Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Are In Cebu's SUKI

Months ago, when I first read about Suki, The Gourmet Sari-Sari Store in Cebu....I can almost smell and walk around the shop as described by MM.

When we were there in Cebu two weeks ago, SUKI caught my attention as we were going to St. Mary's Farm. I thought about the blog I read.

Several days back, I was so happy when Bernard of Earthlink Farm said he supplies SUKI and the sign they posted made me smile:

Sunshine Chicken available in the freezer.

Incidentally, Earthlink will be branding their dressed Sunshines as the Wanderbird....expect to see a hero.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Hatching Eggs

We get inquiries for hatching eggs.

Today was extra special for that. We got texts and phone calls, inquiries from Mindanao. Not sure if all from one person.

The person on the landline was furious. He said we were selling hatching eggs as stated in our website.

I asked him what particular page he was reading so I can correct the impression. He can't or won't name it...and just hang up on me. The only "hatching" that I see on the whole page that may be misinterpreted was the "hatching days". I am guessing here.

Anyway....we do not sell hatching eggs...never sold any, nor are there plans in the future.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Caponizing Sets

Our first batch of caponizing sets have arrived.

Selling at PHP5,000 per set. Available at AANI Quezon Memorial Circle. Limited stocks, so please phone ahead. We can send your orders by courier.

For those just wanting their Sunshines in its capon glory already, ready to roast....Joey Rigor will have his Sunshine Capons available at the Bonsai Show, May 3-11, Araneta Gateway Center and at IFEX, SM Exhibit, May 16-18.


We are often asked what brand of feeds do we suggest? We don't name brands because we suggest what is convenient for you to get.

We always suggest go with premium feeds.

The growth during the brooding stage is very important. What should be met?
1) Good genetics for your chicks, very important
2) Premium feeds, they need the proper nutrition to armor them for the ranging period
3) Proper poultry management.

When further asked to go into specifics about can go with what's readily available in your area, as long as make sure you are getting premium feeds. When we say premium, it doesn't necessarily mean what is most famous nor expensive. Premium means good quality and fresh.

More questions leads to, how about unmedicated feeds? You may ask your local feedmill in your area to mix unmedicated feed for you. The animal nutritionist of the feedmill company will be able to help you, just say you want no antibiotics nor animal protein...depending on your requirements.

Is there a commercial brand that makes unmedicated feeds? Yes, FEEDPRO. We carry it, but then our growers are encouraged to get from the distributors in their areas for freshness.

For areas where you don't have it yet....look for the signs or suppliers of TATEH and PET ONE....ask the distributors/dealers to get FEEDPRO for you...say you want to feed unmedicated feeds to your Sunshines.

Suggest retail prices as of 15 October 2008:

PHP735 25kilos Broiler 100 (chick booster) Suggested 1-21days
PHP1240 50kilos Broiler 200 (broiler starter) Suggested 22days to harvest or 22-35days
PHP1205 50kilos Broiler 300 (broiler finisher) Suggested 36days to harvest

Thursday, April 24, 2008

For Meat And Egg Production

We can never tire of answering when questioned "Can Sunshines be used for breeding"?

The Sunshines you are getting from us and our bonafide dealers, are F1, meaning first generation free ranging colored chicks. They are bred from Certified Parent Stocks, imported from France. The product here, we branded as Sunshine Chicken.

F1 chicks are not meant to be bred together. In layman's terms..they are related, siblings and cousins...not meant to procreate. You will produce chicks with abnormalities, low livablity, sickly and slow growth even with proper management.

The Sunshines are not also advised to be crossbred with the Philippine native chickens. You will still not be getting the characteristics of the F1 Sunshines...the same characteristics that interested you to reproduce them. Besides, let's keep our native chickens in its pure form. It may be the only one left that we can call "OURS".

Many have tried and failed. Is there anyone successful in this type of inbreeding on a commercial quantity?

If it was that simple to inbreed and crossbreed, why are we still importing Certified Parent Stocks to give you F1 Sunshines?

You spend a lot of time waiting to produce chicks. Labor on the growth of your F1s and breeding. You spend a lot more, ending up with a few chicks that survived. You can't go on a commercial scale with unpredictable results.

