Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of our Sunshine growers in Gen Santos, is the hubby of the former executive assistant of a very good friend of mine. That was eons ago....the years that we were still golfing, gulping, jetting and all other INGS.

I have not seen Patty in maybe 20yrs. Agrilink 2007....we were both like "huh...I know you..." Ayun, she used to be the executive assistant of Vic at PLDT. You know her job...she was the ONE we all bugged for the small needs we had. She retired, I guess her hubby decided that she assisted him instead of getting bombarded by Vic's friends anyway. Now, as pastime, she and Rene are into farming in Gen Santos.

You think they raised Sunshines in 2007? Nope! Agrilink 2008...now it was just Rene who comes up to me an introduced himself as Patty's hubby.

Point is....he took time to think and prepare. He started with 100. Now, we are at 200 every 2weeks.

Am not sure if it was because he read about my business idea post on "ready to range" chicks, or did he read Zac Sarian's article on a good endeavor? Or must be both! Rene was asking about meeting him to discuss the "ready to range" prospects.

Time and schedules haven't allowed us to meet..that was about 2weeks ago.

Today, before lunch, I got a text asking about 1week old Sunshines for Gen Santos. I gave the texter Rene's number. Late this afternoon, Rene texts that he sold 100 "postbrood" Sunshines, for PHP90 each.

See....very me. Why discuss feasibilities and pencil pushings. Easier to get to practice pronto!

Nice new term..."postbrood".

Looking forward to visit Patty's Farm.

Its Our Playsure

We know we have full schedules ahead as next week we visit growers in the Northern Luzon area.

So Sunday afternoon, decided to take a good night's sleep and start off early Monday for a relaxed schedule. To do what? To visit new growers' ranging areas and dealers. HAHAHHAHAHHA...yes I hear a big laugh! But its different when there is no schedules, no hotel bookings...like stay and do whatever :)

First stop yesterday....a new ranging area in Bulacan. We thought that we will see the brooders here. Doc Rey wanted to check on it because they got 100 on day1, 100 on day2 and wanted to get 700 the 3rd day. Doc Rey just alarmed him on the space requirements, so he opted to get 300 on the 3rd day. His brooding HAD to be checked. On the way to the farm, we realize that he was brooding in the Metro, but we may see the ranging area he was preparing.

Perfect location. Very near Metro Manila....logistics play an important role.

Anyway...what's my story here...

I was surprised to see a young man. I would say he looks 20s to me. He is a Medical Doctor but really wants to be an entrep-farmer. He followed his parents' wish first. Now, that he has proven himself, became a successful doctor...he now wants to do what he really wants :)...farming and business.

His profile as a doctor, entrepreneur wanna be, his wife's business - all those were different from the other growers - our talk also brought out great business ideas from moi! I will discuss those in other threads. Interesting ideas...promise :)

Wait! Am sidetracked here.....my heart's blab here is the "FOLLOW FIRST"... "OBEY FIRST"

Davao Seminars

(Updated April 03)

Seminars on Raising Sunshine Chicken from Day1 to Harvest by Doc Rey

April 13, Monday, 3pm
Microtel Inn, Function Room, Damosa Gateway Complex, Angliongto Road, Lanang
FEE: PHP300, with snack. Pls go early and just register at the door.

April 14, Tuesday
This will be a FREE seminar, as we are being sponsored by the Province of Davao del Sur.
Everyone is invited

Please coordinate with us thru text (0917) 847-2639 and email info@solraya.com

Friday, March 27, 2009

Genaro's Bangus Grill

If you see our growers featured in agriculture magazines, you may want to know that we equally market the restaurants that use our chickens :)

For the Jan-Feb 2009 issue of F&B World, when we were interviewed and featured, we invited the crew to sample Sunshines at Zucchini's restaurant. F&B World mentioned them in that issue and the next issue of March-April had Zucchini's featured too :)

Now to Genaro's.... they are based in Santiago City, Isabela where we are based too. Having lunch by drive thru, at their gate side grill, is normal for us. I always ordered fish as the name connotes, is supposed to be their specialty.

Sometime ago, rare time that we go there for dinner and decided to dine in. Oh they have native chicken and Monterey pork too. I order for Sinampalukang Manok, only to be told that the supply is very erratic. Hmmmmm.....small talks that led me to talk about Sunshines. And yes, send her 10 chickens the next day for testing.

