Friday, May 30, 2008

LGU Tanza, Cavite

Some weeks ago, we conducted a seminar for Raising Sunshine Chickens for the LGU of Tanza, Cavite under the very supportive Municipal Agriculturist of Tanza, Margarita Soberano and her most able staff.

We were late for the seminar due to bad traffic, but they were very patient and waited for us. We were immediately led to a room full of participants, projector ready, audio working and airconditioning was good. Time was against us as the participants had errands to do for the late afternoon. The hospitality and preparedness that was shown was evident.

When we delivered the first batch for recipients today, we were 2hrs early,. We asked Rolly of the MAO's office what time they will be around. He was there already in the office at 7am and soon after the whole staff arrived.

We were led to the office and the first impression I had was .... "Ang ganda ng office nyo saka ang linis"! Rolly excitedly said that their office won the cleanest and best.... the category skips me now. The stacks of forms are so neat, nothing out of place, you'd think they were packaged in a ream.

In the organic farming, what other places dream of...having access to organic farming inputs, Tanza is lucky to have developed a farmer who produces inputs for natural farming. Speaking with the MAO and her staff, you really feel that they love what they are doing for others. The liveliness is transferred to their farmers. They say that Mayor Arayata of Tanza gives them full support. They are fond of him and even points to his picture to stress the importance that he plays in their roles.

There were some recipients of the Sunshines who were there and you feel that they work closely and positively with their MAO office. At this point, Doc Rey invites them in the courtyard and does a recap of brooding principles.

I noticed these unplanted coconuts with sprouts (am not sure how you call them at that stage...planting materials maybe), lined up and used as planter box. Maybe they can be called Coco Box :) MAO Margarita said that it was lined up somewhere for sometime and since they needed a planter box, they thought about "borrowing" the coconuts.

Did you also notice the cut up, recycled plastic containers used now for pots? They looked like Sunshine Rangers!

We hope to be working more and more with the MAO of Tanza. We told the farmers to do good, so we can have them featured for their works.

Sunshines or none....Good Luck to Tanza, Cavite!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yours truly had always been talking about Market at the Hills. When I discuss or text someone, I can't simply say Market as there are so any weekend markets.

Have to find an acronym....lo and behold.... MATH! That was coincidentally my favorite subject in school :)

Today someone texted me and already used the term MATH....hmmmmm...hope it catches on everyone.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cooking Roll-Up

What do you think of our new roll-up for consumer awareness?

In food trade shows, I get asked how to cook it best....

Ubod Ng Sarap

Yesterday was my 2nd day at Market at the Hills. As we had to leave after lunch, I was more sociable this time as I am no longer a newbie there :)

Great to see a visitor I met during IFEX...she also had a booth there. I had to get her bottled atsarang Ubod with Bignay and her bottled Bangus (not fed with commercial feeds). They should go together.

Whenever I walk around Salcedo Weekend Market, the flavored yogurt drinks catch my attention but when I make another round, I can't find them! Well, I found them here this time and didn't lose them. Blueberry and Strawberry please! At PHP140 per liter, its a bargain. It is healthy dessert for me. Now down to my last 500ml...have to stock on those next weekend.

That is what I like with small shopping areas, whose products are focused towards a certain market. Hmmmm, what I bought next without any need to taste test was a proclaimed real pannacotta, and not the gelatins calling themselves the real thing. Got the Mango and Caramel Sauce...good...but I will try next the plain.

Typhoon Cosme

The grower affected by the devastation of typhoon Cosme over North-Western Luzon is Maawi Farms.

Power is expected to be out for the next two months at least. Two houses are down. Lost about 100 layers because of the heavy pile that fell on them.

Maawi is thankful to the hotels who supported them at the onset of the power outage. Increasing their orders so Maawi will not be burdened by dressed chickens.

