Friday, October 19, 2007

Tavern Murano's Baked Sunshine

My favorite Italian restaurant in Santiago City, Tavern Murano, made us Sunshine Chicken done three (3) ways.

I gave him full authority on what to do. I just said : No artificial seasonings, low fire, slow cooking.

First came two dishes. Both had serving sizes pieces. One was like sauteed/braised with carrots and raisins. Second one was with fresh wild mushrooms.

Both were not really what I will ask for again, but the things is, the natural taste of chicken stood out. Flavors didn't masque the taste of the meat.

The piece de resistance came...whole baked Sunshine Chicken in a bed of chunky potatoes.

George came by to say he was amazed at how the chicken felt even when uncooked. Not slimey at all, soft to the touch, no fishy smell at all, the innards looked tender and clean.

He looked at us bite into our baked Sunshine.....really great taste! Then he said he boiled it in very little water. About 15 mins, turning it around often, releasing the fat from the Sunshine, w/c was minimal as he said. Then transferred the Sunshine to a baking dish with a bed of potato chunks. Poured the minimal liquid he had left from the pan. George of Tavern Murano baked it, very low fire....letting the natural juice cook the Sunshine and the potatoes.

Not a pinch of salt, nor other seasonings. As we both said.... "NADA"! He said he baked it the French way.

That I have to ask about :)

He and his wife Joy didn't have dinner with us, but he made sure he had servings for them set aside. He asked his red wine to be brought to us, and we enjoyed a glass to cap our meal.

I just realized....I forgot to take photos again. Good meals make me...

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