Friday, October 28, 2011

Agriculture Magazine November 2011

Now available!

We are honored to be able to write about Sec Proceso Alcala in a different branch :)

True, it wasn't about agriculture, but knowing the man behind it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

FOOD Magazine Nov 2011

November 2011

In August, I attended the "Power of Pen 3", a food writing seminar.  Had the opportunity to seat and chat with Nana Ozaeta, the editor of FOOD Magazine.  We discussed about organic farms as she learned I was writing for Agriculture Magazine. 

She said that for a long time, she was wanting for someone to write about the organic area. It was offered to someone in the past but seems she was too busy.

Nana knows my writing ability is very elementary...but as she said in her talk during POP3..."the editor is a writer's bestfriend as they make the writer always look good".

Thank you for trusting!

Am glad to be able to boost the marketing for us farmers, at the same time walking for consumer awareness :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go to 8th NOAC

NOAC, National Organic Agriculture Congress.  8th already.  November 8-10, Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac.  Field trip on November 11.

So Many Exciting Events

I miss blogging!  But then, I am missing on time too :) 

Deadlines meeting monthly columns.  Sure, you may say that is is just a snap to come up with a monthly column.  Yes, if you are a writer at heart.  I am just a blabber and blogger.  Blogging.. is different to writing for a magazine.  It is a welcome and enjoyable stress to be able to weave a story that will meet the magazine's persona.

Sad that I had been remiss at keeping this site up to date...since this is where it all started.

If you care to see what has been happening...while I find  several minds to keep up with all the events, please share time with is on:

1) FB, Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines

2) Column: Natural Farming, Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin

3) Contributions, FOOD Magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing

4) Blog, that I manage for Mr. Zac Sarian

5) hopefully, we finalize soon...a...  will tell you about it after loose ends are tied :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Intro to Permaculture

Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) and Cabiokid are pleased to invite you to a two-day “Introduction to Permaculture Course” which will be held on October 29-30 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Department of Agriculture Agribusiness Center at Elliptical Road, Diliman Quezon City. The lecturer for the course would be Bert Peeters.

Permaculture will provide you ideas and knowledge on designing your own landscape (farm) through some relevant technologies. It will offer design concepts applicable for areas in your surroundings to make it more sustainable, profitable, yet stable and habitable.
The two-day course will provide basic information that will include the following:
-          Idea on what is permaculture
-          Permaculture ethics and principles
-          Pattern language
-          Permaculture introduction
-          Design Exercise

-          Interaction in the natural world
-          Specific interactions, maximize energies
-          Design exercise with discussions

Cabiokid has been developing the principles of permaculture in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija in its 5.5hectare property.  It has transformed the area into a sustainable property using permaculture as the guiding framework.From a mono-cropping and chemical farming area, the Cabiokid area now produce organic rice with many other crops. All sorts of vegetables are now growing in abundance in the farm while birds are common residents and reptiles and mammals can easily be seen in the surrounding areas.
PHP2000 includes certificate, materials and lunch/snacks.  Please register and prepay on or before October 21.  Send payment to Solraya Enterprises, BPI, C/A 3535-8057-24.  After payment, please email for payment details and name of participant.  Registration after October 21 will be charged at PHP2500.

Email or call (0917) 847-2639 for questions.  Thank you.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Agriculture Magazine Office

Went to pick up some items...let me take you inside....

This is the main lobby.  On your right will be the Classifieds Ads area and your left is the Circulation Department.  See the framed photos on the wall?  Those are the covers of the current issues of the different publications under Manila Bulletin.

As we were discussing some pages to be printed...  That is Mr. Zac Sarian, the editor.  One of the staff for Agri, Mel.

The editor back on his desk.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Agriculture Magazine October 2011

Orders for Super Avocado had been pouring in :)

Yes, the ordinary white chicks can be pastured!

Housing design is important.  Give them a lot of space, air and sunshine.  The cost of the building in sustainable agriculture need not be expensive.  Imperative that they have easy access to the open range.

The chickens need shaded areas to comfort them from the heat of the sun.  Much like you feel is how they experience it too :)  When we made the shift, other growers tried it too and have seen the logic to pursue it.

FAQs are tackled in our column, email us for your queries.

Doc Rey's column tackles veterinary issues.

Happy 14th Anniversary to Agriculture Magazine!  Honored to be working with you.