Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As For Dressed Chickens...

....which means the ready to cook :)

The deliveries continue to most areas of Metro Manila, until Alabang to the South and Fairview area in the North. Come to think of it now, that is like a bus route :)

For a minimum of 5kgs order for dressed Sunshines, we can deliver to you the frozen and vacuum packed meat, together with eggs if you require them too.

We have varied sizes for the different market needs. Normally, deliveries are made on a weekend. If there are impromptu needs, we try to serve you. If not, you may pick up at our QC outlet with advance notice.

Slowly developed the market...for consumer awareness. The people have to know what is available in the market and easy to be found. It creates then the market and encourages the small farmers to raise them.

Because of the land requirements and the expectations of profit, the big farmers are not really lured into doing the colored free range market. The farmer's capital is secondary to the passion and advocacy to go into raising Sunshines. So we pave the way for the smaller , colored free range chicken farmers in the Philippines :)

Help us in this vision. Buy dressed Sunshine Chickens! Share the info with your friends please.

Email or text us (0917) 847-2639.

New Set Of Breeders

Our production of colored free range Sunshine F1 Chicks are up and there will be no more long waiting time for booking orders. The Certified Breeders from SASSO of France arrived in September 2009, day before Ondoy.

Also, logistics have been more cooperative and our network for Northern Luzon is getting back on the road. The South Luzon will follow shortly.

Thank you for the trust and support, that the colored free range industry in the Philippines, has shown. The Government and private sector made us go farther each year.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My mom had a constant companion for some Eight (8) years before she passed some months ago. She has had several changes of nurses, but a constant was her Flowerhorn. Another companion she had, long before I came to life was an image of Jesus with a Sacred Heart. She transferred residence in her later years. This was one of the very few things she took with her. She practically changed all furniture, but brought the Sacred Heart with her. I grew up with this image in the corridor leading to bedrooms. As a child, I thought it was God looking at us from Heaven. The original had clouds and angels in the background.

Devotees of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are promised of a peaceful death. My mother had that. She decided the "when". The "how", was peaceful and quiet. After which, one of the things I inherited was Flowerhorn. It was so interactive and would almost do cartwheels for us. The times we are out of town, Benny the feeder will say it was sad and was always alarmed. When we got back, we don't see any problem as she always greeted us with splits and head turns.

Last Thursday, we decided to hang the Sacred Heart above the aquarium. This photo was taken Thursday late night. We had a party....maybe she wasn't used to the crowd? The last photo taken of her in the background, as we were wrapping up "to go" for guests....

This out of town trip was no different. Benny told me yesterday that she was sad again. I wasn't alarmed as it was always the case. I knew that when we got home Saturday, she will greet us with hugs.

This morning, Tita Pilar called and told me the bad news. Flowerhorn died. They walked into the living room to feed, but found her dead. I hope the Sacred Heart also gave her a peaceful death. She was really part of the family. When you visit Mommy or Lola, you were also like visiting the Flowerhorn. We saw how she grew!

I really felt so bad. Even Doc Rey felt inutile as a veterinarian. We have pet shops and we should have seen the signs. But, no, there was none!

Over breakfast, we were discussing. Much like a meeting with our vets as we discuss cases as a group. Doc Rey was thinking out real known data...he asked me to search on lifespan. I did "8-10 yrs" :(

There are patrons and companions in life. Much like sponsors. Mommy had the Sacred Heart and Flowerhorn.

My patron is St Jude. Ever since I was a in High School, it was St Jude who assisted me in desperate cases. I had been visiting an image in the Cathedral in Vigan. I am glad I was able to visit my St Jude today, as I have so many blessings to thank for.

My post has no chicken...but there will be no chickens in my life if I didn't have my patrons.

SM, Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan

Can't get away from SM. It may not be is that, SM is all around...for consumers and to uplift lives of those around them :) They have the power to make it work in bridging livelihood for others and giving the best to consumers.

I grew up with SM North EDSA near our house. As a child, I'd walk around Cubao where my grandparents stayed and hop to SM. With Sunshine, our Fairview outlet is right across SM Fairview, which made me decide not to give up the location and just renovate now. We are making a new outlet in Cubao, again peeping at SM Cubao....My father always kidded that SMC stood for his initials.

Then we got calls to supply SM chain of supermarkets with our dressed Sunshines. Now another SM arm wants us to straighten out the free range chicken project they have started and the logistics for marketing, since we have been asked to supply dressed chickens.

Doc Rey did the first in a series of visits and seminars for SM Foundation last week. Because of the projection of the program, this will be an exciting endeavor.

Nice uniforms for SM Foundation's members.

Yesterday, we got a call from them, saying that the feedback was very good on our visit. The members learned a lot and understood the WHYs in their previous grows.

