Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nice, Comfortable & Pleasant Smelling

...like going home and finding your slippers behind the door....describes our mobile office, which we took out of town yesterday for the 1st time. Manila-Santiago, Isabela was the route, with continuing service to some LGUs in Isabela before heading back to Manila on Thursday.

That was how we also kept our operations for Sunshine Chicken. Our group is small, no agendas, no power plays. We have remained focused. Thankful that the chicken on our personal dinner plates don't have to be subsidized by the company :)

Today, as we do exit interviews in our minds, after the two trade shows we did....we know we go back to an operation that is relaxing to be part of, rather to be an outsider ogling us :)

Proof of it? We saw how during Agrilink. Other companies ride on our and our supplier's name and popularity. Many people walk up and say other companies say they are just the same as us. Or that they use the brand we breed.

Merci...we are not the same. We import from SASSO of France. Documents may be checked. Our company is forever reinventing itself. Product development is constant. We study what will be good for you.

Thank you for the complement! We are glad to be simple and keeping decisions neat and serving. Even SASSO of France has seen that.

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