It doesn't cost much to get the real F1 Sunshines. Don't gamble with your time, effort and money.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visited St. Mary's Farm In Cebu

Sad that Hector who owns St. Mary's Farm had an emergency the morning we were scheduled to visit. He made the perfect choice when he sent his good friend/marketing consultant to drive us. Romy was the most engaging guide one can ask for.

This farm had always had a soft spot for me as they had been giving livelihood and creating a better of quality of life for the mountainfolks in this part of Cebu City.

Since about September 2007, loading had been regular and they had been targetting the specialty restaurants and end users.

We were served a filling lunch with Sunshines the way they would have it. Sunshines soup with just lemongrass, Sunshine inihaw with feet and head (the crispy skin was to die for). Notice how the chicken was served in a Coca Cola plate..."everyday sweet Sunshine"! They had kept some layers and I sampled them, raw. I had two raw eggs straight right up! It was capped with fresh cheese that the barangay tanod makes from his cows.

Dinner was scheduled at KK that night as the Sunshines there are from St. Mary' he was parking, I knew it was him already. Talk about vibes over text messages.

Asian Vegetables And Chicken In Cebu

As we landed in Cebu, I texted Hec to find out what time we were meeting to go to his farm. So nice of him, he was outside waiting for us. With the age of cellphones, you don't need to ask how to recognize a person. You just call and see who gets his cellphone to answer :)

His first batch of 200 heads in February, sold out in 4days when displayed in just one branch of Fooda Savers Mart.

Good thing, he ordered his 2nd batch of 500 heads after 3weeks, so he now has less than a month to wait for his next delivery. Looks like his 500 will go fast again.

He now has his 3rd batch of 1000 Sunshines in the brooder.

Asian Vegetables (now "And Chicken") supplies fruits and vegetables to the Fooda Savers Mart and Metro Gaisano in Cebu, so supplying them with his Sunshines was not a difficult sales talk.

Talking about will love what his Sunshines eat. Aside from the corn they get mornings and afternoons, they are free to range outside. What is special about their diet? They get what looks like veggie and fruit slush, mash, coleslaw....apples, pears, oranges, veggies.

Asian Vegetables has about 100kilos of over ripe products that they pullout from the supermarkets they supply. Everyday, these rejects are processed by a food chopper and given to the Sunshines.

They can smell it coming! They almost get drowned in the pails, while waiting for their waiter to serve them their meals in laid white sacks :)

Hector must have seen how we envied the Sunshines...he brought us for Chinese buffet at Majestic.

Next night's dinner saw my friend Col. Cesar Yano seating beside him and his very pleasant wife Didi. Col. Yano must have been enamoured with the couple's personality that he asked to visit his ranging area the next day. So.....we did a a 2nd visit just before we flew back to Manila.

He used to breed he wants to dispose all he can use the ranging areas.

KK's Hainanese Chicken Rice

Zac, Doc Rey and I were supposed to have a small dinner with two of my close friends at Abaca Boutique Hotel to try Chef Jason Hyatt's creations from Sunshines of Earthlink Farm.

Hec of Asian called to invite everyone for dinner while we were at Hec's St. Mary's Farm...I suggested at KK since they were serving Sunshines from St. Mary's.

After last minute calls, we all had dinner at KK, located at the IT Center. They are opening a larger outlet soon.

We met Mr and Mrs Lo. When St. Mary's brought them samples, they were overjoyed to finally find the chickens they had been used to back in Malaysia.

They served us good tasting plain chicken soup...Chicken Rice, rice cooked in chicken stock...Hainanese Chicken that came with ribbons of gizzard (cute actually)... we almost left the other viands untouched. They thought there was something wrong with the others, but there was just too much for us to consume. Well... reheated food does taste excellent for breakfasts.

I am glad we had our 1st year anniversary with good company, great friends, a lot of Sunshine for dinner, in Cebu.

Sad I didn't take a group photo.

Monday, April 21, 2008

One Year Today

I just realized...we started selling our Sunshine Chicks exactly one (1) year ago, April 21 2007.

That was a swift 360days! From the time we had to explain who we are, what we are selling, how to market.....

We have now replenished our Parent Stocks, having imported our 2nd batch. 3rd batch now being timetabled for a much earlier importation, larger quantity and not waiting for the 6th month before replenishment.

We no longer have to explain who we are, nor what we are selling. Marketing is never ending...but we have taken it to a different level now from a year ago.

