Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Where To Build?

Woke up real early as ground breaking for new pens....opportunity to walk at sunrise, taking in fresh air and donning my boots :)

Do we build pens at the end of the property? Midway near the caretaker's house? Or front near the road?

Good I decided to go as Doc Rey marked the ground for foundations already and it was at the end of the property.

I thought this way: brooders will be midway, close to the caretaker's house and near to the sources of water. Ranging pens will be set up at the front near the road. For one, the areas there are virgin...we have never used that area before. For two, easier to harvest and have holding areas near the road, where it is close to parking and the hauling vehicles can drive through.

We have to keep it simple and easy for work to be sustainable for manpower.

Next to plan: farm tools and implements to make work like play :)

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