That is history. They had been ordering consistently.

About 2weeks ago, I thought of making "Sunshine Chicken is being served at Genaro's Bangus Grill" as our tagline for the radio ads for Region2. Really worked! The sales have doubled. And Grace the owner, appreciated the fact that we made effort to look after marketing too. Obviously, she makes good, I do too :)

Last night, brainstorming about employees handling tips and how to cut down on workload as Grace did the cooking...we brought up the idea of new recipes, ones that stir far from the inasal every corner available. Oh yes, keep the classic tinola and sinampalukan...but get going with offerings that only you have, at least for the moment. Offering that you know you started.

That brought the conversation to my smoking chicken. I shared a recipe of a relative, that I amended to make it easier for me to do. We now look forward to introducing Smoked Sunshine Chicken at Gabriel's of Genaro's.

Gabriel's of Genaro's...That is their new outlet. Strategic, along Maharlika Hway, across the 24hr Mercury Drugstore in Santiago City, Isabela.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Continuous Marketing

Planning marketing is my main duty now for Sunshine Chicken. It is a hair line away from selling. Marketing is harder in my eyes, as the selling comes after you have projected and made known your company and product.

Always going, straight lines and circles...of course we have to forever compliment the marketing for our growers too. We plan to embark again (as if we don't always do weehehheheheh) on farm visits for our growers that may be featured for agriculture news.

Which made me recall an incident last Sunday. I was at a weekend market where we participated. As I was walking around, I saw another booth selling dressed chickens from free range SASSO. Surely I know all my growers...so I approached the man who owned the booth and talked to him about using the name SASSO. Surely his supplier didn't say that what they were selling him were SASSO chicks!!!

Maybe out of lack of anything better to say, he asks me about the proper raising and pricing. "I can't be involved as it will be unethical...I am just here to catch your attention about your claim on using SASSO" :)

Geez...this was may beyond me! He said he thought that his supplier might be the better one because they more expensive. YEOWWWWWW...this is exacty the market I am not targetting. The one that thinks that expensive is better. Hello? Yes, I may be from another world, but thank you, I prefer to be where I am. Give me an original Crispa T-shirt anytime please.

Yes also, I am focused in my marketing. There is a certain genre I want to keep and satisfy.

We work hard to give quality and cut costs. We have the numbers to give you lower prices.

I pride myself about planning and making strategies. I can't comprehend when someone rides on others' popularity and work. I am confident that we move forward and not just follow others' actions nor routes. We ourselves, and so does our growers, don't use the name SASSO in our marketing nor labels :)

Summer Work

I get inquiries for on the job trainings and summer jobs. Mostly we get it through text and I have 90% ignored it because I feel that the request commands some respect and text messages are not the proper venue for it :)

Last week I got an email, from a Benguet State University student. I gave it a thought because:

1) we have had very good experience with our employees from BSU
2) our market has consistently grown in the Benguet, Mt. Province area
3) we need to educate people on the benefits of grass fed chickens
4) if she learns from us, even just a little...that knowledge will benefit all, as she may echo it

What will I give her to do? Store brooding. That is a far more difficult job, than ordinary brooding in farms. Merits a separate topic to discuss :)

Because we are taking her in...we will be open to the idea now of accepting students who want to learn from us.


Where's the market?

A grower is literally going to the market....not wasting time looking nor waiting for the middlemen to find him.

They are getting a space at the local market in Antique and sell their dressed produce there.

He wants the locals to experience our claim of the taste of bisaya manok, in the Sunshine Chicken.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What is a gold strike for me? When we get the entrepreneur raisers.

What do I mean by that? There are entrepreneurs. And they have a magic eye for what will move, decides on vibes and experience and acts fast. That is what differentiates them from the others :)

90% of the time we are asked, "where is the market?"............oh you know that person will take ages before he decides to raise some.

An entrepreneur wants to know why your product is different, why it will be worth carrying/using and makes calls to start his brooders while you are still finding that extra calling card to hand over to him. The more the reality is presented, the more he knows it is worth going into.

They don't ask where the market of the production is. They CREATE the market! Its not even finding the market...CREATING is the key word.

