Friday, December 09, 2011

Growing Sideways

Been quiet as I felt having reached a plateau in terms of sharing our experiences and knowledge for pasturing chickens.

Growing sideways..yes it may mean waistlines hahahhha.  But also, while we were focusing growing taller, we forgot that as you trim the sides, it gets bushy and lush too. Next thing we knew, the sideway growth can't be stopped and widened our vision.

We have shared all we know and went through over the years. Started in pastured chickens in 2000 and since 2010 it looked like we are being brought to another phase...not just chickens but organic agriculture in general.  That has been taking a lot of time and energy...and I tell you, enjoying the shift of work.

In the past months, we have also started contributing to magazines.  It makes our advocacy of marketing organic agriculture easier as we have the opportunity of visibility.

Love this blog, blogging and the people I've met who had been following us over the years.  Not saying goodbye ...just moving on to another blog that will give me more flexibility on topics..meaning I can write about anything organic :)  The new blog had been created, nothing there yet as I wanted to close this before moving.  Can't have two masters at the same time :)

Please feel free to read over the archives here.  The data, information hasn't changed.  Pasturing chicken is older than all of us and has remained to be the same.  IF there will be major changes that I feel you have to know, it will be posted here :)

Email me  Our monthly seminars will cease and we will now incorporate that with the scheduled seminars for SOAP.

Thank you so much for the company...but I will also invite you to keep me company in the new page up very soon!  As Pamela Henares' daughter said.."Birds of the same feeder...palakpalak togider" :) am sure you will still want to join us in anything organic.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Next Write Route

Been very busy lately, and just recently came from Tarlac for the 8th National Organic Agriculture Conference.  I was there primarily for Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) and my editor for Agriculture Magazine, Zac Sarian said I should write about it.

I am not apt to write about the event per se, but will want to touch on the takes I got, speaking with the different sectors.

BTW, if you want to see the photos taken during the 8th  NOAC:  

For FOOD Magazine, Nana Ozaeta gave me THE_Camote to write about!  Perfect timing, as we at SOAP had been working on this.  Short article, direct to the point and visuals should be able to capture the reader....that is why I asked for a photographer to please do it for me :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Seminar: "Urban Edible Gardens for Food Security", November 26

DATE : November 26, 2011, 8am-5pm
VENUE: Agribusiness Center, Department of Agriculture, Elliptical Road/Visayas Ave
SPEAKER: Perrine Collin of Cabiokid Foundation

Training and hands-on demonstration on vegetable planting in urban areas even with limited space. Ms. Perrine of Cabiokid will discuss and demonstrate how best to utilize your limited space to growing your vegetables and other food crops by using materials available in your kitchen and surrounding areas (used plastic containers, tires, boxes, and others). She will also demonstrate how to produce at least 40kgs of camote within one cropping time by using two to three tires piled up in a very limited space.

Training Activities/Module

Morning Session:

1) Introduction

2) Permaculture, a system to organize your garden
3) Management of Resources in Urban Areas
a) How to harvest water
b) Clay Irrigation System (how to harvest clay irrigation system
adapted to small garden)
2) Soil Management
a) Theory on soil
b) Presentation on different kinds of compost
c) Hands on preparation/making of kitchen compost
Afternoon Session:
3) Theory and discussions on concoctions
4) Lasagna bedding and square gardening (actual demonstration on the preparation of lasagna beddings and actual planting of the vegetables)
5) Discussions and/or hands-on demonstration on how to use/maximize space for planting vegetables
a) Climbing plants on structure (power point presentation)
b) Hanging pots (power point presentation)
c) Kamote tower (hands-on demonstration)
d) Bottle Tower (hands-on for participants)
Training fee: PHP1500 per person, includes materials, lunch and snacks. 
Please deposit to BPI,Solraya Enterprises, C/A 3535-8057-24.  After deposit, email so we can send you registration forms. 

EARLY BIRD RATE:  PHP1000 good for registration on or before November 18.

Notes: Training will start on time at 8:00 AM

Friday, October 28, 2011

Agriculture Magazine November 2011

Now available!

We are honored to be able to write about Sec Proceso Alcala in a different branch :)

True, it wasn't about agriculture, but knowing the man behind it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

FOOD Magazine Nov 2011

November 2011

In August, I attended the "Power of Pen 3", a food writing seminar.  Had the opportunity to seat and chat with Nana Ozaeta, the editor of FOOD Magazine.  We discussed about organic farms as she learned I was writing for Agriculture Magazine. 

She said that for a long time, she was wanting for someone to write about the organic area. It was offered to someone in the past but seems she was too busy.

Nana knows my writing ability is very elementary...but as she said in her talk during POP3..."the editor is a writer's bestfriend as they make the writer always look good".