BUT over all....they are doing GREAT! Actually, loadings of Sunshines have increased. Hotel and deli clients are adding in numbers. Eggs from their grass/organic vegetables fed Sunshines are always fully booked. They are now using vacuum packing for the dressed meat. Very happy using Feedpro, the unmedicated commercial feeds we wrote about a few weeks back (the same brand that TJ uses).

They are expected to join our other growers for the trade shows we are lined up to participate in.

Can't wait to go visit them again soon....maybe when we take the route of the Pampanga growers :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Day At The Market

Yes, Sunshine dressed chickens are now at Market At The Hills.

I was up early to be at Market At The Hills by 5:30am, w/c was the time given by the organizers to set up your table.

Since I don't really need to set up anything, I was done in a few minutes. 2 roll up tarps, 1 cooler w/ wheels, 1 smaller one that acted as my utility table top, some brochures on the table and of forever attention getter decors. Never failed! Not even in this foodie place.

People are asking why I got a booth. Its relaxing to just retail your baby product. My sister who visited me there asked also why I was alone..wehehehe I wanted to be by myself, any and all mistakes will be mine and won't be bothered by others' booboos. Toti Almeda of Milk Star Goat's Milk came by to check out the place. My friend Mitos was there too.

Product awareness was what I wanted to achieve in this booth. I didn't make a mistake as I was explaining to interested ears about the Sunshines. Happy with my looking forward to tomorrow, but I will miss so much the guys at Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura, moreso the Agri Kapihan at DWWW.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Earthkeepers #2

After that hearty meal we had at Earthkeepers on our first visit there, we jumped up on the prospect of seeing Tere and Armand again....oh yes, also their buffet.

I got tickled when their daughter saw us entering and she called her mom, Tere, and said "Andito na sila Sunshine" :)

Cong. Alcala arrived and an instant consultative meeting came about as all sectors were represented.

Had to visit the Sunshines in their new home. They sure were glad they were sent there.

Can't wait to work more with Quezon.

Alaminos Goat Farm

Walking around IFEX, I bought my merienda of Goat's milk and went back to the booth. That was when I saw the picture of Toti Almeda in Manila Bulletin's feature for the IFEX booths.

We thought that it would be a nice break to visit a goat farm, Alaminos Goat Farm at that (having a name recall already) and to go on to visit Earthkeepers again in Quezon.

Off at half past 4am from Rizal, we drove the route again of the East Road to Laguna. By 7am, we were knocking at the gates of Alaminos Goat Farm (aka Holy Road, as the private road was between two churches).

As you enter, you are greeted by the dairy plant. You are led to park near the bodega, as the cages are there. First we saw was Rene Almeda, the dad....a gregarious and engaging persona. Non-stop senseful talker! Following is Toti, the son who has such a warm and wholesome personality. From nowhere, Art Almeda appears, The Owner.....They look so clean and flawless, you'd accept why Spas swear by Goat's milk.

My first words were ... "I thought Art was elderly"!

Amazing how Rene was able to raise well mannered young men, more so the fact that they like their farm work. Art is the farm guy, Toti does marketing.

We were not prepared to see such small horses :)....or rather huge goats! We were in time for milking time....see for yourself how big they can get. You won't get intimidated by their size as they are very tame and actually stand to get near you as they think you are there to bring their nursing bottles.

Glad that we went there and met the Almedas. I can see goats in agri shows...but you don't always get to encounter Almedas. They are very generous with knowledge. And yes, experience and age makes you gravitate towards people with same sights.

They were worth the long trip from Isabela to Laguna.

Visit them here.

Try some Milk Star.

Adobong Capon

Joey Capon...wehehehhe, yes, someone called Joey that name during IFEX....brought a tasty adobo from his Sunshine Capons.

I asked for the recipe, he texted it, but I lost it :(

Care to share a good recipe of Adobo for Capons?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thinking About Cebu Food

That is the Cebu Food 2008 Expo :)

July 10-12 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino.