I had the best Guinataan Bilo-Bilo ever during the seminar. Then lunch was with the family of SM Foundation's agriculturist. Sweetest water from a deepwell, and a great meal that used vegetables they grew without pesticides.

We will see more of Batangas :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Region 1

Headed for the week, to Ilocos Sur and La Union.

If you want to meet up for questions, you may text us at (0917) 847-2639.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If you are from the city and have a need for water for bathing, cooking, washing and car you may not be affected by the El Nino.

For us farmers, water means a lot. We need to water the farm to produce the food on your table. You don't even need water to cook vegetables as they can be eaten raw. But we need it to nurture them til harvest.

As we were fencing a new area, I realized how important water is. Or looking at it from another point of important that our soil isn't super dry. The crew can't put up the posts w/o water. Hard to dig, can't mix cement, etc.

In an area where we thought we didn't need water yet...we did. Water is basic.

Some people think that they may range their Sunshines in wilderland. Sure you may, but make sure there is a source of water. A deepwell, a pond, a brook....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Slippers

Old habits are hard to break. Harder is parting with security blankets.

My old, cheap simple camera that was also my video camera, conked on me after 2 yrs of daily companionship.

Because of the demand in what we do now, we decided to get a good DSLR and a separate HD videocam. Argghhhhhh so hard to learn new things. Then, because I have to install new programs for these two new gadgets, I learned that my laptop's CD doesn't work. my new pics will have to wait.

Meantime, stay patient for better pictures for this site. I owe it to you to feed your eyes.

Kabuhayang Swak na Swak

Do you watch the weekend shows of Kabuhayang Swak na Swak over ABS-CBN network?

They did a shoot on Doc Rey last Friday and they said it will be shown on Easter Sunday, April 4.

It is just really introducing the product as the segment is short. For people interested in business ideas, the show is worth catching :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Move Now

Way before El Nino came, when it was already being talked about coming, we got ready for it. Installed pumps and wells throughout the farm.

At present, when everywhere is dry and brown....we are developing a new site. An additional 3hectares for the Sunshines.

Concrete posts, nets and poultry wires have been prepared for fencing. Seedlings of Aratiles, Madre de Agua and a myriad of herbs are in the nursery. A grader had been booked to make dams and canals all around and culverts had been installed.

Why do all these dams and canals when there is no water around? Why wait for some obvious problems to crop later. Now is the time to move, when it is dry. Easier for logistics to go all around the property. Elevate and secure for potential scenarios. Mobilize now when it is accessible all throughout.

When you are around ricefields during El Nino...easy to find workers when there is no now is the time.

Land preparation, much like the most important :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mobile Homes

I had taken down the number listed on the billboard for a mobile home I saw in Libis. Called today and realized I got one number missing for it to be a legit telephone number.

That's ok. Searched, got the number right and further search led me to this site of mobile homes.

The Manila office of Carryboy is now accepting orders. They come in motor homes or mobile homes. There are pros and cons in both. If you go by the motor home, you are bound to use that vehicle without rest. For the mobile home, you can change vehicles that pull and let your other vehicle rest. But..... you are in your own world and don't know what is happening inside the vehicle that hauls you :)

I am such a compulsive buyer. If I was in Manila this minute, maybe I ordered one today. Tomorrow, I may decide I don't want one.

For those who are on the road a lot and are very choosy about accomodations...this might be an answer. Comfort has a price. You need to feel good when you are working on the road a lot.

On The Road

If we are quiet, it means we are busy on the road. Yesterday we logged in 600kms, going to Pangasinan...Alaminos, Sual, Binmaley etc. Very productive, thank you.

I have on my "To Do" list, to go look for a mobile home :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tighter Reigns

When there is no rain, no harvest, no income, no food, no income, no disposable income, no income.....waaaaaaaaaaa

That is our group's advantage. Problems? We have gone and passed them several times in the past. You see them now and laugh it off as you know several ways to get around it, after going through them before. We are seasoned entrepreneurs, working independently and dependently. Our jobs are sole responsibilities and decisions are respected...but then, we know how important that everyone is knowing of problems and joys.

We haven't met as a group, in person, for the longest time as schedules are hard to fix when you are all busy with this and others. But we stood by we have to meet is we are one. Long distance affairs are hard to come by :)

Meet we did today, over Shakey's Friday Special! I don't think we have had that for about 30 years! My partners are old friends too, so we talked about our Shakey's times together. Talk was more of small talk and catching up rather than business....but I think it is because we trust that one will do the best of their abilities.

In a few was gathered that we import next batch when other businesses are holding back. We implement new ways and experiment on some. I will let you in on the new ideas some time.