Sunshine regular growers are seeing that our thrust is educating consumers about the health and taste benefits of eating Sunshines, marketing the growers in the industry and to end users, and making them co-exist with one another.

The hand holding we get from the growers is most important to our growth. In turn, we assist by making them visible.

Glad that we are here in Cebu for the impromptu celebration. The visit to the Cebu growers calls for separate postings as they are interesting stand alone topics. Zac Sarian of Manila Bulletin was with us, so hopefully the growers get feature stories :)

Thank you for the support.

Cebu Seminar Again

Due to pahabol calls, we are scheduling another seminar for 9am tomorrow, April 22.

Text me at (0917) 847-2739 for details on exact location. We will be in Lapu-lapu, near Marina Mall.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tanza, Cavite Seminar

We are set to do a seminar on Raising Sunshine Chickens in Tanza, Cavite on Friday, April 25.

2pm, in the area of the Municipal Hall.

Next...Caponizing Sets

The initial shipment of caponizing sets have arrived in the Philippines.

Will be assessed for taxes and clearing customs..we should have it by next week :)

Yes Joey, I remember and know...I owe you one.

Am So Excited For Cebu

Been up since 4:30am, for a radio guesting of Doc Rey with Doc Raffy Barrozo at 5am.

Logistics haven't been mapped out yet so I did deliveries for Southern Luzon this morning.

10:11am now and grabbed my Green Tea Latte while checking on emails.

Have to go now to AANI Herbal Garden for 2nd day of 1st WOW Organic Festival.

Tomorrow am excited to fly to Cebu:

1) Visit our 3 regular growers who we will meet for the first time.
2) See a longtime great friend who is at present based in Dumaguete, he goes to Cebu for dinner
3) See another good friend
4) Try the different establishments that serve the Sunshines raised by the Cebu growers
5) Meet up with Pacifica Agrivet, one of dealers

Am sure to be able to write a lot about this Cebu trip.

Friday, April 18, 2008

1st WOW Organic Festival Starts Today

I have to congratulate Desiree, Rhoda and Doc Raffy Barrozo for jobs well done in putting together the 1st WOW Organic Festival, April 18-20, AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center.

As early as 7am, there were people going around the booths. Cooking demonstration by Chef Bert attracted a lot of attention. He did a charbroiled chicken, adobo w/ herbs and his version of sinigang using Kaffir Lemon leaves. My show partner, Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm, obliged the use of his organic herbs and vegetables.

GMA7 and Channel4 did interviews on the health benefits and taste of the Sunshines, after sampling the Chef's creations. Chef Bert was even referring to Sunshines as "native chickens" in his GMA7 interviews. I guess...because...LASANG NATIVE kasi.

Wheatgrass Juice

Years ago, when I used to watch a lot of movies, I was interested in that tray of grass corporate offices had in the movie scenes. They snip a bunch, juice it and drink up, much like a tonic.

I knew it was called wheatgrass..but never saw it here.

Until....last EDSA Garden House.

It has a sweet taste....sarap actually.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Regular Day

Travelled 8hrs from Santiago to Manila.

Spruced up booth at AANI Herbal Garden for the 1st WOW Organic Festival that starts tomorrow. Actually, it was Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm, Fer and the AANI Boys who did. I watched.

Prepared invoices for deliveries of chick vans tomorrow.

Scheduled 3rd batch of importation for Parent Stocks for our Sunshines.

Yes, it was a regular day for us :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kwentong Negosyo April-May 2008

Nakakakuha ba kayo ng Kwentong Negosy0?

If you like reading Entrepreneur Magazine, you will like this one too. Written in Pilipino, I like reading about the doable projects, starting from achievable points. When the opportunity to be interviewed came up, we were excited.

They said that this particular issue got a lot of good reviews because of the "matapang" cover, at the same time a very light and happy feeling you get after reading the different articles.

I have to thank Jody and Merriam for the photo shoot
. And to Jesi, Vic and KN staff...keep it up!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mom Asks

> 1. Can i cook the Sunshines the same way as a regular chicken? Can it be
> baked, fried, etc? Or do you recommend a boiling and inihaw only? How does
> the meat compare to a regular chicken? You have mentioned that it's
> tastier, but is it more tough?
> 2. One thing putting me off from buying the chicken is its appearance when
> dressed. Based on the pictures I've seen, the live chickens look so much
> better and healthier than the "regular chickens" I've seen in traditional
> chicken farms BUT, the dressed chickens look worse! How should a Sunshine
> look when dressed well? Can different dressing procedures affect the
> appearance of the chicken?
> Thanks again!

