Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flor's Garden

Those are not Halloween BOO away the birds in farms :) Very apt for the season. BOOWahahahhahaha

You have to meet Flor Tarriela in her animated conversation will excite you to go into natural farming.

We got to Flor's Garden after lunch and caught them in the middle of Andry Lim's seminar on Natural Farming. Sorry that we can't disturb him for our chitchats...well, we can have our time in Davao when its just the girls and the boys.

We visited first the new baby Sunshines in the circular Jojie's Crib. They were comfortable under the charcoal fed tin can, over their red heads.

You can't miss the collection of culinary and medical herbs here. Notice the "Weedicinal" term. I myself have transformed my garden at home from ornamentals to herbals. Why? Because aside from the fact that it has that wild look I life, it smells sooooo good and it does have practical usage. More of culinary for me...but when I get the cough, we get out our stone and pound on Oregano leaves. One jigger and off goes the cough.

Flor and Jojie Lim took us around Flor's Garden.... walking around the "no smell" pens of Sunshines and pigs. I nibble on some flowers that have been introduced to me in the past.

One thing I picked up here...her use of empty coconut husks as you would use cobbled stones as steps in pathways. They look like river stones. But...when you step on them, you get an air like cushiony feeling. Thinking of employing this in my new outdoor bathroom.

Travelling and farm visits do teach you a lot. I didn't even know that Antipolo had a great landscape on this side. I didn't even know Antipolo existed on this side from Cogeo!

Real Is Sustainable

Seminars are a joy to give...When they are not forced to. When they go there on their own. No frills no treats, pure wanting to listen and learn:
Because of the mileage we do and the cross industries we move around in, we get to meet philanthropists who really move and act on their own.

One such lady has been distributing chicks to resettlement areas, including 10kgs of feeds (half of what the recipient will be needing). At the end of 60days, the recipient returns two (2) adults of about 2 to 2.5kgs live weight. In addition to that, the donor lady's foundation, buys back an additional three (3) adults at PHP150/kg live weight. The rest of the Sunshines, five (5) left to the recipient, may be eaten or sold.

I have computed to her costings, and made her realize that she is not earning at all. She smiles back and reminds me that there was a "cause" in the first place. True, teach the recipients the value of paying back and not simply receiving dole outs.

Doc Rey and I walks around these resettlement areas. You will see that there is hope to the so called squatters in Metro Manila. Given assistance AND they should be reoriented to what is proper business ways.

The lady starts them off with ten (10) Sunshines. The recipients are allowed to repeat AS LONG as they are meeting requirements of MOA. Once you don't do as agreed, you and your immediate family members are banned (I like that...very me)!

We do repetitive seminars for the group that have repeated several times.... by then, you know who are the ones who want to pursue.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pics From You

I love getting photos from the growers from afar, as it is not normal for us to do farm visits to them.

Bert of Zamboanga is one who loads regularly, in small batches. These are the doable projects. He first took a seminar when he was planning on what to do for retirement. Worked on plans, slowly but surely...... only do it small, slow and right...for sustainability.

Whenever I get an email from him, I open it first as I know it will have nice photos.

I got a batch of pics from Bert the other day...looks like I can use this photo for an AD :)

Radio Programs

Because the radio reaches a broad audience and cross segments, we are excited when we get invited for radio interviews. Guesting invitations had been accepted for various shows.

DWWW's Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura (774, Sun 4:30-7:30am) has Doc Rey regularly as Vet ng Bayan. ABS-CBN's DZMM's Kabukiran (630, Sat and Sun 4:40-6am) guests Doc Rey often and he is invited in their out of town seminars. Both agriculture programming.

Last week an FM station in Southern Tagalog, based in Batangas has met us during Agrilink and wants to feature Sunshine Chicken in their negosyo program. We go there after All Saint's Day as they want a live interview.

Another exciting invitation is by DZRH through Eng. Pol Rubia of AANI. Sunshine Chicken will be on their agriculture show aired Saturdays 7:30-9am, fed nationwide except Metro Manila...:) which is really the market that should be reached.

See you on the air!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grin When Green

Today must be the day that answers my question about doing green architecture.