You ask now, but they may have the good eyes, but can they raise my Sunshines? YES....they have the talent also of choosing good people to work for them. And they look after their workers well...in turn, they reap back with an abundant harvest.

One can't be and do everything all the time. You may be able to raise chickens well, but someone else has to focus on the business side.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sharing coffee with Jonathan. He is setting up several ranging areas. Strategic locations actually. Near the trading areas and have spoken with live chicken dealers even before he started brooding.

Incidentally, he is trained in pest control. He knows how and when to use his baits.

Jonathan, I wish your Sunshine ranges, "mushrooms" in number :)


In these trying times, you always seek ways to gain and save, learn to unlearn, move forward to go back to basics, withdraw to be able to give, meet problems to find solutions, find alternative routes in all aspects....

Presented with a problem of supply, some industrial consumers opt to raising their own consumption. Sunshine Chickens need the space for ranging and you look for land that is cheaper to buy. You find ways to cross rivers to get at the other side :) Don't worry, come rainy season, there is a road that leads to that land, though 20kms farther.

He had tasted Sunshine Chicken from our stocks of dressed chickens used for marketing purposes during trade shows. The go-go entrepreneur decided he can use this for new recipes he had in mind. Conservative start, he loads 5,000 heads as he will easily consume that in 3weeks, so he may cycle brooders.

One week after, we visit to check on brooding. We cross again the river....oh yes, this time I made sure I had batteries charged for my documentation :)

The Sunshines look great in 7days. The chicks are moving around comfortably. Well fed, enough space, clean surroundings and beddings...good start.

Since they used former pig pens, they were advised to make holes/windows in the pen's walls, for ventilation. Or, they may install bamboo flooring so they elevate the chicks and they have more air. They opted to make the brooding area large and divided the 5,000 chicks into several pens. Consequently, they will need more gas brooders as more pens were used. To answer that problem, they elected to use charcoal/rice hull for heating. Placed inside drums, with holes all around, to distribute the heat evenly. A very clever and practical way of saving.

Summer is here and the sun's orientation is bad for the brooding area. I overheard Doc Rey suggesting to speed up the ranging area already as outdoor brooding is feasible for this farm. There are 14hectares, a lot of trees....so we can play with a lot of shaded areas.

Movable chicken pens are being constructed, with elevated flooring of bamboo slats. Nets are being ordered. The ranging Sunshines will surely do a lot of fertilizing here.

I was getting restless after walking around and taking pictures. Peeked inside what is obiously the caretakers' lounging area, as it is where the loud music was blaring from. I have to say I always get touched by the way an employer takes care of the employees. Says a lot about them. No junk here for the farm people. He saved on some, but takes care of what is essential and comfort for his men.

Oh btw, the naked necks are showing to be doing very well in the onset of Summer :) See how they love showing off their skin. As they say...flaunt it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rockwell's Sunday Souk #2

Yesterday was the first of a series for Rockwell's Sunday Souk.

Sad that I wasn't around to man my booth, as it coincided with our monthly seminars....but I liked the life that the area was showing at 8am, while the other vendors were still setting up.

I have to thank Bunny Fabella, my high school classmate, my Power of the Pen seatmate, and the owner of Gilmore Gourmet. She had been a booster since Philfoodex. Yesterday, she was calling me to make suggestions. A customer calls me today and says there was this lady at my booth that had been talking about how good such and such was. I will guesstimate.....that was Bunny :)

Got a lot of calls today. Of course the Sunshine Chicken is a given. Aside from that, peope were raving about out heavenly coco milk and our salted duck eggs. As described, the coco milk is non fat and is the stage before you get your virgin coconut oil. I would say it is a creamy buko juice, with a slight gata flavor. Our salted duck eggs are a real treat. The saltiness is barely there, cheeselike I would say.

I invite you to try it.

See you at Sunday Souk #2...April 19.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lori Was Right

Yes. Lori Baltazar, one of the speakers of Power of Pen, said that the participants will be so excited to blog about the 2day food writing w0rkshop.

I hated language, reading, history etc etc that required me to read read and compose literary work etc etc etc. My general average grade was ok, because my Math subjects pulled it up.

But then, my work now in marketing requires that I plan my brochures, multi advertisements, blog and trade shows. Even if you base your principles and pitches on being truthful...you still have to reinvent yourself..beyond MASARAP!

