Friday, February 29, 2008


We have come from an exciting 3days for the 2nd INAHGEN.

Rumandan Farms And Nursery, based in Rosario, Batangas was our partner grower for the event. They marketed their dressed Sunshines. Very good exposure as they got a lot of interest on their products.

Another grower, Joey Rigor of Sunshine Capon, was interviewed by Zac Sarian. Last Sunday, Zac got wind of a grower doing capon and asked me to set up meeting with Joey as he wanted to feature the product.

The Sunshine Chicken got a lot of attention. In turn, the inquiries redirected to our listed dealers were immediately felt.

That is our commitment to our dealers and growers...that the focus of marketing will be on the good product and them.

Several other major trade shows have been lined up for the rest of 2008.

We didn't get the attention in a major veterinary trade show because we were offering high technology. On the contrary, the people who are in the know..knew they had to unlearn practices. Rememeber, we are going back to basics.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ingress For INAHGEN

It was fast and easy for us to set up....but see how the others are really working hard on their booths. We are surrounded by neat looking ones.

After we hanged our tarps, we had a late lunch at Padi's at the boardwalk...I gulped a glass of Margarita :)

See you tomorrow!

Info Ads 7-9

Here is our 3rd batch of Info Ads.

This set is geared to help our growers and dealers.

Our PR work and marketing is now focusing on spreading the taste and health benefits of Sunshines....assisting our growers.

2nd INAHGEN is a start. Several other trade shows have been booked. We are encouraging our growers to use the opportunity.

Some raisers have asked us how much they would have to pay for space taken up at our booths.

None. That is part of our total marketing plan. We all have to grow together. Together with educating the farmers, we also remember that our produce have to be known. Everybody is benefited, the dealer, the farmer, the end user....goes back to the cycle, we will grow too.

Join us in the trade shows that Sunshine participates in. Help us man the booths. Only if you know the other aspects, will you also be able to sell your products well.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunshine Seminars

We have decided to set aside every 4th Sunday of the month as our homebase seminar schedule.

WHAT: Sunshine Seminar
WHEN: Every 4th Sunday of the month, 2-5pm
WHERE: Due to renovations in Fairview, we will hold it in: 19 Lipa Rd, Philam Homes, QC. You may enter thru West Ave or EDSA gates. Accessible by train, bus or jeep.
FEE: PHP450 prepaid, PHP500 walk-in
WHAT DO YOU GET: Basic lecture on raising pastured chickens, from day1 to harvest
1) The seminar will start on time, no one will be allowed to enter after 2pm. No exceptions. It distracts everyone and you missed other points taken up already. So please come early.
2) No eating, no smoking inside the seminar room.
3) No children allowed inside. Only paying participants are allowed to enter.

We will go on with the seminar irregardless of number of participants. We are used to doing one-on-one talks so this schedule will be beneficial to all, plus groups encourage questions and everyone learns.

This will be no frills, no treats, no meals...but you will get what you came for....How To Raise Pastured Chickens.

It will be a presumption that there will be participants who know nothing of equipments needed, usage etc. This seminar will be from ABC.

Due to unforseen response, we will limit the number of participants to Twenty-Five (25). Please book space in advance.

Book and pay in advance, so we can properly allot seminar slots.

For walk-in attendees, fee will be PHP500.

Payments may me made thru any BPI branch:

BPI Magallanes EDSA
Solraya Enterprises
C/A# 3535-8057-24

See you on the 4th Sunday of the month.

If you are commuting, by bus or MRT, get off the North EDSA Station. The Philam Homes gate is on EDSA, Southbound. If you are entering thru West Ave, the Philam Homes gate is next to Jollibee.

Agri Kapihan Feb 2008

Every 4th Sunday of the month is a reunion of some sorts.

Agri Kapihan at the courtyard of DWWW 774khz, is open to all listeners and friends of Kabuhayan sa Agrikultura.

During the regular Kabuhayan sa Agrikultura, there was a question to us and the discussion drifted to capon Sunshines when Zac Sarian asked about supply.

Was I glad I had a ready answer that Joey Rigor of Victoria, Tarlac has Sunshine Capons available. Zac was very interested and asked me to set up farm visit to Joey's farm.

We thought that yesterday will be quiet because of the the weather, but that didn't dampen the listener's urge to go and participate.

You are able to speak up one on one with the resource speakers you want to, and refer to them your problems re: agriculture.

Several listeners bring their produce to sell: seedlings, trees, fruits, pastries, herbs etc

Nina is back after her maternity leave :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Photo Shoot

Saturday's appointment was for a photo shoot for a magazine, scheduled at AANI Circle.