I grew up with moss covered fences, lagoons, well landscaped gardens, a lot full of orchids, dayonets, backyards that had been transformed into a huge green house...all these when green houses were not yet heard the 60s :)

Making a move this quarter, had me I had me toying about green architecture. Actually what I have in mind is the homey, Hansel and Gretel type...the one that evokes walk through the forest type. I was asking my archi friend Gigi to help...but both of us got busy with Citem's FAME. I hope and pray she reads this to get her dreaming with me asap.

My searches led me to sites that were like Flash Gordon types...sci-fiction looks...not me. More like I didn't know the proper search words.

This morning, we get to join the garden show of the Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines. My attention was choosing the booth location and marketing Sunshine.

In the afternoon we did our monthly seminar. It is rare that I get to chitchat with the attendees after the seminar. Today was different! I can't pinpoint why, but I stayed behind in Organika while the orders were being processed. That gave me opportunity to do some chitchat which started with politics. My worst topic!!!! Am so apolitical :)

At a drifted into plants and in a second, this man was describing how he did his wall and chicken coop...with plants! WAIT...all of a sudden I knew what he was talking about.

We could have gone on...but no one was left and he had to travel back to Bulacan.

Thank you for leading me to search through vertical gardens, green roofs etc.

I now look forward to that garden show.,...Why? look at this!

See how the goats live on the roofs? My chickens will love this...surely!

The look I want now will be mine, and not to recreate what Mommy had made me live through as a child. Not that I didn't want it..,.its just that I want to inject my own now.

Garden To Benefit

I was glad that I paid attention to Zac Sarian's announcement today over the radio. During breakfast before Agri Kapihan, he talked about stalls open and if I wanted to get one....we can duplicate the alliance of Agrilink and we can go side by side :)

YES...sure! This will be an exciting garden show for us to explore and learn from the free seminars. Get schedule here.. "Gardening for a Better Environment"

While Zac and I were selecting our spots, some of our friends at Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura also got booths. We all laughed at us having a Friends' Pavilion :)

November 20-30, Quezon Memorial Circle, East Ave Gate. Near the restaurants and parking lot. I noted ingress at November 14...maybe that gives us more time there.

We will have the day old chicks, ready to slaughter, dressed Sunshines and our ready to eat products.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunshine, Action...

Where's my camera? It is still asleep in my huge bag in the bedroom!

When in Isabela, we make it a point to go to the farm early when we can to witness the gathering of Sunshines for dressing that day. Today was one of those days we had been rejuvenated already and raring to go to the farm.

I was so eager because yesterday, Doc Rey came home with a small bag of goodies. Freshest veggies. All I had to do was wash them, I can even do a wishy washy because we are sure no chemicals there. I didn't spin them nor wipe them dry. Immediately, I transfer them to a glass microwaveable dish and set it on 2mins. Them came out freshly perspiring and steaming...still green and crunchy...perfectly done. A platter of buro was placed with it on the side. Doc Rey it was the best recipe...weheheh recipe ka dyan!

Today, I was going to do my own picking of veggies...

What greeted me on the gate was a nice sight. Our men had the harvest of Sunshines, tied up and hanging from the mens' necks. You don't get that sight in Metro Manila...but yes, that is how they ready to be slaughtered are carried and placed in the crates, to be transported to the slaughter house.

If you watch Survivor Philippines...its a grander version of the immunity necklace :)

Sad I wasn't able to click that sight. I should always be ready with my camera.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do Re Me

Do Re Me...

Do Reinvent Meself :)

The past shows made me see a large section of the market, in a short period of time. New ideas of course are created as you listen to others.

We didn't bring Sunny Rotisserie to the shows, but for some reason, that was what I wanted to act on fast. We introduced a new flavor :) Used a new base for marinade. Of course, as usual, no preservatives nor synthetic ingredients.

The original rub recipe went well, but we wanted to offer something different.

Just like having a classic black dress or shirt....accessorize!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your Time Is Important

And energies too :)

We had been getting texts and email if the seminars for September and again this October, will be pushing through.