Thank you for trusting!

Am glad to be able to boost the marketing for us farmers, at the same time walking for consumer awareness :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go to 8th NOAC

NOAC, National Organic Agriculture Congress.  8th already.  November 8-10, Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac.  Field trip on November 11.

So Many Exciting Events

I miss blogging!  But then, I am missing on time too :) 

Deadlines meeting monthly columns.  Sure, you may say that is is just a snap to come up with a monthly column.  Yes, if you are a writer at heart.  I am just a blabber and blogger.  Blogging.. is different to writing for a magazine.  It is a welcome and enjoyable stress to be able to weave a story that will meet the magazine's persona.

Sad that I had been remiss at keeping this site up to date...since this is where it all started.

If you care to see what has been happening...while I find  several minds to keep up with all the events, please share time with is on:

1) FB, Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines

2) Column: Natural Farming, Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin

3) Contributions, FOOD Magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing

4) Blog, that I manage for Mr. Zac Sarian

5) hopefully, we finalize soon...a...  will tell you about it after loose ends are tied :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Intro to Permaculture

Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) and Cabiokid are pleased to invite you to a two-day “Introduction to Permaculture Course” which will be held on October 29-30 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Department of Agriculture Agribusiness Center at Elliptical Road, Diliman Quezon City. The lecturer for the course would be Bert Peeters.

Permaculture will provide you ideas and knowledge on designing your own landscape (farm) through some relevant technologies. It will offer design concepts applicable for areas in your surroundings to make it more sustainable, profitable, yet stable and habitable.
The two-day course will provide basic information that will include the following:
-          Idea on what is permaculture
-          Permaculture ethics and principles
-          Pattern language
-          Permaculture introduction
-          Design Exercise

-          Interaction in the natural world
-          Specific interactions, maximize energies
-          Design exercise with discussions

Cabiokid has been developing the principles of permaculture in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija in its 5.5hectare property.  It has transformed the area into a sustainable property using permaculture as the guiding framework.From a mono-cropping and chemical farming area, the Cabiokid area now produce organic rice with many other crops. All sorts of vegetables are now growing in abundance in the farm while birds are common residents and reptiles and mammals can easily be seen in the surrounding areas.
PHP2000 includes certificate, materials and lunch/snacks.  Please register and prepay on or before October 21.  Send payment to Solraya Enterprises, BPI, C/A 3535-8057-24.  After payment, please email for payment details and name of participant.  Registration after October 21 will be charged at PHP2500.

Email or call (0917) 847-2639 for questions.  Thank you.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Agriculture Magazine Office

Went to pick up some items...let me take you inside....

This is the main lobby.  On your right will be the Classifieds Ads area and your left is the Circulation Department.  See the framed photos on the wall?  Those are the covers of the current issues of the different publications under Manila Bulletin.

As we were discussing some pages to be printed...  That is Mr. Zac Sarian, the editor.  One of the staff for Agri, Mel.

The editor back on his desk.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Agriculture Magazine October 2011

Orders for Super Avocado had been pouring in :)

Yes, the ordinary white chicks can be pastured!

Housing design is important.  Give them a lot of space, air and sunshine.  The cost of the building in sustainable agriculture need not be expensive.  Imperative that they have easy access to the open range.

The chickens need shaded areas to comfort them from the heat of the sun.  Much like you feel is how they experience it too :)  When we made the shift, other growers tried it too and have seen the logic to pursue it.

FAQs are tackled in our column, email us for your queries.

Doc Rey's column tackles veterinary issues.

Happy 14th Anniversary to Agriculture Magazine!  Honored to be working with you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SOAP in Agrilink

October 6-8, World Trade Center.  We will have a table in the Department of Agriculture Pavilion.

Talks on Oct7 at 10:30am:  "Kamote as an Alternative Staple", Growing in the City by Perrine Collin.  Pamela Henares of NISARD talks of SOAP and Vermiculture.  AANI's Raymond Rubia will talk about "All About Herbs".

Come and visit us for sustainable organic agriculture practices.


Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines.

Sustainable Organic Agriculture Practices.


September morn, the creation of  a nerve center was discussed.  Consultative group met and this issue was again identified.  Another September morn, we agreed to initiate while a formal group is being formed and may eventually take over.

September 20, 9am, we start the SOAP Desk at the Agribusiness Center, Department of Agriculture.  Elliptical Road cor Visayas Ave.

Set to be a "One Stop Info Center" for organic agriculture concerns.  We are building up our data bases for matching and for resource informations.

Streamers, logos are being designed and should be up soon.

Soon to have an egroup/forum.

Sa Agrilink we will have our launch!