Got the above by email. I thought it will be nice to share with other moms...

Yes the Sunshines can be cooked like the regular white commercial chickens. Sure, it can be baked and fried. I say my favorites were the boiling, tinola and inihaw - simply because they are easy to do and ordinary ingredients - plus no strong seasonings to masque the great flavor of the Sunshines.

Whatever recipe...they key is low fire, slow cooking.

The other day I was amazed to hear that some kids just think of chickens as square, round, heart shaped nuggets that are dipped into sauces :( Time to educate the kids and moms.

True, very much tastier. Firm but not tough. As my grower from Camiguin said.. "its not gummy" hindi daw parang chewing gum.

Dressed chickens are dressed chickens :) How will the Sunshines differ from the white commercial broilers? They have yellow skin, they don't look as plump as the whites, but may weigh heavier.

Most Sunshine growers dress manually. Just like handcrafted work, perfection will not have a high grade here :) I will say you may be right in saying the commercial dressed chickens may look better. Whether you get a torn skin, neglected folicle....your eyes and nose will tell you clean chicken.

This post made me prepare my reliable turbo Sunshine, stuffed w/ fresh lemongrass from my garden.

Yes, Chickens Get Heatstroke Too

Yesterday at the radio program Kaunlaran Sa Agrikultura over DWWW 774, we ran a contest.

Nina Manzanares-Agu, the anchor, asked for 3 tips on what may be done to prevent heatstroke in this heat we are experiencing.

As usual, we got so many texts. But we were amused that we got many answers too that referred to what humans may do: like.. wear light materials for clothing, take showers often :)

I love Sundays many things make us laugh!

We picked the most practical answer, but the winner didn't indicate name nor location. Before Nina announced the winning answers, we all laughed that surely a lot will claim to be winners. True enough! wehehhehehe The real winner texted me again long after, as we were having breakfast already. I was sure, because he used the same SIM card.

Talking about how people try to pull a fast one... Zac Sarian was whispering about how some people long ago (LONG AGO reads in caps because this is about STAMPS) would write the real recipient as sender and the real sender as the addressee in snail mails. Affix low value of stamps. What happens????? The letter gets "returned to sender"!!!

I had so much laugh at in uncontrolled! I had to step out and just wait for the show to finish. The other techinicians outside thought I was crying....napuwing lang po. It was an easier reason rather than re-echo Zac's joke.

Hmmmm seems, experience also hones humor.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Up For Next Week?

1st WOW Organic Festival, April 18-20, AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center inside the Quezon Memorial Circle (use East Ave gate)

You can't miss us. We will be by the entrance (if you were entering through the gate by the Quezon Monument). Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm will be with us, showing off his organically grown vegetables and herbs. AANI will offer fresh dressed Sunshines. You must have forgotten how fresh real chicken taste? :)

Your nose will lead you to us, as AANI will offer inihaw everyday and Chef Bert of Lipa Culinary Arts will do a cooking demonstration for Sunshine Chicken and produce of Daily Dose on Friday, April 18.

Our regular booth is nearby, so there will be chicks available and ready to slaughter.

Brooding In Warm Weather Ala TJ

TJ knew how uncomfortable staying indoors are these days, for the caretaker and his Sunshine chicks. He decided to brood outdoors, in the very same ranging pen. He set up the infrared brooding bulbs, just a few and have planned fallback positions of the Sunshines needed more heat. The photo shows the bulbs are positioned too high and he had been advised.

He set up the metal sheet around the brooding space. What does the metal sheet do? Partition? Wall? More importantly, it secures the chicks from predators like rats, as they can't climb the slippery surface.

Rising Temperatures

Everyone had been complaining about the heat!

Are your Sunshines talking? Are you observant enough? I know most growers are, as they notice their sad chicks, lack of appetite, panting, colds.....

Sounds familiar? What you feel is how your Sunshines feel too. If you feel hot and can't breathe, so do they.

