Saturday, November 07, 2009


Neverending. Continuing. Forever.

Our ball has not stopped rolling. We have to always be changing for the better and development and marketing never ceases. You can't market stale ideas and products so new ideas have to always be cooking.

The past days, the word "Cooking" was the key word for me. Yesterday we visited Animal Products Development Center of the Bureau of Animal Industry. Most helpful team! Does the DA pride and Joy :)

We toured around the slaughtering facilities, waste disposal systems the meat processing section and their training areas. They met with us regarding the products we want to be developed. They had a more than tight schedule, what with the Christmas season etc etc. But, they gave in to our request to squeeze us into their development and processing schedule. Ahhh, you know me by now? Why wait for a schedule to process after development when I trust that they will come up with good products. So, why wait for 2010? I asked them already for processing sched to meet Christmas offerings.

They knew exactly what I wanted as we started describing our grass fed line of Sunshines. They are equally excited to develop recipes that are chemical free.

Niche marketing...

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