Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Invitation To Visit Agrilink 2008

Did you read Agri Page of Panorama Magazine today?

Read the online version here.

See you on Oct 9-11.

Market At The Hills, Christmas Schedule

November 08, marks the start of the festive season at Market At The Hills. Saturdays, the market hours will be 9am-9pm. Sundays will see it at 9am-6pm.

Vendors and organizers have met and will work together to give you a pleasant marketing and dining atmosphere.

Try visit us there. Although small, it caters to the person who likes quiet shopping. I do. I guess that is the reason why I chose to sell there. I want to target the kind of consumer that I am.

Its at Corinthian Hills, Temple Drive.

Sunshine At AANI

Double meaning? Meant to be that way :)

Sunshine and AANI will have a booth together at the US Embassy Shopper's Day Bazaar. It is a fitting name for our booth, don't you think?

Another event the name signifies, is the agreement to have a Sunshine demo farm at AANI Urban Farm in Antipolo.

We are really excited about this. The proximity to Metro Manila of farms will be a leverage :)

Maraming salamat.

Friday, September 26, 2008

TV Shoot For Hayop Mag-Alaga

Today, by 8am, we met with the crew of Hayop Mag-alaga. Aired over Channel 13, 1:30 Saturdays, and also shown in Vizmin stations. We decided to use our demo farm inside the Manila Boystown Complex, in Parang Marikina.

While they were doing the the interview on the technical side with Doc Rey, I was entertaining myself looking at how happy the Sunshines are in action. You could still hear the interview going, as they were shooting and having another angle of the Sunshines as their backdrop.

The picture was taken as they were shooting the spiel for the intro to Doc Rey's segment.

No pictures when it was my turn to shoot :)

This was the only time to take a pic of what we were to partake. Thank you to Roger, who always cooks for us at AANI events. We didn't have a picture anymore of our inihaw...and the spread of banana leaves as table cloth and plate, rolled around the table :)

Sam Francisco, the director, said it will be shown sometime November.

Incidentally, this is the 1st public appearance of Doc Rey since he got an Appendectomy. He travelled from Isabela yesterday, to make this shoot and for the Agri Kapihan and seminar on Sunday.

US Embassy Shopper's Day Bazaar

WHEN: Oct 4, 2008
WHERE: World Trade Center

This will coincide with the last day of the Health World show at SMX, but we look forward to activities with our AANI family.

Look for the SUNSHINE AT AANI booth.

See you there!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Remember this post? Organi...

Soon after that post, well not too long ago really....I started designing labels, stickers, shopped around for freezers.

Started ordering my pork cuts from the lean, foraging pigs. Told the clients for dressed that we have pork too now...and went FAST!

We still have a few kilos left for MATH. I ordered half of a medium sized pig. Not too bad for a 1st weekend start huh?

What's with the slow developing word...Organi..., then Organik.... :) Come to think of it, it also goes with the flow of the products we will be carrying....slow developing!

Soon you will see the completed word when we debut this weekend. We will use it with our branding for marketing.

1st At Boystown

Today we started the demo farm in Boystown in Parang, Marikina.

I wanted to kill time, so I stepped out to have a haircut.

When I came back...see how happy they are in their new garden? According to Pol Rubia, it was Mrs. Soledad Agbayano of Console Farms who opened the chicken crates to free the Sunshines. She even commented that they were happy chicks :)

Look at their improvised shed.

This is just the start, as AANI is giving us several ranging areas as demo farms.

Thank you to the management of Boystown and AANI.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Agrilink 2008 Seminars

I have been too busy to ask for schedules to post. All I know is we have been given a slot for 1pm Saturday at a seminar room and for a Saturday am in the open area at the lobby.

Saw this page and it may guide you to be able to fix your schedules.

Agrilink 2008 seminar schedules

Outlets List

DELIVERY IN METRO MANILA FOR A MINIMUM OF PHP1,000 on dressed chickens. All other orders are add-on to the chickens.
Order thru (0917) 847-2639

List as of 19 September 2010.

What you we offer:

1) Dressed chickens PHP200/kg
2) Eggs PHP300/tray of 30s
3) No preservatives, no chemicals, no fat no extenders. Pure chicken sausages in four (4) variants: skinless, garlic, italian and kielbasa PHP250 per pack
4) Pure chicken burger w/o preservatives PHP125 per pack
5) Healthy Gizzard Sisig PHP250
6) Liver Pate. This is so good as is, or you may fry it for a heavenly taste. PHP300


Santiago City: Solraya Enterprises - Panganiban cor Alfonso st, market road; (078) 682-3758; Daily 7am-6pm


Philam Homes/West Triangle/West Ave: 19 Lipa, Philam Homes - Daily 8am-9pm

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blood Testing

For the January 2008 batch, the testing was for the required local shipping permits. So they are able to monitor where the production goes.

This is our second accreditation, as the 1st batch is now culled. The BAI people were surprised that we culled in time, just like the big companies. We sold the culls at php55/kilo, priced just like the white chickens.