Come the banner at Lori Baltazar's dessertscomefirst.com for Power of Pen, a food writing workshop! Hmmmmm. I should. Not that I expected to learn what I abhored to do since childhood. Walking with nothing....surely I will pick up something.

There was nothing said that you didn't know, nor haven't learned in school. Though now, it takes a different perspective when you zero in on writing about a topic and you have a definite reason for doing so. It went past reading and writing for topics that interested you the least. Now it was about food :) You were given spices and food to wake up your senses for the smell, sound, feel etc.

What was most interesting for me? Food styling. Like playing kitchen! Now we know why the pictures are perfect looking....because the materials were not real food wehehehheh. You get to touch fake ice cream, acrylic ice cubes, jelly shaved ice, and tomatoes with transplants! During lunchtime, before you ate, you are supposed to plate and photograph your food. Food styling career.....well I was too hungry and reasoned out that my food plating styling is for "HOME COOKED FOOD" :)

Highlight for my 2days? Just like comfort food, what you have grown up with, are the ones best to have around.

I saw Annie Certeza-Palmares, my elementary classmate in Institucion Teresiana. We are 2nd generation friends as our fathers were also classmates in university. She is now PR Manager for Center for Culinary Arts.

Bunny Fabella was there, high school batch mate. I don't really remember interacting with her in Maryknoll, but facebook.com and food brought us meeting at Philfoodex last weekend.

There was this pretty lady with us on the table on day1. I heard her speak about her brother Ambeth. I butted in and asked what her lastname was. There was only one Ambeth in my mind. Yes! She was Aleth, the sister. She was the little girl who stole my yaya away from me. Maybe my mom sent my yaya away when I should start fending for myself...but in my eyes, Aleth was the reason why yaya Basilia left me and went down a few houses away from us. This was Philam Homes.

Day2, one of the speakers was photographer, Mark Floro. Another Philam Homes guy. Our dads played tennis together.

We sat in table day2, with Caren of theeatingroom.wordpress.com She won for her critique on the lunch served. Then when food styling winner was to be announced, I said she might make it. She did top 10! I believe she is the only one who won 2 citations....turns out she is also a Maryknoller...Miriam her time...just like Bunny and myself. Caren and I both loved our Algebra teacher, Miss Dimaculangan!

Back to topic, like after eating merienda:

They should do more of these types of seminars. General subjects that zero in for a focus. The pamphlets that went around revealed that there are specialized courses for people in the food industry. Mark Floro has workshops for photography and digital imaging. Restaurant Marketing is offered by Enderun Extension. Gone are the days when it just all about cooking.

Rockwell's Sunday Souk

Busy, undermanned, tight schedules....I don't know what got to me to go and register for a booth on Sunday, March 22.

That'll be for Rockwell's Sunday Souk. 8am-6pm. Hidalgo St area will have tents set up.

See you there.

Can We Order All Naked Necks?


We give preference to the growers for the supply of the Naked Necks. The excess is then made available at the Solraya outlets (Fairview, Solano, Santiago City and Vigan City).

The growers who have been ordering this have observed that it is sturdier, more stable...but it is a slower developing strain, than the full feathered ones.

Don't let the slower developing adjective deceive you. We know that it takes time to acquire taste.

Let me know if you want to book all Naked Necks, so we may prepare them for you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photos Communicate

For growers who are far from us and farm visits are wishes...that may happen but not as often as ideal...daily data record keeping and weekly photos are very important to monitor. Obvious problems are called to attention right away.

Why talk about the negative? Actually, positive moves are very appreciated through photos too.

This Mindanao farmer went to Manila to attend a seminar. Prepared. Ordered and have been updating us through pictures.

I would say that he listened well during Doc Rey's seminar. More than that, he cares for his Sunshines. It is obviously captured. Good brooding, makes the robust for ranging.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sometimes we are asked to try a product. Most times we just set it aside and forget about it.

We had been using another brand of probiotics for sometime, but packaging was a problem and we were looking for a new one that we may retail to people who don't have the time to do their own natural farming inputs.

We had been seeing the Novatech group in radio guestings, but maybe they were promoting more their Durabloom organic fertilizers, that I didn't zero in on their probiotics.