I took pics of them taking photos...

They had an easier time taking the Sunshines than the Doc :)...who, either had to be reminded to smile or to ease on the fake look.

Coffee and suman after, was creamed with getting to know you conversation.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today Was Great

Raymond of Daily Dose Farm, Amy and Allan of Great View Farm and I met at about 10am at Cafe Amadeo, AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center. Btw, those are two blogs I enjoy for simple reading yet their style of writing drops you in the middle of Candelaria and Gen San.

Of course we talked about organic farming, books of Raymond, how one has to unlearn things to learn to go organic and Great View Farm's first Sunshines.

Pleasant to meet there because coffee is good, parking is everywhere, people know one another, quiet and informal.

Time flew and I just realized it was noon as the AANI office had their door closed for we hied of to Kamameshi for our organic sashimi :)

Since we were discussing about EDSA Garden House, I drove Amy and Allan for a go-see. Good that Adela Ang, the owner, was there. They saw how hands-on she was in the business as she herself was harvesting the herbs for delivery to a client.

Since Allan was flying out tomorrow, I left them to visit family and just wished to see them again next time.

Tomorrow is a huge day ahead.... as I will be alone to meet up with the "technical" clients. I prefer the "know nothing" clients as our minds just free range together.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


All set for the tarps to be used for our INAHGEN booth.

I know how to fix it up already in my mind. Surely, it will be different when you are setting it up :)

Blood Tests For Breeders By Bureau Of Animal Industry

Was not really looking forward to driving back and forth, total of 5hrs.

But the moment Doc Arlene, Amy (both of Bureau of Animal Industry) and Bobby who accompanied us got into the car.....somehow the conversation drifted to "Marimar" in like 5mins...vavvvoooommmm, the drive was going to be fun :)

Conversation went from showbiz, to Euphorbias, herbs, parenting.

Back to work first...

First, they took blood samples for testing on our 2nd batch of Parent Stocks, from SASSO.

Then...They had to take blood samples of our 1st set of Parent Stocks, for the purpose of accredited shipping of F1s for local distribution.

It was the drive back, that we learned common friends, same community etc.

Now I look forward going to BAI more often :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost 20Feb2008

Half an hour to 20Feb2008.

We are so busy that we can just think of day to day, so as not to overwhelm ourselves.

Today was meeting up with a supplier, and doing an interview for a magazine.

Tomorrow is a trip to breeder farm with Bureau of Animal Industry veterinarian for bloodtesting.

Thursday I meet up with a new grower from Gen San who loaded last Friday, check on promo materials for use in INAHGEN. Afternoon meeting with some DA reps.....all those while coordinating a seminar for Sunshine in Region2 by Doc Rey.

Friday is hatching day, deliveries.

Saturday, two AANI booths, meeting one grower from Cebu :).

Sunday is Agri-Kapihan at DWWW 774.

Those are the givens.....surely there are a hundred and one pop up TO DOs.

Am not complaining....just blabbing...rather just blogging here.

Will keep you around with pictures.

EDSA Garden House, Cooking Demo

People who really know me will ask what I will do in a cooking demo. So do I.

When EDSA Garden House asked me to do a demo using herbs, I knew exactly that I will ask one of my PR people to do it for me.

All was set, Mitos was to do it but she had to run to the mall first for some errands.

I was around the venue at 10ish. Picked herbs by smelling around :). Had freshly slaughtered Sunshines. Chop chop chop. Rub rub rub. Preparing things.

Took a picture of my feet in my cute sneakers, to take away the tension wehehehhe.

1pm, no Mitos yet. Well, still a good 1hr away. By 1:45 Doc Rey was frantic and anxious. "Where was the demo person"? I said, "So be it, I can and will do it". He said snappily "Hind ka naman marunong magluto, mapapahiya tayo"!

I stood up at 2pm and started it by:
I don't know how to cook and wasn't scheduled to do this, but how can I go wrong w/ great tasting Sunshines and herbs.....
Meantime that I set the Tanglad Tinola on the stove and the turbo for my Herbed Sunshine Roasts atop Potato Marbles, Doc Rey regaled the participants with the story of the sad chickens and now the Sunshines as poor man's chickens.

Mitos came in 45mins late, surprised to see the progress of my Tinola and Turbo Roasted Sunshines.... and declared it was soon to be served.

You should see the sigh of relief on Doc Rey's face as people were eating my cooking! They were asking for seconds....even the potatoes went fast.

I was busy serving and answering questions.....should have had pics of my cooking :)

Cabanatuan's Royal Trading To Carry Sunshines

Royal Trading in Cabanatuan, fronting Plaza Lucero, is a welcome dealer for Sunshines.

Known in the industry, perfect parking, accessible.

Please check dealer list for updates

Sunshines Available Now In Gapan Thru Del Fonso P/S

Del Fonso P/S along Maharlika Hway, in Gapan Neva Ecija, will be making Sunshines available.

Located near the Gapan-Jaen junction, parking convenient, very visible along the highway.

Farmbreed P/S Baliuag Has Sunshines

We are happy to be working with Farmbreed and it's other affiliated family enterprises.

Shown here is the Baliuag Bulacan branch.

You can't miss it. Along the Maharlika Hway, fronting NE. Convenient to get Sunshines.

Please see our dealer list for updates on stocks

Ghenel P/S In Kalentong Brings Sunshines To San Juan

They saw us when Manila Bulletin featured the photo of our chicks, and called re: dealership.

Sunshines now available in San Juan.

Introducing Ghenel P/S in Blumentrit near corner F Manalo. I will say this in the place called Kalentong. Very near the corner of Shaw Blvd.

Angel, the owner, was raised in this type of business. She knows and loves what she is doing. It surely shows in her smile :)

Check out stocks here.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Will Be Busy Till March

Busy busy busy.....will tell you about the exciting weekend that followed the Benguet trip. That was the cooking demo yesterday :) Will save that for another posting.

Today, visiting dealers and AANI booths. We even missed our radio appearance as the alarm kept quiet, or our ears fell deaf. Tomorrow is off to some growers. Tuesday is an interview for a cover feature of a magazine. Wednesday is breeder farm visit....etc.....Sunday is Agri Kapihan at DWWW 774.

Anyway, see the picture above? That is a teaser for our 2nd INAHGEN booth....see you there!

Earthlink Farm's 2nd 200

Earthlink is my evening chat over YM. Destresses me....makulit lang, but overall easy to deal with :)

We are now on vigil for the cute 2nd batch.

See the newly arrived chicks, infrared brooding bulbs ready and warmed brooders, feeders are filled, waterers checked.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Agri Kapihan Sa Benguet 14Feb08

After the talk at BSU's Vetmed Week, we hopped over to DA-CAR's training center, still inside the BSU campus, for the Agri-Kapihan sa Benguet.

Representatives from the Provincial Veterinary Office, Department of Agriculture and Sunshine Chicken, were there to tackle the free range poultry industry. Hosted in joint by Philippine Information Agency and the radio station DZWT 540khz. Cross section from media, private and government sectors were at hand.

It was a good show aired live over the radio and will be on delayed telecast on television. Clearly it was a government against and with the public sector. Like a "he said, she said, they said". Unscripted and was very spontaneous.

What was good about it? All three were veterinarians. Although the members of the panel were coming from different opinions, you will see that whenever one spoke, the others were agreeing also. Shows that there are sides to everything and that you should use your best judgement on what works best for you.

Bad part usual I just had photos of the before and after as I sat with them infront.

Best part? See how everyone was quiet while eating? They had Steamed Sunshine in Ginger and Leeks.

People came back for seconds and thirds.

Benguet State University's Vetmed Week 2008

February 14, Valentine's Day. La Trindad, Benguet. Close you eyes and feel the cool crisp breeze, take in the fresh air...and taste the sweet Strawberries.

That was what we did before going to Benguet State University's Vetmed Week.

I realized I had no pics of Doc Rey as he was speaking. That is because I was manning the projector and I was having problems with my laptop's photo viewer.

Thank you to Robichem group who was the next speakers. They were very helpful in my predicament and plugged my flashdrive into their laptop. Now I know why they had several laptops with them. Can't tell when life's jokes play on you.

The vetmed students and faculty was a great audience. We hope to get invited back.

Hiland Trading Gives Sunshine to Baguio

We always find time and take the opportunity to touch base with dealers and growers. The Summer Capital is one good mix for business and pleasure.

Hiland Trading in Baguio has two branches. One is accessible to farmers from afar who do their marketing and trading in Baguio as it is right in the middle of the busy terminals near Dangwa. The second branch is more convenient for parking, near Burnham Park.

Please check availability on our updated Dealer List.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where Will You Be Tomorrow?

We passed by Ambuclao Dam early today.

Which brings me to.... Where will you be tomorrow?

Baguio/La Trindad for us.....for seminars. I hope to get a big bowl of fresh Strawberries.

Will let you in with photos after we settle ourselves :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tandang Sora Has Sunshines At Nor's P/S

In the middle of bustling Tandang Sora, the market area, you will find Nor's P/S carrying Sunshine Day Old Chicks.

Parking seems to be a problem, but we always manage to find one.

Check if they have stocks here.

Sunshine In Dinalupihan Thru Yeye P/S

We personally delivered initial orders to Yeye P/S to meet them and see how we can support each other.

Pleasant drive, one hour from San Fernando NLEX.

Glad we went to see the area. You can't miss Yeye P/S. Right in the highway, public market, frontage facing highway, side and back alley of market.

Check availability here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Doc Raffy, Doc Rey and Ven Blones

This was how they looked during the radio program of Ven Blones over DZRB from 2-4pm, yesterday, 10 Feb.

How can Sunshine Free Range Chickens help in organic farming?

What are Sunshines?

Moises' Raised Jan18 Hatch At 21days, 700g

Moises' Raised...that is the brand the Roxas City grower goes by. He loads small batches weekly.

This is the batch of Jan18. He sent pics to show how they were prior to ranging.


I deleted the name and the organization of the source of the "saboroso" reaction, as the person may be high profile.

Anyway, this is an excerpt from the email of a Batangas grower.

Dr. XXXX from XXXXXX emailed that it tasted "saboroso"
kuno...parang lasang native chicken, malinamnam.

Lechon Manok At Rare Fruit Nursery

See more of the Sunshines enjoyed

Mam Sandy,

Here are some few pictures of our family get together party
in Angeles City today. My mom ordered 7 dressed chicken
from Krukukuk Farms (TJ) last week to make lechon manok from
sunshine grown chickens today.

My caretaker prepared bamboo stick to grill the chickens
and marinated the sunshine chicken with Knorr seasoning
and many more. And we ordered special sarsa for the lechon
manok from one of the best lechon baboy retailers here in

All I can say is that the chikens are superb in quality in
every way. Taste, size, texture, and most importantly
grown naturally. And with special sarsa, we could serve it
already in a high end restaurant even in Manila. By the way,
Iam the one who tasted it first! haha

Reactions from the party about the Sunshine lechon manok:

1. The size of the chickens never reverted even though it
was already grilled. The size stayed the same.

2. Taste was natural because it was grown naturally!
Lasang native with bigger size.

3. They look exotic because they are bigger than
lechon manok served and sold in the highway.

4. Taste good even without any condiments or sauce used.

5. MASARAP! I texted TJ to say they are great tasting.
I told him they are good because of the grower itself has
a good growing management.

Mam Sandy, please indicate I got the dressed chickens
from TJ's farm. :)


Verman Reyes - Rare Fruit Nursery

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Top Choice In Lubao, Pampanga Now Has Sunshine

After the radio segment over DZME 1530khz this morning, Doc Rey and I headed to visit some dealers in the Pampanga and Bataan area.

Here is Top Choice Agrivet Supply in Lubao, Pampanga. I turned them over already to the distributor in that area and initial orders were placed already.

Lunch were several orders of Camaro at Everbody's Cafe. I wonder if the real agenda was that lunch or to visit the dealers?

See if they have stocks here.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Vacuum Packed Sunshines

I attached here photos of "vacuum-packed"
dressed sunshines. Vacuum packing(which I
know, you are familiar) is one of the best
methods of preserving the freshness of food
items but is also one that is more expensive.
The vacuum machine itself is not expensive
but the packing materials or the vacuum
bags are.
That was part of the email from a Batangas grower.

A further email said that these chickens were part of the October loading, dressed weights of about 3k.

2nd INAHGEN Exhibit

See us at 2nd INAHGEN, Feb7-29 at SMX.

We will be personally manning Solraya's Sunshine booth#49, to attend to your queries regarding our certified F1 free range chicken.

Sunshine growers are enjoined to use the booth to market your products, bring flyers, meet prospective customers and interact with other Sunshine raisers.

Those who are able, are encouraged to show their eggs from free ranged chickens and their dressed Sunshines.

Come and experience the agri show where the manufacturers, distributors and importers are.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sunshine Capons

Did it take rigorous brainstormings to decide to claim a niche in the caponed chicken sector?

I'm not sure how and why. I can only guesstimate and conjure like the "Marimar" writer :)

A Tarlac raiser decided to capon the male Sunshines. His harvest for March 2008 had been reserved and next batch will be for May 2008 already.

Great move. They not only unlearned the present norms in raising industrial broilers....they went back to basics with free ranged chickens, and took the step backward to bring back to consumers the long missed capons.

Unlearning, back to basics, backward, back.... Seems like negative thoughts? Not when you really dwell on the reasons.

What are capons?

As of now, they will be calling them Sunshine Capon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pacifica Agrivet Supplies Inc.

For your requirements in the Visayas and Mindanao, and you find that dealing with your neighborhood poultry supply store is easier, you may book thru Pacifica Agrivet Supplies Inc.

Just make sure you ask to be served the chicks of Solraya's Sunshine. Look for our properly marked boxes.

Refer to our dealer list.

Info Ads 4-6

Our 2nd batch of info ads are now ready for airing over the radio.

We are very glad with the feedback we had been getting about the introduction of the info ads 1-3, aired at present. It was actually because of the prodding of the media practitioners that prompted us to step up on these next batch.

Info ads 7-9 are now being brainstormed. Our growers and dealers will be the push for the next advertisements.

That will help the whole cycle of this entrepreneurship for small and large Sunshine raising.

For these inf0 ads, I want to thank Farmer Frank and Kathy for helping letting everyone bask under the Sunshine.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Maica's Farm Supply Brings Sunshines To Sta Ana, Pampanga

San Simon NLEX exit, along the main hiway, near the church and Jollibee...can't miss Maica's Farm Supply in Sta. Ana, Pampanga.

See if they have fresh stocks.

New Inalves Allows Camiling To Have Sunshines

Centrally located, good parking, known in the area...

We have been dealing with New Inalves in Camiling, Tarlac since the early 2000.

They now very happy with the quality of free range chicks they are getting from us, now branded as Sunshine.

Check out who of our dealers have fresh stocks.

EMC P/S in Concepcion, Tarlac

Happy to announce our alliance in Concepcion, Tarlac with EMC P/S.

Very visible location, perfect parking, known in the you won't have difficulty finding real Sunshines.

Please check fresh deliveries to our dealers.

Farmbreed P/S, Quezon Blvd.

We welcome Farmbreed to our list of dealers, situated along Quezon Blvd, near the junction going to Roosevelt. Parking is never a problem here and easily accessible by public transport.

They had been getting Sunshines weekly.

Check out weekly deliveries of dealers.

Aloe Vera As Growth Promotant

TJ of Krukukuk Farm had a pleasant text of getting 500g on his 2week old Sunshines....he thanked the Aloe Vera pots he got from us.

We went by his place yesterday, to drop off his copy of Kwentong Negosyo Feb-Mar2008. I forgot to acknowledge in that posting of mine that the pictures we used were from Joey Lacson of Bacolod and TJ of Krukukuk Farm.

Too bad we didn't see his present brooding. Maye next weekend.

You might want to review the article about Aloe Vera as growth promotant.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

MOISES' RAISED Jan18 Hatch Now At 14days

This grower orders consistently almost weekly. He was cautioned against using the same brooders continously, but guess excitement makes you act like you are in love :)

Lessons learned and he moved brooding and ranging to another area....this time listened to: 1) biosecurity 2) fresh premium feeds 3) good supplements (calls for another posting) 4) a lot of sunshine 5) most important, the caretakers love their babies

Now, he had to make an impromptu cage, as they were way too crowded

mam sandy gud day...eto na po ang pics ng suns ko at 14 days..


ed moises

Manila Bulletin's Agri Page 02Feb2008

We were very busy and no one told me about this feature.

I chanced upon it while going through yesterday's issue. Took a picture of the page.

Manila Bulletin, Agri Page, 02 Feb 2008

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kwentong Negosyo Feb-Mar2008

Sneakers were the icing to the past two days' work....

Here is the cherry.

Kwentong Negosyo Feb-Mar 2008 featured us.


Past two days were very hectic...meetings, radio interviews, hatch, deliveries. Add to that about 700kms of travel :)

No worries, no stress. It was a pleasant break from routine.

At the end of it, I picked up my hand-painted sneakers! Two weeks ago, I came across an article in a magazine about Chuchi and her art. I called Chuchi to make one for me and Doc Rey. She can't find huge sized sneakers for him, so I got mine ahead.

I never met her and just transacted over the phone. Gave her a free reign on what to do. Asked her to go to my blog to feel my personality.

She came out with my cute white sneakers :) Guess what will replace my all colors everyday footwear? I asked her to make me another one already.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Everyday Sweet Sunshine

Have you seen the new Coke ad on tv?

Last week, Pol Rubia was talking about doing ihaw ihaw of Sunshines in the two locations of AANI.

Next day my son tells me that his gf is in the new Coke commercial. Didn't put much to that as she always does ads.

Next day I saw it on attention got caught by the ad's jingle....

"Everyday sweet sunshine...."

Inihaw na Sunshine should go great with Coke :)