Talking about how far your buildings should go....ideally, 30 meters apart. Again the BAI was amazed at the distancing of our buildings. This is the view from the growing out of the 3rd batch. Looking across to the laying building, that houses the 2nd batch that now gives us our improved Sunshines.

For the July 2008, our 3rd batch, the testing is for the monitoring of the Parent Stocks.

Naked Necks coming up in January 2009. Our growers are equally excited.

Thank you again to Doc Arlene and Hermie for making that trip again.

Monday, September 22, 2008


The last article in Agri Page about lower prices for organic produce.

Brainstorming with co-vendors at MATH.

Seeing different products and suppliers that I will want to use myself.

Lack of time and manpower...too many things to do at the same time.


Niche marketing as theme of Agrilink 2008.

The above had been tickling my mind the whole day today...might be making a step in the next few weeks.

Let's Take You Near To Organic Pigs

You may have read how I raved about being able to eat pigs that ate forages, grass, fruits etc. Those heavenly opportunities were whenever we were at Tere and Armand's Earthkeepers in Tiaong, Quezon.

We can't have it often because of distance. Harder when you can't purchase..then you can't lug enough to keep in storage :(

Aside from the exposure and contacts made during the last show we were at, the best thing was I met a couple who raised their pigs the way Earthkeepers did. They had the same mentor :)

Much nearer for me to avail of...also, so many clients who come to Market At The Hills for the Sunshines ask for pork.

Starting next week.....we will carry them too at MATH.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Noel Discovery Bazaar 2008

We will be taking part in this event, the Noel Discovery Bazaar.

November 26-30, at the World Trade Center. See us at booth #236, food section.

Organic Produce Need Not Be Expensive

Mr Zac Sarian and I were discussing about the Sunshine Capons, the old art of caponizing male chicks to come up with flavorful and huge, tender chickens.

One of our growers have started this early this year and had been sampled and introduced to the market in several trade shows we had joined.

Agrilink is another venue great to ask Joey and Mitzi Rigor to join us. We have actually started to book orders for December, but will have Sunshine Capons available also during the October show.

The conversation drifted to pricing....makes me think that led to this article :) And and natural farmed produce need not be expensive :) Read the online version.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Chick Boxes

Improved Sunshine branding look for advertising...and yes, new chick boxes.

We were in hospital mode starting Thursday and forgot all about our new look :) This morning as I went into our Santiago branch, I made a second look on the boxes I just passed!

Starting Thursday, September 11, we used our new chick boxes to transport our Sunshine Day Old Chicks.

What are the distinctive changes from our old box?

1) SUNSHINE is now in color Orange
2) SUNSHINE is now on all four sides of the body
3) Corrugated flooring for the box
4) LASANG NATIVE boldly stamped


1) To make us more visible
2) You can easily spot our boxes when claiming in cargo buildings
3) See the new flooring for the boxes? Corrugated. The Sunshines will be more protected.

See how the ends are stapled? When it is opened, it leaves an obvious gaping hole. It will be hard for someone to reuse it.

Again, please make sure you get your Sunshines in our new box. These boxes are designed to transport chicks and are used industry wide. No plastic fruit crates are used in delivering our Sunshines.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Can Alter Your Busy Schedule?

Maybe an Appendectomy?

We were supposed to have had an extra full week ahead from the Thursday that just passed. Meaning to drive Thursday morning to meet with a Central Luzon province's LGU...excessive stomach pains brought to ER and the to an OR of a hospital. I am sooooo scared of needles and everything that doctors and hospitals nope, its not me. If I am inside a hospital now, I might be in a frozen state and not typing.

Two people in a room, one patient, one watcher and two hard to work from a room when you know you should be in a place 8hrs drive away! People say it was a forced vacation. Well, I will appreciate a vacation when you are playing hookey with time and schedules, but not when it is forced one :(

Pliability....nothing is just get high blood trying to orchestrate a sometimes clueless team :)

LGU meeting postponed.

I normally do Market At The Hills, the weekend market. Well, the girl I sent there today exceeded expectations in sales. Good thing, we got another 200kilos dressed for later this afternoon, though 130kilos of that had been pre ordered.

Deliveries for day old chicks are hard to lead remotely. What takes normally 1day to deliver, took 2days :( Monday delivery will be a different story.

Talk about Monday...we had to reset blood testing of BAI on the present Parent Stocks and our 3rd batch of Parent Stocks that arrived in July.

We have to be good hospital habitants for a while to get the doctors' nods soon for discharge.

Next week's schedule is no lighter than what we missed....Sep6-9 at a show at World Trade Center, seminar for Cagayan Valley, rescheduled blood testing, deliveries etc etc etc

Remember as kids we were always told..."don't jump nor run after eating...baka magka appendicitis ka!" I wonder what makes an adult have inflamed appendix?

Oh I forgot to mention. Doc Rey has very high tolerance for pain... it was raptured by the time he was opened up.