What can we do to relieve ourselves...oh the Sunshines also:

1) Drink a lot of water. Make sure your Sunshines also get a lot of fresh, cool water, replenished several times a day.
2) Wet their feeds. Make sure though that they are able to consume, as that will spoil fast.
3) Open doors, pen curtains. If possible, install electric fans and exhaust fans.
4) Mist the pens. Those misters for poultry building can be used also in ranging areas. They are not expensive and easy to install in ordinary PVC pipes. Over the week, I saw these outdoor air coolers with misters. It was so nice to stand beside them :)
5) You see how some people hose down with water their surroundings, cemented areas and roofs? Your Sunshines will appreciate those!

Again...observe, and feel for them. That will be your best moves in this heat.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Successive Brooding

We have a client now who loads weekly. First 2weeks of consecutive orders were not ringing bells. But a 3rd order in 3weeks calls for careful notes to him.

Much like the multi ranging area, discussed in a previous post, caution should be practiced.

Now you know about brooding single batches.

If you must load weekly:

1) Have the brooders apart. Not situated close to each other. Room or building apart. You don't want a contaminated batch to be close to clean ones. Also, remember that you will be introducing vaccines to each group, and the younger batches should not be in contact with those.
2) Most ideal is to have a caretaker/caretakers for each batch of brooding till harvest time.
3) If you will load continously, make available minimum of six (6) brooders, so you may be able to rest each brooder for at least three (3) weeks before next usage. You have to break the cycle of bacteria.
4) Same for the waterers and feeders. Allow several batches so they are able to rest.
5) After use, when Sunshine Chicks are ready to range, disinfect brooders and let sit under the glorious heat of the sun :)

Frenchman Helps Popularize Capons

Read today's issue of the Manila Bulletin. Zac Sarian wrote about the capon demo, with a nice picture to accompany it.

Try reading the online article here.

Such a pity that Joey Rigor of Sunshine Capon missed this event. We can't take credit for pushing the capons now. Joey started this. Solraya is just supporting and marketing our growers.

I am looking forward to working side by side with Sunshine Capon in the coming food shows :)

Best Choice Poultry Supply Stores Carry Sunshines

Happy to have Best Choice Poultry Supply, with 5 branches, in our roster of dealers for Cavite area.

Check their stocks.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bonsai Show Plus

Mark May 03-11, for the Bonsai Show at the Gateway Araneta Center. This Bonsai Show will be notable as tourism, agriculture, trainings and cultural activities are included. Agri Aqua Network International (AANI) will be coordinating this event.

There will be a seminar on Cooking W/ Herbs & Sunshine Chicken, May 7, 4-7pm.

We are looking forward to May... as we have two shows, this one and IFEX. What is most interesting is that Sunshine Capons will be available by then.

Joey Rigor's Sunshine Capons are not chemically treated. They employ the old art of caponizing :)

See you!

Cebu Schedule

In the 2days that we will be in Cebu, we have a full schedule already in making farm visits to our growers, meeting with our major dealer for the area, and of course sampling the chef's creations for Sunshines at some of the resto clients.

So far we are keeping April 20 late afternoon, like about 5pm, for people interested in knowing more about Raising Sunshine Chickens.

Text me for final schedules, (0917) 847-2639

Villa Paraiso, Rizal, Nueva Ecija

Last week we did a seminar there, upon request of Cong. Joseph Violago.

The Barangay Captain of Villa Paraiso in Rizal, Nueva Ecija had been reading about Sunshine Chickens and requested that his constituents be given this livelihood.

Very interested crowd, asking questions beyond what was discussed, understands the importance of brooding properly and the health benefits the consumers will derive from grass fed and pastured poultry.

We will support this endeavor and guide them through marketing their Sunshines, like we do to our other growers.

Teresa Orchard

One early morning, we saw Teresa Orchard for the first time. I had saved this contact number a long time ago, vowed to visit it a hundred times in the past.

Have you heard about Abiu? Similar to a Caimito, has a caramel like taste. They look like Avocados in my pictures...because...I already ate all the ripe ones before remembering to document them.

See those little green seeds atop the tree? They will be the future Durian fruits :)

The selection of rare and exotic fruit trees is extensive there at Teresa Orchard. They are also the same people behind Secret Garden Of Doris, along Sumuong Highway in Antipolo.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Radyo Ng Bayan Guests SASSO

General Manager of SASSO, Louis Perrault arrived 2 hrs delayed, April6...just in time to make the radio interview at Radyo ng Bayan by 2pm.