Very tempting to take a break. Sounded off my Sunshine growers there already, and they seem to like the idea too, about being able to participate in a trade show. Saw the floorplan already and sniffed into my preferred slot....seems like I get to see Cebu more often now.

Or course while there, Doc Rey will schedule seminars for interested growers.

Great opportunity for my growers in the Visayas region.

Our 3rd Batch Of Parent Stocks Have Been Booked

Yes, not waiting for the 6th month from our date of importation of our 2nd batch of Parent Stocks, we have now booked our 3rd batch for June arrival. And YES, it is from SASSO of France that we brand as Sunshine Chicken :)

After educating growers and trust built, they have realized that the naked necks will perform better. Consulting with them, we are bringing in the naked necks primarily for the serious Sunshine raisers and again, the accepted full feathered reds.

We are working on making our products offer the best results to growers and more distinct, so others may not pass their products as same as "Sunshines".

SASSOlraya tayo!

We sure are glad we made the decision to go with SASSO.

We Will Be At AFEX 2008

See us at Asia Food Expo 2008, September 3-6, World Trade Center.

This is a food exhibit. We invite our growers to participate with us and take the advantage of the exposure.

Sunshine growers interested to join us for this event, just let me know of your preferred schedule. As usual, you are not paying for show time nor space. We shoulder costs. That is part of our commitment to market and advertise your produce. We give to our growers the assistance and support they need, from technical to marketing. Let's work together :)

FREE SEMINAR: September 3, 1pm

Monday, May 19, 2008

Booked For The 9th Intl F&B Manutech Expo/ASHRAE Exhibit

Exhibits and trade shows are now my relaxing times.

Next will be the 9th International Food & Beverage Manufacturing Technologies EXPO at the SMX again (perfect parking, that makes a good events place), 28-30 August 2008.

Equipments, ingredients, food expo etc

Sunshine growers interested to join us for this event, just let me know of your preferred schedule.

See You At The Market

During IFEX, I met a lady who also started a booth selling Goat's milk at Market At The Hills last weekend. I told her how excited I am to start next week.

She said she was happy there, it was a different crowd, people are inquisitive and want to learn. Asked how I decided to get a booth there? I told her the story about passing by Temple Drive one morning. The succession of tarpaulin flag signs can't help but attract. The name got me...I like simple names :) , the clincher was the chefs' seasoning to the event. It gave a different twist that I am sure that young crop will give innovations and constantly moving.

What cemented my theory about getting there? 95% of the people I mentioned our new site to, knew exactly where it was. The location is central. See you at the Market At The Hills.

BTW, we will be selling dressed chickens, eggs from grass fed Sunshines and taking orders for the Sunshine capons....all from our growers.

IFEX Philippines 2008

There were no expectations when we joined this trade show. We are just always in the lookout for avenues where our growers may market their products and get known in the industry.

IFEX was different. It was enjoyable!!!

Before the IFEX started, CITEM contacted us to do a radio/television interview. It just reiterated our stand in pushing our growers in marketing strategies. That was how we felt when CITEM wanted to present their exhibitors.

Again I have to thank Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm for doing the ingress for us. Though he got sick and wasn't able to join for the first 2days, he came on the lastday :)

Doing a food show didn't prepare us for the inquiries we got for the Sunshine Day Old Chicks. We worked side by side with the Sunshine growers who used the opportunity to be seen. Rumandan Farms of Rosario Batangas brought their dressed chickens and Sunshine Capons of Joey and Doc Mitzi Rigor of Victoria Tarlac were around to explain the benefits of eating Sunshines. That was a real big assistance to us, so Doc Rey and I were focused on answering queries on growing for backyard and commercial farming. For the lucky ones to have experienced it....we had reverse roles for a moment. Zac Sarian was carving the Sunshine Capons, Doc Mitzi was assisting, Joey Rogor and Doc Rey were talking to clients and I was photographing.

