamed Pechay! I had to steam another whole plant as the moment the 1st one peeped out of the door, you knew it was a goner.

So why is it the best? We grew it. In our own farm. No pesticides, no chemicals. You can't compare. Picked off the tree, plants or get the sweetness of freshness...and the juice...ohhhhhhhh

I hope to get another harvest for tonight.

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