Sunday, November 29, 2009

Side By SIde

Some Saturdays, see us with the group of Pol Rubia at Ofel and Panday's radio show over nationwide Radyo Natin. Pol mentioned that a grower of Sunshine had asked to market her ready to slaughter Sunshines at AANI FTI Weekend Market. Since she is a regular, Pol allowed her to set up right next to our booth.

When I passed by her Sunshines at about 10am, she said she has just sold one (1). "We haven't had ready to slaughter for sometime, so people are not expecting to find some here today..." I told her.

This morning, after our DWWW's Kaunlaran as Agrikultura, Pol Rubia says that she was so happy because she sold all that she brought. Of course, there is a market for the ready to slaughter....more so in a wet market.

Start somewhere....we always assist you in marketing...but, you have to move and initiate. We give you the road, but you have to make some padyak yourself...and the sipag and tiyaga has to come from you :)

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