Met so many interesting people. People who have read about us, read the blog, and even a couple who saw us after searching on the earthquake prediction! A side anecdote to this earthquake scare was that Joey Rigor was texting friends and relatives that the photo of Doc Mitzi was on the newspaper....weehehehhehe no one wanted to believe him and even his own mother-in-law asked if it was just a "text hoax" :)

IFEX Philippines was a great experience. The visitors were from all walks and trades in the food industry. Restaurant owners, supermarket reps, hotel reps, food critics, chefs and consumers who were on the lookout for good supplies. Then there were also the ones looking into what business they can get into in the food industry.

Best lessons we need to learn to get us through are learned during kinder. I always refer to that line and its like a comfort saying for me. Being in a retail zone of a trade show gives you the jumpiness of other entrepreneurs. When you are exasperated with slow learning know you are with entrepreneurs when you feel the " GO GO GO". From ingress, opening of doors every morning, walking around the know an entrepreneur when you see one. I guess they are really born and bred to be one...not learned in university.

Classic example is the booth across us...selling ChocoMani.....I even dream of hearing their voices! I will never forget that in one of the the pitch dark of things...I heard her voice... "free taste Choco Mani".

As usual, the stars whenever we join tradeshows? Our decor!!!! Literally, people always ask for our cuties. Several tradeshows old now and we have learned to pack up light as we giveaway all our stickies, hangies and props of flowers and chicks.

Can't wait for the next food exhibits.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Roast Capon

3 month old Sunshine Capon, 3.5kilos....slow baked....seasoned with salt and pepper.

Joey and Doc Mitzi will want to grow to the standards of 7kilos. We can't wait to visit their farm soon. Watch out for their show products during Agrilink 2008.

They will load to serve their Christmas orders. Book for your feasts :)

IFEX, DTI, OPTA Coop & Zac

Bumped into Lina Tan of OPTA Cooperative while going around the exporters' booths. Behind us was Zac Sarian, editor for Agriculture of Manila Bulletin. Zac was telling Lina about capons for Christmas. He knew that the OPTA Coop carries Sunshines from TJ so suggesting great ideas for gifts.

Soon after, Lina brought DTI representatives and other guests at our booth to sample the Sunshines!

Read about the sampling at Agri Plain Talk, inside the business section of the Manila Bulletin today.

We really joined the IFEX for our growers, so they get exposure and able to market their Sunshines, since IFEX is really a food exhibit. I was amazed at the turn of inquiries for our day old chicks.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunshines Available In Cebu Supermarkets

Remember Hector Ching of Asian Vegetables & Chicken? He was featured in the Agri Plain Talk of the Manila Bulletin, May 01.

He is growing in the pace that he has planned for Sunshines. First batch was a trial of 200 that went in 4days, 2nd batch was 500 that is ripe for harvest today, and a 3rd batch now ranging is 1000. A new ranging area is being prepared for the next loading of 2000.

Since he had been supplying Fooda Savers Mart and Metro Gaisano, two of the major supermarkets in Cebu, he didn't encounter resistance when he offered his Sunshines. When we were in Cebu, we went to the Fooda Savers Mart that sold his 200 heads in 4 days.

It was so nice to hear the meat section to be saying that the Cebuano clients were asking about it as it was really tasty...."lasang bisayang manok". It was diplayed in the center of the chiller section, side by side with the known commercial chickens!

Good Luck to Asian Vegetables & Chicken. He worked to make his captured market see his other products.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Capon Lady

Females can't be capons...but they can do it.

Have you read Agri Plain Talk in the Business Section of the Manila Bulletin today?

Photographed was the lady responsible for the Sunshine Capons.

Won't say for yourself.

TJ Is Sweeping Sales

OPTA Cooperative had been getting their dressed chickens from TJ for sometime now. The ones running the store said their customers have been giving very good feedback since they had been ordering Sunshines from him.