One Sunday, about 2months ago, one of their salesmen broadcasted some Biosec in our Sunshines' cage during that month's Agri Kapihan. The Biosec was supposed to erase odors in farm animals' pens. Well, I noticed that it did. I was there sitting by the cage, it was soiled, being there halfday already. Sniff sniff....no odor. I took a note of that in my mind to order for resale...but it hid behind my brain.

The sent me the brochures thru email, but it just sat on my deskstop to this day.

Recently, I knew and remembered I needed probiotics for the over the counter sales. Timely that the Novatech sales people were there again during Agri Kapihan and I remembered to order Biosec. Now I had the time to listen and they were able to introduce Biolyte (probiotics and vitamins), perfect for brooding.

I asked my staff in Santiago City to use it for the store's brooding. That store is our best gauge because of distance and the time of day that the truck gets there, carrying the Sunshines.

Verdict: very good and ok for resale to customers!

When we do a sampling, we only use one product so we can zero in on our assessment. I walk by the cages by 6pm when we close the store. No smell...and that was not using Biosec yet. It was just Biolyte. Letting the good bacteria eat the bad bacteria inside the Sunshines. Making the waste, odor free.

Suggested retail price is PHP150 for 120ml. Use 1ml per 1liter of water. Ask for it from your favorite poultry supply stores. You may use it for all your animals :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back To Davao

Check back for a seminar schedule in Davao City and in Mati City.

Tentative schedule for Mati City may be on Monday, March 30. Will update blog when details are final.

Panay Antique

Depending on what you mean and how you pronounce it. Antique the place? Or Antique as in old, heirloom, art, collectibles....

We have here both. A grower in Antique, engaging in the old way of raising chickens. Almost 1 kilo in 33days. Not bad at all. Surely tastes like the bisaya manok!

Looking forward to go visit that part soon!

Go Against The Tide

Yesterday was not an ordinary one.

You don't normally cross a river (in your own vehicle ha), drive through sharp and rough river stones, drive with the tide and make a turn to drive against the tide. It was like sitting in a banka, seeing tree branches riding with the tide, observing how water breaks into different streams and getting back their speed again....it seeks its own path.

Doc Rey said I should take pictures....sure! One of the rare times that I don't have spare batteries, nor my recharger, nor do I have new pen sized batteries. Well...I said it as a day out of the ordinary.

We got to the other side of the river and delivered Sunshine day old chicks. Great location and the number of mango trees make default shelters for the ranging Sunshines in 3weeks :)

What did I learn from yesterday? I didn't need a 4X4, no need for a Land Cruiser to cross a river and brave the sharp rocks. You just need to believe in what you have and make calculated risks...but yes, I needed strong tires wehehehehe

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have To Go Back

Have you been to Cam Sur Water Park?

We don't do wakeboarding, but it was fun watching them and dining after a seminar in Naga.

The province of Camarines Sur did well developing this piece of property. It is now renowned worldwide for wakeboarding destination. Accomodations are very good, clean and well priced.

My son did this one weekend not too long ago, but he really into surfing and the likes. You have to be really fit when doing those. I excitedly called him to say we were enjoying the place he had been to....and he said he "was in a ferry to Camiguin"! Our host was like "huh?"....what does he do for a living? Well....he is single, young, taking his sweet time and enjoying life. He is like off every weekend :)

I will want to go back to Naga soon....have to taste the guinataang Santol that I missed because I had to stay in bed because of flu :(

The best tourist attraction of Camarines Sur may be yet be their people....very unassuming, pleasant...really nice :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I liked the champoy flavor. It was fermented plant juice. It is supposed to be a good health tonic. Wakes you up and gives you the energy boost, but makes you sleep like a log too at night. We in jest called it "PAMPA"....pampatulog, pampagising, pampa...

3C...stood for the 3 Cs of Carrots, Cucumbers and Celery.

I used a glass pitcher with a plastic lid, to ease up my work. For every kilo of plant you need 1/2k Muscovado sugar.

I got 600 grams Carrots, 350 grams Cucumber and 50 grams Celery stalks. Passed them through a grater, at random, then placing it in the pitcher and adding some Coco Sugar (yes expensive, but this was what I had in my cupboard) at a time. Layers until done. It was easier, no need to mix, as it was layered already and I just gave it a shake :) I placed it inside a black garbage bag and clipped it using a paper clip and set it on the kitchen counter to ferment.

