Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grin When Green

Today must be the day that answers my question about doing green architecture.

I grew up with moss covered fences, lagoons, well landscaped gardens, a lot full of orchids, dayonets, backyards that had been transformed into a huge green house...all these when green houses were not yet heard the 60s :)

Making a move this quarter, had me I had me toying about green architecture. Actually what I have in mind is the homey, Hansel and Gretel type...the one that evokes walk through the forest type. I was asking my archi friend Gigi to help...but both of us got busy with Citem's FAME. I hope and pray she reads this to get her dreaming with me asap.

My searches led me to sites that were like Flash Gordon types...sci-fiction looks...not me. More like I didn't know the proper search words.

This morning, we get to join the garden show of the Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines. My attention was choosing the booth location and marketing Sunshine.

In the afternoon we did our monthly seminar. It is rare that I get to chitchat with the attendees after the seminar. Today was different! I can't pinpoint why, but I stayed behind in Organika while the orders were being processed. That gave me opportunity to do some chitchat which started with politics. My worst topic!!!! Am so apolitical :)

At a drifted into plants and in a second, this man was describing how he did his wall and chicken coop...with plants! WAIT...all of a sudden I knew what he was talking about.

We could have gone on...but no one was left and he had to travel back to Bulacan.

Thank you for leading me to search through vertical gardens, green roofs etc.

I now look forward to that garden show.,...Why? look at this!

See how the goats live on the roofs? My chickens will love this...surely!

The look I want now will be mine, and not to recreate what Mommy had made me live through as a child. Not that I didn't want it..,.its just that I want to inject my own now.

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