Just for the record, so far, since we started our 4th Sunday seminars, we NEVER canceled. We went on. On bad weather days, I remember having one or two arrive. We go on at 2pm as much as we can, sharply at 2pm :) For prepaid bookings, surely, it will be honored on next month's seminar...there was a valid reason for not showing up.

We value your time and energy. In the same manner, if you scheduled us to do a seminar in your area....PLEASE PLEASE also start on agreed time. I can go on vacation everyday and spend time at the salon half of my days, but when we have an agreed work to do...let's respect each others' time and efforts.

Oh hahahahahahah...I just recalled a seminar scheduled in Citem's FAME for one of the Health and Wellness topics. It was scheduled for 12noon. As I was going out for lunch at 1pm, I bump into the supposed speaker at 12nn! Meaning super late by 1hour! I'm sure he was expecting a roomful waiting??? Even though how interested your crowd is....I think respect is on order for all :)

Another question we get monthly is...."is the seminar on XXXX?" or "is the XXX the 4th Sunday?" Well, please use your calendars. It doesn't require an Einstein to determine the 4th Sunday :) Again, I am happy to reply to texts and emails, but I will gladly respond to legitimate inquiries.

Take time to we both get to have a more meaningful exchange when we email or talk.

See you on the 4th Sunday.

Nice, Comfortable & Pleasant Smelling going home and finding your slippers behind the door....describes our mobile office, which we took out of town yesterday for the 1st time. Manila-Santiago, Isabela was the route, with continuing service to some LGUs in Isabela before heading back to Manila on Thursday.

That was how we also kept our operations for Sunshine Chicken. Our group is small, no agendas, no power plays. We have remained focused. Thankful that the chicken on our personal dinner plates don't have to be subsidized by the company :)

Today, as we do exit interviews in our minds, after the two trade shows we did....we know we go back to an operation that is relaxing to be part of, rather to be an outsider ogling us :)

Proof of it? We saw how during Agrilink. Other companies ride on our and our supplier's name and popularity. Many people walk up and say other companies say they are just the same as us. Or that they use the brand we breed.

Merci...we are not the same. We import from SASSO of France. Documents may be checked. Our company is forever reinventing itself. Product development is constant. We study what will be good for you.

Thank you for the complement! We are glad to be simple and keeping decisions neat and serving. Even SASSO of France has seen that.

Eye Openers

Been busy for about a month because of Agrilink and Citem's FAME. Since a little before Ondoy, I had been in Manila and away from the countryside, farm and home in Isabela.

Friends have proven best allies in big shows. Agrilink have strengthened ties. During Citem's FAME, talks with others have also showed that relationships formed on agendas and business do bog down and don't last. Well, you need the black to balance the white. So, be thankful for bad vibes as it makes you treasure simple good.

The daytrip to Isabela yesterday made me see the wrath of the floodwaters and landslides :(. The cloudy skies and rains on the way that are setting the welcome stage for Ramil, has started to pile up soil again on the street from the mountain soilfalls.

During the 8hr trip, I get a call from my Benguet grower, and ordering a substantial loading. Weren't they still under the relief stage? I have to give my hat off! Moving on real fast. Of course to be ahead, one has to move least move and jiggle a bit.

A scene on TV I saw recently is a continuation of how we should be pliable, in my mind. The Benguet relief and operation showed a school housing the homeless folks. They were seen sweeping, cleaning, brushing their teeths, fixing things around, making makeshift furnitures, plumbing etc etc and ETC. You'd think that: that is the way they really are and MORE. You get to see the real person in times of hardship and problems, when your back is on the wall.

Do you remember the scenes in other centers in Manila? Play the news in your mind. Listen to feedback on radio know the difference I am referring to.

On the way to work today...geeezzzz...I have been away indeed for over a month. Saw new businesses up. Several new structures are in finishing touches. AND.... we crossed Calao Bridge this morning in Santiago. The water is high, dark brown and NOT...correct, NOT moving. Bad!

I asked my staff as I got to work, if she noticed the river. She did too. Yesterday the water wasn't high and it was flowing freely.

Yikes, this is still the effects of Pepeng? I pray that Ramil will not affect us as much as Pepeng. If no landslides and no closed traffics, we won't feel it as we are scheduled to go back to Manila Thursday, when Ramil is supposed to be felt.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


What do I look forward to when I do Citem shows?