I shook my pitcher every 2days. Actually everyday, as I peep all the time :)

Harvest in 10days. You may feed the solid to your animals. Actually I kept it and pick on it like pickles. They say take about 2 tablespoons daily or 3x a day after meals. I take a lot to drink, tablespoons wont' suffice. It does taste great for me!

Experiment with the different flavors you want.

This is not just for human consumption. Fermented plant and fruit juices are also used in natural farming for your plants and animals.

Use 1 teaspoon of fermented plant/fruit juice per liter of water. That will let the good bacteria take care of the bad bacteria in their digestive system. Use 32ml of the fermented juice in you 16liter back pack of water. Spray all around the pens, flooring and cages :) Odor free surroundings. Worry free disinfectant and deodorizer.


We might be pushing through with our baby Organikarts real soon.

Sidelined by the December rush and the busier days for the growers the past weeks, anticipating the summer and fiesta times' demand...we are now dusting the idea of the karts.

Am actually excited, as this will be good for consumer awareness. We are eyeing a location that will be good for the market of the health conscious and who likes eating good tasting food :)

....will keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where Are You For Holy Week?

Normally I am around my "through sick and sin" friends.

Recollection and meditations is best when you are true to yourself and what better way than being with the people who may even know you better than you do yourself :)

Thinking about Ilocos Sur...La Union...let's see where the waves takes us for the next few days.

Ilocos Sur Weekly

We have to thank the coverage that Agriculture Magazine gives us, and their trust in our products. They feature our growers, announce our seminars to reach out to people who wants to learn for livelihood, and report on the different aspects of successful money making ideas.

One province that had supported the Sunshine endeavor is Ilocos Sur. By now, there are several independent growers (who no longer rely on government's dispersal) lechon manok vendors, doing the ready-to-range and food processing.

Why did the ready-to-range prosper? Because the people have compared the quality of those privately raised in comparison to those brooded under make-do-to comply scenario. Watch out for more features by Manila Bulletin on these growing industry :)

And yes, we are able to visit the growers often, because we have an outlet of Solraya there, for Sunshine day old chicks. To make it affordable and readily available.

So, when our friends asked if we wanted to meet up...it was an easy YES! Perfect time to document while doing farm visits. Great meals with friends...

See how uniform the harvest of Corn? The farmer used organic fertilizers. Durabloom in particular.

Side note: This is the image of Our Lady that is pasted in my mind now. When I talk to Her, this is how I see Her. Last Monday, while sitting outside Gov. DV Savellano's office, I saw this statue. Now I know why this is the image in my mind. I see her all the time :) She stands guard outside the Gov's office!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't Reply

Either something is wrong with Blogger, or I am traveling in areas where my Globe Visibility is hiding.....I can login to my Blogger account, but I can't reply to queries nor edit.

I'm sorry Jonathan, but easiest way...and this goes for everyone....I suggest email info@solraya.com

Yes, I know...it helps everyone if we all ask and read here. But if you got questions that need immediate replies, our contact numbers are all over the blog :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Heny Sison's HAManok

Wednesday, while waiting at the cargo bay of PAL for my HERBaboy from Jojie Lim, Heny Sison calls and says that she prepared chicken hams and wanted me to taste and get one. Ok then, it was past 3pm, no lunch yet, so the prospect was very inviting :)

Parked at her office at about 5pm, I just peeped my head to call on her girl so I can just drive thru for the ham.

Surpise, surprise! Heny was manning a class for Bars at her ground floor class and comes to me with a two (2) plates of chicken ham. Seems like she had been nibbling on it too weheeheh. One was her previous recipe, plain. The second plate was sugar coated. "I like this, the sweetness is there, but coy". She said, "OK, I will then give you the one that is sugared". She had her girl bring out two (2) hams, differently ribboned. She said one was for Gov DV...and if I can take it please :)

She wanted us to talk again for the marketing of chicken ham. Off to Naga the next day and on to Ilocos Sur and Baguio. When I get back to Manila then... yes we meet...and I get to open my ham too :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ingress 8th Philfoodex

Rushing today. Got a new freezer for show, went to Megamall earlier than my ingress crew, prepared invoices and shipping permits.