He mentioned how SASSO acknowledges the fact that is was the former importer (Bobby Inocencio of Teresa Farms) who put the name of SASSO in the map of the Philippines. But due to refocusing and later developments, a new alliance had been formed between SASSO and Solraya...thus Sunshine Chicken was born.

Again, SASSO is not a breed. It is the name of a genetic company in France, now on its 30th year. Solraya brought in Parent Stocks to produce F1 free ranged grass fed chicks, we branded as Sunshine.

SASSO Demos How To Capon A Sunshine

We missed Joey Rigor of Victoria, Tarlac who does the Sunshine Capon. It was his birthday, April 6. His Sunshine Capon triggered Zac Sarian's interest in bringing back the art.

Doc Rey also tried his hand at it.

Demos by Louis Perrault of SASSO. Let's see if they get featured in an article :)

Sunshine Capons will be available at the Bonsai Show, May3-11 and at IFEX, May16-18.

SASSO Visits Breeder Farm and Farmer TJ

Holiday today. Perfect time to weave in and out of commercial districts and drive out to visit our Sunshine's breeder farm. Louis Perrault of SASSO is shown.

Next stop was to drop by Farmer TJ in Krukukuk Farm. The chicks shown were from his March14 batch, and the bigger ones were hatched Feb15. If you check back on the pictures from Zac Sarian's interview with TJ, those were the chicks then. He's been able to harvest about 100 from that batch already as it reached 2kilos in 55days.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

April Agri Kapihan Sa AANI Herbal Garden

The Agri Kapihans at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center are held every 1st Sunday of the month.

April's Agri Kapihan, hosted by Doc Raffy Barrozo, will fall on April6.

Come and join if you wish to learn about:
Raising Sunshine Chickens 8-10am
Biotech 10-11:30am

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Next Trip Scheduled...CEBU

First in our advertising before was Solraya and Sunshine. 2nd step was educating people on how to raise them. 3rd was making known to all the benefits of eating Sunshines...the health and taste benefits!

Most recently we have embarked on making our growers known. When they become bywords, it'll be easier for them to market their Sunshines and themselves.

First was Farmer Tj of Krukukuk Farm and Maawi Farms. Their stories had been featured in different magazines.

Next we fly to Cebu. We currently have three (3) regular growers there who we intend to visit. All three have several ranges so we can see growth of different stages, visit their client restaurants and delis, sample their recipes..perfect time for everyone to meet.

Interview for our new nationwide dealer, based in Cebu, is also on the agenda. When we market our growers, so do we make our dealers in the area known.

We will do a seminar while in Cebu for those interested. We are keeping April 20, 5-7pm, available for those interested to know more about Raising Sunshine Chickens.

We will be staying in the area of Marina Mall. If interested to join, text me at (0917) 847-2639, so I can let you know exact details of seminar.

Our Pampanga/Tarlac growers.... you aren't being neglected. We are just waiting for the proper timings to jive stories with trade shows.

New Schedule For Hatching Days

This week we start loading eggs for incubation on Thursdays and Sundays.

Three weeks from now, we will have two (2) hatching days, Thursdays and Sundays. Meaning we will do deliveries Fridays and Mondays. That will be the schedule from April 24 until further notice.

Our drivers had been working triple time on Fridays and Saturdays. I myself had to do deliveries by myself last Saturday. Am not complaining...just that we have to simplify things for us to be more productive.

Thank you for your support.

Pueblo Por La Playa

Spending the night in Quezon was not really on our agenda. We always brought an overnight tote, for the unexpecteds.

When the question of going to Pagbilao came up for dinner and a possible didn't really fit into our tummies. We were food full already, stories up high, new natural farming techniques up in our sleeves. Besides, I always exhaust ALL reasons to go home to my bathroom :)

Well, maybe dinner..then we can go home. We met Congressman Alcala at the bagsakan center and he had to go to a graduation but would follow for dinner.

So off we drove to the unknown place in Pagbilao, Quezon called Pueble Por La Playa.

As we were approaching and parked our car....

Dinner was served, but maybe we were too full and tired...our tastebuds were also sleepy. By 8pm we thought our dinner date won't show up. By that time though, we were determined to relax and enjoy :)

By 6:30am, and Congressman Alcala was there. He toured us around, starting with showing off the infinity pool from the best vantage point, the top of the waterfalls. The shower rooms for the men is just on the right, and he showed us the view from the men's urinals :) Perfect huh?! A spa will be built around that same area to have that view too.