Hand holding will give you strength and pride...knowing that confidence is there. We stood up feeling good about the group and resolved that once a month meetings are set...fixed schedules.

Harder times are not reason to set back. It means unity, closer looks and tighter reigns.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Range In Nasugbu

We had been invited to market and supply Sunshine Chicken in SM Supermarket branches since last year. That was approved about October of last year, but logistics was wayward. Besides, growing chickens for the dressed market wasn't our line of business. Offering it to various growers was easier said than done as it will mean quality control and monitoring will require several crews.

Fate has it that SM Foundation contacts us again for their livelihood program. Several calls and a meeting set led us to schedule a seminar for their recipients.

WHAT: Raising Sunshine Chicken from day1 to Harvest
WHEN: March 27, Saturday, 9am
WHERE: SM Foundation Demo Farm, Sitio Pingkian, Barangay Looc (before the Hamilo gate)
Nasugbu, Batangas
WHO: Doc Rey

FREE as it is meant for SM Foundation, but they said it was OK for outsiders to attend.

Let's take this opportunity. See you there!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Links To One

Discussing the past week as a whole, then daily activities, led us to talk about certain clients and activities in particular.

We did yesterday a one on one seminar for a farm. The several visits there have been helpful in explaining things, as you use actual scenarios as examples for the DOs and DON'Ts. The seminar is patterned to fit the needs, plus showing the general picture. Even if they opt not to follow conventional poultry management, the caretakers will understand why some natural farming methods are applied and what works. IF there is a problem, their knowledge of conventional will help adjust the natural farming methods utilized.

Not just the poultry crew was asked to sit in. Even the construction guy was called to listen. As I walked around, you know that certain things apply depending on your line of work. The poultry guys were taking notes on space requirements, feedings etc. The construction guy had sketches and computations on the building samples and their own designs to amend. He also had notes on wind direction etc :) There was one more man who didn't take notes nor ask questions, but he was equally attentive. Maybe he was the one that mixes the feeds and drink concoctions, much like the marinade man in kitchens.

What was amusing was there was a crew who prepared lunch. After the buffet table was set, they also sat down to listen to Doc Rey. They were on the "common mistakes" portion. Doc Rey loves this part as he says it is easier to remember the DON'Ts and the sins hahahhaha. Going back to my cute food Doc Rey showed pictures to quiz them, the first to answer was this food prep man who just took his seat.

If he wasn't around during the seminar, why was he able to reply? I will credit it to the fact that he is part of the day to day activities of the farm and sees the chickens a lot. PLUS, common sense and high IQ :)

My point here is simple but often forgotten in success stories. Teamplay is very important. One person can't do all. We have to find that team....wherein the members all love what they are doing and their personalities work together. Key factor is that they are team players.

Many times when a group is sent to us, I am able to observe certain characteristics and you know right away who passes the ball well.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Get The Heat Off In The Park

Started early and got to Tagaytay for breakfast. I love being there for Bag of Beans. I prefer the original site, and thankful that is is just a short detour from the route to Natividad Farms. Now full tummies...we have the energy to run after the chicks to be set to range.

The doctor talks to nervous caretakers. But they get relieved after the pep talk from Doc Rey and their eyes give them the confidence as they see how happy their Sunshines are at their debut, finding their own benches.

In these intense heat filled days, timing that they get to be free ranged today. They are 21days and at the right age to be set free. Am sure they loved their new house when they got transferred from their brooder house. Their caretakers were vigilant first time nurses and it can get strict and rigid, by the book there...

Look how they take a peek first.

"Walking and getting fresh air...let's do this daily"

They call out behind them, "Hey bros, it is much better and cooler out here. Come on down!"

We take a quarter turn to view them...and saw the next ranging area being prepared for their soon to arrive cousins.

Nice frame from here, but we had to rush to give the caretakers brooding lessons. After their 21day experience with natural farming protocol, it was now easier to teach them proper poultry management for free range chickens. Now the caretakers' eyes and ears open and comprehend why some things have to remain in management. Experience steps up to knowledge.

Were we in a hurry to do the seminar? Hahahhha...honest??? We wanted to get back to shed soon, as there is where lunch is served.

I did say the Sunshines enjoyed their walk in the park? Ed will want to take a hike with them.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lipa Seminar - UPDATED

Doc Rey got an invitation to conduct a seminar for a group of retirees and senior citizens in Lipa, Batangas in April 28. Age isn't a reason to be idle, surely!

It will be open to all and free of charge. It will be held in a restaurant, so the organizers are requesting that you order some food during the seminar and leave a token for use of facilities.