Good thing, it didn't happen while we were on the road. We could have ended up in a Barangay Hall cum clinic :)

Be pliable and ready for sidetracks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Niwa Tori

Yes, that sounds Japanese. Means garden chicken.

I met someone thru the PCARRD boards, who is into goats. More importantly, he is from where my grandfather came from too. Vaguely, I think he is named Ric. Not sure about that...but he is Ichiro to me since that is how he is shown in his YM account. He is Filipino by nationality, and has a beautiful Japanese family :)

Once in a while we get to chat about Niwa Tori (garden chicken), the grass fed chickens in Japan.

During AFEX 2008, a couple of Japanese men stopped by the booth. We can't really understand one another..but there was a common demoninator. They were so happy about seeing the Niwa Tori....that is my perception :) We were talking about grass fed chickens etc etc etc....weheheh their cards carried logos of industrial chicken companies, but they were happy to find us.

During cocktails, a friend was involved with a hotel catering to the Japanese market and the talk about the garden chicken came up again. I forgot what it was called...and vowed to ask Ichiro what it was again.

I saw him yesterday online and asked him how he would have his Niwa Tori.

KARAGI: Marinate your Niwa Tori, in this case Sunshine Chicken - soy sauce, 5 spice and a little sugar. Deep fry.

Thanks Ichiro...I still have to try those raw eggplants in soy sauce and vinegar.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yes, The Sunshines Are Now At PHP30

As our way of saying THANK the support of friends and regular growers, we did lower our pick-up price to PHP30.

We have announced that over national radio stations, and YES, you heard and read right. Calls have been received asking if it is true :)

We have tripled our production, our new breeders are far more productive than our first we are giving back to you the savings. The rise in cost of feeds are not forgotten....but for the meantime, we'd like to look at the increase in productivity.

Great time to load for the BER months!

Maraming salamat po.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

AFEX 2008

We had just come from a successful AFEX 2008 for us. Tremendous interest in raising our day old chicks and inquiries for harvesting growers. Referrals and matching made, with our regular growers. We did what we were there for...educate consumers, which translates to our Sunshine raisers' growing business. They have already gotten calls from interested restaurants and stores.

How you feel the morning after a show, tells how it went :)

We didn't waste our time there! Efforts and time were well spent. Thank you to Le Club and their coordinators' efforts....Stephane, Alain and Agnes.

As I sit now at our table at Market At The Hills, the weekend market at Corinthian Hills....some people we met at AFEX 2008 have already seeked us here.

Thank You

As I type this, we are entering the new week from a very successful show for us, AFEX 2008 (that will be a separate post).

Settling down over coffee, I thought of the more important things that need remembrance today....

1) Support we get from Agri Aqua Network International (AANI) and Friends of AANI
2) Partnerships that are workable
3) Real friends
4) Inquisitive people, because it makes us think and innovate
5) Other people, because we see the light beyond them :)
6) Trials....oh the mounds we have to climb as ants...I think that is where our staying power comes from
7) Today....everyday is great. Today is September 7, several good people are celebrating their birthdates

In April of 2007, our Sunshines were priced at PHP55 due to starting costs....October 2007 at PHP38. I remember Doc Rey saying to someone at AANI Herbal Garden that we will aim to bring prices down when our production increases and production costs are lower for us due to volume.

Why do we want to bring prices of Sunshine chicks down? So people will really have an option to what kind of chicken they want to raise and eat. Will it be the white chicke or the free ranged colored Sunshines?

Today, we have tripled production from those birth stages, lowering production costs. One step to goals...slowly, steadily, we hope to get there.

Introducing improved Sunshines ..

Today, we are lowering our pricing to PHP30
. Exclusively pick up from our stores and AANI outlets.

Our Region 2 stores tested this pricing last week and the response was great! People are switched to buying Sunshines over the white chicks.

Perfect for Christmas.

Hope To See You In Bayawan City

Doc Rey was invited to do a seminar on Sep18, for Bayawan City LGUs.

I will post details once finalized.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dressed Balls

Remember our stress balls? And the early egg drops?

That first batch of hatch, of our improved Sunshines were dressed and sold out fast :)

That hatch was a trial and even the raising was a "go see". Well, they lived up to make a debut at AFEX 2008.

All out for new harvests.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Due to the attendance and interest that yesterday's seminar got ( considering it was a Wednesday), the organizers have set us again for another seminar.

WHEN: September 6, 4pm, Saturday
WHERE: Activity Area, AFEX 2008, World Trade Center
WHAT: Benefits Of Raising Grass Fed Sunshine Chickens

See us at Asian Food Expo 2008 :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stress Balls With Legs?

Well yes, they do destress us....but they are alive.

Those are the new improved lines for our Sunshines. Certified F1 colored chicks from our bonafide imported Parent Stocks from SASSO of France.

The colors are more like throwbacks from using a pure heavy farm breed from the natural selection of breeders by SASSO.

Now, the colors are very welcome to us....the market loves it :)