Politics have a way of murking things and we thought TJ will lose that segment. We decided to smile, smiled and moved on :) Lo and behold....orders from that quarters even soared!!! Then today during ingress at IFEX, I ran across the booth of OPTA Cooperative and asked about their Sunshine chicken sales.

She just started with a smile and I know where it would lead to.... TJ's Sunshines are the head sellers! May go unmarked or branded differently...just make sure you ask for the Sunshines from TJ.

Don't get confused with rice sweepings and sweeping rise in sales. TJ isn't, as he has both.

Ingress IFEX Philippines 2008

Thankful that I was able to rebook flight back to Manila as I wanted to see how ingress was at IFEX.

I really appreciate that Raymond and AANI help to set up our booth, just to make sure its done if I got delayed.

See you May16-18.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Problems And Anxieties Are God's Gifts

I sounded cool in that earthquake scare? Nahuhuh......I searched on the scare on the internet and exited my browser after being calmed down by notes on the hoax. Then I went by my real assignment here in Cebu :)

Really glad I made this trip, because it brought me down memory lane. My cousins not seen for ages were honestly happy to see a relative on their mother's side. I was the only one, they had no choice. My sister said it will be a nice feeling after...she was right.

Must be a different humor in this pleasant island...but I don't remember laughing in a sermon for a wake. My aunt passed at age 84. The priest recounts how a strong woman she must have been (and she is, trust me!)....1st World War had her at 6yrs, by 2nd World War she was about 14, she saw 7 Popes, and ALL the Philippine presidents. The priest continued to say that she was lucky not to have heard the earthquake scare. I can't really control laughing. Good that my cousins also saw the funny side to all that. Most didn't :)

Age isn't just a number, it does really change us in a lot of ways. We all look like how our aunts/uncles and parents did 30 years ago. Where are their kids...I asked. Well, home, doing their own things. Just like how we were when we were teeners, and now we act and sound like the adults we didn't want to be around us. They were making sure a Manila cousin was to look after their college students.... am sure the same way their mom was making sure a relative watched as they were sent to UP Diliman :)

So scared about coming to this trip alone, I met a lot of "small worlds" in that couple of hours! From exes, classmates, friends.... The tickling thing was when someone asked me what I did for work...I fumbled for words to start off "importing chicken"..and he smiled and jokingly said..."Sunshine Chicken"...OF COURSE, how did he know???? He said he had called me already and spoken over the phone after he read the cover story on the Agriculture Magazine. Good timing that our growers are harvesting now so I was able to refer them.

Back at the hotel, check on email right away. You won't believe this but several emails inquiring about Sunshines after they were led to the blog by their search on the earthquake scare in the Philippines. I immediately checked on the blog's statistics and true enough.....a lot of visitors came, led by their search on the earthquake.

My best presents come in doggie bags.

Tomorrow is a new day that shines :)

Did You Get That Forwarded Text On Earthquake Prediction?

I have to make this unplanned Cebu trip for the memory of my father. His sister passed away and I am representing family.

No preparations, I take a Cebu Pacific flight this morning. On the way to Park N Fly, my cousin in Cebu texts that the family will understand if flight will be cancelled because weather is bad. Well, bumps on air won't stop me as I know my father will make sure he is represented here.

Flight was delayed...OK...patience. Finally, boarding....runway...oooppps....we are pulled back to parking bay. Announcement that some minor repair had to be made. Mechanics went onboard. cousin's text, delayed flight, minor trouble...I thought, one more and I take the cue!

I turned off my cellphone of course, but there is a continous beep I hear. Maybe my neighbor didn't turn off her phone.

But, we took off in 30mins..everything went well. I got to hotel, they can't find my exact booking. Waiting for everything to clear..I still hear that beep. Got to my 18th floor room...still that beep beep beep. I remember I heard it also on the way...gosh...I had an idle sim card in my old phone being used to transfer my phone contacts.

