Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How Did You Start Today?

We had a hospital bed that we decided to donate. My sister found the organization to give it to. They were supposed to pick it up last week....but surely its not lack of interest, but more likely short on was taking them quite a while.

I offered to have the big truck deliver it. After Doc Rey made some estimates on the load, he said "let's do it".

I was glad we did. The moment he said so, we changed from night shirts to walking shirts :) and drove down E. Rodriguez.

Hate going to hospitals, but this was a different feeling delivering to one of the hospitals that Kythe Foundation works with.

Talking with the guard, while waiting for the coordinator, I learned about the foundation's work with children. You may want to know more too about Kythe Foundation.

They were so happy with our hospital bed and suction pump. You might have some materials you may donate :)

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