1) Productive contacts. Less talking here, but a lot of work later. Other shows are non stop talking and detailing, but you end up not really moving forward in terms of marketing.

2) Great shopping. Eewwwww, I had to go back to my seat and surf to stop myself! But I have to go back for at least ONE of Dita Sandico-Ong's Banana Wraps...even just ONE! I normally get what I want in "all colors please". A lot of interesting products. This is FAME, so it was all industries. I am enamored since October 15 by a Cebuano painter, Jun Impas, whose works I have just seen. I have been tempted to get his brook scene....but I have priorities at the moment of my moving business I have convinced myself to first see my landscaping and interiors before I get new furniture stuff.

So I went back to my booth and took...

3) Time to surf....because you are not constantly on your toes talking. I was instantly gifted (for tempering my buying spree)....see what I saw! Doc Rey will be gratified for his hard work and patience to learn his Power Point. Doc Rey's seminar from an attendee's point of view.

I'm glad I was led to Danny's blog. He writes well and entertains me. I remember the waterful day of September 26. He texted me that day1, typhoon came and rats or was it cats played with some of his chicks.

Citem FAME, 50th year

Citem does support the Philippine suppliers and that is the reason we also join in their activities. You have to help others be able to assist you too :)

This is the first year they have added the category of Health and Wellness in their show and am I glad we decided to do the last minute plannings for this event.

Manned the booth myself as focused trade show for buyers are less talk but more you don't end up wrinkled and dry at the end of the day. I have to say we did very good in getting seen and creating new business for the dressed Sunshines.

Still have time to catch up until October 18. Two venues, World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center. The Health and Wellness is at World Trade Center.

Thank you to the Health and Wellness staff of Citem.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Few Steps

We are making a major move of all our operations, centralizing it in the Araneta Center. Offices, dressed Sunshines' meat shop, Organika, pick up of our dayold chicks... we will incorporate with other farm suppliers.

Excited to do this as we will be in the middle of everything and everywhere. Logistics and accessibility to clients who drive or commute. Landscaping is planned. Green architecture is being employed!

We've had the Fairview address from the start and we will not let go of the landmark. Manpower shortage is forcing us to close down the store facing Quirino Highway...BUT, we are moving the inquiries and pick up at Organika, our meat shop facing Regalado Ave (fronting the Regalado gate of SM Fairview). People are used to this place for the dressed Sunshines and this is where we hold our monthly seminars on Raising Sunshine Chicken. Actually it is far more comfortable for the clients making inquiries. It is airconditioned and has parking.

For prosperity, we will not let go of this address :)

There are talks with new lessees for the property. We took the clue and opportunity to make the move to a centralized location. It will all be for the better!

Making the mini few steps move, before we make the major one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Many Golden Stars?

New frequently asked questions...

Where is the origin of Starshines?

We import the PS from SASSO of France.

How many golden eggs can be expected from the Starshines?

About 260 per annum.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I go where the universe takes me. I always say that and when in doubt, when my initial vibes don't work, I throw the decision up and let the universe take it :)

That was how I got to the name Starshine for our layers. No intention whatsoever to name it at this stage. Just before I first blogged about Starshine...Zac Sarian mentioned "moonshine" in relation to something that skips my mind now.

Next thing I knew, I was blogging about our golden egg layers and voila...I typed the name Starshine. Very me...even the spur of the moment name went with the universe :)

So that's it. Our line of grass fed layers...Starshine.

I like the name. Catchy, cousin to Sunshine, nicknamed Star...and it shines!

Worth Our While

Agrilink 2009 was very good for us. Inspite of most exhibitors' laments that attendance was low, sales were was tremendously great for us. Granting that the recent calamities didn't allow the expected number of visitors, we were very busy detailing and entertaining. There are normally six (6) of us at any given time in the booth, and no one ate on time.

Our sales on dayold chicks tripled for retail compared to last year's, and orders for deliveries have been booked keeping us busy for the next weeks to come. Dressed chickens were brought for display purposes but we saw that on day1, people knew about our product and were walking up to us specifically to purchase the dressed Sunshines. By the last day, we were sold out quite early! After a day's rest, we have instructed to personnel to look into an unscheduled dressing, as our freezers are empty....a nice problem huh?