Realized that was the phone that was alerting me to be read. YIKES! It was a forwared message about an earthquake prediction for the Philippines tonight.

Not bothered with it, I rebooked to an earlier flight to go back to Manila as I wanted to be around for IFEX ingress.

Few minutes later, my sister texts that she got a forwarded message about the earthquake too. Can't be from a common friend, because the sim I got was an unused one.

Oh well...I hope that's the end of my "different day" today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quite Quiet?

In the blog, quiet, yes...but not a few steps away from this desk!

Unforseen turn of events have me flying to Cebu tomorrow, after a breakfast meeting with my breeder partners at the Park N Fly building.

Hopefully it isn't raining in Cebu so we can take updated photos of growers' ranging areas in the afternoon.

Back to Manila for ingress of IFEX....or so I thought :( Just realized after opening emails that ingress is only until 7pm. Well, option#1, I ask Raymond to fix booth himself. Option#2, we fix booth real early Friday am.

See you at IFEX Philippines 2008. We we will be at the Retail Section, Booth A10. You can't miss us, strategically at a corner. Sunshine as most times, partners with Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm and Chef Bert. Our featured growers for this show will be Rumandan Farms of Batangas, and Sunshine Capon of Joey Rigor in Victoria Tarlac.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunrise To Sundown

The schedule today was packed and went as expected. Full of activities, but looked forward because it didn't look like work at all as it will end with working friends.

7am saw us at Market At The Hills. I went by that site early in the week, but I wanted to see it in action. Liked what I saw so booked a space, to start after IFEX as we will be very busy for next weekend.

Doc Rey gave a seminar in conjunction w/ the Atovi gang. I did my "relax time" from 11am-3pm. We just met up at Araneta Gateway for Sunshine Capon's inihaw. Great timing as Zac Sarian gave a seminar so the gang was there, to have light chitchat over the really tasty capons.

After seminar, we still continued the kwentos at Cafe Bola. Meals capped by the great fruit shakes of Langka for them and Chico for me. We didn't miss having the Bola Flan too :)

Here I am now....waiting for the IFEX booth tarps....good thing I always have my laptop and my reliable Globe Visibility.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tortilla Wraps

IFEX Philippines 2008 is coming up for May 16-18.

I have to discuss with Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm and Chef Bert how we will be presenting our Sunshines, Veggies and Herbs.

Reading through the food blogs in my bookmarks, I went through Connie Veneracion's Pinoy Cook....a simple but really doable way got to me...."you can have tortilla wraps with pretty much anything in them"...
.....thank you to Rose :)

Grey Goose Vodka

I am not a vodka tonic person. I remember way back, a friend introduced me to beer and vodka, but no big deal. Last night, my order was preempted and was given vodka tonic. We had what seems as never ending bottles of Grey Goose Vodka.

L'Opera was perfect for a birthday celebration of a good friend. Parking was easy. Nice and quiet, we heard ourselves and surely everybody else around heard us. We had so much fun and laughter that I didn't get to really notice how my Steamed Sea Bass w/ Lobsters were. I liked my Panacotta and coffee..but I always taste my desserts more :)

These friends and meals started the Tsukiji lunch, last night's L'Opera and Monday's dinner at Tivoli!

Next days will be busy for me at IFEX so...ok ok...good things comes in 3s after Tivoli, we rest our tummies but our hearts and minds will be so healthy...ehem, not obese please.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Food & Friends

The simplest foods and surroundings are the best comfort zones one can get when shared with "who cares what they say" company.

Working social events may serve the best and the freshest...but it doesn't count in memory banks because the people you can really laugh with aren't there.

Lunch at Tsukiji Pasay Road the other day was different. Friends from the 1970s (although we never lost touch) had lunch. Impromtu calls make it easier to snap up schedules together.

Yes, Tsukiji does have good food...but what I am trying to say deposit it in your heart when paired with friends.