Fair for fare :)

WHERE: Panyesenan Learning Center
Brgy Rizal, Lipa City
WHEN: April 28, 10am-2pm (seminar proper will be 10am-12noon)
WHAT: Raising Sunshine Chicken from Day1 to Harvest
WHO: Doc Rey
FEE: Meals will have to be purchased in the resort and please leave a token for use of premises

Open to all. See you there.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Graduation Day

As I am fixing schedules, planning for some graduations and calendared our harvest for next called to mind that all those who loaded same day as us, about January8...should also be looking at harvesting next week or this weekend!

Perfect batch for the Graduation parties :) For the first time also sort of graduated in your experience in raising free range chickens.

For the long Holy Week may welcome Easter Sunday with a feast.

It is all in the timing.

Make It Easy

We had planned way ahead and really think of ways to make life easier for all.

This post on clean water had drawn several queries in the last few days.

Timely that we got for ourselves, and we have some to spare for those who want to order too. Very easy to install. You make a hole through the PVC pipe and pry the connector in :)

Not a good shot....but it is simple and workable.

Foe or Friend

Snails are considered pests to rice farmers. They are collected and left on the road to be crushed by passing vehicles.

They will be good protein for your rangers! You can gather them and blanch them in boiling water in a drum, then step on them to crush the shells. Those shells will be good for your layers if you kept some. If your neighbors have their snails crushed on the streets, you may ask for it after they gather...or, blanch them after crushed.

I just think that it is easier to handle them whole when dunking them in boiling water :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sunshine Chicken 101

Basic Know-how From Day1 to Harvest.

Includes advantages, brooding, feeding, housing, ranging and business opportunities.

In DVD format, Doc Rey discusses an overview on raising Sunshine Chicken.

Available at all Solraya Enterprises and AANI branches (refer to link of dealer list for dayold chicks).

PHP350 for pick up at AANI and all Solraya outlets. We may send to you by LBC, all inclusive at PHP600.

For orders that have to be sent by LBC:

1) Pay PHP600 thru BPI: Solraya Enterprises, C/A 3535-8057-24
2) Advise us my email or text (0917) 847-2639 about the deposit, include name and address for our LBC details
3) We send by LBC the next day. You receive it the day after we send.

Drying Up

The news on the radio and TV, well at least the news we get over regional channels, are scary and alarming. The water levels shown at Magat Dam yesterday was almost no where. You can see rocks on the sides already, when before what you see is just a huge basin of water. They say water to the lands for irrigation will be shut off March 20.

The line of priority is water supply for the pipelines, electricity and lastly, water to irrigate farmlands.

As we were discussing the plight of the farmers around us, over breakfast at the farm, it looks bleak. 99% around us are ricefields. A few have fish ponds. Both will be highly affected. We have a crew in the farm, fencing for us. They are assured of work for the coming days from us, but what about the others?

At the start of the news of the El Nino, which was months ago (so let's not pretend that we got caught on the heels), we had slowly installed deep wells, water pumps and drip hoses for the plants and of course our free ranging chickens.

Looking around the think "what will they do" in this trying times?

1) Plant vegetables to feed themselves and to sell to neighbors. Vegetables are easier to water as they are in plots or containers. You can fetch water to quench the thirst :)

2) Forced to good! Why did I say that? You are forced to dry up your fishponds and ricefields for several months. That will be your most natural way of disinfecting and time to rejuvenate the area.

Time to think out of your plots!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Don't Let The Heat Stop You

We are experiencing so hot weather! Our farm in Isabela is not getting a different wind from the neighbors'.

What makes our chickens still range around in this heat?

1) There is water, fresh water at that, all the time. We have installed more of those nipple drinkers (refer to a past post on this) that are attached to the PVC pipes.

2) Make sure that the ranging areas you are presently using have the shaded areas that they will need. You need them too as caretakers :) Our favorite areas now are the ones with a lot of Bamboo trees, Aratiles trees (the chickens love the falling fruits). Those make nice shades, and fast growers. They grow with the Sunshines.

You don't feel hungry when you have to eat under the intense heat of the Sun :(

3) Wet their grains to make it more appetizing for them in this high temperatures.

Don't be scared about the news of the Heat Strokes. Don't let problems make you watch and sit. There are ways to go about it. Remember, your chickens have a choice of where to stay.Thank you to free ranging chickens and natural farming.

And please don't forget your caretaker!!! We installed additional pumping wells and long hoses, so he won't have to walk far to fetch water. If it is convenient to do, then he will do it. Always try wearing caretaker's shoes.

If you ask about our Parent Stocks, the breeders...they are fine. Those are enjoying regulated temperatures.

Different Reasons

I got myself a set of the Cory Swatch. It came with a coffeetable book and two (2) watches.

What led me to get? I don't get quartz watches, but this one is obviously different :)

It had Sunshine!