What do we account the interest to?

1) Word of mouth - A lot of clients were repeat customers plus the referrals and new ones who saw us

2) Experience - Same with the dressed Sunshines, they heard us through the chicken vine :)

3) Neighborhood - Someone from the large booth across us asked me if the set up of Teresa Orchard, Sunshine Chicken and AANI were all owned by one person. I asked why? He said because from ingress to 3day sales...everyone in the booths were helping one another. That is from food, supot, tali, answering inquiries, panukli etc etc etc....its not just about business.

4) Passion - We really love what we are doing and earnestly believe in our product.

5) Competition :) - We continue to reinvent ourselves and compete solely with our selves.

6) You - Fast learners. Over the years, you allowed our team to educate you about eating well and healthy. You also learned to grow your own food. You continued to learn with us.

Actually, trade shows are there to benefit you. I hope it was also worth your while.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Chance At Agrilink

Today is the last day of Agrilink 2009. Read about it here.

May be the last day, but collaborations and friendships built over time goes on and on. Most plans are cemented over "hito" lunches.

So watch out for more agriculture shows, on land, on wheels and on the air.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

We've Had This For A Long Time Now

Since July 2008, we have the blacks, striped pharaoh looking, the dark red brown and the mocha colors. Look at the picture then (notice those were still our old chick boxes):

And the ready for slaughters now, as being displayed at Agrilink 2009: The blacks, Pharaoh/Cleopatra looking, dark brown reds, mochas and the Naked Necks.
It is not a new line nor strain for us.

What we have coming...I say coming soon in March 2010, because the Certified Parent Stocks are here already and not coming at an undetermined date :) So what is to expect? The Starshine Golden Egg Layers and another strain of broilers that will add color to your wonderfully green farm.

Great Decision

For several years, we'd have an outdoor and an indoor booths for Agrilink. Same people you see...but you give a different look and marketing in both end up different marketing skills are employed.

Taxing and manpower intensive for the outdoor booth. I do so many shows, that by last year, I was able to man the indoor booth alone, being experienced on the How Tos. This year, manpower shortage and camaraderie urged me to join our outdoor set up.

The amount I saved for the indoor was used to furnish our mobile office. Very worth it, as I am resting inside my mobile office, typing this...while I can still keep an eye on the booth outside.

The outdoor booth was effective because we have ranging adults, day old chicks and dressed chickens all in one booth. It was easy to explain and show off.

Logistics for selling was much easier, as stocks were in our vans just beside the booth.

The bad weather was not a deterrent to have Sunshine :)

Healthy Ice Cream

Gerry and Zac got lost from my view for some minutes. Next thing I knew, they were raving about the ice cream they had at Rene Almeda's Alaminos Goat Farm booth. I know Rene was having a taste test of the sausages BAI developed for his goat...but ice cream? There was not mention of that.

Oh I love ice cream. But then, will the one from goat's milk taste good? How was it compared to dirty ice cream...they said BETTER! Hmmmmm....what flavors...Ube and Cheese. If these two men say it was sure it was. I made a mental note to try it later.

A few minutes later....Rene was walking towards us and brought two (2) cups of Ube and Cheese ice cream. He must have remembered my sweet tooth. Seeing how tiny the cups were for my teeth...Doc Rey gave his cup to me.

YUMMY...promise! I walked over to congratulate the Almedas. Still not available commercialy. They commissioned someone to make it for them for serving during Agrilink :)

Selling at PHP40 per small was so worth it. Creamy, and real pure ingredients. You can taste the freshness.

Certified F1 Free Range Golden Brown Egg Layers

Certified Parent Stocks that will be producing our Starshine Golden Egg Layers have arrived. This is not our regular F1 dual purpose Sunshines. Our Starshine layers is a new line :)

Coming in March 2010. We are excited about it ourselves as the golden brown egg market is snowballing.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

AANI ng Sunshine Chicken at Teresa Orchard

Double meaning...yes. But either way, you get the image and feeling of collaboration :)

We were at ingress early this morning for our outdoor booths at Agrilink 2009. On my right is Teresa Orchard of Zac Sarian and on my left is the retail of AANI (Agri Aqua Network International).