Between the five of us: several bottles of cold sake, hamachi sashimi pls! staple salmon sashimi, grilled prawns, seaweed salad, wagyu steak of course and fresh fruits to cap it.

The bonus with friends? No need for intelligent conversation. The song of Billy Joel (yes 1970s) comes to mind..."don't go changing..."

Why did I write this today? Because we are meeting up again tonight at L'Opera at The Fort.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chef Bert, The Boy Scout

I arrived at the Bonsai Show at about 1pm, took my time to walk around the mall.... a rare thing for me. Realizing that it was past 3pm, I went back to my post as Chef Bert should be there soon. Sure he arrives on time, a little past 3pm as the cooking demo was for 4pm.

Where are the Sunshines? um er hm ah (I forgot to thaw them, geez). That's why I love working with these men....all cool and composed under bad times :)

They figured out how to thaw it .... weheheh and was just to use the breasts in thin slices. Seasoned with Salt and Black Pepper. The Sunshine's breast fillets were wrapped in Prosciutto Ham, and held together by a toothpick with Sage as corsage :)

While Chef Bert was wrapping all those, he remembered he forgot to bring Olive Oil.....someone ran to get some. In time for the frying! The put together pieces were fried and set aside. Now came another test...he forgot to bring a spatula or whatever, to turn his fillets while not ruining his pan.

Came another to the rescue, getting some stalks from plants (we were in the parking lot), and stripping the ends...voila...naturally fresh chop sticks!

Instead of washing off the used pan, Chef Bert put some Capers, Garlic, Sage, Salt and Pepper, and Bignay Wine. I notice that Chef Bert uses this particular wine a lot. He said it leaves a sweetish taste to sauces, and the wine tastes good when drank.

Slices were passed around. It was really good and you know it was a success as people's conversations drifted to the different ingredients used. When asked what he cooked... Chef Bert replied "Sunshine Chicken With Sage".

Pol Rubia remembers that only the breasts were used, so he asked one of his guys to season the remaining Sunshines and barbeque them over charcoal.

The conversation back at the AANI booth and our charbroiled Sunshines were perfect caps for the afternoon.

Let's see how Market At The Hills go...and watch out for new signs at Hobbies Of Asia....coming soon :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Can't Wait To Have Capons Again?

Sunshine Capons will be available again on Saturday, at the Bonsai Show, Araneta Gateway.

The heat is too much for most of us, so it was decided that we ihaw the capons in the afternoon.

Experience the eating pleasure of what Zac Sarian had been raving about :)

Have You Been To Camiguin?

I haven't. The closest I get to Camiguin is via Lanzones.

Agnes, my Camiguin grower, is reloading 1000 soon so she texted to make sure of schedules so she can time her plane trip back to her eden. Then she mentioned that she had been reading about the other Sunshine growers and that she hopes her Sunnies get to be photographed too.

Ehem ehem. Of course all our growers will get the rounds for farm visits, marketing support etc. Which translates to marketing and media features. Are you wanting to get those too?

Visiting Camiguin is work? See for yourself.

We are scheduling our Pampanga/Tarlac growers next weeks. Resting now from our Cebu trip, while attending to our trade shows for May.

Scouting For A Market At The Hills

From a Pasig property which I was scouting the area for some vibes...I was just riding around the area. Passing White Plains, I headed towards Temple Drive. That is the street where you have Rustan's and Starbucks, behind Corinthian Gardens. You find Corinthian Hills on that street.

A series of signs caught my attention. I stopped by the last one and hmmmmmmm, it interested me. Am sure it is still slow now as they are still new in the area, but I like the Chef's seasoning to this market. You get to go shop around for food you can eat there or take home. Exciting flavours and blendings await you as chefs' innovative and creative juices are employed.

If plans push through, expect Sunshine Chicken to be made available there at affordable prices.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

3rd Importation Of Parent Stocks

We have decided to import the 3rd set of Parent Stocks from SASSO, earlier than the 6th month. Now looking at mid-June. Aside from importing earlier, we are beefing up number of breeders, to cope up with demand.