S...did you notice all paragraphs started with "S"?

S, N, M, S, Y, K, N! H, H, H...only a Pinoy can read that!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bacolod Is Green. "Green is Life". Bacolod is Life!

Been to Bacolod 2x in 15days.  1st trip was pleasure but was able to visit some farms (surely that was part of pleasure).  Had a Balikbayan friend with us, who commented that she can live there.  Bacolod was very easy, slow paced, yet lively enough and keeps you sane with feet planted on fertile ground.  2nd trip was for the consultation for NOAB's program.

1st trip, I had to go renew my drivers' permit inside a mall.  Got a treat :)  Saw this real nice raincoat.  Since then, I always prayed that it rains ahahhahaha.

Spring water to drink from Buro Buro Spring Farm.  Simultaneously thin, crunchy and chewy Piyaya by Chin Chin Uy...that is made from scratch, rolled and cooked in front of you while you wait.  Ordered a big batch.   I didn't mind the waiting.  It was when a very kind hearted waiter can't refuse a new order while I already saved all the new ones to be churned out...that made me burn ,more than the hot plate where they cook the Piyaya!  Thankful that all that happened inside the organic restaurant in the compound of the organic market.  

What cooled me down and made me wait longer?  The so refreshing fresh fruit mix!  Can you picture what I just said?  Yup...that simple....halo halo using fresh organic fruits.  NO frills there, just honest to goodness realness.  They ran out of Mango and Buko that is the add on to special, so we settled for the regular mix of Kamote, Saging, Papaya, Watermelon, Avocado am sure there were others but the freshness was the key here...more than the supposedly exotic taste.  There was actually a line for "take home".  People came with their containers to bring home.

On the 29th, there is an event at Rockwell.  Bacolod's got it all.  See you!  Can I wish that they bring the organic restaurant with them?
Retailers will be showing
Talks to be given

Monday, August 29, 2011

Agriculture Magazine September 2011

Yesterday at Agrikapihan, I was excited to see the September issue so I went at 8am. Guess what?  The two stalls that carried it, Teresa Orchard and AANI, had already sold the copies they brought!

Early today, I was going to check out National Bookstore. Since it is a Holiday, no traffic and my relaxed mind brought me just cruising. Next thing I knew I was in Quiapo, why not....go to the head office of Manila Bulletin to get copies.

Parking was so easy and the light rain was an easy excuse to don my raincoat:)

The children are really the ones we have to focus on educating:)

We had an easy time interviewing Dante Delima as there was a deeper story other than simply farming.  BTW, my editor says he hardly has to do anything if at all to my submissions.  Thank you.  But for this article...he added two words.  Why?  Maybe because he wanted to edit something, whatever he can.  In the opening paragraph, he added that Dante Delima and "his brother" Tibaw.  Well, they are brothers in sustainable agriculture after all :)

What was hard to do was to write it up, as a short story wasn't going to do it justice.

Dante Delima is worth meeting up in person.  You can't judge a man by his shoes.  Nor can a man's worth be seen in paper.

You have to experience being with a True Blue Farmer :)

Mr. Zac Sarian asked Doc Rey to do what his initial intention was for a column...that from a Veterinarian.  So here is his first article.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My New Favorite

Because of my involvement with natural farming, marketing and writing, I find myself always looking out for new things.  Or...good, old things that others are taking for granted.

This week was the Department of Agriculture's BAR Agritechno Forum at SM Megamall Trade Halls.

The show also gave weight on the commercial production of naturally farmed native pigs.  All of a sudden I missed our own farm, where we have pastured native pigs.  Yes pastured and just fed fruits and vegetables.
Just the way pigs were raised before

The booth of the Philippine Carabao Center drew me, because I really buy their products on the way to Isabela.  They have a new flavor for their yogurt drink...Dragon Fruit!

It was creamy, pulpy, just the right is my new favorite.  In color, it even standsout beside my all time loved Strawberry Yogurt :)
Dragon Fruit flavored

Friday, August 12, 2011

Natural Farming Technology, Aug 19-20, Agribusiness Center, Department of Agriculture (MAIN)

Philippines for Natural Farming, Inc  will have a two day training on Natural Farming Systems Technology at the Agribusiness Center of the Department of Agriculture (Main), the building of which is located along the Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City on August 19-20, 2011 (Friday and Saturday) from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Cost for the two day training is P2,500.00 which includes training materials and food (snacks and lunch prepared by Chef Tatung from naturally farmed produce). Training will focus on natural fertilizers and pesticides and its application to crops, plants and animals (baboy, manok, itik and kambing). For plants and crops technology, it will focus on land preparation, seed selection and treatment, proper planting and application of natural fertilizers and pesticides. It will also include preparation and use of compost and vermi.
For livestock and poultry: appropriate housing, nutrition, bedding for pigs and chicken, natural feeds and medication.
The training will be conducted by Ms. Teresa Saniano of Earthkeepers and Mr. Dante Delima, both authors of the LIKASAKA Manual.
For inquiries and reservations for the Aug 19-20 training, please contact Rose: 0917-244-8064 or 0908-863-1519  or Sandy 0917-847-2639 and (02) 216-7016
May menos/discount or libreng training pa tayo....may pa contest tayo sa PNFI e-yahoo at facebook.... abangan.....
Seminar fees, Membership fees and Annual dues may be
> deposited to the savings account of "Philippines for Natural
> Farming, Inc." in Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI), account no.
> 003083-7065-45. Please photocopy deposit slip, write the following
> information and send by fax to (632)929-4538 during office hours and ask
> for fax tone:
> Attention: Rose Lorredo – Treasurer, PNFI
> From:
> (Name of seminar participant or new member)
> Branch
> of Deposit: (Name of Branch where you made the deposit)
> Purpose
> of Payment: (Seminar fee and title and date of seminar, membership fee
> or annual dues)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Who is Dante Delima?

He is now with the Department of Agriculture, Director III, Bureau of Plant Industry and National Rice Program Coordinator.  That is his official title.

But who is Dante Delima?  What made him be what he is today?

Let's delve into him....editing now for the September issue of Agriculture Magazine.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Agribusiness Center, DA-AMAS

Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Marketing and Assistance Services (DA-AMAS) inaugurated their Agribusiness Center in the main DA Compound.

This building will be a venue for showcasing, year round, 7days a week, the exporters/suppliers of the Philippines. Marketing under one roof, the buyers will be able to get info on products they need.

The terrace on the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor is envisioned to have a coffee shop and be venues for meetings.

The ground floor will be the information/reception area.  Buyers may get data here for products they need.  AMAS personnel links buyers to suppliers/farmers.

Exporters' showcase/retail area.  Visit and see what the Philippines has to offer.  You may buy on retail.  For wholesale inquiries, they will connect you to the source.

There are projects to help us farmers.  Let us also join hands on how to assist the government.  Help ourselves too :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011


First, Zac Sarian sets on my plate this extra large, over riped duhat? Oversized black olive?

He said "Pili, eat it". I just know Pili brittles. How? Holding it, it was soft and squishy. You eat the pulp...hmmm...not something I will look for. It has a gas taste for me, like eating gellied kerosene. The nut is now exposed and it is roasted and cracked? Didn't ask...would rather remove the memory of the pulp on my tongue and rewind my tastebuds to my crispy pili honey brittles.

Ok, so they said pili oil commands a high price and 1hectare will be a good profit. But then, am not into wanting to go into processing. Sure you may sell the nuts to the processor, but I like to "farm to end user" work.

Walking around the stalls, I saw this lady selling Pili planting materials.  Several people bought them.  

Maybe I should have even just a couple of trees.  So I can roast some in the farm and crack them.  Maybe if we raised  and harvested it ourselves, the pride in them will spell the difference.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Variagated Guava and Mama Sita Banana

Last week our Philippines for Natural Farming, Inc group had a farm tour.

1st stop was at the Teresa Orchard of Mr. Zac Sarian. Everyone's jaw dropped when we saw this Mama Sita tree. Maurie Ocampo, who's grown and traded bananas before said he never saw this big variety before. Counting it, one heart can have around thirty (30) bunches!

When we visited AANI Urban Garden in Antipolo, we walked past through fruit trees in containers.  Notice the trees behind the Mama Sita?  They were in containers too.   Good thing about these? They are mobile and transportable, since they are planted in big plastic bins. No reason for your trees to get damaged in strong winds, as you will be able to move them to sheltered areas.

Best thing?  Great as gifts...don't you think so?  For someone who has will be nice to give a Sampalok Tree with all the flowers in bloom with fruits...or look, is that a Guava?

Step closer...yes  variagated Guava!

The fruit is also striped...

Sweet!  Don't think it had a variagated taste to it.  With my eyes closed, it was simply a Guava.

You know, after I took a second bite, the striped fruit fell to the ground.  I brushed it and ate it all up.  AANI Urban Farm was into organic farming anyway hahahhaha.

Going back to the fruit trees in containers...sound business idea. Thing is you need to patience to wait for it to grow to a good market size price :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Agriculture Magazine August 2011

I was at a food writing seminar today, Power of Pen 3, when the Manila Bulletin booth was unpacking and preparing their table. Asking what Agriculture Magazine they had, they said August. Wow...sure? YES!

Happy to write about the Glinoga Organic Farm :)