Pol Rubia has set up our tents and we peeped early to see how simple and doable we can show housing for our Sunshines. We go back later this afternoon to just hang nets, and kubo housing.

We are next to fantastic structures, but we planned it this way....we use the difference to accent our advantages :)

Our friend supplier of SM Supermarkets was complaining today that not all SM outlets are able to move his goods. I said "think of it the other are creating a certain market and you are sticking to it...SM may ride on it". O diba?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Free Consults

Mr Zac Sarian called to tell me that he is writing about "Free Consultations" from Doc Rey on free range chickens during Agrilink 2009.

I was thankful for his writing about Sunshines, but after the conversation I thought....we've always had free constultations, it wasn't like it will be only for Agrilink :)

But I learned something there...maybe its not common knowledge?

Yes, consulting Doc Rey on free range chicken raising is FREE. I think it is ok to say that he doesn't charge PF, because he is also open to being asked as Vet ng Bayan over DWWW's Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura.

Our seminars are also almost always FREE. Fairview's 4th Sundays seminars are PHP450, but that has 10 chicks and a CD. In provincial seminars, we charge a minimal fee to cover venue. Overall and more often, no charge, FREE :)

Do You Step Back Or Move Forward?

Well, stepping back doesn't necessarily mean negative, but I see it as cutting back to gain other things. More like repositioning and refocusing.

Why am I in these thoughts now? We have been so busy and multitasking brains and time is taking its toll on productivity. So do we step back and cut back on work and relax? We should? But that will mean a break on the momentum we built :)

Of course we have to move forward and tackle the problem of time and energy, looking at it from within and outside. Now, we got a mobile office, allowing us to daydream even when on the long road trips. This will let us have productive meetings and mini seminars even under the tree. We are now equipped and ready!

So excited to break it in after Agrilink 2009 and be back for the FAME a more relaxed state.

I act fast. Saw it on a Saturday, showed it to Doc Rey Sunday, and wrapped up papers Monday. That is the ease of single corporate world to go around to.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

For Sure There Is Sunshine

Very thankful that our shipment of Certified Parent Stocks from SASSO of France came the day before, September 25. Day before Ondoy's wrath. Had we had been scheduled for the 26th flight, maybe flight had been cancelled by then. If the flight got through, maybe by the time we were able to clear Customs at 11am, the traffic and floodwater had deemed the roads closed?

This importation had been delayed already as there were clearances from France that had to be met and we had to reschedule hatching dates.

Now look at our new babies:

We have brought in two new strains, aside from our original redbrown, our naked necks. Now, we have a tricolored bird and the golden brown egg layers.

We will have them debut in six (6) months :)

One thing is sure, there will always be Sunshine.

Great Choice, La Traviesa

We woke up early for the regular Sunday, DWWW's Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura. Been having long nights and days lately so we were sort of feeling under, but had to head to DZMM's Sa Kabukiran''s invitation to do a seminar in Cavite.

Driving at a leisurely pace, we didn't go through the diversion road but negotiated the old road, bringing back memories of childhood trips to Cavite beaches :)

Getting to La Traviesa, we were greeted by nice, airy architecture. The guard led us to the pool area where the seminar room was. Very nice! There was a pool that looked out to a rice field. From the well furnished seminar room on the 2nd floor, I was able to go around and get the view 360degrees. You see the soon to open spa wellness area, the fields around that refreshes your mind and eyes, and the pool that is clean and inviting. The hotel rooms were tastefully furnished, clean and airy.

I have to work first and set up... but then, they had everything prepared. Projector, screen..all I had to do was plug the laptop.

It was really good vibes all the way. The crowd came from all over Cavite, and we should say nationwide! There were several who came from Manila, Visayas, OFWs etc. The hosts, owners of La Traviesa were most hospitable.

Perfect location as Gen Trias is accessible from both Coastal and SLEX.

It was a good seminar, although limited time...Doc Rey gave a good one :)