Then we hopped around the greenhouses that produces the organic vegetables and fruits for the hotel.

Breakfast was great. This time we were tired after all the walking. We had freshly baked bread, dip of farm produced herbs and olive oil, steamed prawns, organic vegetable salad. You forget when in nirvana :) We washed it all down with freshly made tea from tarragon leaves from the garden.

Can Sunshines be far behind after all these?

Rizal, Nueva Ecija Seminar

We are giving a FREE seminar on Friday, April4, 9am, Brgy Villa Paraiso in Rizal, Nueva Ecija.

If you are in the area and would like to join, you are most welcome.

SPPAQ-Foundation Inc

We drove to Sariaya, Quezon to visit Sentrong Pamilihan Ng Produktong Agrikultura Ng Quezon (SPPAQ-Foundation Inc).

This bagsakan center, administered by Ariel has been helping the farmers around the area. Farmers bring their produce and buyers from all over go there to buy vegetables.

You think only Baguio and Nueva Vizcaya has the beans, cabbage etc?

Farm inputs are lent to farmers, equipments are available for low rent rates, seminars are given to update and educate them.

We met farmer Felipe who has a nice story to tell. You will be glad that a hardworking man will now have confidence that radiates. He is a classic example of an empowered man.

Earthkeepers Garden In Tiaong, Quezon

We decided to tag along on this trip just to go to the South of Luzon, via the East road from Rizal.

Had a hearty breakfast of the freshest latexless Langka from Teresa Orchard, over muesli and fresh milk.

By 7am, we were off the pleasant drive to Tiaong, Quezon

Getting to the entrance of Earthkeepers, by the roadside, didn't prepare us for the day ahead.

Tere and Armand welcomed us and led us thru a short maze of gift shop, their abode, and the largest building marked "restaurant", all comforted by blankets of ornamental plants.

As you approach the restaurant, you think why the building (you see a wall with windows) is enclosed in net. You walk past the door of the screen and realize there is only one wall and the whole area is enclosed in net. No boundaries, open, great view. The washrooms are also integrated with the garden.

We were served breakfast, that we were treating as brunch. Remember, we already had a hearty, healthy one. Laid on our table: naturally raised pork refried adobo, hard boiled native chicken eggs, fried sinaing na tulingan, tinolang native manok, ensalada, real malagkit suman w/ latik and naturally grown rice with great aroma and fresh taste. We thought it was too much! Wehehehhehe, a second round of pork adobo came out...still wiped out! Perfectly washed down by brewed coffee. We were laughing about a before and after photos of the table.

We went to walk around the nursery of ornamental plants, all naturally grown, no pesticides, no chemicals.

They make much of their farm inputs. They veer away from using the term organic...they call it natural farming.

Then we went to the pig pens. Boy were they glad to see visitors as they knew they will be given leaves to eat...part of the tour, they were like part of the show :) Then nearby the native chickens that gave us eggs.

After talking about Sunshines, they will start raising for their naturally produced restaurant to serve the meat and the eggs.

Tere talks about walking around the premises of Earthkeepers early in the morning and picking from the trellis and vines her breakfast.

They give seminars to interested parties, actually Congressman Alcala sends his people to train there. Tere actually had sore throat that day. Armand is trying to figure out what the cause was..wehehhe and he says he will reproduce that to give her a bad voice when he needs it.

Armand and Tere are a joy to talk to as they are intelligent, open and simple as you can get. No snooty purists here! Pretensions are not in the dictionary they own.

Wait...we were served LUNCH! We were saying no way we can eat more, no space.... I remembered to take the before photo of the buffet. After photo? I was way too busy trying to figure out what went into the pako salad, kinilaw na tangigue, pandan juice, sinigang na balat ng tangigue, tinolang native manok, adobong pata ng naturally raised pork and puso ng saging.

We bade our goodbyes and shook hands. Got to the car and talked about the unexpected day. The great company, new back to basics knowledge, meeting a principled and decided family, gastronimic events twice held....hoping to meet them again real soon.

Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm should have been here.

Lingayen Veterinary Care Center & P/S

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Great location, in the middle of the trading area.

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