I was stumbling with my tarps and signboard and my ingress maleta from valet parking to the 2nd floor. By the time I was going up to the 3rd floor, I got the hang of things. Practice and experience makes you know what angle to step etc :)

Since I was alone initially and knew that even if my crew came, they will still fumble with my new signs. Sat, quietly and looked for familar Centrex boys faces. Saw one....and ran after him. He was glad to see me too.

You like it?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Relating Things

Today was a sandy day. Nails, lunch, browsing around, calling new suppliers for new products, looking at the venue for Philfoodex even if actual ingress is tomorrow yet, picking up my new signs...in other words it was a different day and somehow the small things made me see new ideas :)

1) hanging my fascia boards - the printer wanted me to use the old and reliable double sided foam tapes. Ok I will, but I was adamant to want to hang it simply. Less hassle, and it will be more secure that way. The hooks may not be the perfect size and it will require that I be able to postion it on a straight line. Easier said than done! But once I do, even if the size was not perfect, the bottom portion should rest comfortably, even if at an angle. Which might be better actually! The horizontal line of the hooks should be aligned.

Got a call from a friend about making a trip to La Union and Ilocos Sur for farm visits, and if I had growers who were using certain products, who may be interviewed. Certainly, plus the fact that we really suggest using those products. The trip will not fit our schedules really as we will be coming in from Naga, but horizontal marketing flashed in my mind. I made quick calls...and yes, we can all meet in Ilocos Sur. We are not the focus for the farm visits, but hey, Sunshines will be featured.

2) I called a farm owner in Tarlac who was raising chicks for the color in the farm and the great taste it was bringing to his table. First 100, 200, 500 and about 2weeks ago 800. He said that it is almost gone, save for what he personally consumes. Town folks were happy seeing large native chickens, and they buy from him. I suggested the "ready to range" and he said yes perfect as that was the problem of others. We talked about a price and he said too much. I was surprised that he was selling the Sunshines at almost the same price he got it for. Apparently, he was just wanting to help and for the town folks to realized that they can grow their own food. The LGUs were starting to see his advocacy.

Yes, it was a confirmation and reiteration that we shouldn't lose our focus on the backyard farmers.

3) Instant orders - My paraphernalia for Philfoodex was ordered for pickup today. At the last minute, I wanted some stickers for use in the Naga dispersal. I had to wait the whole day for a measly 12 stickers. The printer had a lot of work scheduled. But they got fast printers, several of them, had a lot of personnel. Yes, but the line was still long.

Some volume customers do not understand that unless they have previous bookings, they can't be served pronto. Our regular, even if small quantities, can't and may not be disregarded in favor of a big order. If there was a regular schedule, then we can play with the irregular small orders, but not to sacrifice the regular ones. About 3weeks ago, a messenger told me "but they order volume, you can't set them aside" I replied, "I'd rather have 20 small ones than 1 big one". Chicks aren't like rice that you may stock the season's harvest. Our chicks are hatched 2x a week and we need to schedule the sale even before they are hatched. Pronto customers have to undertand that unless booked, they may not have any if they advise one day before. We have the numbers to supply, it is scheduling that we request you to respect.

4) bonding lunch with my bdayboy son - he had been seeing this nice girl who I have not yet met, but since he talks a lot about her, its like I know her.

Being true to yourself and others...saying things as it is.

5) Joining Philfoodex - It is for other people to see what is new in the market and maybe getting new suppliers.

That is what I also decided to do today, look at new products. That kept me excited and filled my time before Sunshine. I should set time again for opening my eyes to what is new.

6) People who know me, know I am a Crocs person, way before it was used here. I have it in all colors wehehehe. Today, I got myself a men's style, w/o second thoughts. I wanted it, my feet needs it and it was simply that.

Some say I have to bend because I am in marketing and sales. I don't. Even in my choice of products to sell, I maintain what I believe in. If I went for what is the norm and looked good to wear on my feet, I would have sprained my ankles by now, just like my younger son who sprained himself after playing basketball today. Stuck to what is comfortable for me, I know I will swim in land wearing what my feet needs.