Maraming salamat sa pag patronize ng growers ng Sunshines. Makikita nyo rin naman ang full support namin sa inyo, na mga raisers at dealers. Tulungan lang talaga.

Inihaw Sunshine Chicken Capon

Joey Rigor of Victoria, Tarlac, our Sunshine Capon grower brought live and dressed capons to the Bonsai show yesterday.

Close to 90days, the capons were about 3-3.5 kilos in dressed weights. The dressed were chopped at the site and seasoned simply with salt and pepper rub (just like how I do my regular inihaws). We believe that great tasting meat will standout with basic seasonings only.

Low fire, slow cooking. The charcoals were started and the Sunshine capons were set on the open grill as the right heat was achieved. See how the freshly dressed raw meat looks hefty?

You should have experienced the aroma. As Zac described to be "the kobe beef of poultry".... the marbled chicken meat was cooking in its own juices.

Looking at the meat, knowing that it is almost 90days old....not much expectation.

As the AANI people took the first bite, the expression on their eyes and faces have told me that Joey and Doc Mitzi did a great job! My friends from the US arrived and tasted. They can't understand how chicken can be that delicious.

Zac was late because of unforseen customers, traffic to Cubao and the strong rain. He missed the barbecue. In todays radio program, over breakfast...he had to be reassured that we will have Joey again at the Bonsai show and at IFEX....and YES, we will visit the farm :)

What's my favorite part of chickens? The tail or ass! OMG, I had to ask that it be cut and given to me. Hahahahhhahah....never had a mouthful of this! It was huge.

Sunshine Capons are available to consumers. Check him out also at IFEX's Sunshine Chicken booth, May 16-18, SMX.

Monthly Seminars In Fairview

We didn't expect the response we will be getting for the monthly seminars held every 4th Sunday.

Starting May 2008, we will limit the number to a total of 30 participants.

Pls reserve and pay for seminar fee so we can have a cutoff for slot acceptance.

This move will benefit all so we can be more focused.

Also, we remind all that please come before 2pm. Doors close at 2pm. Refrain from leaving and re-entering the room during the seminar.

See you there.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Organic Agri Kapihan At Bonsai Show

Doc Raffy Barrozo will host the Organic Agri Kapihan on May 10, Saturday, Bonsai Show, Araneta Gateway. Starts at 9am. It will cover several topics as he has invited industry leaders to answer your queries.

See you there.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Free Layers & Sunshine Chicken Seminar

The manufacturers of ATOVI is giving a free seminar on layers and have added a Sunshine Chicken seminar. The layers segment will be handled by Eng. Aldrich, while the Sunshine segment will be given by Doc Rey.

This will be on May 10, in the Muntinlupa/Alabang office of Atovi.. Pls contact Eng. Aldrich for details at (0917) 811-6529

Sunshine Chicken In Cebu

That's the title of an article in today's Agri Plain Talk of Zac Sarian, Business Section of the Manila Bulletin.

I woke up thinking ... "Oh no, May1 already"! Our May is fully booked in terms of activities, seminars, trade shows (Bonsai in Araneta and the much awaited IFEX at SMX).

Rushing to go to work as we had to drive to Manila later, we drove by to get our Manila Bulletin, scanning it....pleasant surprise...

There were pictures of Hector Ching of Asian Vegetables and Chicken, of his caretakers feeding the chopped veggies and fruits to his Sunshines and the very charming corn dealer of the freshest and sweetest corn we had partaken for some time. We were excited to find her on the roadside as we were going down the mountain. Heavy lunch and the impending big dinner didn't stop us from having our own Mini Corn Festival.

I am so happy that my Sunshine growers are getting attention and growing. This will also encourage their clients who resell them.

Can't wait to revisit Cebu....honestly.

Read today's online Agri Plain Talk here.