Friday, October 26, 2007

My Leche Flan

Sandy's Leche Flan
• 1 C carabao's milk or goat's milk
• 1 C coco sugar
• 6 whole eggs from grass fed, pastured hens
• 4 whole calamansi or 1 whole dayap, do not squeeze, just take out seeds
In a bowl, combine milk, sugar, eggs and calamansi or dayap (including the rind). Mash the ingredients using clean hands, do not beat the mixture. After you have mixed it well, remove calamansi or dayap and any seeds that may have been left. Set aside. Using 4 llaneras, put some coco sugar in each and set on top of stove one at a time, over low heat. As it melts, tip the llanera side to side to coat the bottom. Set aside to cool. Pour egg mixture into the 4 llaneras, cover with aluminum foil. Put llaneras in a bigger pan. Pour water until it reaches almost halfway through the height. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 mins or until firm.If you have no oven, cook in a steamer for 30-45 mins. Check after 30 mins if done.

I like adding grated Dayap rind just before steaming.

The touch of mint gives a wonderful flavour, though some people don't like it. Instead of Dayap or Kalamansi, you may get fresh mint leaves and have it as you mash the ingredients. Take out the mashed mint leaves. Then before steaming, top with fresh leaves.


  1. love leche flan.. thanks for ur tip

  2. I think coconut milk would work well with this too w/o the lime or mint flavor. Our leche flan is similar to the Thai or Vietnamese flan. :-D Great technique you got there *Mashing*!

  3. @mangoes, thank you for the idea! I love that coco cream/milk taste. As for the "mashing", I got that from a compilation of recipes by Food magazine :)