Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunshine, Action...

Where's my camera? It is still asleep in my huge bag in the bedroom!

When in Isabela, we make it a point to go to the farm early when we can to witness the gathering of Sunshines for dressing that day. Today was one of those days we had been rejuvenated already and raring to go to the farm.

I was so eager because yesterday, Doc Rey came home with a small bag of goodies. Freshest veggies. All I had to do was wash them, I can even do a wishy washy because we are sure no chemicals there. I didn't spin them nor wipe them dry. Immediately, I transfer them to a glass microwaveable dish and set it on 2mins. Them came out freshly perspiring and steaming...still green and crunchy...perfectly done. A platter of buro was placed with it on the side. Doc Rey it was the best recipe...weheheh recipe ka dyan!

Today, I was going to do my own picking of veggies...

What greeted me on the gate was a nice sight. Our men had the harvest of Sunshines, tied up and hanging from the mens' necks. You don't get that sight in Metro Manila...but yes, that is how they ready to be slaughtered are carried and placed in the crates, to be transported to the slaughter house.

If you watch Survivor Philippines...its a grander version of the immunity necklace :)

Sad I wasn't able to click that sight. I should always be ready with my camera.

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