7) Our HERBaboy will go on a shipment with our Durian friend, to save on freight costs. Won't our baboy smell Durian?

It won't, as it is packed well. The lighter or rather the serious side to relating things is...I am like Durian...you either like me or detest me!

Sleeping Chicks

I got a text early this morning, that the 10 Sunshines she (am just presuming that the texter is female) purchased yesterday were all sleeping. She asked if they were sick :)

Were they full from eating? Do they look contented? Are the feathers ruffled?

What do you mean the feathers are ruffled?

Gusot, ruffled, not tidy, magulo... :)

Nope they weren't.

You will know. Observing your Sunshine Chicks, contented and sleeping looks so differently from sick chicks. Just like taking care of babies, you know when you see discomfort :( You hear cries of distress :(
She deduced they were doing fine then.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Resellers Of Day Old Chicks

Another simple business idea....

Resell Sunshine Day Old Chicks.

There are remote areas wherein the farmer won't have the time to go to the bayan, to purchase his stocks. Most backyard growers also, specially the ones who grow for their own consumption, will not want to buy a box of 100 day old chicks.

You may purchase from us and cater to the neighboring areas. Doesn't seem part of the business, but it is the step one, acquiring chicks.

Contact us if you plan to resell. We are able to ship to most areas nationwide.

YM About Growing In The City

Someone messaged me yesterday, inquiring about raising Sunshines in the city.

Presuming you live in a residential area....I will say "Yes", if you were to grow your own food. Meaning, if your family consumes about 15 chickens a month, then ok, raise them in the city.

Not that they have foul odor, but do you have a large ranging area in your urban home? Presuming again no area. Supplementing with grains, you may give them your fruit and vegetable trimmings. Your neighbors might be happy that you will rid them of garbage too, if you got their kitchen trimmings.

Before long, your neighborhood might be envious and will want to grow their own food. Then, it may be a cooperative effort on a nearby empty plot.

Good luck..this may even turn to a business venture in the block.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where Can I Get Ready To Range?

Am not sure if its because that Zac Sarian had featured several times, Kagawad Henry Anunciacion of Sinait, Ilocos Sur finding a business in raising "ready to range" Sunshine Chicks...or that I made a post in this blog as one of the business ideas, to raise Sunshine Chicks till about 21days then sell them. Brooding is no joke :)

We had been getting calls about purchasing ready to range chicks. Sorry but we always book our day old chicks and we have none to grow til 21days.

Another grower in Gen Santos, Rene, wants to discuss this possibility of doing it in his part of Mindanao.

Pol Rubia of Agri Aqua Network International (AANI) may go into this too, as he will start to brood for our demo farm and my needs for dressed chickens for marketing purposes. We discussed about selling ranging chicks since visitors to the demo farm will find him convenient as he is in Metro Manila.

Looks like the business ideas we had been posting are starting to rub in on others and opening eyes.

As the assessment goes...it is only the Agriculture sector that will make the Philippines float.

Smoked Chicken

We've had this smoking chamber that we never had the time to try out. Read a lot about smoked chicken, the process and how it promised the best tasting way to have your poultry.

Am not sure why today was different. Maybe because we have somehow mastered the art of juggling time and work between radio programs, weekend markets, fixing invoices and scheduling orders on a Sunday? By after lunch, I knew I wanted to smoke chicken.

Had the smoking chamber brought out, cleaned, dry rubbed my three (3) chickens with very simple seasoning and started the smoking process.

Uhhhhhh.....dinner was heaven. Licked to the bones, chewed on it and really sucked on the bones. We were just describing the bones....can you imagine what it was like biting into the wings and the drumsticks. My favorite is the chicken ass...the three (3) were erased before anyone may think about getting it. My least favorite is the breast. I had to try this just for comparison. I ended up with very tasty white meat :)

This recipe is a winner! Nothing beats low fire, slow cooking, smoke :) And of course, the real taste of chicken.

I vacuum packed some, to test how it may be marketed.

On The Walls

Corner booths, two wall panels.

This will be the design for the 8th Philfoodex booth. March 5-8, SM Megamall Exhibit Centers.

Trade Shows' Facia Boards

This early we are lining up the trade shows we are joining, what the shows' focus is, how we are going to use it for marketing etc.

Peep of things to come...see our new facia board: