Friday, December 25, 2009

How to Monitor

I have written several topics on the monitor ( you may want to use the "search" button). Remember how I wrote also about eventually graduating to sturdier housing. Sure, let's start small and cheap and grow with the business. We also did. So now we are building notch higher.

Because of the demand for the dressed Sunshines, we have to grow some to make sure the supply and quality is met. Everything fell into place as we are now developing another 3hectares in the farm and have more room to play and rotate ranging areas.

I took these pictures yesterday and when reviewing today for filing, Doc Rey got a bright idea on including building expenses in his seminars. Since he has just received receipts and paid labor, he has a good grasp of expenses.

He now thinks like me....a lay, dummy, non-technical mind. We have developed the seminars from my point of view....I hope it had helped you too :)

The foundations are now cemented, strong and posts are weather proof. See the wood to be used? We saved them from an old beach house in Cavite that we demolished. The beachline was eating it up and we thought that instead of losing it to the sea, we can make good use of the wood. This is great material as time and salt had aged it well. As always and in all cases, foundation is most important.

It gets the morning sun. You know how we expose babies to the morning sun for the vitamins we get and the health benefits? Of course it is good for all too! It also dries up the pens, the natural way :) The wind directions in your property is also taken into consideration. We oriented the side that the wind won't run into the roofs. The resistance with the wind can let the roofs fly away.

Notice also that the buildings are not too high to fight the wind, but not too low that it is difficult for the caretaker to clean. Keep in mind that we need to make it easy for the caretaker to feed and clean around. If it is convenient and easy, plus the fact that he should love what he is doing...then it won''t be work.

Don't worry about predators...yes, it still needs to have steel matting all around. Maybe we won't have that budget for now, then we can have poultry wire or green plastic screen as walls.

See the dog? He is there now to get used to the new area to guard.

Your range fences, are ideally nets.

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